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Thursday, March 22, 2018
Silicon Valley
The Apple logo is pictured behind the clock at Grand Central Terminal in the Manhattan borough of New York

Apple, Public Safety And Selling Stuff

The idea that the cellphone is a privileged communications device that must be off-limits to law enforcement is nonsense.

February 23, 2016

Silicon Valley Emerges As A Political Force

Silicon Valley has surpassed many traditional political powerhouses as a source of campaign cash.

July 17, 2015
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Facebook’s Green Roof Mirrors Company’s Workplace Culture

Facebook flexes its green thumb at its new campus with a green roof and garden walk.

June 2, 2015
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Loading Time For Online Sales Tax Is Expiring

Would an online sales tax bill put small-business Internet retailers out of business?

March 19, 2015

Silicon Valley Lukewarm To Obama’s Immigration Reform Moves

Find out what the tech world has to say about President Obama’s immigration move.

November 21, 2014

Understanding Net Neutrality: We Need A Better Analogy

“Free market” advocates can’t answer this one simple question about Net Neutrality.

November 17, 2014

Peter Thiel Wields Political Influence On GOP

Meet the Republican Party’s gateway to Silicon Valley cash.

October 9, 2014

Silicon Valley Is Becoming Bigger Player In Washington

By Curtis Tate, McClatchy Washington Bureau WASHINGTON — California’s technology sector has booted up a bigger presence in politics in recent years, a shift for an industry that began on the outside but is fast becoming an inside player. Silicon Valley still has some catching up to do. Tech firms are still not as big […]

August 12, 2014

High-Tech Firms Focus On Energy Efficiency To Confront Climate Change

By Evan Halper, Tribune Washington Bureau WASHINGTON — As President Barack Obama pushes ahead on a strategy for confronting climate change that relies heavily on energy efficiency, some Americans may see flashbacks of Jimmy Carter trying to persuade them to wear an extra sweater and turn down the thermostat. Silicon Valley sees dollar signs. Long […]

July 2, 2014

Obama Visits Silicon Valley For Fundraising Blitz

By Josh Richman, Nicholas St. Fleur and Bruce Newman, San Jose Mercury News SAN JOSE, California — He had stood in rooms like this one in front of Democratic Party donors five times in the space of 24 hours. So when President Barack Obama concluded his California fundraising blitzkrieg at the San Jose Fairmont Hotel Thursday […]

May 9, 2014

Smartphone ‘Kill Switch’ Bill Will Have Another Shot In The California Senate

By Jessica Calefati, San Jose Mercury News SACRAMENTO, Calif. — With law enforcement warning of an epidemic of smartphone thefts, the California Senate this week will be asked to reconsider a proposal to deter robberies with a bill it once killed under pressure from the telecommunications industry. State Sen. Mark Leno plans Thursday to reintroduce SB962 […]

May 6, 2014