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Tuesday, March 20, 2018
Health Care Exchanges

Obamacare Beats An Enrollment Target In January

According to new enrollment data from the Department of Health and Human Services, 3.3 million Americans have signed up for private health insurance through the Affordable Care Act’s exchanges. About 1,146,100 people enrolled in new private health plans in January, marking a 53 percent increase from the roughly 2.2 million who signed up during the three previous months. That also […]

February 12, 2014

Epic Fail: Where Four State Health Exchanges Went Wrong

by Charles Ornstein, ProPublica. Much has been written (and will continue to be written) about the spectacular failure of health insurance exchanges in Minnesota, Massachusetts, Oregon and Maryland — all blue states that support the Affordable Care Act. All were woefully unprepared for their Oct. 1 launch, and unlike, the federal marketplace, they are […]

February 6, 2014
Obamacare, Republicans

Obamacare Website Fixer Has Thing For Tax Havens

If you had to hire an outside company to run the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act’s enrollment website, which would you rather have: a goody-two-shoes outfit that doesn’t know what it’s doing or a competent, well-known consulting firm that makes liberal use of offshore tax havens? The best choice is neither, of course. Ideally, […]

January 15, 2014
Obamacare, Republicans

Obamacare: A Midterm Report Card

by Charles Ornstein, ProPublica. The first half of the Obamacare open enrollment period is over, and yesterday, federal health officials announced signup figures from the first three months. After a disastrous start, (which handles enrollment for 36 states) began functioning properly. It, along with state-run insurance exchanges, netted more than 2.1 million signups between […]

January 14, 2014