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Friday, June 22, 2018
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Loretta Lynch, Chicago

Loretta Lynch Slams Chicago Police Department After Releasing Damning DOJ Report

After a 13-month investigation, the U.S. Department of Justice released a 164-page report Friday detailing the abuse of force by the Chicago Police Department (CPD). According to their findings, officers’ brutality often goes unpunished — especially when its perpetrated in communities of color.

January 14, 2017

Cartoon: In Chicago, Mayor’s Staff Can’t Find The Key To The Handcuffs

Mayor Rahm has a little problem.

December 2, 2015

Where There Is No Police Accountability, Justice Is Tenuous

There is a virtually foolproof strategy for police to avoid Internet mortification. Three syllables: Do your job. Then there’ll be no YouTube videos to worry about.

October 26, 2015