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Friday, March 23, 2018
John Oliver

#EndorseThis: John Oliver Explains Why Corporate Consolidation Sucks

In a country that depends on small business for jobs and innovation, John Oliver is rightly disturbed by the wave of corporate mergers that has changed our economy, with everything from airlines and beer to the Web dominated by a few gigantic companies. The result is lousy service, higher prices, fewer jobs, and a worsening […]

September 25, 2017
A British Airways passenger plane flies in the sky with the moon seen in the background, in London, Britain

Start Planning Now To Save On Summer Airline Travel

If you’ve been dreaming of a summer vacation, we are starting to see some good fares for travel during July and August.

March 2, 2016

Tracking Glitch Cancels More Than 200 Flights On U.S. East Coast

More than 200 flights were canceled at airports along the U.S. East Coast on Saturday due to a problem with a flight-tracking system in the Washington, D.C. area.

August 15, 2015

Passenger Rights Group Calls For A Cap On Airline Change Fees

Are airlines are “engaging in rampant cartel-like behavior”?

February 27, 2015

How To Make Flying Suck Less

Tips and trick to flying a bit more comfortably.

September 25, 2014

Economy Class Woes

Air travel has gotten so awful and so uncomfortable that now we are forced to resort to abusing our fellow passengers in order to keep our knees and legs from ending up against our chins or blocking the airflow in our windpipes. Last week, two passengers on a United Airlines flight from Newark to Denver […]

August 29, 2014

Boeing Says 533,000 New Pilots Needed In Next 20 years

Paris (AFP) — U.S. planemaker Boeing said about 533,000 new commercial pilots would be needed worldwide in the next two decades to cater to a growing global fleet. It said 584,000 new maintenance technicians would also be required between 2014 and 2033. “Pilot demand in the Asia Pacific region now comprises 41 percent of the […]

July 30, 2014

Top Airlines Cancel Israel Flights After Gaza Rocket Strike

Washington (AFP) — Major US, European and Canadian airlines cancelled flights to and from Israel on Tuesday after a rocket fired from Gaza struck near its main international airport in Tel Aviv. The cancellations highlighted heightened worldwide fears of a rocket hitting a passenger jet in the wake of last week’s downing of a Malaysia […]

July 22, 2014

FAA Bans U.S. Airlines From Flying To/From Israel For 24 Hours

Washington (AFP) — The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) banned US airlines Tuesday from flying to and from Israel for at least 24 hours following a rocket strike near Tel Aviv’s main airport. In a statement, the U.S. government agency said its prohibition applied only to U.S. air carriers, and that “updated instructions” would be issued […]

July 22, 2014

Supreme Court Backs Airlines In Defamation Case

By David G. Savage, Tribune Washington Bureau WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court on Monday shielded airlines from being sued when they alert the government to threatening or suspicious behavior by their pilots or passengers, even if the reports later turn out to be exaggerated or misleading. In a 6-3 decision, the high court tossed out […]

January 27, 2014