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Wednesday, May 25, 2016
The Wider Image: Peer 1: Prison, death or recovery

Restoring Voting Rights To Felons Is The Right Thing To Do

Even after men and women have served their time — after they have paid their debt to society, as the cliche goes — most states restrict their franchise. It’s an odd idea: Those men and women are harmless enough to release onto the streets, but they can’t be trusted to vote.

April 29, 2016
Former U.S. Senator Senator Jim Webb speaks during a news conference

Why Might Former Democratic Candidate Jim Webb Support Donald Trump?

Supporting Donald Trump as a Democrat is just about as crazy as supporting him… as a Republican. What gives?

March 7, 2016
Virginia voters line up early to cast their ballots in Super Tuesday elections at the Wilson School in Arlington, Virginia March 1, 2016.

Why Candidates Are Fighting So Hard for Virginia

Out of all the states voting on Super Tuesday, Virginia may be the bellwether for the general election.

March 1, 2016
Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe walks after a news conference at the Mariel port in Artemisa province, Cuba

Virginia Governor Signs Gun Law Compromise Measures

From now on, Virginia can confiscate firearms from anyone who is under a permanent protective order for domestic violence offenses.

February 26, 2016
arabic calligraphy, quran, koran

One Arabic Sentence Closes Schools, And Ignorance Wins

An entire school system in Virginia was shut down Friday — 10,000 students, all kept at home — after a teacher gave an Arabic calligraphy assignment. Unfortunately, the kids were asked to try writing a Muslim statement of faith. They went home and told their parents. Look out.

December 22, 2015

Virginia Mayor Says No To Syrian Refugees, Invokes Japanese-American Internment: ‘Better Safe Than Sorry’

Democrats often look back fondly on President Franklin Roosevelt — but here’s one local official who is hearkening back to exactly the wrong thing about him.

November 18, 2015
lighthouse Rhode Island New England

Some States Battle Obama On Climate Change; Others Try To Address It

Some states are doing way more than the Obama administration to combat climate change.

November 11, 2015
voting sign

What To Watch For On Election Day

While no federal offices are on the table, results from these states this Election Day will have implications for House and Senate contests in 2016.

November 2, 2015
Google sets to launch drones and balloons that will stream Internet across the world.

States Rush To Regulate Drones Ahead Of Federal Guidelines

In the absence of federal regulations, states are eager to pass their own policies on drones.

September 15, 2015

‘If I Have To Be The John Walsh Of Gun Control’: Victim’s Father To Become Advocate

The father of a victim in Wednesday’s murder of the local TV crew in Virginia is quickly emerging as a new spokesman for gun control — determined that these mass shootings not just keep on happening.

August 27, 2015
Handout of Vester Lee Flanagan, who was known on-air as Bryce Williams is shown in this handout photo in Roanoke

Virginia TV Journalists Killed By Suspect With ‘Powder Keg’ Of Anger

How could something like this possibly happen? “I’ve been a human powder keg for a while…” the killer wrote, “just waiting to go BOOM!”

August 26, 2015
Handout of Vester Lee Flanagan, who was known on-air as Bryce Williams is shown in this handout photo in Roanoke

Virginia TV Journalists Killed In On-Air Shooting; Suspect Fatally Shoots Self

The suspect, 41-year-old Vester Flanagan, shot and wounded himself as police pursued him on a Virginia highway. He died later at the hospital, police said.

August 26, 2015

Virginia TV Journalists Killed In On-Air Shooting; Suspect Shoots Self

The shooting, apparently by a disgruntled current or former employee of the television station, occurred at about 6:45 a.m. EDT during a live broadcast.

August 26, 2015
U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks at a campaign event in West Columbia, SC

This Week In Polls: Hillary, Donald, And More

The polls show Hillary Clinton trailing in crucial swing states — but at the same time, the Democrats have advantages nationally in some key fundamentals.

July 24, 2015

Virginia Gov. McAuliffe: I’m Getting Rid Of Confederate Flag License Plates

“Even its display on state issued license tags is, in my view, unnecessarily divisive and hurtful to too many of our people.”

June 23, 2015
Healthcare not warfare

If Supreme Court Rules Against Obamacare, States Have Few Options

Even some red state governments are starting to panic over King v. Burwell.

March 2, 2015
Hillary Clinton

Swing State Polls Find Christie Weak Against Clinton

The latest round of 2016 polls has good news for Hillary Clinton.

February 18, 2015
Bob McDonnell speaks to the press after sentencing. (Photo: VCU CNS/Michael Melkonian via Flickr)

Punishment Fit For A Politician

The delusional Bob McDonnell never deserved any special treatment.

January 8, 2015
3--Bob McDonnell

Former Virginia Gov. McDonnell Sentenced To Two Years For Corruption

The former Republican star is headed to jail.

January 6, 2015
Appalachia gathers dissent to gas pipeline bound for eastern NC

Appalachia Gathers Dissent To Gas Pipeline Bound For Eastern North Carolina

Is the Atlantic Coast Pipeline a sorely needed job creator, or a disaster waiting to happen?

November 13, 2014
Ebola airport

Ebola Efforts Tax Strapped Public Health Agencies

Budget cuts are endangering public health when it comes to Ebola preparedness.

November 6, 2014
burke attack ad

Midterm Roundup: Burke’s Brutal Closing Argument

Get all of the latest news from the campaign trail.

October 31, 2014
Martha Coakley

Midterm Roundup: Coakley Collapsing Again?

Get all of the latest news from the campaign trail.

October 28, 2014
AFP Photo/Nicholas Kamm

Virginia To Issue Gay Marriage Licenses After Supreme Court Action

The Supreme Court’s huge decision is already having a real-world impact.

October 6, 2014
Verde Valley, AZ

Wine Country: Arizona and Virginia

Discover great wines right here in the U.S.

September 19, 2014
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