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Monday, June 25, 2018

George Will: To Preserve Nation’s ‘Honor’, Vote Out GOP Congress

In a striking op-ed for the Washington Post, Will made his point directly in the headline: “Vote against the GOP this November.”

June 24, 2018

I’m Salvadoran And Watching Fox News This Week Is Unbearable

As a Salvadoran, I understand what these families are running from.

June 22, 2018

How His Opponents Feed Trump’s Media Machine

It is slowly dawning on the anti-Trump camp that repeating every inanity only feeds the propaganda machine.

June 22, 2018
Sean Hannity

Compare Fox And North Korean Broadcasts (And Shudder)

The Daily Show Twitter account released a video comparing content from Fox’s news channels to North Korean state propaganda.

June 22, 2018

Fox News: Other Networks Should Promote Trump Just Like We Do

The Trump administration’s unofficial propaganda arm inched one step closer to becoming state media on Wednesday night.

June 22, 2018
Vanessa Trump

Vanessa Trump Deletes Cute, ‘Tone-Deaf’ Tweet About Her Kids

From “tone deaf” to “Soulless Ghoul,” Vanessa is the latest member of the Trump family to face the wrath of the populace.

June 21, 2018

Fox News Buries Audio Of Crying Migrant Kids

CNN and MSNBC have both repeatedly played the recording. Fox News has repeatedly glossed over and lied about the administration’s policy.

June 20, 2018

Trump Reportedly Worried Only By ‘Optics’ Of Crying Migrant Kids

One Republican lawmaker told CNN that Trump said, “The crying babies doesn’t look good politically,”

June 20, 2018
Immigrant, ICE raids, Deportation

ICE Director Can’t Defend Trump’s Family Separations

When CNN’s Wolf Blitzer repeatedly pressed him on whether the policy is “humane,” Homan responded with a long pause and broke eye contact with the host.

June 20, 2018
Trump campaign, Lewandowski

On TV, Lewandowski Mocks Migrant Girl With Down Syndrome

Lewandoski tried to recover, but he clearly realized he had made himself look heartless and cruel.

June 20, 2018
white house briefing missing immigrant children detained

Reporter Plays Tape Of Weeping Migrant Children At White House Briefing

A reporter turned on the audio recording as Kirstjen Nielsen defended the Trump administration’s immigration policies at a White House briefing.

June 19, 2018
Pete Hegseth

Trump’s Favorite Fox Host Defends Separating Families At Border

Trump thought about making this guy a cabinet secretary.

June 18, 2018

Predictably, Right-Wing Media Misuse IG Report To Fabricate Attacks On Mueller

The report had nothing to do with the FBI’s Trump-Russia probe.

June 17, 2018
Trump, Russia

Russian State TV Boasts ‘Crimea Is Ours, Trump Is Ours!’

Russian state media is celebrating after Trump told G7 leaders that Crimea belongs to Russia because everyone who lives there speaks Russian.

June 17, 2018

Higher Prices, Fewer Voices: Big Telecoms Devour The Internet

Within days Trump promoted a Federal Trade Commission member, Ajit Pai, to chairman. The former Verizon lawyer was first appointed by Former President Barack Obama.

June 15, 2018
Jared Kushner

Kushner Plotting ‘Comeback’ — With Help From Van Jones

“The Kushner-Jones alliance has infuriated some Republican members of the administration, especially Attorney General Jeff Sessions. ‘He hate, hate, hates it,’ a person close to Sessions said.”

June 14, 2018

No, Hannity: Trump’s North Korea Deal Is Weaker Than Clinton’s 1994 Framework

But, as expected, Hannity has been praising Trump and the agreement he signed with Kim, saying their summit “exceeded all … expectations.”

June 13, 2018
Al Roker

Will Media Coverage Of Extreme Weather And Climate Improve In 2018? Al Roker Offers Hope

Everyone knows that the U.S. got gobsmacked by hurricanes last year. But if you rely on mainstream media for your news, you might not know that climate change had anything to do with it.

June 11, 2018

Fox ‘Judge’ Pirro Wants Sessions Out — So She Can Take His Job

Fox News’ loudest Trump propagandist aspires to be attorney general.

June 10, 2018

Obama Posts Touching Tribute To Anthony Bourdain Following Suicide

Bourdain’s shocking death by hanging comes just three days after Kate Spade, the “effervescent” designer and women’s fashion icon, also committed suicide a few days earlier.

June 9, 2018
Megyn Kelly

Megyn Kelly Blasts Giuliani Slut-Shaming Of Stormy

“I respect women – beautiful women and women with value – but a woman who sells her body for sexual exploitation I don’t respect,” Giuliani originally said at an Israeli news conference.

June 8, 2018

From Roseanne To The Eagles, What About Whataboutism?

Whataboutism is a “logical fallacy that attempts to discredit an opponent’s position by charging them with hypocrisy without directly refuting or disproving their argument.” Thank you, Wikipedia.

June 7, 2018

Parkland Survivor And His Family Targeted By Online Trolls

As a “graduation present” for Hogg, trolls on 4chan and 8chan shared his contact information and called for targeted harassment.

June 6, 2018

Facebook’s New Advertising Rules Hurting Grassroots Contenders In June Primaries

Facebook’s new political ad-buying rules are sabotaging grassroots candidates in June’s first primaries—and hurting ballot initiatives with upcoming filing deadlines—according to conservatives and progressives who say their campaigns are being suppressed.

June 3, 2018
U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump addresses the media regarding donations to veterans foundations at Trump Tower in Manhattan, New York, U.S., May 31, 2016. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

Indicted Russian Troll Factory Hails Trump Birthday

A new propaganda website linked to Russia’s troll factory has rolled out just in time for Trump’s birthday — and they’re inviting Americans to the White House to celebrate.

June 3, 2018