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Saturday, March 23, 2019

Reports of the death of the Tea Party are greatly exaggerated.

For about two years now, certain observers have been declaring the demise of this insurgent tendency within the Republican Party. However, despite recent headlines, we should expect to hear more from the tricorn-hat crowd, especially if they continue to raise money.

The news of late suggests that establishment Republicans are staging a counterinsurgency. Speaker of the House John Boehner has removed four Tea Party darlings in the House from prominent committee positions. It’s punishment, pundits say, for their lack of loyalty to GOP establishment positions.

Rep. Tim Huelskamp of Kansas, who will lose his place on the House Budget Committee, issued this statement:

“The GOP leadership might think they have silenced conservatives, but removing me and others from key committees only confirms our conservative convictions. This is clearly a vindictive move and a sure sign that the GOP establishment cannot handle disagreement.”

The year is not ending very nicely for the Tea Party. Many of the candidates it backed lost on Election Day, including Richard Mourdock, who was vying for a U.S. Senate seat from Indiana. Mourdock did not endear himself to the GOP old guard when he defeated six-term incumbent Sen. Richard Lugar in the primary. Lugar would have been a shoo-in to retain his seat in the general election had Mourdock not knocked him out.

Then there was the embarrassing fit Karl Rove threw on the set of Fox News’ election night coverage, when he insisted that the network’s analysts had called the election prematurely for Barack Obama. Rove has been noticeably scarce on Fox ever since.

More recently, Dick Armey removed himself from FreedomWorks, the group he helped found, in a dispute that Politico reports was about a lieutenant’s use of funds.

Now comes news that Sen. Jim DeMint, one of the most solid conservatives in that chamber, is stepping down.

This looks like disarray, but it is not the “End of the Tea Party Movement,” as a headline put it.

So far, there is no sign of a shifting of the tectonic plates of the conservatism on which the Tea Party movement was built. Nor are there any indications that more moderate views will soon be prevailing in the GOP.

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163 responses to “Tea Party Down But Not Out”

  1. It is becoming readily apparent that the Tea Party concluded that the reason for their resounding defeat on 11/6 was because they were not far enough to the right and they are in the process of jumping off the right cliff without a parachute.
    I saw a photo on Facebook yesterday that went something like this: “Al Qaeda is determined to destroy the country we know and love; they better hurry up because Obama is about to finish the job by himself”.
    In their minds, the man responsible for turning around the economy, helping the stock mark double in value, reducing the rate of foreclosures and bankruptcies, helping turn companies and sectors of our economy – including construction and real estate – around, turning an 800,000 monthly job loss into an average 200,000 jobs gain, bringing justice to OBL, and ending the war in Iraq represents incredible evil. In the twisted minds of the white supremacists holding the sign a mentioned above, progress means destruction, protecting social programs is evil, making healthcare available to all Americans is horrible, putting in place regulations to minimize the probability of another financial meltdown is socialism, and restoring our credibility worldwide is tantamount to treason.
    The only criticism I can think of when it comes to ACA is that it does not include a clause for free lobotomies for Tea Party advocates.

    • rpg1408 says:

      Mr. Vila:
      I always enjoy your insightful comments. Unfortunately, reason and insight is not in the lexicon of the Radical Right that is undermining our Country. They have already been lobotomized by Fox “news”, Rush Limbaugh, and their own hatred and bigotry. Nevertheless it is necessary to speak up whenever they spout their hateful rhetoric.

      • ococoob says:

        The only way to put FauxNews and the likes of Rush Limbaugh to the trash is to boycott their sponsors 24/7. How about “deprogramming” here?

    • ococoob says:

      Dominick, the white man/woman cannot accept the fact that a black/white man (Obama) has succeeded here.

  2. 12voltman1 says:

    The Tea party is just a renewed John Birch Sociaty. Same knuckle draggers different name.

    • lana ward says:

      I can’t believe so many ugly people hate what made America great. It’s sick!!

      • The Tea Party made America great? Dismantling our institution of government will make America great? Dismantling the social programs, eliminating the grants that help bright young people get a good education, refusing to help the poor and the disabled, not helping our returning veterans, and refusing to invest in infrastructure to modernize our country and stimulate the economy will make America great?
        There is nothing wrong with eliminating unnecessary or wasteful spending, the problem is that what the Tea Party is proposing is so radical and damaging that, if implemented, it would make Angela Merkel’s austerity demands look meaningless by comparison.
        What some people on the right are calling for is the elimination of the institution of government, without offering a substitute for it. They are calling for the dismantling of programs that help our most vulnerable citizens, without offering an alternative, and they are calling for the end of regulation without offering an alternative to prevent another financial meltdown. The Tea Party would have a lot more credibility if they offered solutions or alternatives instead of just slash and burn proposals without specifics to support their agenda.

        • lana ward says:

          Just the wasteful spending would be cut. No one would be hurt except the lazy a**** that would have to work. How are we doing with all of O’s spending?

          • Congress approves spending and specifically the House which is a bedrock of your group. Seems all the Tpaper people like their little perks now that they have been elected and are seen driving in the flashy big autos and nice clothes and dinners. Hard to tell they are Tpaper’s anymore except when it comes to actually doing their job which is to GOVERN. That is what we are paying them to do. I make a motion to also stop the wasteful spending and NOT PAY these a**holes who do not do their JOB starting with your people since they will not GOVERN as is their job description and reason for being in the House and Senate.

          • lana ward says:

            You need to start with that Pres. asshole of yours. That bitch is sending MILLIONS of OUR dollars to mosques around the world and giving the UN BILLIONS. How’s that to start with WASTEFUL spending. All that jerk knows how to do is spend our money and golf, destroying America while he’s doing it!! His priority is muslims, NOT Americans!!

          • stcroixcarp says:

            lana, honey, take a deep breath, take your meds. This last post of yours is way off the wall. Where do you get your information? The voices in your head are not real, don’t listen to them.

          • WhutHeSaid says:

            She gets her information from her master: Satan. He has already constructed a private home for her on lake front property (lake of fire, that is) complete with her own personal jacuzzi (of fire). He is very proud of Lana — one of his best racists ever.

          • ococoob says:

            Folks, don’t bother with Lana. Shun her!

          • lana ward says:

            Venture around, you might learn something

          • neeceoooo says:

            Lana, have you ever thought how disrespectful and hateful it is to call the President of the United States, names?

          • lana ward says:

            I think about it a few seconds, them I’m over it. I remember ALL THE NAMES dems called GW Bush,much worse than the thug in the WH is called!!. I will respect him as soon as he respects my country

          • idamag says:

            List them and prove it.

          • lana ward says:

            What? You hadn’t been born yet? Or you must have agreed with it. I said when Omuslim was elected I hoped he was treated just as bad as G Bush was treated–and my wish is coming true!!!

          • idamag says:

            neeceooo, people, like her, are so blinded by their racist hate they think it is okay to call the president ugly names and then they have the nerve to say that anyone who disagrees with them is spouting hate. Satan has blinded her so she doesn’t realize she is hateful and unChristian.

          • Jerry says:

            You are full of crap. Your kind are the reason we are going down. Do you work for the antichrist? You sure do not work for Christ. With out government this nation would be filled with crazys like you.

          • WhutHeSaid says:

            Lana is one of Satan’s very best pupils.

          • lana ward says:

            Check it out. you’ll find you’re the one full of crap. Omuslim is sending and has been sending MILLIONS of our dollars to mosques around the world and has given BILLIONS to the UN!!! He is a muslim and that is where his priorities lie. Deal with it, you voted for it-fool!!

          • Lisztman says:

            We should all know by now that lana ward can be summarily dismissed. A troll with lies (millions to world mosques, e.g.?. “Golf?” Mr. Obama has taken FAR less vacation than Mr. Bush Jr.)
            I’ve been told that “she” is a “he”. Doesn’t matter. This troll is a waste of everyone’s time.

          • latebloomingrandma says:

            I don’t know why Lana hangs around here. She belongs over at World Net Daily.

          • lana ward says:

            Why? You can’t take the truth. If you would check around, you would see I’m NOT lying. Omuslim HAS and is sending millions of dollars to support mosques around the would–while America is broke!! And he has given billions to the UN. I know you are beside yourself to think pompous, perfect Omuslim can do do any wrong. But he is a sneek and a liar, you need to get use to it. You voted for it

          • Reddiaperbaby says:

            Please, everybody…ignore her and she’ll go away. Stop replying to her posts, pretend she is non-existent and like the wicked witch in OZ, she’ll melt away and vanish. OK?

          • idamag says:

            Reddi, okay. Everybody, Reddi has the right idea.

          • idamag says:

            Lisztman, definately. I don’t know why she doesn’t stick to her unChristianlike blogs.

        • Bill says:

          Dominich, I wont get into this conversation and discussion, I just wanted to say I am reading your posts with admiration and agreement., you have the ability to write about subjests as I feel about them. Keep up the good work, many of us enjoy your coherent and well written input.

      • There is nothing about your beliefs that made anything great much less America and YOUR GROUP has NO claim whatsoever in that department lady.Keep your hatred and bigotry to your own insane little circle of inbreeding. American became great not as 13 colonies each going their won way but by banding together in a common cause to act as ONE. Your group ignores historical and scientific facts. You want to foster your religious beliefs on the rest of us (US) which violates the Constitution right from the git go and then on to thinking that the minority should rule not the majority. You harm more people every day with your “causes” than all the wars we have ever had.While you have the right (not that you have earned it) to believe what you want if not your right to make the rest of us (US) have to believe as you do. It is your responsibility to act as grown ups and adhere to the rule of law as to majority rule. Time for you to step up and start doing that. Join America not destroy it.

      • Reddiaperbaby says:

        You again, stupid?? STFU and go away.

  3. WhutHeSaid says:

    The Tea Party is not a ‘movement’, and never has been. They are a re-branding of the hateful and despicable racists and bigots who have long been forced to hide their sordid and discredited beliefs. In a hysterical knee-jerk reaction to America electing it’s first black President, they could contain their hate no longer and felt compelled to ‘re-brand’ (read: double down) on their hateful wishes, drawing in all manner of assorted lunatics and malcontents to their cause.

    The ‘mainstream’ GOP has failed them, in their view, because they failed to prevent the election of a black president. This was more than they could bear. Although they are the farthest thing from patriots that can be found, they unsurprisingly chose the time-honored ‘refuge of scoundrels’ as their cover for advancing their racist agenda.

    Are they really being ‘taxed enough already’, as they claim? Taxes are the lowest in 60 years, and a great many of these hateful malcontents have relied on public benefits all their lives and continue to do so. It’s just another lie, like so many lies before it, that is presented because they themselves know that the sordid truth cannot stand the light of day.

    Few things are quite as hypocritical as seeing a hateful old bigot motoring to and fro in their Medicare Hoveround — fresh from collecting their federal disability check — while babbling racially-inspired epithets against a black President and spewing out nonsense like ‘2nd Amendment remedies’ and ‘secession’.

    But have no doubt: These are the very same evil-spirited people who opposed civil rights and imagine themselves superior to minorities despite the ample evidence to the contrary. All one has to do is engage one of these people in a face-to-face conversation to see the hate and insanity that is the true motivation behind their cause. Speak with them about taxes and public benefits and you will quickly find out that they are the most prolific recipients of public assistance of all. But mention Obama and watch all reason drain from them as the hate utterly consumes them before your very eyes, and all pretense of reason vanishes.

    The GOP must divorce itself from this ‘lunatic fringe’ in order to survive. America already has (as witnessed in the latest election). Hateful bigotry and racism — no matter the colorful cover invented to hide the truth — has no future.

    • lana ward says:

      It’s really sad you know so much that isn’t so.

      • WhutHeSaid says:

        See? Now how did you know that I was thinking of you when I wrote that post?

        • lana ward says:

          That was God coming through to you, not me

          • WhutHeSaid says:

            I’m certain that brought a smile to your real master’s (Satan) face. I hope you like warm weather — REALLY warm weather.

        • empiremed says:

          Hitler and the Nazis advocated state control of the markets by an all powerful goernment, just like Obama. They were and are both socialists.
          The Tea Party advocates freedom from intrusive government.

          • bandrulz says:

            Hitler and the Nazis were socialists? You really don’t know much do you?

          • Uh…. no. The Tea Party doesn’t want freedom from an intursive government if it’s willing to tell women what they can do with their bodies or whether it is moral to murder a murderer. You seem confused.
            Obama has never come out for state control of the markets, just a little oversight of the people that consistently remove value from the markets that only benefits a couple of fat cats at the top while they gut retirement programs and destroy the economy.
            Please, please, please stop watching Fox and listening to the true haters of America. Open your eyes, think for your self for a change. It’s hard at first but after a while you will find out that it’s possible to use your head for something besides and echo chamber for hatred of this country. Regards,

          • empiremed says:

            I don’t hate anyone, but it seems you do. I listen to everyone and think logically, you should do the same. About the question of a pregnant woman’s body, who’s going to protect the rights of the innocent unborn baby?
            There is more involved than just her rights.
            As for Obama, didn’t he murder Osama? And you have your head in the sand if you think Obama doesn’t want total goernment control. He is a socialists.

          • ococoob says:

            You obviously don’t know your civics here.

          • Ed says:

            Well,it is clear that you do not know much about socialism and even less about the Nazi’s.The Brown Shirts adopted the name National Socialists Party to convince the germens they were harmless, but they were about as socialist as the KKK.

          • idamag says:

            Ed, even though the nazis has the word socialist in thier name, they were anything but.

          • Bill says:

            To Empiremed. I dont write here but read these comments frequently. Your input of your understanding of our government, Obama and murder of Bin Ladin insults our intelligence. Please go back and reread David Brown and Whufflesaid., they have made some very direct statements and observations we can all listen to. Look, only we, the people, can change our government but we have to do it collectively, not as a house divided.

          • idamag says:

            Bill, good point. Divide and conquer is an old strategy and thanks to the tea party it has become a danger to our government.

          • idamag says:

            emp, stop while you are ahead. Your sources are hateful. I have never heard such nasty rhetoric as comes out of the tea party mouths. We are the government. If it isn’t working, we change it with our vote unless the tea party takes that away from us.

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            empiremed…If you can’t prove that post in a court of law, it’s a right wing fabrication. Albeit a silly, too far right one. Obama is the President of the USA. We elected him to that position because WE are the government. We are not what your Koch billionaire Tea Party members want….America Inc. Where a handful of rich men get to choose their Board of Directors, point and delegate all the dirty work and then pay salaries to employees akin to that of men in North Korea…There’s the door…..It’s not YOUR USA….It’s ours. Time to get over yourselves and get a life. Preferably one not paid for by the Koch billionaire saboteurs.

          • idamag says:

            Eleanore, and dips like empire, doesn’t believe in elections anymore if they don’t elect who he wants. He is either one of the dupids (so stupid they are easily duped) or he is one of the agressors.

          • stcroixcarp says:

            Stop with the Hitler analogy; it is stale and untrue. Obama and Hitler are nothing alike. Obama is not calling for an all powerful government. The Tea Party advocates government intrusion into reproductive choices that should be made by individuals. How is that freedom from government? The Tea party advocates religious theocracy, where everyone has to follow the same brand of chrisitanity. How is that freedom? The Tea Party is a fascist movement born of the John Birch Society and financed be wealthy oligarchs like the Koch brothers. How is that freedom?

          • WhutHeSaid says:

            What a load of bullshit. The Nazis were ‘nationalists’, and not socialists. They believed in total control of Germany and the Aryan race above anything else, which they saw as inferior. They executed millions of Communists and Socialists alike, and if you were Jewish no political ideology at all could save you. They were above all violent racists.

            Just like the Tea Party, lies and propaganda were their favorite tools. Even though they claimed to be German patriots, they ended up bringing about Germany’s total defeat, near-total destruction, and enduring shame. No ally was safe from their deceit, and racist hate was their true master.

            Obama does not control the markets in this country and has never advocated such. The reason that you and the other despicable Tea Bigots tell lies like this is because you can’t control your racist hate for a black President.

            As far as I can tell, the primary difference between a lot of Tea Party bigots and the Nazis is that the Nazis were eager and willing to use violence to achieve power. The atmosphere of Germany and that particular time in history permitted such to be successful. Many Tea Bigots would gladly use violence to get their way, I’m certain, but the result would be much different: They would all end up in prison or dead.

            America despises the Tea Party, and for good reason. Now that the lies have been debunked by seeing what they actually do, they will be driven from any office of meaningful power in this country. It won’t come soon enough for me.

          • Ed says:

            WhatHeSAid- Don’t be too quick to pronounce the obituary.The Tea Party is VERY VERY dangerous to the America we know and love. They are a serious threat and should be on a watch list. But of course they are not because of the form of government we live under.

          • WhutHeSaid says:

            I agree: They’ve always been dangerous, even in their KKK guise. Still yet, I believe that their time is past, and the younger generations have rejected their despicable beliefs. Not all, of course, but most — and that’s enough.

          • idamag says:

            Ed, I think they are very dangerous, also.

          • idamag says:

            emp, instead of spouting off anti-government rhetoric, you should study by reading “The Rise and Falls of the Third Reich.” You will see that the tea party is closer to how hitler destroyed democracy in Germany. Think about it. Which party is trying to destroy one party via hate, voter supression and gerrymandering and trying to take over the other one. Your tea party house’s approval rating went down to 7. That is pretty darn low.

        • Erik Nash says:

          Never mind trying to answer that WhutHeSaid, because, as you have stated, these people that say those exact same words or others (i.e. “playing the race card”)have lived in denial for so long that its become a truthful mantra to them. A way of removing “guilt and embarrassment” at being caught in the proverbial lie”I’m not a racist/fascist”. I believe that everyone is equal, yeah right!

          • WhutHeSaid says:

            I for one have never claimed that a lying, bigoted racist is equal. They need to be stamped out from existence, and that’s exactly what’s happening now. Good riddance, and it can’t happen soon enough.

        • BDC_57 says:

          Lana can’t read you tell by her posts.

        • Roger says:

          You forgot to mention that the Tea Party “movement” was funded and choreographed by the Koch brothers.

        • idamag says:

          Whut, lana is the type of person who followed hitler blindly when he was taking over Germany. They don’t think, they hate.

      • one_veteran says:

        Lana, go lay your head back on your pillow and continue to dream (and shut up!) while you wait on your next Social Security Check, and continue to use your Medicare before your Tea partiers convince the Repuks to do away with both!

        • lana ward says:

          Omuslim is doing away with both, where you been. He is doing away with the middle class too!!

          • WhutHeSaid says:

            If I were you I should worry more about what is going to happen to the bitter bigots in this country. Obama has been elected President twice, despite all of the fevered vitriol from sordid racists such as yourself. This is just another nail in the bigoted redneck coffin, and one step closer to your reunion with your true master, the Prince of Darkness. Enjoy your eternity roasting in Hell.

          • idamag says:

            Obama was elected President. That means the majority didn’t like you.

          • lana ward says:

            He stole the election by voter fraud. Most Americans are decent and want what’s best for America–and that doesn’t include you

      • Roger says:

        Like what for example?

      • nobsartist says:

        Ah, but you DO know? Moron.

      • Yes, Lana you prove how little you know everytime you post.

      • one_veteran says:

        lana, what is truly sad is you lack having a brain so you let faux no news tell you what to think! so shut the hell up!

        • lana ward says:

          You aren’t a veteran! Veterans Love America!! If you voted for Omuslim, you don’t love America!!!!

          • one_veteran says:

            Damn! wonder why I ended up in Viet Nam twice and have the Purple heart???

            Answer that stupid!

          • lana ward says:

            Everyone that treated the Viet Nam vets SOOOO disrespectful when they returned should ALL be shot!! But America lovers didn’t treat you that way. It was Omuslims’ clumb of traitors that did. Omuslim believes just the same as the 60’s radicals!!

    • nobsartist says:

      They are just another name for the John Birch Society, funded and created by the same people.


    • jebediah123 says:

      You said it all, “WhutHeSaid”. I have talked to a number of people from the “red” states (where the “tea party” is most prevalent) and they are shocked at the vicious response they recieve at the mere mention of Obama”s name. As has been stated by Republican leaders FROM THE VERY START OF OBAMA’S PRESIDENCY that it’s goal has been to get rid of him.

      Obviously, having failed in that endeavor, they resort to blocking any legislation for meaningful change and progress and the well being of the United States BE DAMNED!

  4. The Tea Party are a fascist group of Terrorist.

    • lana ward says:

      The Tea Party and most Republicans are the only REAL patriots in the country. It’s the occupy wall street that are the terrorists. And the dems are their partners in crime. Did you watch their movements?? The difference was night and day. You are too funny!!

  5. Budjob says:

    As a neighbor of two individuals that adhere and promote the “wisdom,” “intellect,”and EXTREMISM of the vomit party,I no longer assume the movement is proliferate with racists,bigots,and individuals that have differing views,I know this to be a fact!

    • lana ward says:

      Everywhere I go, all the dems favorite words are racist and bigot. You people are hilarious, it’s the dems that are the racists and bigots, you’re talking about yourself!!

      • WhutHeSaid says:

        No, it’s pretty much the Democrats (and those Independents who sided with them on 11/6/2012) who whupped the racists and bigots in the last election. It will continue like this going forward until either all of the bigots wise up (unlikely) or die off (more likely). Better get used to it.

      • Jim Myers says:

        Replying to lana ward –

        Let’s see. For the Democrats. The black vote? Well over 90%. Hispanic vote? About the same.
        Female voters? Well over 50%. The gay vote? Not sure, but estimate over 80%, probably higher. 20 somethings? Probably 75%, maybe more.

        Senile old, white, conservatives? Maybe 25%.

        So, who are the racists and bigots? Why the Tea Party, of course.

  6. nobsartist says:

    Since the “tea baggers” bet on romney and figured they could force congress to sit on their hands until they won the presidency, they are now in for a rude awakening.

    Face it, we went over the cliff because republiCONs led by “tea baggers” thought that America was stupid enough to elect the head “tea bagger”, romney. They figured that we could go over the cliff and mittens would sign every bill they wanted based on another FAKE crisis.

    America knows who is responsible. It cant hurt “tea bag” constituents because they all come from welfare republiCON states. Who cares if taxes go up when you live on welfare.

    Soon the “tea baggers” will be the tarred and feathered.

  7. Tea Qaida has a weak pulse and in E O L (end of life) grave condition.

    • lana ward says:

      Al Qaida is strong and growing but O says the’re on their heels. Don’t under estimate the Tea Party

      • sunmusing says:

        Lana…we know who and what the Tea Party is…your defense of them is anti-American…they are Anti-American…Libertarians are nothing more than greedy anarchists…

        • lana ward says:

          Your defense of Omuslim is Anti- America. The Tea Party wants what’s best for America–you don’t!!

          • Show me in the Constitution where being “Muslim” is against anything. You are just a troll based on your remarks here so far. Time to ignore you and watch you go away so reasonable people can debate and offer wisdoms and insights your group will never have. You are all batcrapcrazy and it is SO NICE to see Alan West ride off into the sunlight forever to be never heard from again. Time for you to follow him dear. Bye Bye

          • lana ward says:

            That comment wasn’t for you. Alan West isn’t going anywhere even tho the election was stolen from him. That slimey chicago gang is in all of the states. That’s the only way dems can win–fraud and they sure have gotten good at what they do. You should be proud to be a member of the Godless party

          • WhutHeSaid says:

            Satan is smiling at you again. You are his most prized pupil to be sure.

          • ococoob says:

            You got any proof, here?

          • sunmusing says:

            I’m sorry for your delusions….or are you a paid troll?

          • ococoob says:

            Omuslim???! You’re an sadly ignorant ass!

    • ococoob says:

      I like that, “TeaQaida,” for that’s exactly what they come across to others.

  8. Felix says:

    The Tea Party is down but is not out! Its sound good as long as there are people brewing moon shine and growing tobbaco they will be around! Some of them will go home to collect the welfare check and use their Medicare card, the other one the manipulator with plenty money will tried to disrail Obama agenda. The issue with some of those Tea Party is not about tax the issue is they cannot accept Obama won reelection.

    Poor soul they never liked Romney but that is the only thing they could get and Romney was in the fantasy world that God put him in this land to lead all of us. Romney was so facinated with himself that he pick a running mate that could not bring even one vote to the Republican. It is a sad story because they were sure that Obama was going to be a one term President!

  9. terence gets says:

    The tea party are not conservatives…..true conservatives shudder when you mention them. They are in fact the fascists of the 21st. century. Hitler used these types to take over Germany in the 1930’s. We need to be very careful that fascist leaning billionaires (read Koke Brothers(sp?) don’t manipulate them into power.

    • idamag says:

      Terence, I was a little girl when The United States went into WWII. After the war the newsreels showed what our soldiers found when they liberated the camps. I could understand that nuts happen, but I couldn’t understand how an entire country could follow a maniac. I have studied everything I could get a hold of on nazi Germany and believe me when I say that the present day tea party is dangerous to our democracy.

  10. Eleanore Whitaker says:

    The odd thing about the Tea Party is that if we all cowtowed to what they want, we’d, not they, would be the ones living as if this was North Korea. Why are these control freaks going so nutso? Look which states they come from…the deep Middle and southern part of the country where pollution is a softdrink and slime is their daily nourishment.

    They so fear the loss of the taxes their states get from the rest of the states, that controlling those who are supporting their states must now be controlled in order for them to live large and comfy cushy.

  11. Eleanore Whitaker says:

    The biggest problem with the Conservatives who liberally prance around and push their agenda down everyone else’s throats? They hate government. Now, the question remains…if they so hate the US government, which is comprise of the people, for the people, by the people, would they prefer North Korea? There, they’d have exactly what they want…the smallest possible government, no wasteful spending since the average salary there is 51 cents a month and if you drop dead from the 16 to 20 hour work days, it’s considered reducing the surplus population.

    But don’t you love how these anti-government Tea Party BS artists are covering what they really want? A Worry Free Wall Street that gets limitless funds to recklessly invest to their hearts’ content using our payroll tax deductions. They’ve got another think coming.

    As for that House Republican Majority. They’ll be lucky if the Middle Class doesn’t call for mass impeachment by March 1, 2013.

  12. bpai99 says:

    Of course the Tea Party will never go away, it will merely be re-branded. It was once known as the Ku Klux Klan, then the John Birch Society. Hate, ignorance and bigotry are eternal in human affairs, as are the vehicles through which people express such. Occasionally a new bottle is used, but the foul contents inside remain the same.

  13. Technically, the Tea Party is dead. But just like the G.O.P. as a whole, the power-brokers who bought and paid for it played Frankenstein with it, pumped it full of money and have kept it alive as a monster — a hollow shell of its former self — that exists only to taint and destroy the world around it.

    So reports of its death might be exaggerated, but even more so are the reports that it is alive and well. It is dying, and there is nothing that can be done to prevent it from dying. The only thing left to determine is how much of the rest of the country it will succeed in killing off before it finally starts to decompose.

  14. dalnb says:

    Other than elected Republican leaders who have lead the party into muddy waters the Tea Party is one of the worst things that has happened in American Politics for 100 years. Their attempts to influence the direction of our nation by funding high cost campaigns for weak candidates has been disastrous for the recovery of our nation. Their supporting weak Republican candidates with high funded campaigns resulting in the election of men and women who would never have been elected without Te Party funding has led to a weak and dysfunctional Congress. They have deliberately sought out and supported people they knew they would be able to force into following their absurd agenda.

    America will be far better off when the Tea Party, Mitch McConnell and Karl Rove are nothing but black marks in Americas political history!

  15. Are these wing nuts still hanging around? And here I thought 2013 was going to be a new look at patriotism. Where Mr. Smith goes to Washington types go into Congress and Senate to show them what they were sent there to do. We voted President Obama in for what he stands for and how he sees the new America. So sit down together and work with his agenda like raising taxes on the top 2%, stopping gun violence, better schools, healthcare, etc. Close your eyes and listen to what he proposes, you will not see color, but hear a statesman.

  16. manfred says:

    What is most mindboggling is the fact that none of those “financial conservatives” raised objections to two unfunded wars and two absurdedly stupid tax cuts on top of it, that by the way, never paid for themselves nor increased jobs. Now they claim they sent a budget to the senate six months ago, what more resembles a joke considering they plan to pay for it with cuts to all funded programs and load up on benefits for investment income, that enabled Romney to pay less than 14% on his taxes and no State income tax in NH. What a circus!

  17. MARK says:

    The German Nazis did not go away over night and even after their defeat much of their sentiments lived on for years.You can cut down the tree but the roots grow deep.It is infectous and insidious in nature. Even if the gop were to divorce itself from the t-party today,they could not wash their hands and walk away scot free.They are addicted to the money and have played pattycake with the wrong people.Some of the most well known industrialists aligned with the gop such as the Morgans and Duponts attempted to overthrow the FDR administration and replace it with one of a fascist nature.Prescott Bush is said to have been a bag boy who funneled cash destined for Nazi Germany. Since the New Deal,Republicans have been on the wrong side of every issue of concern to ordinary Americans. Social Security, the Vietnam War,equal rights,civil liberties,seperation of church and state,consumer issues,public education,reproductive freedom,national healthcare,labor issues,campaign finance reform,the environment and tax fairness.No political party could remain so consistantly wrong by accident. The only natural conclusion is that,despite their cynical family values propaganda,the Republican Party is a criminal conspiracy to betray the interests of the American people in favor of plutocratic and corporate interests and absolutist religious groups.

    • idamag says:

      Mark, I am niether a Democrat nor a Republican and a few years ago I would have thought your remarks were way off. No longer. I think you are right.

  18. CYNICALZ says:

    The author of this writing has no clue about the Tea Party’s mission and accomplishments in pursuit of less big government, stop invasion of privacy, elect the best candidate irregardless of party affiliation, right to work for all, compliance-not abuse to our constitution, and support our our military. We are one organization that has no government intervention, dues are not deducted from our paychecks, no ant-violent protests, and freedom to worship. Those against us may do so.
    I am an American and I want my freedom back!

  19. ococoob says:

    “The GOP leadership might think they have silenced conservatives, but removing me and others from key committees only confirms our conservative convictions. This is clearly a vindictive move and a sure sign that the GOP establishment cannot handle disagreement.”

    Now, who’s calling the kettle black, here?

  20. CYNICALZ says:

    Taco Martinez: Wrong guess on all accounts (no surprise!) Forgot though, kick out all illegals and step up guard on the border.

  21. CYNICALZ says:

    You talkin to me?

    • WhutHeSaid says:

      Relax — you must have seen the ‘human garbage’ part. I was talking to another ding-dong, not you.

      • CYNICALZ says:

        Then get off my post stupid!

        • WhutHeSaid says:

          I have a bit of advice for you: If you don’t enjoy a heaping helping of scorn, perhaps you would be better off keeping your bigoted and nutty views to yourself. Once you post here you should expect nothing else.

          • CYNICALZ says:

            Sofaman: Where did you get the idea I dislike commenting on this site, it is beyond great! It is akin to walking into an asylum and making fun of the inmates. NM has banned me from retaining posts on the comment page so I know I’m hitting nerves like you, for one.. A bit of advice for you, keep showing your ignorance and low grade vocabulary, your pathetically entertaining.

  22. howa4x says:

    It is like the KKK,, american nazi party, john birch society, NRA, merged with wall st mouguls and took off the hoods to don 3 corner hats. They have a preverse idea of christianity where it is ok to steal from the poor and give to the rich. They deny science, and education and would sponsor book burnings if it would raise their image with the rest of the dolts. They are mono chromatic and don’t represent the future since their members are older. Any young people in the group are malcontents, usually gun nuts and angry people. Obama brought out the racist element in the group except for a few token blacks. Signs with the president having a bone through his nose are common at their rallies. They are not to bright as a group, and are easily led by people who stir up their latent hatred of everybody. The wealthy have supported them to do their bidding, since they found that this group will without question vote against their own intrests and that of their children. One thing that isn’t written about is when you look at the group you see more overweight people, which leds me to believe they suffer more as a group from diseases like diabetes and heart disease so they have to be fairly stupid to vote against health care reform that in the end will protect people them
    What more can you say.

  23. CYNICALZ says:

    bluberry; As you are a Socialist Obama boy, freedom to you is gay marriage, free birth control, and all the food stamps you can grab. Don’t bite the hand that provides.

  24. Ed says:

    Like the nazi party of the 20’s the Tea Party will regroup and with BIG MONEY behind them, just as Hitler had, keep repeating the lies till they become truth and then get accepted by all americans. We should never have stopped teaching history in our schools!

  25. onedonewong says:

    For the good and soul of the country they need a resurgence. The tea party unlike the NAACP, LaRaza have to raise their own funds and don’t receive any govt funding

    • WhutHeSaid says:

      Well OneDingDong, they’ve served their purpose: To remind the world that human garbage is always lurking ready to turn society into a rancid, hateful, racist sewer if given the chance. They won’t get the chance.

  26. They will slowly fade away and be forgotten – just like the John Birchers!

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