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Saturday, March 23, 2019

Mitt Romney’s latest flip-flop is almost complete. Having vowed a month ago not to release his federal income tax returns, the Republican presidential front-runner conceded during Saturday night’s debate that would “probably” release his returns, and then on Tuesday afternoon finally said he will do so — in April, long after he is likely to have secured his party’s nomination. With characteristic arrogance, he excused the delay by suggesting that April 15 is the traditional date when public officials supply this information, which is certainly true if you’re already president.

Even more galling was Romney’s suggestion that he will reveal only his 2011 return, which would allow him to control the narrative, of course, by paying a higher rate this year than in years past, the candidate having admitted that he pays as little as 15 percent — or around the same effective rate as a family earning $60,000 a year.

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16 responses to “Tax Day: Will Romney Make April Fools Of Republicans?”

  1. nhpoet says:

    Nothing unusual about Mitt Romney’s game of non-disclosure. Elites play by a different set of rules, and in this case even MSNBC Chuck Todd’s editing appears to have abetted the ruse.

    Will it make any difference that former Massachusetts governor is already deemed “bought and paid for” just by his membership in the Wall Street Gang?

  2. terango.lf says:

    If he dosen’t release his personal tax returns he is done. I would like to see an entire financial history of Bain Capitol.

  3. CarolOttinger says:

    How can Romney make fools out of the Republicans when they are so good at making fools of themselves? They don’t want Romney but they want Gingrich even less. They have both been an embarrassment to their Party. Why do you think they were still screaming out for New Jerseys fat-boy to save them? Ya know who, the mafia wanta-be with the dirty mouth that has an eating disorder.

  4. canadian cam says:

    That the narrative that nobody paying tax somehow creates jobs continues to exist and in fact to create a possibility that your centre right president will be defeated is mind boggling. It requires institutional ignorance and a downright prevarification of the facts. The fact is that over the past sixty years business and the stock market thrives under regulating democratic presidents. I would argue that Dwight Eisenhower was more left wing than Barack Obama.

  5. William Kromer says:

    Poster Boy for the Corporatocracy.

  6. ajaminb says:

    It is rediculous that even the media doesn’t tell Romney how stupid he is with regard to his assessment of the intelligence of the American people. Romney wants to show 2011 taxes because they aren’t done yet and he can have his CPA put them together any he wants. Instead of telling the people what they want like he has, why doesn’t he ask them what they want, and then deliver. I’d like to see the last 6 years of his taxes. I know he won’t deliver.

  7. sjdorst says:

    Who knows? If the state in which he filed in 2010 – as a resident – isn’t Massachusetts, then he would be almost admitting that we wasn’t a Massachusetts resident when he voted for Scott Brown in 2010!

  8. bindi-j says:

    Romney must have something really bad for him to refuse to release his 2010 tax returns. He must have something on them that would make a BIG lier out of him. He probably would be in the 10 percent rate , instead of the 15% that he tries to pass off as normal. I think that we will find out that he has a lot of his money hid off shore. He is nothing but a job killer.

  9. AnnaSolomon says:

    I have trouble believing this elitist has a clue as to what the average person is. Or believing a single word that he speaks.

  10. jimmyags says:

    There is something almost amusing about this ongoing soap opera. The right loves to rail against the poor claiming they don’t add their fair share to the tax pool,now their nominee to be is hiding how little he actually pays.

  11. freethinker says:

    Unless Romney is suspected of earning his money illegally, exactly what business is his tax return to anyone? He knows that as soon as he discloses that he pays legitimate taxes based on dividends, interest, capital gains and legitimate deductions, and the result comes out less than 35%, the left will be screaming, “He’s not paying his fair share!”. Left out of the discussion will be the actual dollar amount he pays and also left out of the discussion is the fact that the rich paying a higher percentage in taxes will not solve one single fiscal problem and does have the potential for further damaging the economy.

  12. mll says:

    I really do not believe that any of the people that comment on how the rich do not play by the same rules as the rest of us, really even think they do. The rich in this country for the most part, but not all, do not pay a fair percentage of income tax. Income tax needs to be abolished the way it now stands, and have everyone pay the same percent, with NO deductions. I could live with a 15% flat rate that Romney says he is paying. I doubt he pays that much. We need another revolution in this country!

  13. jcurtis595 says:

    Obviously Romney has something big to hide. Tax returns are sworn documents. Can’t lie there. He’s done for with or without revealing that he games the tax code to sock away millions each year while poor slobs working as cops, teachers, accountants, retail clerks have withholding taken out every pay check and pay a higher percentage of income than any millionaire/billionaire. We are in big trouble in this country, and it doesn’t look like a fix is forthcoming. Put on your life jacket and try to get to the highest point on the ship. The ship of state is listing to port more than 90 degrees already and just like the Italian liner, our congressional crew and candidates are oblivious to the safety and lives of the passengers only looking out for their own self interest and that of their big corporate cronies.

    Jay Curtis Author of THE CODE

  14. EATHERICH says:

    sounds awful dont it? the forced discloseure will of course not have anything to do with reality. he has plenty of time to cook the books.good old boy to the end of the world……….

  15. masumbe says:

    He is a mormon who never speak the truth even to the God they serve. He must not be the president of the US, else mormons will rule the world with disastrous consequences;

  16. Normal Guy A2 says:

    His failure to disclose his tax returns is just the beginning of the secret government he would run along with his tea party fascists which is another way of identifying right wing extremists in case you didn’t know. Remember Dick Cheney’s secret meetings with presumably his oil tycoon pals to set energy policy. What has happened to the Republican Party? They have just gone off the deep end and shamelessly are willing to follow just any unqualified, hypocritical, immoral cheat on his wife, tax cheat who steps up to run for office. Their two front runners are a joke. Are there no moral men in this political party? Given our recent history with republicans in office, it seems their sole purpose for wanting to run the government is to raid the treasury not serve the people.

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