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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Tom Corbett (R-PA), the Tea Party favorite elected in the wave election of 2010, will face a tough re-election battle no matter who he faces in 2014, according to a new Quinnipiac University poll.

For the fourth straight month, the governor’s favorable rating is negative, with 47 percent disapproving of his performance while 38 percent approve. Women disapprove of Corbett by a 2 to 1 margin, at 54-27.

The three Democrats who have been mentioned as Corbett’s likely opponents — former congressman Joe Sestak, current House member Allyson Schwartz (D-PA) and State Treasurer Rob McCord — all lead the governor by at least 9 percent.

Democratic voters in Pennsylvania clearly haven’t yet settled on a candidate, with 59 percent undecided. Sestak and Schwartz are tied at 15 percent. Though Treasurer McCord is only favored by 3 percent of primary voters, he still leads Governor Corbett by a 44-35 margin in a potential head-to-head matchup.

Right now, voters are doing their ABCs – Anyone But Corbett,” said Tim Malloy, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute.

The New York Times’ FiveThirtyEight blog called Corbett one of the nation’s most vulnerable governors.

Why is this first-term governor so unpopular?

The National Journal‘s Michael Catalini reported in February that Corbett’s problems go beyond the voters’ impression that he didn’t do enough when he was attorney general to stop now-convicted child abuser and former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky. Corbett has alienated both sides of the aisle with a budget that includes a violation of tax pope Grover Norquist’s sacred pledge.

Pennsylvania went for President Obama twice, but Corbett has not accepted Medicaid expansion that could cover more than 700,000 Pennsylvanians by 2021, saving the state $425 million a year.

The governor may find that endorsing Medicaid expansion might not help his popularity. Suffering from plunging popularity after signing anti-union legislation, Michigan’s Republican governor Rick Snyder advocated taking the federal money to cover state residents. Instead of helping him with Democrats, it hurt him with his base and made him look impotent as Republicans in both the state house and senate blocked implementation.

Synder’s approval rating is still negative — 42 percent approve, with 46 percent disapproving — and he’s tied with his potential Democratic opponents, even though none of them are well known throughout the state.

“Fortunately for Governor Corbett, the election is not today,” Quinnipiac’s Malloy said. “He has 18 months to turn things around.”

Photo: Jenn Grover

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34 responses to “Tea Party Governor Losing To All Likely Opponents”

  1. Lynda Groom says:

    Isn’t that a shame. The man proved himself an idiot a year or so ago when he told women they could just turn their eyes from the ultrasound screen. What a simple-minded little man. I hope the voting citizens don’t repeat the mistake of putting him in office again.

    • majii says:

      Although it seems Corbett has forgotten he made the ugly ultrasound comment, it seems as if the women in PA haven’t. Good for them.

  2. ORAXX says:

    Tea baggers tend to be a lot better at making noise than making workable policy.

    • EM10 says:

      Actually describes Obama to a tee. Off for another golf tour–or maybe another speech on gun control with Newtown families as props?

      • George says:

        How bout accusing Obama of something the republicans haven’t done a thousand times over? Remember “Now watch this drive”? Yea, bush played golf on our watch too. But you’re right on one thing. Using celebrities like Ted Nugent totally isn’t a prop for the NRA. I mean its totally different than what Obama’s doing, using influential people to get a biased point across. Totally different. Oh wait….

        • shoe1985 says:

          I thought Bush was out of office, and Obama would be different. Obama has continued the majority of Bush’s policies, and added more. Yet, both the Repubs and Dems seem to think the other is evil. Too funny.

  3. charleo1 says:

    Republicans in PA. know they haven’t got the numbers to win, if the
    rules governing elections are not changed. Look for the democracy/
    Constitution, Loving/hating, GOP to make additional, minority empowering
    changes to their election laws, in Republican run States, this year, for 2014.

  4. So the gist is a bunch of drunken angry rednecks woke up enough to stumble to the polls in 2010 to vote against any minorities and have now gone back to sleep while the intelligent rest of us continue to conduct the country’s business. Thank you to the mental midgets for bowing out of this race!

    • What makes you think that people who are opposed to an all-powerful government are rednecks and drunks? What makes you so scared that you need a nanny state to tell you what to do; where you (the poor peasant) has to beg his/her lord: “Please Lady Nancy(Pelosi), please help me.”

      Re voting against minorities – there would be many more minorities in office if democrats didn’t demonize and reflexively vote against all Republican minority candidates. Allen West, Mia Love, Ryan Frazier all ran against white opponents.

      What about the constitution and individual liberty upsets you so much?

    • JohnnyTwoDog says:

      Racist Race Baiter Alert!!

  5. Corbett is not the only Republican governor that is vulnerable, but let’s not pop the champagne yet. Much can happen between now and the next election. I would not be surprised if the centerpiece of Republican attacks on Democrats in 2014 and 2016 is President Obama’s Social Security “chained CPI”. He extended an olive branch to people who hate his guts, and by so doing he shot every Democrat running for office in the foot. Needless to say, the GOP will happily embrace the unexpected gift while portraying its “champion” as a villain.

    • Blue Dogs says:

      Perry is likely retiring in TX and Scott is in danger of being turned out in Florida, while Kasich (OH) and Haley (SC) will likely win re-election.

      • e jerry powell says:

        Somebody needs to tell Perry that, no?

        • Blue Dogs says:

          Powell, Perry is NOT running again for a 4th term in 2014 because of the GOP-controlled Legislature in rebellion against him and they’re pushing term limits on him and other statewide officeholders in the executive branch (the TX House still hasn’t put the bill up for a vote, it passed the TX Senate 2 months ago by a 27-4 vote).

          • e jerry powell says:

            I wouldn’t mind, if it actually happens. I’m not holding my breath for it to, angry Republicans or no. Perry is acting like he’s going to be governor of Texas forever lately. (And the legislation being proposed would still allow Perry to run two more times.)

          • Blue Dogs says:

            Perry is the Brett Favre of Texas politics: doesn’t know when to quit. On the term limits bill, Perry would serve a total of 22 years-breaking the records of Southern governors George Wallace, Edwin Edwards and Jim Hunt (all served 16 years) and 5 terms: now that is scary.

          • e jerry powell says:

            *rolls eyes*

            And will have served all of it without a single hair changing color or moving.

            If only he’d get caught sexting his junk to a woman he’s been harassing…

  6. pemmons says:

    The Philadelphia Inquirer reminds us that no Pennsylvania governor has ever lost a bid for re-election. But I hope Corbett breaks the mold. He asked for a 25% cut in higher education funding in a single year. Wow, what a brilliant way to be a hit with the rising generation and their parents. And all so the frackers can go on raping our land for free. I’m surprised that anyone so brazenly disobliging even dreams of being re-elected. He’s done enough dirty work already that those who bought him can be very happy with the results.

    Considering the relatively benevolent tradition of Pennsylvania Republicans from Scranton to Specter, Corbett is like a creature from outer space. Where do they grow these mutants?

    • shoe1985 says:

      Those frackers have created a lot of good paying jobs, and are adding a lot of revenue for local businesses. As for the land, you can rebuild it.

      If you don’t want any drilling, give up anything involved with it. That computer/phone/tablet you are using would have to go too.

  7. bob1950 says:

    He is not against Dems or Rep he is against people. if you do not have a corporate logo he does not care. He has to go,

  8. musicman495 says:

    Tom Corbett (R-PA), the Tea Party favorite elected in the wave election
    of 2010, will face a tough re-election battle no matter who he faces in
    2014, according to a new Quinnipiac University poll.


  9. Howdie Fanz says:

    ..Corbett is BUSTIN’ A GUT..trying to sell PA Liquor stores to his corporate buddies BEFORE he gets thrown out of office…………

    • Philo99 says:

      Wait till people realize that that State was ripping them off by charging 20-30% more for alcohol. He will win in a landslide. The state store are a disgrace, as an adult I should have to depend on the state to get a half decent bottle of wine.

      • Blue Dogs says:

        Casey Jr., somehow maybe getting tired of DC and could wait until 2018 to seek the governorship. I know he wants to because his late father was governor.

  10. kanawah says:

    The Transylvania tea bags are the problem with our nation.
    If we do not remove them from every elected (and appointed positions) our nation is doomed.

  11. Philo99 says:

    As long as I can buy liquor at a privately owned store he will get my vote.

  12. CaliMark says:

    Go ahead and elect a more leftists and turn Pennsylvania into an even bigger sh1thole than it already is.

    • Blue Dogs says:

      Kinda like California was messed up for years since Pete Wilson (R) left office in 1999 and his 2 successors screwed up the Golden State so bad, it’s likely gonna be decades before the state gets their act together.

  13. Chefpaulo says:

    Corbett is desperate to line the pockets of his fracking and logging pals so they will take care of him when he gets booted. PA lost a stellar Director of State Parks, John Norbeck, for protesting use of state forests and game lands for shale drilling and timber harvesting. Corbett made sure he shut up by canning him promptly. What a d*-bag.

  14. gopersareignorant says:

    The bags are finally going away one by one. Thank God or Mohammad or who ever the F#$k you believe in. Next the retàrdicans will be flushed and this country will get back to some semblance of sanity.

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