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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Rejuvenation Planning: Healthier Body Starts With The Brain

The path to a healthy body starts with a healthy mind.

January 21, 2015

Brain’s Limits Lead To Unconscious Choices In What We See And Remember

By Melissa Healy, Los Angeles Times The human brain is a marvel of power and flexibility, and a pair of new studies demonstrate that when it runs up against the limits of its capacity to take in and store information, the brain often relies on its agility to fill the gap. In the process, however, […]

June 3, 2014

Republicans Say Comments On Hillary Clinton’s Health Are ‘Fair Game’

By Richard A. Serrano, Tribune Washington Bureau WASHINGTON — Hillary Rodham Clinton’s health and age are “fair game” for political debate if she decides to run for president, Republicans argued Sunday, even as Democrats called it “pathetic” for GOP consultant Karl Rove to suggest recently that she suffered from some kind of “brain injury” two years […]

May 19, 2014

Clinton ‘100 Percent’ Healthy, Aide Rebuts Brain Damage Claim

Washington (AFP) – Hillary Clinton’s health is “100 percent,” an aide asserted Tuesday after Republican strategist Karl Rove suggested the former secretary of state had suffered a serious brain injury in 2012. Rove made the remarks at a conference last Thursday that he attended with President Barack Obama’s former spokesman Robert Gibbs, according to the […]

May 13, 2014

Karl Rove Suggests Hillary Clinton Has Brain Damage

For a professional strategist, Karl Rove doesn’t seem to be particularly strategic. During a public conference with former Obama administration press secretary Robert Gibbs and CBS correspondent Dan Raviv, Rove made a series of baseless and fallacious allegations about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Rove suggested that she suffered a “traumatic brain injury” and that […]

May 13, 2014

Study Says Laughing Can Bring Brain Waves Into Mock-Meditative State

By Melissa Healy, Los Angeles Times Want the potential mental and physical health benefits of meditation without the work of chasing away all those intrusive thoughts and feelings? Try laughing, a new study suggests. Laughter — the real kind associated with genuine joy and mirth — sets off brain wave patterns quite similar to those generated […]

May 1, 2014

Education May Help Recovery From Brain Injury, Study Concludes

By Melissa Healy, Los Angeles Times Having spent more years in the classroom is a powerful aid to recovery following a moderate to severe brain trauma, a new study finds. Researchers have long known that cognitive reserve — a level of mental engagement that may come from reading books, staying mentally and socially active and pursuing […]

April 25, 2014

Researchers Aim To Build Database Of Brain Health

By Lisa M. Krieger, San Jose Mercury News SAN JOSE, Calif. — Quick: Find the fruit! Feed the fish! List a sequence of steps, in reverse! Your online test results aren’t pass-fail. You aren’t graded. But your scores give valuable snapshots of your mental flexibility and memory, contributing to what researchers at the University of California, […]

April 8, 2014

Autism ‘Patchwork’ Begins During Pregnancy

By Kerry Sheridan Washington (AFP) — The brains of children with autism contain a built-in patchwork of defects, suggesting that the developmental disorder begins while they are growing in the womb, said a U.S. study. Researchers described their findings in the New England Journal of Medicine as “direct evidence” of a prenatal origin for autism, […]

March 27, 2014

Remembrance Or Revision? Brain Study Shows Memory Misleads

By Geoffrey Mohan, Los Angeles Times Memory can be altered by new experience, and isn’t nearly as accurate as courtroom testimony might have us believe, a new study suggests. The results suggest a cheeky answer to the question posed by comedian Richard Pryor: “Who you gonna believe: me, or your lyin’ eyes?” Turns out, Pryor […]

February 5, 2014