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Thursday, March 21, 2019

Stop Super-PACs With a Fair Elections Amendment

The 2010 Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission case is fast becoming as explosive as Plessy v. Ferguson (1896) or Roe v. Wade (1973). It took nearly 60 years before the Supreme Court (1000L) reversed the Plessy endorsement of “separate but equal” treatment of the races in Brown v. Board of Education, and opponents of abortion are still waiting (probably in vain) for Roe to go.

Instead of sitting around hoping that one of the conservative justices in the 5-4 Citizens United majority will leave the high court during a Democratic administration, Americans concerned about the degradation of politics should get cracking on a constitutional amendment that does what the founders envisioned, namely return power to the people.

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14 responses to “Stop Super-PACs With a Fair Elections Amendment”

  1. Arested1 says:

    From my 78 years, I learned a long time ago changes of things that are ‘good’ for politicians can not be changed by citizens! If it is struck down, they re-install it under a different name and continue to strip the public of thier finances!

  2. sleeprn01 says:

    Although I hate to admit to it I think that Arested1 is absolutely correct! I guess the presidency has always been for sale and the wholesale sale became evident with Gerald Ford; the 1st president who wasn’t elected and after serving his two years sold his services to multiple companies, thus becoming the 1st president to turn into a whore when he left office. I thing now with the Citizen United v Federal Election Commission decision the sale has been completed. We should praise the Supreme Court for their immense wisdom in seeing that a corporation is a person and thus subject to 1st amendment rights. Without them I would have never made the connection.

  3. PatrickHenry says:

    Uhhh, ever hear of Billionaire George Soros??? Funding Obama and many liberal causes & politicians. Occupy Wall Street & and many others funded and backed by this Billionaire Socialist! Give me a break on this biased article…..

  4. Common Sense Patriot says:

    I disagree that politicians always find a way around the laws. That’s true when they pass the laws themselves. They do it; they can undo it or get around it. But a Constitutional Amendment is something else. Not so easy to get around, and if they try, the Supreme Court can slap them down and make them follow the Constitution. Our founders knew that they could not foresee all the things the future would bring, so they wrote the Constitution to take care of everything they saw at the time that needed to be addressed. But they also gave us a way to upgrade and amend it, so that it reflects the needs of each new generation. They did not make that easy – on purpose. They wanted no changes to the most fundamental protection of our freedom unless the majority of the states and people wanted it. So, it has to start in Congress, but then it has to go to the states for ratification. There have only been 27 amendments since it began over 200 years ago. Of those, the first 10 (The Bill of Rights) was added almost immediately. Since then, only 17 have been added and 2 of those were to add Prohibition and then repeal it. So, we’re only talking 15 actual amendments in 223 years. But it’s time now to update it with this Fair Electioos amendment, a balanced budget amendment (phased in), term limits amendments (plus an extension of House seats to 4 years instead of 2 so they are not constantly in an election mode), one requiring a referendum by all citizens to approve any wars or military actions lasting more than 90 days, an Ethics/Prohibition of Insider Trading amendment that also includes no lobbying by members of Congress or staff for at least 5 years after their service is ended), and one that requires in order to be born a U. S. citizen at least one parent must be a U. S. citizen regardless of whether or not they are born on U. S. soil. These are modern needs that have been languishing for many years and are badly needed to restore sanity and balance to our governernment.

  5. Skeptic says:

    Our current Supremes are the most anti-democratic bunch in our nation’s history.

    U.S. citizens in the future will look at Citizen’s United in the same way that we saw Dred Scott, Plessey v. Ferguson and Korematsu!

    They were all aberrations. We need a clear constitutional amendment that will be beyond the ability of those activist judges and their special interest tinkering
    and meddling with true Democracy.

    Corporations are NOT people!

  6. independantleaningleft says:

    If corporations are people then when one goes bankrupt Should the CEO be tried for murder?

  7. rustacus21 says:

    … election systems agenda that Progressives/Liberals have failed to address this entire last 4 years. Those in the know understand the corruption surrounding electronic voting machines & the HABIT of elections being thrown into confusion over the last several cycles, due to these machines absolute UNRELIABILITY!!! Couple that w/the weak representation against & in response (in court) to Citizens United, Progressives/Liberals are again on the short-end of the competition for elective office(s). Now, there’s these super-pac’s, whose vast bulk will be thrown behind Conservatives – w/out a doubt! Looking at how Romney took FL & U get a clearer picture of what the Presidential competition is going to look like. The American people don’t understand history or Democracy, if they’ve let the money issue get this far out of hand. There are definantly MORE Progressive/Liberal voters nation-wide, swelling voter totals when time calls for it. But why wait? The abject LAZINESS of Liberal/Progressive voters is mind-boggling & intensely infuriating, especially since WE’RE more policy savvy & hands-down & consistently offer more virtuous, Democracy-oriented candidates, per election. So what’s the problem?! After all that’s happened this last decade, it seems that’s INCENTIVE enuff to become more proactive & engaged – both at the citizen & legislative levels!!! But the power of money has made itself known – past & present. Whether we (citizens & Progressive/Liberal legislators) can rise intelligently, creatively & w/determination – to the challenge, will be this years real billion $$$ question!!! Mr. Alter correctly has thrown the gauntlet squarely at the feet of the citizenry, challenging US to BECOME SELF-EMPOWERED instead waiting for “salvation” to arrive at the discretion of those who have already proven themselves “compromised” by the same money that is fast choking the life out of OUR people’s Democracy. Let us ALL AGREE to STOP complaining about this CRAP & do the Constitutionally mandated actions WE ALREADY KNOW will save our nation from a fate worse than civilizational collapse – the failure of the worlds first & longest enduring CITIZEN-OWNED civil government! It is, after all, our obligation…

  8. Mike F says:

    Reform is absolutely necessary. For example if an oil company contributes a sum of $2,500,000. that company will expect
    favors on return, whether it is in the form of tax relief, or deregulation on safety issues on drilling rigs.

  9. TheDog says:

    If corporations are people with unlimited money to be used in elections, why are the Republicans constantly trying to bust the labor unions and keep their out of elections?

  10. rustacus21 says:

    … a convenient punching bag, conjured up to create hysteria among the ignorant, Conservatives believe (insanely) that they will be rich some day, own slaves & the world will be the way it was in 1812. Unions in America, are as old as the 1st American States, but never had the force of law to protect them from corporate & elite wealthy abuses. Completely necessary, they indeed, brought Democracy to the workplace & the legislature, forcing the law to eventually afford them the same protections the wealthy & corporations were able to command, w/their whole infantry’s of lawyers. Popular propaganda has turned Conservatives against unions & their own best interests & even make Progressive/Liberals ashamed to admit they are members & support desperately needed unionization in these savage times in the workplace. Super pac’s, however, do all the dirty work, writing the scripts, pulling the strings & hypnotizing the minds of compromised candidates & weak-minded citizens. Whats left is a nation divided & unable to comprehend that Democracy & plutocracy are NOT the same things AT ALL!!! THIS is the jeopardy facing our political system, w/the unleashing of super pac’s onto our political environments…

  11. Jackie Allen says:

    Well said Sir:

    It seems that very few Americans remember (if they ever knew)enough of American
    history to see that we are simply repeating the past. I recommend a trip to the
    library for information on monolopies during and after the Industrial Revolution.
    Remember the “trust busters”? Remember what it was like when workers had no rights
    at all.Can you not see how easy it is for the rich and powerful to create capitalism without integrity? Up until now, our generation has been spared the times in which these the abuses of power which began to change the shape of our country. History my friends—and like the man said, we’re doing it all over again. Monolopies, Super Pacs, “same difference”. How could folks who complain that their “rights” are being taken away? Explain why and how progressive administrations saved the future for American workers and sustained the middle class?

  12. Howz 1 says:

    Using massive amounts of corporate cash to lie, cheat the vote count and steal the election. It can’t be ofr their ideas

  13. Brian Andrew says:

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  14. Brian Andrew says:

    Well,That’s good..It seems that many Americans can know that from this way about what happened in past..

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