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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Allen West: Almost Half Of Congressional Dems Are Communists

Florida Rep. Allen West has claimed in the past that he is the “modern day Harriet Tubman,” but his latest wild statement leaves him looking more like Joseph McCarthy.

West made his latest in a long line of controversial comments at a Tuesday afternoon town hall meeting in Palm City. When asked “what percentage of the American legislature do you think are card-carrying Marxists?” West answered “I believe there’s about 78 to 81 members of the Democratic Party that are members of the Communist Party.”

Video of West’s claim is below, courtesy of Think Progress:

West did not clarify which congressmen he believed were secret Communists, but his campaign manager Tim Edson defended the Tea Party favorite by claiming that he was referring to the 80 members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus. In an interview with The Daily Caller, Edson referred to the progressive caucus as “opponents of capitalism” who “oppose individual economic freedom.”

If 80 Democrats are closet commies, it’s news to the Communist Party USA. Libero Della Piana, a vice-chairman of the party, told Politico that West’s accusation is “an absurd way to cast a shadow over his colleagues” and “kind of a sad ploy.”

Ironically, West has complained in the past that he is “very concerned about this very divisive rhetoric” in American politics.

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19 Responses to Allen West: Almost Half Of Congressional Dems Are Communists

  1. The Occupy movement are not “anti-Capitalist”. Indeed, they seek a return to capitalism.
    First, some definitions.

    Capitalism is a system where if you make money you keep it, and if you lose money, you are stuck with that debt for life. You, yourself; nobody obligated to help you with it.

    Socialism, or communism is where if you make money, it is taxed away from you to serve society and if you lose money, society is taxed to cover the losses.

    Fascism is a system where if you make money you keep it, but if you lose money, the losses are transferred to the society as a whole. As trillions in taxpayer bailouts to the bankers to cover the losses from the mortgage-backed securities fraud prove, the US and UK have long ago abandoned capitalism and operate as fully-formed fascist economies where financial game-players pocket billions in bonuses while the losses from their scams are paid by the general population.

    The propagandists trying to derail the occupy movement betray their cold-war roots by hurling phrases like “Commies”, and “Marxists” at us as if we were still indoctrinated by the public school system to wet ourselves upon hearing those words. But with the collapse of the USSR, that particular piece of brainwashing was dropped from the curriculum. As a result, today’s youth are not scared away from an honest and objective analysis of what the private central bankers are up to by the word “commie”, no more than they are scared away from an honest and objective analysis of what Israel is up to by the word “Anti-Semite.”

    The Occupy movement are not, as you put it, “anti-Capitalist. They are anti-Fascist, and PRO-capitalist.

    • Excellent, simple definitions of econ. systems. I copied it to a word document for future use against my nice guy, right wing brother in law. Thanks.

  2. Rep. Allen West is without a doubt one of the major mistakes of his party, or perhaps a well placed Manchurian candidate from the Democratic Party. His simplistic nattering is what the voters get for not paying attention and pulling the wrong lever. We will find out soon enough if the good folks of his part of Florida have a firm grip on reality come November. With folks like West in elected office this country gets the government that it deserves. We have nobody to blame but our lazy selfs for continually electing such self-serving clowns to office.

  3. Did anyone read, “Henny Penny” when they were a child. Chicken Little was running around screaming, “The sky is falling. The sky is falling.” May I introoduce you to Chicken Little?

  4. Allen West is 100% CORRECT! The DemocRATic party has been hijacked by the leftist socialists in America over the past 50 years. His remark that up to 80 members of the House are communists was a reference to the membership of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, which was founded by a U.S. socialist group, the Democratic Socialists of America. Some Caucus members still demonstrate a close working relationship with the socialist group.

    Face the facts: You leftist nutjobs are very closely related to communist party ideals . And certainly, socialists do not support free market economic choice, individual liberties, or fiscally responsible limited government. Those are historically American values that are NOT shared by the communist/socialists/progressives in the democRATic party.

    Have a nice day!

  5. Could this freshman congressman be any more stupid? This guy is probably just the worst of a very very bad lot that were voted into office in 2010. Please folks. Let’s correct this blunder in 2012.

  6. Just another example of the right/FAR right saying something and then doing the opposite. What Mr. West says about rhetoric when it is used against him and the degree to which he uses it against others to foster hatred and fear is quite alarming. He just needs to go away and hopefully the voters in Fla. will understand what he is doing and reward him for it by letting him go. The problem I have with that part is that he would be able to double dip as the Army allowed him to retire with full benefits after his article 15 hearings and determinations and again he would be eligible for his house retirement too.

    What a waste of public monies. We need to research the candidates for these types of moral flaws and not elect them in the first place.

  7. Dave Barry, Tim Dorsey, Lawerance Sanders, and Stewart Woods, among a few others, have written about the crazies in Florida. Hell they even have a guy that stalks black kids, kills them and then claims self defence. Some great explorer, tried to find the fountain of youth in Florida. However I really wonder what is in the water.

  8. I did try yesterday to make a negative comment on The Blaze News a right wing Magazine about this Clown Allen West and even I did try twice they did not add my comment, saying that I was usuing improper words, the first time I called him “Scumbag”, then when that was to gross and nasty then I made another comment using the Word “Despicable”, which that one was also to offensive and improper for such a “Decent and wonderful example of a Politician”, thanks we do have Democracy on ” The National Mamo” and we can call things for what they are, I just could’t find any other words to describe someone that spends all his time Offending and insulting President Obama, besides asking for money for his re-election Campaign, this unpleasant “NOBODY” is trying to be like the Mental Case of Glen Beck, with the difference that this “NOBODY” does all this noise and stirrings just to call some attention so some idiots like us give importance to all his ridiculous and non sense talks, like saying that Obama is to scare to debate him, and that there are 78 to 81 Comunists among the Democratic Party, for me this is more than enough to see that this “NUT” needs to be admitted in a Mentally Disturb Hospital, what we really should do with this Characters is to Ignore them Completely and then they will go away.

  9. West is a political opportunist, and I believe that his claim is an “any means necessary” to win office. This would seem to reflect his character in all things. Could you imagine working for West as an employee? Undoubtedly, you would be witness to all manner of corruption, and unethical capitalism (anything for profit).

  10. Here is a simple way to prove if he is brilliant or just another gasbag, put up or shut up sir. I assume you had proof before you popped off at the mouth?

  11. i’ll take a commie over a nazi any day of the week. joe mcarthy was a morphene adict supplyed by harry anslinger, our former drug zar for 38 years. who also conspired with w.r,hurst to make hemp ileagel so he could push his stolen mexican pulp paper. politicans are by nature lying thieves. who can only be trusted to serve themselves.

  12. Just one more proof that Republicans live and think like 1940 they can stay if they want but let the rest of the country move ahead

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