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Monday, May 21, 2018
Guantanamo, Obama

‘Civilized’ Nation Can’t Justify Torture

Chances are you haven’t thought about Guantanamo Bay – that American gulag – for a long time. Not everyone has the luxury of forgetting.

October 18, 2016

State Of The Union: Five Things That Might Happen, Five That Won’t

Not much is expected in the final year of a presidential administration, especially one marked by partisan gridlock.

January 14, 2016

6 Of First 20 ‘Worst Of The Worst’ Still At Guantanamo

Guantanamo is its own quagmire.

January 14, 2016

In 2016, Marco Rubio Is Both Sunny And Ominous

Sen. Marco Rubio has adopted a darker tone in the first week of 2016, deploying increasingly apocalyptic rhetoric and fiercer attacks on Republican rivals that provide a stark contrast with the relatively non-confrontational brand of sunny optimism that had characterized his presidential campaign through 2015.

January 8, 2016

Guantanamo Diarist Loses Court Challenge Of Prison Conditions

The Mauritanian captive whose censored Guantanamo memoirs have been published around the world has lost a bid to have a federal court intervene in his conditions of confinement at the U.S. Navy base prison in Cuba.

December 20, 2015

Accused 9/11 Plotter Seeks Judge’s Help Sending Letter To Obama From Guantanamo

At issue is how a letter written by a so-called high-value detainee could be allowed to leave the base since anything he said or wrote was presumed to be top secret.

September 7, 2015
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Retired Justice Stevens Says Some Guantanamo Captives May Deserve Reparations

Outspoken and strident, former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens demands compensation for non-security threat Guantanamo detainees.

May 6, 2015
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Judge Cancels This Month’s 9/11 Hearing At Guantanamo

Politics, bureaucracy, religious rights, and care on the behalf of the prosecution further delay war court trials Guantanamo.

April 8, 2015

Guantanamo Board Says Saudi Captive Can Go Home

Muhammed Zahrani was released back to his native Saudi Arabia, raising to 80 the number of men approved for transfer away from Guantanamo.

October 21, 2014

Judge Says United States Doesn’t Have To Reveal Cost Of Guantanamo’s Secret Camp 7

By Mark Seibel, McClatchy Washington Bureau WASHINGTON — A federal judge agreed Thursday that the Pentagon does not have to reveal how much was paid to build the crumbling, secret Camp 7 at the Guantanamo Bay Detention Center, rejecting a Miami Herald bid to make the number public. U.S. District Judge Berryl Howell in Washington, […]

September 12, 2014

Will Letter From Accused 9/11 Mastermind Get To Obama?

By Carol Rosenberg, The Miami Herald GUANTANAMO NAVY BASE, Cuba — Khalid Sheik Mohammed, the man who once bragged that he ran the Sept. 11 terror attacks “from A to Z,” has written President Barack Obama about his views on the situation in Gaza and other current events. But the military has yet to say […]

August 15, 2014

New Guantanamo Judge Throws Out Limburg Charges In USS Cole Case

By Carol Rosenberg, The Miami Herald GUANTANAMO BAY NAVAL BASE, Cuba — The new judge in the USS Cole case Monday dismissed collateral charges related to al-Qaida’s 2002 attack on a French oil tanker, according to two defense attorneys who read the ruling. “This represents a serious rejection of the prosecution’s claim that it can […]

August 11, 2014

Guantanamo-Bound MRI Machine Redirected To Maryland

By Carol Rosenberg, The Miami Herald GUANTANAMO BAY NAVAL BASE, Cuba — The curious tale of the missing prison camp MRI machine is only partially solved. A detention center spokesman said staff did indeed purchase a $1.65 million mobile MRI, short for magnetic resonance imaging machine, some time ago. But someone decided not to have […]

August 7, 2014

Guantanamo Judge’s Secret Order On Secret Motion Is So Secret Defense Lawyers Can’t See It

By Carol Rosenberg, The Miami Herald In the latest installment of the Guantanamo war court’s most mysterious legal filings — two motions so secret that the public can’t know their titles — an Army judge has issued a classified order to prosecutors that even the defense lawyers can’t see. The Pentagon disclosed the existence of […]

July 16, 2014

Taliban Release Video Of U.S. Soldier’s Handover

Kabul (AFP) – The Taliban released Wednesday footage of the dramatic moments when a cadre of gun-toting militants handed over army sergeant Bowe Bergdahl to U.S. forces after five years in captivity. “Don’t return to Afghanistan again. Next time, nobody will release you,” one of the insurgents is heard telling Bergdahl in the 17-minute video. […]

June 4, 2014

Obama Defends Deal With Taliban To Free U.S. Soldier

Warsaw (AFP) – President Barack Obama on Tuesday defended a prisoner swap deal with the Taliban to free a U.S. soldier held for five years, following attacks from his Republican foes. Obama said that he saw an opportunity for a swift deal amid concerns for Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl’s health and that he had a […]

June 3, 2014

Lawmakers Push For New ‘High-Value Detainee Complex’ At Guantanamo

By Carol Rosenberg, The Miami Herald MIAMI — Some members of Congress want to build a new secret prison for the alleged 9/11 mastermind and other former CIA captives at Guantanamo, a project once proposed by the U.S. Southern Command but then dropped due to lack of Obama administration support. Republicans at the House Armed Services […]

May 9, 2014

Terrorism Conviction Revives Debate On Trial Venue

By Tina Susman, Los Angeles Times NEW YORK — It took less than 13 months for Sulaiman Abu Ghaith, a son-in-law of Osama bin Laden, to be arrested, put on trial and convicted of terrorism charges for being the fiery mouthpiece of al-Qaida in the days following the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. It has been 11 […]

March 27, 2014

U.S. Now Calls Guantanamo Hunger Strike ‘Long Term Non-Religious Fasting’

By Carol Rosenberg, The Miami Herald MIAMI — The Defense Department has released its 3-month-old Guantanamo forced-feeding protocol, a 24-page how-to document that rhetorically recasts the yearlong hunger strike in the remote prison camps as “long term non-religious fasting.” The release blacks out the portions of the document that define how much weight loss and […]

March 11, 2014