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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Could Sarah Palin make a political comeback in 2014? That is the goal of the Tea Party Leadership Fund, which is trying to draft the former vice-presidential candidate to run against Senator Mark Begich (D-AK) in his 2014 re-election campaign.

The group revealed its plan in an email sent to supporters this week. “You and I both know that Sarah Palin is a fighter who will stand up to Harry Reid and his pals in the Senate to protect our Constitution in issues like amnesty, gun control and our nation’s crushing debt,” the email reads, as reported by the Los Angeles Times. “We know that, with Sarah in the Senate, conservatives across America can rest a little easier at night knowing that she’s at the watch.”

So far, Palin has shown no indication that she is interested in challenging Begich — in fact, she has shown very little interest in Alaska politics at all since resigning as the state’s governor in 2009 to move to Arizona and pursue a career as a right-wing talking head.

If Palin were to jump into the race, it would be the best political news in weeks for Begich. The first-term Democrat has recently seen his approval ratings drop as a consequence of his vote to block the expansion of gun sale background checks, against the wishes of a majority of Alaskan voters.

Palin would be unlikely to present much of a political threat, however. A February Public Policy Polling poll found that Begich would crush Palin 54 to 38 percent in a hypothetical Senate matchup, and that just 34 percent of Alaskans had a favorable opinion of their former governor, while 59 percent viewed her unfavorably. Worse yet, when asked whether they have a higher opinion of Palin or Congress, Alaskans chose Congress by a 50 to 34 percent margin — despite Congress’ pathetic 8 percent favorability rating in the state.

“I don’t see Governor Palin really as a likely opponent,” Anchorage pollster Matt Larkin of Dittman Research — which worked for Palin’s gubernatorial campaign — told the Los Angeles Times. “She doesn’t have the popularity that she once had in the state of Alaska; it’s fallen off significantly.”

So, despite the Tea Party Leadership Fund’s hopes, Palin seems unlikely to get the chance to prove herself to be as unqualified for the legislative branch as she is for the executive or judiciary. Until further notice, expect bitter tweets to remain her primary contribution to the political process.

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

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  • AlfredSonny

    We need a clown in the Congress!

    • Allan Richardson

      We have hundreds of clowns in there, but very few PROFESSIONAL clowns, i.e. people who can tell jokes AND tell facts, and KNOW THE DIFFERENCE. The best so far is Al Franken, who is a serious statesman who formerly used humor to fight the right wing delusionists.

    • mrivera1119

      I think we already have too many.

    • plc97477

      You mean we need more?

  • drdroad

    If you lived in Alaska, why in the world would you vote for a Governor that quit in office?? One things for sure though: it would be a circus!

    • jgsoliveira

      She wont run because they would hold that quitting against her. The Republicans are still looking for someone whose shit smells like roses.

      • plc97477

        Maybe if they tried looking for someone who is honest and has integrity they would be better off, although they may have trouble finding that in the gop.

    • mandinka

      I thought Barak quit

  • Lord, help us!!

    • Allan Richardson

      No, Tina Fey would be better than the REAL Sarah.

      • plc97477

        I think Tina even does a better palin.

  • AdamMos

    She is not going to run, certainly not in the state of Alaska where they know her so well.She has no interstest in governing or legislating. She wants to sit on the sidelines and throw bombs at everyone. She does not want to be accountable and prefers to make alot of money playing on peoples prejudices and racism which has proven to be very lucrative for her and others..I would not want to be in her shoes on judgement day.

    • Palin, the improbable candidacy of Ted Cruz, Rubio, Bachmann and others are distractions being used by the GOP while the establishment decides who their eventual nominee will be in 2016. Sarah is not going to run for the Senate and none of the guys being courted by the media have a chance to be the Republican nominee in 2016. on’t be surprised if they choose a woman to counteract the high probability of Clinton and Warren running. 2016 is going to be the year of the woman!

      • jgsoliveira

        Did you know that Clinton was on the board of Wall Mart?

        • Garry Owen Ault

          How many Boards does GW attempt to “sit” on at this time?

    • jgsoliveira

      She will be living in Romney’s Mormon planet.

      • mandinka

        Lot better than a hut in Kenya where Barak is from

    • mandinka

      She should run in MA they will let anyone be Senator there just look at the last election where the Indian won

  • ram1020

    Actually, Tina Fey is the one running.


    She bailed out of her last elected office to cash in on her fifteen minutes of fame. Since then, she has devolved into self parody, performing an endless SNL comedy skit that has not improved with repetition.

  • Westviking

    showing just how out of touch the tea party is

    • Paul Colby

      It is the occupy wall street types that are out of touch. The Tea Party stands for spending within our limits, limited federal government control of our lives, stop the increase in taxes, & following our Laws. Wow, that sure is a radical concept isn’t it??

      • Westviking

        it would be nice if that was what the tea party is for, but it seems to me (the group’s agenda being so vague) what they want is a kind of social darwinism that criminalizes poverty, advances the whole American exceptionalism theme that underpins the disastrous imperial project, and using the bible for the basis of all law.

        • Paul Colby

          You should really check out the Tea Party, they have been blamed and lied about because they are opposed to the excesses of the Obama Administration. They have been attacked by the media with false statements, when there is nothing but a wanting of our Federal Government to live within it’s means, and not pursue excessive powers not allowed in OUR Constitution. You really should see what a patriotic bunch of decent people the Tea Party is, and not listen to false sound bites.

          • Westviking

            I know a lot of tea party people. they know me, we’re solid friends, we do not talk politics. they are great people–toward the people that they know. but this strong attachment engenders as well a dislike and suspicion of people they don’t know.
            as for living within our means, why not raise taxes so we have enough to pay for what we want?

          • Taxes HAVE been raised, way too much, and that is a big part of the problem, they never have enough taxes, only want to spend that and tax more, thus the deep debt we now have. Even if they taxes the wealthiest 1%, 100% of their money, it wouldn’t run our bloated Federal Government for a month.

          • Westviking

            what percentage of gdp do you consider a good tax level?

          • Only enough to run OUR Federal Government, maybe 10% from “everyone” so we are all paying equally according to our income, no loopholes, no deductions, no not paying any taxes, ALL of us in together. We need a balanced-budget amendment so Congress & the President are forced to live withing it’s means, that means, OUR means!

          • Westviking

            even paul ryan’s budget calls for 18% of gdp in revenue.

          • jgsoliveira

            I listen to them. They are not that nice!

          • I do not know who you listened to but I have been to a few events and they are just Americans of all ages and occupations, some minorities also. Some false things have been associated with the Tea Party, and there may be a few idiots like with anything but I have seen just peaceful patriotic meetings. The only anger is in the way our country is being taken over by the Federal Government, taxes & debt. This has to stop or life will be terrible for everyone. They believe that with a healthy economy and the Federal Government off our backs life will be better for ALL Americans not just certain groups.

        • plc97477

          They also want the government to keep it’s hands off their social security.

      • jgsoliveira

        What laws? Voter ID made difficult to attain to minorities?

        • What Voter ID? Seems anyone can vote, even many Illehal alien trespassers.

      • jmprint

        So why do you want Palin as your senator? So why are there so many loop holes on tax breaks for the rich, so why do you keep screaming for help when mother nature and disasters happen, so why are you getting into women’s reproductive issues. Tea Party is no better then occupy wall street, they are your type, you brought them out of your woods.

        • You know jmprint, Palin comes across as kinda flaky but she has Conservative principled values. I am not so worried about their personalities as I am about their beliefs, such as limited gov. cutting spending & debt, lowering taxes (on everybody), and following OUR Constitution. For instance, Obama may talk a good game and has charisma, but I abhor his socialist philosophy, debt, spending and bypassing Congress. After all, OUR Government is divided equally between Congress, the Presidency & the Supreme Court, for a balance of powers, not ramming thru everything BO wants. He is only 1/3 of the Government, and thank God for that.

          • jmprint

            Just because she has conservative principles doesn’t mean she has to impose her believes on others. I women’s right to abortion is a constitutional right. Why is it that only taxes being cut are for the wealthy? What part of the socialist philosophy do you abhor? The one where he wants to bring up minimum wage, so that people can maybe be able pay for their insurance, or the one where, he would like for Americans to be more educated, in order to be more competitive with other nations… Bypassing Congress…Honestly, really, do you think Congress has done their part. President Obama has been fighting for 4 1/2 years, trying to make things better for the average American citizen. The Tea Party came into existence about 3 month after President Obama became president. “Remember take our country back” like somebody had stolen it. The rationale is that the legislative people work strictly for those that can afford lobbyist, such as Karl Rove and Norquest, NRA, they run the Republican show. And Sarah Palin is flakey and not good for most Americans, only the Tea Party minded.


    When I first read this story I thought, good: have her run and get her butt stomped. Then maybe she would stop polluting the air every time she opens her mouth. Then it occurred to me that nothing will ever make this monumental bone head go away. The only thing scarier than Sarah Failin’ are the sheep that support her and foist her upon and undeserving nation. How can such a lunatic fringe have such a viable presence???

    • jgsoliveira

      Is the preservatives in the food.

  • Ibsyboy

    Great, another barnacle on the Ship of State, to help slow the State of the Ship to a screeching halt.

    One more ignorant nonsense prankster add to an already dying institution. The Teahadist party are planning to build up- enough inertia in Government until Stars and Stripes Sam cries Uncle.

    Teahadists! Their motto is thank God for idiotws willing to run on out ticket.

    Ted Cruz

    Michelle Bachmann

    now the failed Beauty Queen. Why not. This is one of the slowest and destructive coup d’etats in History. It is an evil Chinese Torture methodology of taking over the Government.

    The Teahadist thinks Palin needs a bit more seasoning to run for President. The Senate is a better launching pad, than a candidate who quit on her State as Governor in the middle of a 4 year term.. She just up and quit as a Governor of on of the states of our great Union.

    To honor and serve, was too much to ask of the budding super star of foul and nonsensical logic and agitprop.

    Perfect. Palin would put a ribbon on the Right Wing’s attempt to send back the gift of Democracy the Founding Fathers left us to protect.

    Watched an interesting Iranian movie (a comedy no less) last night. It occurred to me the GOP and the Right Wing are atthe head of the line to go to war. And it is always a country that is the perfect template for the Dystopic idea of the future the Right has.

    Hated Russia: a country that controlled the press, kow-towed to big money, controlled the Rilegiopus beliefs of the citizens. And, last but not least, punishment, the Russians had an iran fist grip on the lives of the people. The Russians dictated every aspect of Russian life everything the people needed for a perfect society.

    Hate IRAN another country with a dictatorship as a Government. Sharia Law uses the Koran to met out justice. Controll of all Media, able to send out a consistent and regimented life for its citizen.

    What Right Winger wouldn’t love that kind of control of the Government and its entire population.

    Whatever the Right Wing’s design for America are, the selection of Sarah Palin to run for the Senate, is a very bad review mirror image of America. A mind set of strict control and plenty of punishment to keep the masses distracted by: hate, contempt, pessimism, negativity, and an nationwide low self esteem. Ready to cut off the less fortunate, subjugate women to the whims of the husband and the National Church.
    The Department of Faith will be added to future administrations.

    Look fair’s fair. I should be able to express my view in the same paranoid manner the Right Wing uses to express their fears.

    The Far Right is historically right on track for a take over of the American Government. With hopes of turning everyone into Jesus adoring, Old White man with an old white man’s world view.

    No rason to,other than

  • adriancrutch

    The loonier the better for Wall Street!

  • Sarah Palin is making too much money criticizing, demonizing and attacking people to engage in something that may require the use of intelligence she does not have. Articles like this are driven by either paranoia or unwillingness to debate legitimate concerns.

    • kmkirb

      @ Dominick… “Sarah Palin is making too much money criticizing, demonizing and attacking people to engage in something that may require the use of intelligence she does not have.”

      She’ll have her allegiance with her evil twin sister, Michelle Bachmann! Just picture these two nut jobs walking shoulder to shoulder through the corridors to the chamber. Ugh, I think I’m going to be ill.

      • John Pigg

        Haven’t heard much from Bachmann since she almost lost her seat. Maybe she learned it might do her well to keep her mouth shut? One can only hope.

        • plc97477

          Last I heard she was being investigated. That might be why she is lying low.

      • jgsoliveira

        Bachmann was asked by a reporter if she was a racist. To the reporters surprise she said that was a good question and she’d have to think about it. At least she is honest. KKK!

  • Dorothy Burns


  • Allan Richardson

    The only way she could win is for the Alaska state house to come up with ID laws to suppress the Inuit vote.

    • plc97477

      I’m sure they will try.

  • Please, please run. Maybe another political loss will drive her out of politics permanently.

  • john conway

    Ha, Ha, Ha what a looooooooser she is! That coming from a conservative too!!!

  • Well, she’d definitely be a job creator, I mean the comedy alone would create jobs in the entertainment field for years.

  • NYCBullDog

    Oh pleeeeease run! We need comic relief between major elections!

  • old_blu

    Hell she couldn’t finish the last job she had, how in the hell can I miss her if she won’t go away.

  • Sarah “Undefeated” Palin will only demonstrate any interest if she fails to land any reality TV gigs between now and 2014. She’s in it, first and foremost, for the money, so the only way she’ll go into politics again is if the money completely dries up and she needs to increase her relevancy.

    After which, of course, she will quit the Senate after a half-term and go straight into reality TV again. Which she’s dreaming if she thinks Alaska has forgotten already.

  • Dana

    They really believe that Palin is a fighter??? With the exception of her mouth, she’s a quitter.

  • FredAppell

    She’ll never run for any public office. She has no wish to publicly embarrass herself again. She is making way too much money hanging out on the fringe. All she ever cared about was being a celebrity. Palin is to politics what the Kardashians are to
    family values.

    • jgsoliveira

      Who are the Kardashians? Somebody from Star Trek?

      • FredAppell

        You can’t be serious? The Cardassians are the dudes from Star Trek
        with the King Cobra necks. The Kardashians are a family of bimbos and reality stars on the Entertainment Network. Their daddy is one of the lawyers that defended O.J. Simpson. The Kardashians may in fact end up being the cause of the fall of western civilization.

  • Todd20036

    Is this country ready for 3 years of Sarah Palin in the Senate?

    • tobyspeeks


  • latebloomingrandma

    SArah Palin is too lazy to be a Senator. She might actually have to study the issues. She doesn’t know how to do that.

    • Paul Colby

      OH yes, you must mean like Obama & Pelosi understanding “anything”. Well, they do understand how to get people to fall for their socialism.

      • jgsoliveira

        What is socialism? Is it the same as communism? And what is Liberalism? Also, there is a thing called Social Democracy. Could you explain the differences to me?

    • jgsoliveira

      what makes you think senators actually read what they vote on?

  • Palin-Bachmann Vs Clinton-Warren 2016

  • Sarah Palin has the intellectual curiosity of a gerbil or George W. I would like the Republicans to put her into a very important role within the party. Maybe a political strategist for the 2016 Presidential campaign headed by candidates Michelle Bockmann and Ron Paul.

  • Remember, this is the Tea Party we’re talking about. If it will hurt the country, they will come up with an argument to make it sound like it’s good for us.

  • Eleanore Whitaker

    The Tundra Tootsie is clueless. Has the Tea Party Koch billionaire founders re-infused Palin’s campaign war chest? Actually, if I remember anything about GOP bois when I was a Republican before Bush and Cheney changed that…the back room agenda is so smelly that right now, I’m betting they will stick a woman out there because they know that Hillary Clinton is a shoo in and there isn’t a man who could compete with her. There are more women in the US than men. The Daisy Maes will only obey what Lil Abner dictates…so they don’t count as voters.

    If they are looking at Palin, the Tea Party best look further on. The GOP lost all of its very best women who might have given Hillary competition..Kaye Bailey Hutchinson, Olympia Snowe and the late Ann Richards. Susan Collins is barely hanging in there. Bachmann isn’t a full US citizen. She holds dual citizenship with Switzerland where she banks her wealthy husband’s moolah tax free.

    So yes. The GOP is looking for a woman. They are bypassing our Trumanesque NJ Governor Christie because they know against Hillary, he hasn’t a prayer. I’m certain the GOP will dredge up some vacuous, obedient female who will wear the face of “president” as Bush so obediently did and then the GOP bully bois will be hot to pull all the strings on their female puppet.

    • jgsoliveira

      One pulls the strings and everybody jumps!

  • Lynda Groom

    Can you imagine that twit as a United States Senator? Surely even in Alaska the voting citizens would not elect someone unable and not capable of completing the last public service job. One good thing, if such occurred, would be the non-stop comic gaffs, missteps and humorous diatribes. Of course we already have Ted Cruz and that other lose cannon Rand Paul. The perfect trifecta would be the addition of the mouse from Alaska. Somehow I doubt that she would consider taking the pay cut…but with ‘that one’ who knows?

  • Why should Alaskans waste their votes on Sarah. She’d never finish the job and leave them hanging. They must be gluttons for punishment in their political arena.

  • Kurt CPI

    Why do they keep beating this dead horse? Palin should have stayed in Alaska politics. She did a great job (really) with the State of Alaska issues and represented her constituency in a way that deserves praise. But she’s out of her league in national politics. She’ll never have the respect of many of the senators she has to work with on a daily basis. A politician without the respect of her peers is not likely to accomplish much.

  • Sarah Palin is a quiter. Alaskans know it, and America knows it. She sold out Alaska to cash in on new-found fame, but the effects of Viagra has worn off on the old, money bag Republicunts and neo-Confederate Tea Bags, and Palin is getting a little long in the tits. They are hanging down to the middle of her stomach now like cow’s udders! She’s addicted to the money and attention and the neo-Confederate Tea Bags are hoping she can put on a support bra, some make up, a fresh perm, and muster up enough hate and vitriol to revive their last run. She’s not going to make it. Alaskans have long memories, and despite her leaving them in the cold, they will not forget. Voting for a Yellow Dog Democrat like Mark Begich is far more palatable than voting for an aged glamor queen like Palin. “Mister DeMille, I’m ready for my intro.”

  • midway54

    This is another reminder of how fortunate the Country was when McCain was defeated, because of the possibility that he might have become disabled or died so that ignorant Shrieking Sarah would have become the president: what a ghastly thought.

    • jgsoliveira

      Every time you call Sarah stupid, guess who is stupid by association? MC CAIN!

  • A.J. Cariaga

    what a way to beat the hell out of those stupid indecisive republicons!she is devisive if that is the best they can do, well, we need to keep them out totally! we don’t need them

    sandbagging/filibustering washington’s bestefforts. lead ,follow or get the f— out of the way..

  • A.J. Cariaga

    cruz and rubio? a couple of tio tacos!

    • mrivera1119

      A bit racist. Tacos are Mexican, not Cuban and if this was a literate country people would see the enourmous difference. That said, they are a couple of Republican tools.

  • Paul Colby

    Funny how all the Liberals are concerned with Sarah Palin if they think she will get beaten. The amount of attention given to her is amazing, must be a deathly fear of her!

  • jgsoliveira

    She may not be the smartest, but she is not as dumb as people may think. I just read her book. I do not like her because any tea party person should be looked upon with suspicion and she appeals to the Billy Willies of this neck of the woods. I think she would make a good exotic dancer, but even that would not last long. Drill baby, drill!

  • mandinka

    No question she was smarter and better on her feet than Barak or Joe Bite me in the 2008 election so she is a shoe in for her Senate bid

    • plc97477

      Did you happen to notice who won?

      • mandinka

        the 47% who don’t pay any taxes