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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Jan. 20 (Bloomberg) — In almost every recent Republican presidential debate, some candidates have advocated for a “strong dollar.”

Among the more extreme views are the push by Representative Ron Paul for a return to the gold standard and the statement by Texas Governor Rick Perry that Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke may have committed treason, a crime punishable by death.

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10 responses to “Strong Dollar Advocates Make A Weak Case”

  1. jimackermann says:

    A weak dollar means higher prices and a lower standard of living. The poor would be hurt the most. If you believe that a weak dollar is good for us, you probably also believe that Obama has has an understanding of how to manage the country.

  2. EtatsUnis says:

    Jimackermann needs to follow step-by-step what happens with a weaker dollar. One outcome is less imports, which would, yes, be higher in dollars. But that provides opportunity for US producers to again make those products within the US since their selling prices would be lower than the imports. That blunts the higher prices that are alleged from a weaker dollar, particularly since US imports comprise only a small part of total US purchases. A second outcome is more exports from the US since those exported products would appear less expensive to foreign purchasers. US agriculture and many US manufacturers, would benefit, increasing US employment. Net, net, the US standard of living would not be lower.

  3. Rational says:

    A weak dollar means higher prices for IMPORTED goods. Standards of living are not based on consumption of foreign goods and has little correlation with who it affects most. The point of the argument is that a weak dollar is probably good for some, if not most of us.

  4. jimackermann says:

    And just how many American made products have you seen in Walmart lately????

  5. TWFlash says:

    jimackermann must be a Republican. How can we tell? Well, first of all he lacks a firm grasp of basic economics, and secondly, he harbors a disdain for our President. How can one imply that the President doesn’t understand how to “manage the country” when, during the first two years of his first term, every attempt to manage our problems was met with Republican filibusters in the Senate (more than 400 pieces of legislation and nearly 200 presidential appointments went there to wilt on the vine). Of course, we don’t hear much about filibuster conflicts any more; not since the Republicans gained control of the House 14 months ago. There’s no need to filibuster in the Senate now that the Republicans can do their dirty work seemingly legitimately in the House.

    Now, I harbor no ill feelings toward rank and file Republicans; they’re so firmly intrenched in ignorance and bigotry that it’s just impossible for them to think with a modicum of clarity. How can we begrudge them their stupidity when they’re being shelled with inane bombast from their (so-called) leadership and the Conservative media? No, I reserve my disdain for the scum in charge of the GOP – McConnell, Boehner, Cantor, Kyl, McCarthy, Preibus, et al. And let’s not forget to mention the stormtroopers in waiting – Romney, Gingrich, Santorum, Paul, Perry, Cain, Palin, Barber, Christy, Trump, et al. Oh, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t give a shout out to their propagandists – Limbaugh, Ayles, Rove, Huckabee, Murdoch, Will, and the rest of those blowhards polluting the airwaves with their hatred and intolerance. But as I watch the GOP collapsing under the weight of its own doctrine, I’m beginning to feel hopeful for the future. Two polarizing GOP factions have emerged from the rubble of the 2010 election cycle – the Tea Party sect and the Establishment sect – and it looks like each is trying to eat the other. Hopefully, they’ll both succeed in that regard. Let’s see if we can’t help them along. In November, vote Democrat from the top or your ticket to the bottom, because the only way we’re going to get our beloved America off the schneid and moving again is by re-uniting our Congress. We need to return the House to the Democrats while maintaining Democratic control of the Senate, thereby giving our President (“Mr.” Obama) the tools he needs to lift us up out of this quagmire – all of us, not just the business community and the social elite.

  6. jimackermann says:

    Nice retorich. It won’t fix the “Simple” truth. And my greatest fear is that Obama would be allowed to continue his quest for socialism. It’s way past the time that you can blame Bush. It is and has been his economy for some time. Based on results, he is not up to the task. To quote the left, “It’s about the economy, stupid”.

  7. ukiebobagain says:

    Since Newt married his school teacher, probably to stay out of the draft and be sent to fight in Viet Name, isn’t this another draft dodging Republican? Mitt’s got some five sons and none have served in the U.S. military. Newts recent tort re English as and official “government” language ignores the fact that as long and Puerto Rico is part of the United States, you cn’t expect PuertoRicans to start speaking english once on the “mainland.” As long and PR is part of the US– or even becomes the next State– English only will not work…..

  8. TWFlash says:

    Apparently, the only “simple” component of this discussion is our friend, jimackermann. He thinks the word “rhetoric” is spelled “retorich”. The irony here lies in the definition of the word itself – “The art or study of using language effectively and persuasively”. How can he expect to be effective or persuasive in his rhetoric when he can’t even spell the word? Here are some more words for you jimackermann, all strung together to form what’s known as a coherent sentence (and a piece of good advice into the bargain): never engage in a battle of wits when you’re unarmed.

  9. jimackermann says:

    Yawn. Typical of your ilk. Putting people down. You must feel really large.

  10. fedupjeff says:

    While we rapidly head toward hyperinflation, Washington spins, hides and outright lies about the Federal Deficit while purposely rocketing us towards hyperinflation, causing world confidence in the U.S. dollar to vanish. China is jumping ship and international investors pile up toxic debt faster than at any time in American history. This article is a perfect example from our best and brightest PhD’s from Harvard with their useless moronic ivy-league disinformation socialist educations. They serve one purpose, to serve this administration on behalf of the ruling class with rhetoric to cover up the actual fiscal nightmare being created to steal the remaining wealth from the people through central banks financing government deficits. They have been paid decade after decade doing all they can to keep the people clueless assisting the destruction of Americas fiscal, cultural, moral, judicial, and political systems. And today serve Obama to “move forward” toward his dictatorship.

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