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Saturday, March 17, 2018
class action lawsuit
U.S. presidential candidate Trump speaks at the Republican U.S. presidential candidates debate at the University of Miami in Miami

Trump University Followed A Familiar Model: Scam Wealth Seminars

In 2009, Kathleen Meese paid Trump University $25,000 for a course in real estate. In return, she got no marketable expertise or business skills — just plenty of credit card debt. Her case shows that while Trump University professed to have trained dozens of successful real estate brokers, the business simply took students’ money without advancing their actual skills.

June 8, 2016

Florida Governor Dismisses Teachers Union’s Class Action Suit

Florida Governor Rick Scott said the three percent pay cut for teachers in the state does not violate any contractual obligations and called it “the right thing to do for the state,” dismissing a class action lawsuit filed today by the Florida Education Association. The three percent pay cut would help pay for teachers’ pension […]

June 20, 2011