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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Last week, primary elections in several states killed off a few ultraconservative candidates whose views flirted with nuttiness. In Georgia, for example, U.S. Rep. Paul Broun — a physician who has called evolution and the big-bang theory “lies straight from the pit of hell” — drew only 9.8 percent of the vote in a crowded race to become the Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate.

In the same Georgia primary contest, U.S. Rep. Phil Gingrey, an obstetrician-gynecologist, pulled down just 10 percent of the vote. Last year, the gaffe-prone Gingrey drew national ridicule for defending former Missouri congressman Todd Akin, who had said that natural processes protect a woman from pregnancy after rape.

Meanwhile, in Kentucky, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell easily dispatched a Republican challenger, Matt Bevin, who had suggested that legalizing gay marriage could lead to parents marrying their children.

Those results, among others, cheered the Republican establishment, which has grown tired of fielding weird candidates who cannot win general elections, and led to a round of obituaries for the Tea Party movement, which had backed several of the losers. According to the chattering classes, the election results prove that the Tea Party is on life support, a dying force in conservative politics. That goes double for the doyenne of the Tea Party movement, Sarah Palin, whose chosen candidate in the Georgia Senate primary, Karen Handel, also lost.

But that view is just wrong. Tea Partiers have already accomplished what they set out to do: move the Republican Party much further to the right. While the foot-in-mouth, reality-challenged candidates may have been swept from the stage, the Tea Party has grafted its DNA onto the GOP. The Republican Party is now a small tent of hard-right absolutists who deny science, worship the rich and detest compromise.

Ronald Reagan wouldn’t recognize his party — and wouldn’t be welcome there either, as former Florida governor Jeb Bush noted two years ago. “Ronald Reagan would have, based on his record of finding accommodation, finding some degree of common ground, as would my dad — they would have a hard time if you define the Republican Party — and I don’t — as having an orthodoxy that doesn’t allow for disagreement, doesn’t allow for finding some common ground,” he said.

  • Dominick Vila

    Tea Party candidates are too radical for mainstream Americans, but there is no question that they have scored a big victory by dominating public opinion, influencing our political process, and policy making. We have to go no further than The National Memo itself to understand how much influence the Tea Party exerts on the national discourse, and how that fact affects the political strategies and decisions of both parties.
    As it happens so often, the final decision is usually somewhere in the middle, but the very fact that the Tea Party is moving both parties to the center is enough to give them credit for what they have accomplished.

    • Elliot J. Stamler

      The Tea Party is not moving my Democratic Party to the center–the now dissolved Democratic Leadership Council under Al From and Pres. Clinton (and others) did that. We are a centrist/liberal party with a relatively small but loudmouthed left wing which has very little national influence–especially after we see what disasters they brought about time after time with McGovern, Mondale and Dukakis.

    • plc97477

      Luckily that fact is one of the reasons the t potty has slit it’s own throat. The are doomed and with any luck won’t take the gop with them.

  • joe schmo

    Thank God:) We work together and stick together. We are collaborating as a team. Isn’t that the way it is supposed to work and I mean that with both parties.

    No, it is you Progressives that have become more radical and moved further to the left. We can only hope that some of your middle of the road leaning Liberals join the ‘Dark Side.’ LOL

    • sharon1026

      joe schmo….what a perfect name for you.

      • BillP

        schmo is a troll who states he doesn’t believe any gov’t statistics when he doesn’t agree with them but cites a North Carolina search that found 35,000 voters registered in NC that also had shared their name and birthday with someone voting in another state. We all know there can’t be 2 John Smiths with the same birthday that live in different states, or 2 Mary Jones, Robert Browns, Joan Morgan. That would be impossible in a list of over 100 million registered voters so this must be voter fraud (works out to 0.035%). So far no prosecutions have been started. The finding also mentioned 765 who had the same name and birthday but with the same last 4 Social Security number. That’s concrete proof for schmo or should it be scmuck. I’m not sure if he realizes that there are “nine” numbers in a social security number. Since the report didn’t mention a match on all nine SS numbers it doesn’t proof anything. Again no prosecutions.

        • sharon1026

          Thanks for the heads up about him. I assume he’s from NC by your first sentence. Great! That’s all we need, another radical RW teabagger.

          • joe schmo

            Not even close. I live in the most Liberal/progressive state in the Union. You know the one that will circle the wagons around Detroit in another few years.

            So Bill where are you getting your information. Oh let me guess, Chris Matthews, MSNBC or Soros owned NPR. I want solid facts from an unbiased source…..

          • BillP

            You are the one who stated that the NC study proved voter fraud. Where are the prosecutions? Since you are so smart I know that you would understand how querying a database of over 100 million people would produce people with the same name and birthday. The 35k represent 0.035% and that’s using only 100 million, if the people that did the study researched further and found that there were people who voted in two different states then that would be fraud. They didn’t do that did they! As for the 765 with the same last 4 Social Security numbers, if they had the same “9” SS numbers that would be fraud or at least some registration error. The SS number represents an Area or geographical location (the 1st 3 numbers), a Group within the Area (the 2nd 2 numbers) and finally the Serial Number (the last 4 number) which is within each group, the serial numbers (last four (4) digits) run consecutively from 0001 through 9999. For California there are 54 different Areas that can have 99 Groups so there are 5,346 possible Groups that could have the same last 4 SS numbers. For the entire country there are over 100,000 possible combinations of Area/Groups that could have the same last 44 numbers. So until some of those are prosecuted for voter fraud the study has proved nothing except that someone can write a query that produces a number of duplicates. I don’t just read or listen to something and accept it as fact like you did with the NC study. You trolls always like to reply that I found my data on MSNBC (Chris Matthews is on this station) and NPR (Soro’s is a donor not an owner). You don’t like to be faced with the facts not some study that produces data but no provable conclusion. Where are the prosecutions?

          • joe schmo

            Faced with facts. You don’t even get facts you use emotional mumbo jumbo to right the countries wrongs. Sorry I have never seen that amount to a hill of beans. As far as voter fraud, I believe it exists on both sides. But your side will try every dirty, underhanded trick in the book to coerce people to vote for your side. Especially the young and ignorant who really don’t know better….

            Oh trust me, Soros has his hands in NPR. He just about ruined England. He makes money on a Countries misery and helps bring it down. Good luck convincing me on that one.

            Prosecutions, what the hell are you talking about. Obama sweeps everything under the rug and fires no one and the Left-wing media protects him. Of course no fault will be found because our government is so corrupt.

          • BillP

            Hey schmo I know in your right wing bubble world math, logic and other sciences are considered mumbo jumbo but in the real world numbers, mathematics, statistics are real. I will again try to explain this NC state finding (I thought you don’t believe in gov’t numbers)

            1) The search found 35,750 people who voted in other states that had the same name and birthday

            as 35,750 who voted in North Carolina. This doesn’t prove any voter fraud. All this proves is that of the 126,831,212 people that voted in the 2012 presidential election 35,750 had the same names and birthdays. That’s a possible rate of 0.0282%

            2) Even the people who did this search thought this wasn’t clear proof of voter fraud so they added another parameter, the last 4 numbers of a Social Security number. Gee that reduced the matching voters to 765, that’s a reduction of 97.86%. But even this doesn’t prove voter fraud since there are 990 people in NC with the same last 4 SS #’s. What you refuse to understand is that you need a match on all 9 SS #’s to prove a fraudulent match. The SS # is composed of 3 segments – Area – 3 digits representing a geographical location in the US (NY has 85 areas, CA has 54, Illinois 44, NJ 24 and even NC has 10) each area has 99 Groups and each Group has 9,999 Serial Numbers. Since NC has 10 Areas and 99 Groups that means in NC there are 990 people that have the same last 4 SS #’s. For the whole country there are over 100,000 people with the same last 4 SS #’s

            3) Since these researchers didn’t think that the name/birthday combination wasn’t clear enough proof why did they try to match on the name, birthday and 9 digit SS#. If they found any matches that would at least provide substantial evidence that would need to be further pursued.

            Your comment ” But your side will try every dirty, underhanded trick in the book to coerce people to vote for your side.” is quite ridiculous since you haven’t proven any “real” voter fraud. As for your side you may want to look at how they campaign even against each other. In the 2000 Republican primary a phony robo call was done in South Carolina stating “Would you be more or less likely to vote for John McCain…if you knew he had fathered an illegitimate black child?” he had adopted a child from Bangladesh.
            As for the rest of you uninformed rant Soros made money by shorting the British Pound, investors do this type of transaction all of the time. People short sell stocks that they believe will fall in value. It’s a legal transaction, done in this country and in stock markets all over the world. As for prosecutions if North Carolina has enough evidence they can prosecute these themselves. Want to bet it doesn’t happen.
            Why don’t you try analyzing things before you parrot what you have heard from the right wing media.

          • joe schmo

            I truly believe there was some voter fraud. Maybe even on both sides. Not only that but the stupid Repubs didn’t go to the polls. I think they may have learned their lesson. We shall soon see.

            Can’t stand McCain. He’s a RINO and has a big mouth to boot. Just can’t get the war thing out of his idiotic head and he has been flip floppy on the whole border issue. I could really give a rats ass if he fathered an illegitimate child. That’s his biz.

            Oh and yes you will try every underhanded dirty deed in the book. Why is it that Obama just released several buses of illegals into Arizona? He also wants to give illegals citizenship as quickly as possible. Boy, this is certainly below the belt. I suppose it is a payback for all Jan Brewer has been trying to curb in Arizona. What a deceptive creep!

            Analyze, LOL. Yah, I know Soros kind all too well and I am not buying anything you say with regards to him. He is the devil incarnate.

            ‘It is shown that his influence forwards globalist ulterior motives. His foundations fund left wing information outlets which have an
            appearance of being legitimate but in fact often disseminate deceptive information, such as the Center for American Progress,, The Nation, and Think Progress, among many others.]’
            — Soros thinks of himself as a philosopher and speaks of a utopian ”open society”(SOUNDS LIKE MARX IDEOLOGY) existing in equilibrium, that would ”maximize the freedom of individuals to live as they wish,” and Soros has claimed having messianic fantasies since childhood which he says he is now able to live out.(2) [Note— While globalist strategies claim to be utopian in
            nature, they involve consolidation and transfer of global power to only a few globalist elite individuals through making use of deception of the world’s populace, and such strategies also involve extreme world depopulation which Soros also supports.]

            — Soros portraits himself as a capitalist that has converted to the leftist cause and uses his money for good, such as to fight capitalism, reverse globalism, and increase taxes for the wealthy. [Note— Soros was able to get away with claims of reversing globalism more in the pastas the topic was not well understood by enough people. He is in fact one of the most influential globalists.] ”He supports legalization of drugs, unfettered immigration, and advocates euthanasia and assisted suicide. Among his other causes are abortion rights, atheism, sex education, gun control, and gay marriage.” [Note— Many such stances may seem agreeable to a lot of people, however many of those issues have deeper implications that most left wing media outlets (many funded by Soros) are not willing to discuss.]


            As for voter fraud. I truly believe that it most likely exists on both sides. Sad but true. You will never convince me that Liberal’s are completely innocent. So let’s just call a spade a spade.

            This article reflects the voter fraud exhibited just in NY conducted by the Department of Investigation (DOI) that the Liberal Media blatantly ignored. Here are a few excerpts. This was tested so I don’t see how the findings could be incorrect:

            ‘You’d think more media outlets would have been interested, because the sloppiness revealed in the DOI report is mind-boggling. Young undercover
            agents were able to vote using the names of people three times their age, people who in fact were dead. In one example, a 24-year female
            agent gave the name of someone who had died in 2012 at age 87; the workers at the Manhattan polling site gave her a ballot, no questions
            asked. Even the two cases where poll workers turned away an investigator raise eyebrows. In the first case, a poll worker on Staten Island walked outside with the undercover investigator who had just been refused a ballot; the “voter” was advised to go to the polling place near where he used to live and “play dumb” in order to vote. In the
            second case, the investigator was stopped from voting only because the felon whose name he was using was the son of the election official at
            the polling place.’

            ‘Shooting the messenger has been a typical reaction in other states when people have demonstrated just how easy it is to commit voter fraud. Guerrilla videographer James O’Keefe had three of his assistants visit precincts during New Hampshire’s January 2012 presidential primary. They asked poll workers whether their books listed the names of several voters, all deceased individuals still listed on voter-registration
            rolls. Poll workers handed out ten ballots, never once asking for a photo ID. O’Keefe’s team immediately gave back the ballots, unmarked, to
            precinct workers. Debbie Lane, a ballot inspector at one of the Manchester polling sites, later said:
            “I wasn’t sure what I was allowed to do. . . . I can’t tell someone not to vote, I suppose.” The only precinct in which O’Keefe or his crew did
            not obtain a ballot was one in which the local precinct officer had personally known the dead “voter.”

            Given that someone who is dead, is in jail, or has moved isn’t likely to complain if someone votes in his name, how do we know that voter fraud at the polls isn’t a problem? An ounce of prevention — in the form of voter ID and better training of poll workers — should be among the minimum precautions taken to prevent an electoral miscarriage or meltdown in a close race.

            After all, even a small number of votes
            can have sweeping consequences. Al Franken’s 312-vote victory in 2008 over Minnesota senator Norm Coleman gave Democrats a filibuster-proof
            Senate majority of 60 votes, which allowed them to pass Obamacare. Months after the Obamacare vote, a conservative group called Minnesota
            Majority finished comparing criminal records with voting rolls and identified 1,099 felons — all ineligible to vote — who had voted in the
            Franken–Coleman race. Fox News random interviews with ten of those felons found that nine had voted for Franken, backing up national
            academic studies that show felons tend to vote strongly for Democrats.’

            You can read the rest of the article here:


            You can say all you want and try to prove me wrong with your statistics but when someone goes underground and does some investigative reporting that proves voter fraud, I tend to believe the outcome over mere numbers. The fact that Liberal media is disinterested is all to conceivable. Better training and voter ID at the polls just makes too much sense. It’s just too bad that Liberals think it is a bad idea. Makes me think something stinks in the state of Denmark.

          • BillP

            I don’t what you think of McCain you made a statement that the Democrats committed dirtier political tricks than the Republicans. I just pointed out what the Republicans did in their own primaries.
            Where did you find the story of the illegal aliens besides extreme right wing websites that parrot the same bs. Try Aesop fables at least they have a moral to their fables.
            As for Soros you can think what you want, he earned his money legally using investing tactics that are used every day in the stock markets throughput the world. All the stuff you copied from some article and pasted here is some right wing writer’s opinion. I don’t care about him or the Kochs, they are just ultra wealthy people who want more wealth and control.
            I wouldn’t argue that there isn’t any voter fraud, just the amount of actual, provable voter fraud. Offering James O’Keefe as a reliable source of voter fraud is laughable. He edits these videos to make them more creditable, when you see the unedited version his accusations are shattered.

          • joe schmo

            OMG, you are so blinded by your own ideology that your ignoring mind makes you believe blatant lies to be a mere fantasy.

            As usual you go along in your self proclaimed LaLa Land, ignoring all reality. We call it ‘swimming with the sharks’ and that is a very dangerous thing. The story goes like this. There was a very liberal gay sociology professor from a local college who used to get up every morning, put on her black wetsuit and go swimming happily in the bay with the seals. Out of site out of mind. Well, I guess she didn’t count on the great white that came swimming along looking for its meal between the seals that this woman was swimming with. Well guess what? Unbeknownst to the professor, the shark came along and mistook her for a seal, she yelled for help, the lifeguards reacted but it was too late. She died shortly after they brought her to shore. So the moral of the story is you can go along happily swimming along and believe everything is hunky dorey around you, when you get bit it will be an eye opening experience. As a result you get ate and you take down the rest of us with you…. Believe what you want. Don’t you dare think your side is innocent in all this because they most certainly are not!

          • BillP

            For someone who doesn’t want to accept facts you really are delusional about who is blinded by ideology. When you claim that voter fraud took place in Minnesota you never looked past what was written on your right wing websites. Why don’t you try following up on these assertions. An investigation resulted in 17 cases being looked at as possible voter fraud.

            Sure there is voter fraud but it is so small that it only represents 0.0001% that 1/10,000th of 1.0%. Nothing that would change any election results. Yes voter fraud can occur on both sides, I would never dispute this. What I do and will always do is question anyone who offers as proof studies or investigations that do not offer concrete proof.

            Your anecdote is overwhelming, I’ll make sure I never swim with seals while wearing a wetsuit. By the way you don’t get ate you get eaten. Your statement that ” As a result you get ate and you take down the rest of us with you….” sound good but what does it mean? That the swimmer who was attacked by a shark caused others to get attacked? Again a statement with no proof. You love to make bold statement but never offer any concrete proof.

          • joe schmo

            Again, toying with my misspelling and grammar produces no change in my opinion. If that is the only thing you really can blast me on that being it says absolutely nothing. We can again thank my LIBERAL education for my poor grammar .As a matter of fact, I had the opportunity to speak with an English professor the other day and asked her if students coming into college had problems with English. She stated it was just as bad if not worse than when I graduated from H.S. Since we are dead last in reading when compared to all modern societies, her answer did not surprise me. Many could not write an essay correctly nor did they know the difference between a noun and a verb. Their spelling skills are deplorable. Worse than mine. You see my elementary education at the beginning was quite good. I learned phonics like the back of my hand. But all this experimentation with students has been insane when simple reading, writing and ‘rithmetic’ were all that was needed for students to learn. Well, I might add discipline and responsibility to that list. She agreed. So you see the problem still exists. To deny that is ignoring the problem at hand.

            Yes…’you get ate’ I meant to say it that way. Perhaps this article by Simon Black will make more clear what I meant.

            “In August 1939, just days before Hitler’s
            invasion into southern Poland, General Wilhelm List walked the lines of his German 14th Army making final checks and inspections.

            He must have thought it strange– between Army Group North and Army Group South, there were over one million German troops hovered on the
            Polish border. And they weren’t exactly hiding under rocks.

            Everyone knew that the invasion was coming. Especially civilians in Poland.

            They were surrounded by German forces on three sides. And on 23 August 1939, the Soviet Union signed a non-aggression pact, effectively
            acquiescing the fourth side.

            It was obvious that the entire country was about to be turned into a war zone.

            Yet seemingly unfazed by this prospect, well-to-do locals were on holiday at the seaside, or keeping cool up in the Carpathian mountains.

            Sixty miles to the north of List’s 14th Army, people in Krakow were a enjoying warm summer days in Blonia Park and on the banks of the Vistula River near Wawel Castle.

            It was as if they were completely oblivious to the enormity of the consequences about to befall them.

            After all, the government and local papers were telling them to not worry. Poland had prepared some basic defenses, and their military
            commander Edward Rydz-Śmigły was supposed to be a strong general.

            They had been told to be confident. So they were confident.

            On the first of September, 1939, Hitler’s armies invaded. And despite suffering massive military losses, the Polish government spread all
            sorts of misinformation on the radio, telling its people about phony victories against the invading German hordes.

            None of this was true. And within hours, a multi-year military occupation began that would turn people’s lives upside down.

            Looking back, it’s like watching a cheesy horror flick where some idiotcharacter obliviously walks into the dark room where the killer is lurking.

            Human beings have a natural tendency to ignore obvious warning signs and take the path of least resistance. It’s a much simpler prospect to
            stick our heads in the sand than to acknowledge uncomfortable truths andrisks.

            There are plenty of those today.

            Last year, the United States government took in $2.6 trillion in total tax revenue. Yet they spent $2.5 trillion just to cover mandatory spending (like Social Security) and interest on the DEBT.

            Bear in mind that 10,000 people per day become eligible for Social Security benefits… and the debt gets bigger every year. They are growing much faster than the government’s tax revenue.

            And it is an arithmetic certainty that they will soon fail to collect enough tax revenue to even cover mandatory entitlements and interest on the debt.

            US economic growth ground to a halt in the first quarter of this year, and was later revised to be negative. And governments across the West are now so desperate for growth they’re counting prostitution and cocaine sales in their GDP figures.

            Meanwhile, the US Federal Reserve has expanded its balance sheet to the point that, after subtracting its unrealized losses, there’s just $3.1
            billion in equity to back over $4.3 trillion in assets.

            That gives the Fed a margin of safety of just 0.07%… meaning the most important central bank in the world that issues the most widely used
            currency in the world is practically insolvent.

            Look… there might not be any army groups encroached on the border. But the warning signs are just as clear as they were back in Poland in
            1939. This is not a consequence free environment.

            Unfortunately, most people are just as oblivious.

            It may be days, weeks, months, or years before anything happens. But intelligent people don’t ignore the obvious risks to their livelihoods
            and their families.”

          • BillP

            Oh poor little schmo he suffered so badly at the hands of Liberal education. Maybe you should also look at a mirror and place some blame on the person you see there. Oh did you really mean it that way, what a crock, you can’t even accept responsibility for your own errors. How pitiful!!

            Your dire projections for this country are so uplifting. All this doom and gloom has been played out ever since Obama became president. Your comment of the US economy grinding to a halt is very limited. You ignore the fact that of the 21 quarters that Obama has been president only 4 had negative growth and two occurred in the 1st six months of his administration. Looking at one quarter of GDP growth doesn’t tell the whole story. You didn’t mention 2013 where the GDP grew 1.1%, 2.5%, 4.1% and 2.6% for the 4 quarters of 2013.

            “Look… there might not be any army groups encroached on the border.” this is another example of you paranoid point of view. Along with the following statement “It may be days, weeks, months, or years before anything happens” you sound like a writer on a Libertarian website who predicted a huge sell off in the stock market over a year ago. Still waiting for this occur, in the this time period from 5/24/2013 the S & P 500 index has increased by 16.87%. Anyone who paid attention to this prediction lost quite bit of money.
            You can believe in all this gloom and doom I believe that there are indications the economy is improving – lower unemployment, high housing prices, consumer confidence is up and the stock market is at record levels.

          • joe schmo

            Go ahead Bill keep those blinders on. The government needs all the ignoramuses it can get. I can guarantee you that you are most likely older than me. Your education was most likely better or….are you stating you are better than me? I rather doubt it. I loathe snobbery and arrogance. Believe me you shit and put your pants on like everyone else. No one is better than anyone else in the eyes of God. That is if you believe in any type of spiritual entity…. Many Libs are atheists or agnostics, at best. And you would be the one that preaches equality. What’s this you are discriminating against me? You are a true hypocrite. Most Liberals are. Claiming to be the spokesmen for ALL humanity. What a joke!

            I have seen student writing because, if you can remember I have taught. It was not English rather extremely hard software. Sad, sad, sad….. Usually artistic and mathematical individuals are not superior in English. I do remember a good conversation I had with one of my favorite Math professors who as much stated that fact and I totally agree. We are all gifted in one way or the other just as we all have weaknesses.

            Of course it is supposed to be uplifting. Sorry if you cannot see the writing on the wall, but oh well, not my problem. Stock market indexes like S&P are riskyyyyy. My father always told me not to totally trust the stock market and he is a wealthy man. Long term investments….hmmmm

            Oh, and S&P is not the end all of end alls.

            “Obama Blames Poor GDP On (Unadjusted) Cold Weather!

            MAY 30, 2014

            The White House has released their latest disappointing estimate for Q1 GDP, and comment:

            Overall the first quarter was subject to a number of notable influences, including historically severe winter weather, which temporarily lowered growth.

            They go on to show this graph of heating days and comment:

            The first quarter of 2014 was marked by unusually severe winter weather, including record cold temperatures and snowstorms, which explains part of the difference in GDP growth relative to previous quarters. The left chart shows the quarterly deviation in heating degree days from its average for the same quarter over the previous five years. By this measure, the first quarter of 2014 was the third most unusually cold quarter over the last sixty years, behind only the first quarter of 1978 and the fourth quarter of 1976.

            This is all rather strange, because the heavily adjusted temperatures,
            published by NOAA, show this winter to have been nothing of the sort.

            In the last 60 years, this quarter ranks as only 17th coldest.

            So which is it, Mr President?

            Have you exaggerated the cold weather, in order to provide a flimsy excuse for poor GDP figures?

            Or are you now admitting that NOAA’s figures are wrong? I think the public deserve an answer!”

            Seriously! Blaming the GDP on Bad weather……

            Oh God forbid! He will do anything to make himself look good in front of the Democrats and, just so you know, in my last post, those were not my words. I did mention they came from Simon Black.

            As far as S&P: It seems to be the hardier for stock investors over DOW but, I wouldn’t stake my life on it. Markets can always be manipulated no matter how tough they are. What goes up must come down. Hope your assets are diversified…..

            [While]…Wall Street loves higher markets, [however,] they are fundamentally more interested that the illusion of higher markets persists regardless of what the actual performance might be. Even if the market does not go up, the illusion
            that it rises by a healthy margin every year (at least over the long run) is critical to Wall Street being able to continue to keep its yachts afloat. The illusion is the key. It is far more important than reality, and Wall Street goes to an extreme extent to make everyone believe the market is a great deal better than it really is.

            Wall Street is guilty of setting forth lies and then repeating them enough times and in enough different ways that they become part of everyone’s belief system. They methodically fudge the numbers in a variety of ways to perpetuate the illusion, and then publicize the heck out of those fudged numbers.

          • BillP

            Talk about blinders you can’t accept facts when they are presented to you. In the NC investigation they originally stated 35,750 matches then added the last SS digits to the search and the matches were reduced by over 97% to 765. Even those matches don’t provide concrete proof as there are a possible 100,000 people who can have the same last 4 SS digits. Why didn’t the researchers look at the whole 9 digit SS #?

            You then brought up voter fraud in Minnesota where an original 475 cases of proclaimed voter fraud only 17 are being reviewed. So in both situations there is no significant voter fraud if any.

            You say you loathe snobbery and arrogance but then state I can’t be better than you. I have never claimed that, all I have done is point out your lack of research when you are making claims about voter fraud. Also I will point out anyone’s errors in grammar or misuse of words.

            Do you read your claims before posting them? You make ridiculous claims like “No one is better than anyone else in the eyes of God” So God thinks you or I are no better than Hitler or Stalin, then why does Christian religions believe in Heaven and Hell? Other claims like “Many Libs are atheists or agnostics, at best. And you would be the one that preaches equality. What’s this you are discriminating against me? You are a true hypocrite. Most Liberals are. Claiming to be the spokesmen for ALL humanity. What a joke!” Please, please offer some proof of these nonsensical statements. How am I discriminating against you, this started out as a voter fraud issue and I took offense at your offer of proof. That’s not discrimination that’s challenging you to proof you allegation with concrete proof. Your claims are getting more comical as you write them. Deal in facts not conjecture.

            Who is the one calling who a hypocrite? You are the one who is whining about your Liberal education whatever that is supposed to mean. Are there Liberal versions of math, English, chemistry, physics or geography. As for your conversations with an English or Mat professor they are at best anecdotal. They prove nothing.

            Throughout your lengthy comments there are claims that are not backed up by proof. ” Usually artistic and mathematical individuals are not superior in English” What about history majors, science majors or education majors. You have no proof of your statement so why don’t you stop writing them.

            Do you have any knowledge of the stock market?
            The S&P 500 index is the most widely used indicator for investment advisors. The Nasdaq, the Wilshire 500 and the Russell 2000 & 3000 indices are all at record or near record levels so something in the economy must be doing ok or do these investors blindly make their choices. Anyone who has been in the stock market since 2009 has seen their investments recover from the 2007/8 recession and increase in value. So anyone who has 401k’s, IRA’s, SEP’s or other investments has done well in the last 5 years. Last year the market improved over 25% or more.

            Here’s another one of your inane quotes “As far as S&P: It seems to be the hardier for stock investors over DOW but, I wouldn’t stake my life on it.” This statement leads me to believe that you have very little understanding of the stock market. I don’t know what you mean by hardier, the S&P is a true indicator of the market than the DJIA. These different indices are used by investors depending on what stocks they are investing in. For Tech stocks the Nasdaq is a better benchmark than the S&P.
            As for you infatuation with Simon Black I will go with Robert J Shiller. He has a proven track record managing Yale’s large endowment plan, has developed an index used in the housing market and is a Nobel Prize winner in 2013. Instead of writing long opinions or things that you copy and paste why not provide concrete facts for a few things.

          • joe schmo

            I think you love to patronize me. That indeed is arrogance and looking down on an individual just because they think differently than you do. That is discrimination, therefore; you are a hypocrite specifically since you preach acceptance.

            Honestly, we could debate this thing about voter fraud back and forth forever. The proof is in the pudding, it is quite easy to commit voter fraud.

            EDITORIAL: North Carolina answers Democrats’ question ‘What vote fraud?’ N.C. proves multiple voting occurs and dead cast ballots.

            April 11, 2014 article.

            It’s an article of the faith of the Democrats that voter fraud is nothing to worry about because it never happens. Kim Strach, the North Carolina director of elections, has living proof — and some dead proof — otherwise.
            She has identified 35,750 persons who voted in North Carolina sharing a name and birth date with someone who voted in another state in 2012. Another 81 North Carolinians voted after they died. Ghosts have no constitutional rights, not yet, but Barack Obama and the Democrats think rigor mortis need not keep voters from practicing good citizenship.

            President Obama nevertheless insists on looking the other way when voter fraud lies all about him. Speaking at a Democratic fundraiser in Houston last week, Mr. Obama criticized “active efforts to deter people from voting.”
            “The idea that you’d purposely try to prevent people from voting?” Mr. Obama asked, and answered: “Un-American.”

            Fraudulent ballots cast cancel valid votes, but only a tiny fraction of 1 percent of the cases cited in the North Carolina audit were referred for investigation and prosecution, as reported by WNCN-TV in Raleigh. The North Carolina figures were compiled as a result of an interstate cross-check effort among 28 states. Such figures show Gov. Pat McCrory and the Republican-majority North Carolina legislature were right to enact a voter photo-ID law, reduce early voting and end same-day registration. These abuses of Election Day invite fraud.

            The Republican National Lawyers Association last week urged state and local election officials across the country to adopt similar reforms “so there are fewer restrictions in sharing voter registration, voter history and Department of Motor Vehicles data with other states to improve the accuracy of the voter rolls and prevent double-voting.”

            Read more:
            Follow us: @washtimes on Twitter

            Take it or leave it. I still believe there is fraud and it is rather easy to do. North Carolina Governor McCrory is making sure that it is harder to do. I believe it will be more fair for both sides. Now what if the shoe was on the other foot, wouldn’t you want it to be more honest?

            In case you haven’t noticed our education system is run by secular humanistic principles that are rooted in Liberalism. They have been for a very very long time. America adopted the ideology in 1973 but it actually started much earlier than that. That is when it came to the forefront. I read a book about the principles when I was in my twenties. Many instructors are extremely liberal and tend to brainwash innocents with their one-way world view. Many students coming out of high school nowadays have a horrible education. World wide we are 32 out of 32 in reading, 27 out of 32 in math, and 23 out of 32 in science. If you ask me, not too great. As I stated before many students coming out of HS do not know how to write a paper. I would really recommend more discipline and a no pass if a young student cannot read, write or do arithmetic. Maybe separate schools for boys and girls would also be of benefit. That is what my parents had in Europe and they had stellar educations. It made them focus on their work rather than their popularity. Their first year of high school was like our first two years of college. The difference was they were younger. I also believe it is important to have competition among students in the schools. When a young person steps out on their own, after graduation, they have to compete with the rest of the world. Having a fair chance at it would be an asset. But, these are all things you disagree with. I find it very hard for young high ‘schoolers’ to go from a non challenging secondary school to college. Those that know how to work hard make it. Those who are lazy, fail, give up and drop out by the time college rolls around. I still believe our colleges are good. You get the grade you deserve for the effort you put into your studies. I am hoping that will not change.

            My proof is often experience, individuals I know and talk to, reading, and the news whether it is online, on television or on the radio. In the case above, it has more to do with my parents experience. The proof is in the knowledge they have maintained. I also compare generations. Since I have taught, of course, I am going to notice how knowledgeable students were and are. I believe older individuals have more wisdom than we do and they certainly have been through so much in their lives. As a result, know more.

            Contraire most of my information is backed by proof. I have included many articles to prove my points. You are just not willing to acknowledge them.

            As far as the stock market goes…Nope, don’t know all that much, but I do know that it can be very risky and you can lose it all in the blink of an eye. I have had stocks in the past that lost money. I am more apt to be for safer investments like property, silver gold….. My father has had stocks along with other investments and he has done bad and then was successful. So it really is a gamble. It really helps to have a diverse portfolio rather than solely rely on stocks as your mainstay.

            Shiller….Isn’t it funny how some people are promoted. I don’t believe everyone who has a Nobel Prize is worthy of the award. Look at Obama. He certainly did not deserve the award. He had done nothing at the time. It was political. I have seen extremely talented knowledgeable individuals never get the Nobel Prize or another such award simply because they were not popularly en vogue. So Schiller really means very little to me.

          • BillP

            You are someone to talk about arrogance, your statement ” I don’t believe everyone who has a Nobel Prize is worthy of the award” reeks of self importance. You have no idea who “Shiller” is or what he has accomplished in his lifetime, what have you done?

            Gee I didn’t know that arrogance equals discrimination, I will repeat I just disagree with you when you say that some inadequate investigation proves voter fraud. The investigation found 35,750 people who voted in other states then NC who had the same name and birthday. You do know that this is out of over 126,000,00 people who voted in the 2012 presidential election. Even the investigators didn’t believe these results proved anything so they added a 3rd parameter, the last 4 SS digits and they found only 765 matches (a decrease of 97+%). Since you talk of your superior intelligence what do you think would happen if they added the full SS# in the search? Till they do this nothing is proved. You can provide any link you want but until they find an exact match of name, birthday and full SS#, there is no concrete proof of voter fraud. But I know you will not believe this “emotional mumbo jumbo”.

            I agree that the US ranking in various academic fields is horribly low. Then why do Republicans want to reduce money spent on education, reduce the number of teachers and as empathically anti-science. Just watch people like Gomers, Inhofe, Rubio and many others who make inaccurate claims about scientific matters.

            Statements like “In case you haven’t noticed our education system is run by secular humanistic principles that are rooted in Liberalism”. “Many instructors are extremely liberal and tend to brainwash innocents with their one-way world view” are “your” point of view. From elementary school through college I have had a variety of teachers, some had liberal viewpoints, others had conservative views and some were racists or anti-Semitic. The other thing you need to do is stop making claims about people that you don’t know. Saying things like “But, these are all things you disagree with” is total bs, you don’t know what I think about a lot of things but claim you do. Gee that sounds a bit arrogant to me. You are guilty of things you try to push onto other people.

            Well I found one of you statements that I can agree with “As far as the stock market goes…Nope, don’t know all that much, but I do know that it can be very risky and you can lose it all in the blink of an eye. I have had stocks in the past that lost money. I am more apt to be for safer investments like property, silver gold”. Yes the stock market can be risky but no it doesn’t go away in a blink of an eye, there have been large one day decreases but over the long term it’s the best investment. As for your “safer” investments of silver and gold, you really are insane if you believe this. From Forbes (that horrible Liberal magazine) “I receive a number of media requests each day and it is interesting to watch the trends. One of the current trends are questions about physical gold or silver as part of an investment strategy. Gold has a low expected return (about inflation) and a high volatility (much higher than the stock market) as well as a terrible tax treatment (it is taxed as a collectable at a 28% capital gains tax).” Gold, silver and other commodities are much more volatile than stock. Compare the CG rates for stocks – short-term (held for 1 year or less) – your tax rate, and long-term (greater than 1 year) 15 – 20%. keep your gold and silver, I will keep my mutual funds.

          • joe schmo

            No, I do not hold any claim to selfishness. I’m certainly too poor for that. I really do not care who a person is. They shit and put their pants on like everyone else. You can idol worship people like Shiller if you like but he is no different than other promoted economists like Bernanke, Greenspan and Sachs. Notice I use the term promoted. Accomplishment well there is another word that only demeans me and you. It kind of reminds me of the old European class distinction issue. I come from a very successful line of business people. In fact I am related to one of the fore fathers of Communism. A person whom Marx admired and who’s theories he most likely read. Unfortunately for me I became ill at a very early age. I was given 5 years. With my family behind me I worked on trying to get well for 30 years. In between that fight, I completed my Bachelors, worked in between and during my Masters and, as a result of all the pressure I was under became sick again. I am very talented in my field and most likely would have accomplished much had I been given health. I don’t expect anyone to feel sorry for me and I do not sit on the pity pot, I just keep ‘keepin’ on. We all have a path in life and hardships we have to face. Some people have more than their share of burdens others don’t. If anything that fact has humbled me. I hate arrogance, deceit, untruths and unfairness and we all know that is a fact of life.

            Let’s just call a spade a spade regarding voter fraud. I don’t agree with you but whatever. I think if anything both sides are far from innocent.

            Don’t even get me started on our education system. We all went through it and, from my perspective, I think it sucks and it has only gotten worse. Like I stated in my prior post, I think schools need to become more disciplined. I believe we need the best instructors we can get. I have seen some lousy instructors get hired because they have seniority. Not a good objective. The guys you mention are politicians not scientists. I can guarantee that many democratic politicians are the same. By the way, just who single handedly dismantled our space program? I think the space program is one of the most important issues facing our future. We used to be at the forefront. It has all been slipped under the rug and replaced by social programs by yours truly.

            Let’s see…..You probably went to college and finished way before I did. I graduated my undergrad in 2005 and my masters in 2012. Can I remember one Conservative instructor….. Maybe one. That was during my undergrad at the local Jr. College. I loved him. Had him for two history classes and what he predicted would happen economically actually has. Unfortunately, he died some years back. He was an amazing instructor and mentor. The school was certainly saddened when he passed on at age 60. The rest of my professors were ALL Liberals. My GE undergrad history instructor at the 4 year school I attended was a pure Communist. I’m just waiting for the day when all the universities will be largely Liberally run and they will no longer accept a student who is Conservative. That would be pure out right discrimination.

            Yah, I bet you loved that I admitted to the stock issue. You would love it if I simply cowered and agreed with everything you say. Can’t quite bring myself to do that.

            Remember July 1st. For your sake I hope your luck lasts.

          • BillP

            You have to be one of the most pitiful persons. You make ridiculous statements then ignore what you said. Wealth has nothing to do with being selfish.

            Your comments are long-winded and are full of information that I don’t care about.

            You constantly make inaccurate statements like stating that I worship Shiller. Admire yes, he is an accomplished person and a very knowledgeable investor. You like to claim you are humble but your comments like ” You can idol worship people like Shiller if you like but he is no different than other promoted economists like Bernanke, Greenspan and Sachs. Notice I use the term promoted” display an arrogance of a high level.

            Please stop with these rants about your ancestors or your earlier life, I don’t care about them. You love to whine on about anything and everything. You should take a writing class, brevity would be something the class could teach you. You ramble on and on and on about topics without any basis. try organizing your thoughts before writing them.

            You are so self-absorbed that you think people care with your life or actions. What you do with your money is your issue but to say gold and silver are safe investments is totally wrong. Commodity investment is one of the most speculative in the world.

            Again you make mention of something that has been pushed in the right wing media. HR2847 is a law that is “known as the Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment Act (or HIRE), was a Congressional bill passed into law in March 2010 that sought to provide payroll tax breaks and incentives for businesses to hire unemployed workers. A section of that bill, the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (known as FATCA), sought to eliminate the non-compliance of U.S. taxpayers who hold foreign accounts by requiring those taxpayers (including those living outside the U.S.) to report certain foreign accounts and offshore assets to the government, and by requiring foreign financial institutions to report information about the ownership of overseas assets held by U.S. taxpayers to the government”. So what is this going to do the stock markets? Don’t believe what Stansberry & Associates are putting out, they have done this with other scare tactics before. Here is an example of Stansberry’s history “In 2007, Stansberry and his firm — then called Pirate Investor LLC — were ordered by a district court to pay $1.5 million in restitution and civil penalties as a result of a Securities and Exchange Commission complaint. As reported by the Baltimore Sun, Stansberry was accused of “disseminating false stock information and defrauding public investors through a financial newsletter … They claimed investors could double their money if they paid $1,000 for a stock tip involving Bethesda energy company USEC Inc. In total, 1,217 people purchased the report, although 215 of them got their money back after complaining.” You are either naïve, lazy or deluded to take Stansberry’s predictions are factual or truthful. Do some research before writing this crap about 7/1/2014.

          • joe schmo

            Wow! Pretty cold and heartless. …and you would preach humanity to me. No bother. I have met people like you in my life. Just wait until you get sick one day. You’ll see. I have met quite a few people on this site and most of them are very understanding. I believe these people to be true Liberals in a good sense they stand by their actions, deliberate with me but do not berate me. In the end we come to a good understanding of each other the way it should be. You are a creep!

            I post the comments about my life because in retrospect you people are for humanity. Apparently your humanity goes as far as your dick or solely reaches out to other Liberals or the poor in other countries. Forget the fact that we are all Americans. I suppose I can read you like a book. Healthy all your life, worked all your life. Most likely educator or Union man. Made money on the stock market. Again, I warn you, what goes up must come down. Maybe you will be lucky and won’t lose a dime. Only time will tell. Most Liberals are arrogant and think they are right all the time. Case in point.

            Nowadays, business promotion is all about who’s ass you kiss, who you know not what you know, what color your skin is, and how old you are. Working hard has something to do with it, but it is the big schmooze that gets the job and, right about now, the laws are in your favor. Oh, and luck.

            I will no longer talk stocks with you. You know it all. You appear to be a very heartless arrogant individual who likes to bully people. ‘Nough said.’

          • BillP

            Yeah that’s me, cold and heartless. Every comment you sent had some long-winded statement about your teachers (all Liberal or Communists except one), your illness or your father. None of these topics were the issue being discussed so stop with the woe is me bs. Even in this comment you add extraneous information. Please some brevity would be great!!
            I may be a creep but you are the most self-absorbed person I have ever met on this site. Every comment had ” I had this or my teacher or opinions that are based on nothing

          • joe schmo

            Your statements are pretty cruel. I don’t care what side of the aisle you are on. I feel for people and I care. Otherwise I would not be here. I have had some nice conversations with some people on this site. With some of you, we have our differences but always seem to meet in the middle at the end of our conversations.

            Yes, our life experiences are important. They reflect why we think the way we do. It shows that my knowledge is not merely from media. It comes from all sources and that is one thing you all seem to call me out on constantly. You think my knowledge comes solely from FOX or Limbaugh. It doesn’t! That is why I inject experiences.

            Your not self absorbed? Get over yourself. You are one-sided that’s for sure. At least when some of you make a comment I agree with I will say it, and I am honest if I am wrong or don’t know. You haven’t stated one concrete bit of information regarding any topic brought up. At most, information is merely biased on one side or the other. I’m willing to admit that there is very little out there that is unbiased. That is, information that sees issues from both sides. I am merely here sticking up for Conservatives because there are many untruths to what is reported from our perspective. Also, I am here to learn about how you think so I can understand you better. Americans weren’t meant to go at each others throats. We need a balance and if you no longer want that then so be it. Leave it at that.

          • BillP

            Schmoey why don’t you check your first comment to me, it started with “Hey moron”. Your just a caring and understanding person, aren’t you? Get serious the vast majority of your comments on this site have been contrary at best and nasty at worst. Most of the people that write on this site totally disagree with you. Your comments on this site have always been against the referenced article or topic.

            Here’s a suggestion, stop talking about yourself and keep to the topic. You keep making statements about what I think, can you read my mind? I don’t think so, I don’t care where you get your information from, just make sure it’s based on provable facts.

            “Your not self absorbed” do you mean you are or you’re? You keep telling me how intelligent you are but your writing sounds so juvenile. I might be self-absorbed but I don’t fill my comments with unimportant blather about my life like you do.

            Here’s another of your statements that don’t ring true “You haven’t stated one concrete bit of information regarding any topic brought up” Your stories of voting fraud have been disproved by further research. The fraud issue in Minnesota came down to 17 out of 450 items being reviewed by the voting authority in the state. Is that concrete enough for you, check it out for yourself if you aren’t too arrogant or lazy. The North Carolina investigation you cited started with 35,750 cases of people having the same name and birthday, that may be a start but it hardly anything concrete. Once the investigators added another parameter, the last 4 SS #’s the number of matches was reduced by over “97%” to 765. Gee I wonder what the number would be if they had used the 2 digit Group number too? How about if they also added the 3 digit Area number too? The matches would greatly decrease possibly to “zero”. If you have any knowledge about searching databases you would know that the more parameters used the smaller the match number will be. You would will never accept because of your self-absorbed nature.

            Can you get through one comment without resorting to platitudes like “Also, I am here to learn about how you think so I can understand you better.” You know you only write negative comments so stop with this phony self-righteousness. Your rants about Liberals, Liberal teachers and others prove the contrary.

          • joe schmo

            Schmoey, LOL good one, Billy Boy. I like cynicism. Well….you are not quite a moron because you are not stupid. I hate to call anyone that, but I guess it just slipped out because it just seemed appropriate. Liberals are the kings/queens of the word ‘stupid.’ You are so into name calling and cussing. Conservatives describe Liberals as emotional rather than factual. A strange sense of utopian mantra that leads one to ponder whether there is any common sense. Now realize, I don’t mean stupid.

            Of course no one on this site will agree with me. I don’t expect anyone to. However, stick up for myself and others that think the same way I do. Yah, I will do that because at the moment Liberals have gone far beyond the breach with their non-American agenda. We have had to have YOUR ideology stuffed down our throats and we do not have to take it. You do this through suppression. I hear the word racist quite often. Must I educate you every time that I am not a racist. Nor are many many Conservatives. Some are I don’t deny that. Dude, really? Your side is not guilty of racism and bigotry? Yah, right. When points are made that are outrageous, then I just have to say something. About my babbling, sorry, you do not have to reply. Gee, there’s a concept.

            I will not go into teaching or voter fraud we have covered those topics unsuccessfully, and I won’t further bore you with information you cannot fathom. Gosh, I didn’t realize that you are such a genius that you believe even God is below you.

            Oh and by the way genius, you have also made some grammatical mistakes and I just didn’t happen to point them out. I have seen even Liberals themselves belittle each other on a misspelled word. Come on! Yah, if every other word was spelled wrong…. That is so small when compared to the state our Country is in. Again, I believe age has something to do with that.

            Trust me, I have learned a great deal from you Liberals which means I can pass it on to other Conservatives and I do agree with some of you some of the time and will say so.

            Since you are not into FACTS or experience, and really have no compassion for EVERYONE no matter who they are, I have resorted to your tactics. Namely, name calling. I rest my case.

          • BillP

            Can you ever write a comment without going into some Conservative bs? Conservatives are never emotional, nah, well maybe when they confuse nationalism for patriotism. My arguments with you have been based on facts not emotion.

            I guess you will never be brief in your typical tirades. Please, please enlighten me with your preposterous idea of Liberal non-American agenda. I’m guessing that would include trying to save the environment, develop alternate energy sources, making sure everyone keeps their “right” to vote and having fairer tax laws. Again with some imagined slight that was directed at your poor little self. When I have I called you a racist? You seem to be living in the right wing world of self-denial. Conservatives are racists, Bundy will his Negroes comments, the Duck guy with his comment that the blacks were better being slaves, a Texan woman wanting all blacks off the school board, I could go on and on. I didn’t realize how delusional you really are.

            The thing that shows how juvenile you are is statements like”Gosh, I didn’t realize that you are such a genius that you believe even God is below you.” Do you like making up statements that you attribute to me or others or is this just another manifestation of your delusion?
            Point out my mistakes I will not get all upset like you do. Using “your” shows a lack of English grammar, that word is a possessive pronoun not a contraction that should have been used – you’re.
            I have given you “facts” to refute your unfounded claims in several comments. I will not repeat them since you either cant or will not deal with them. Giving you facts is a waste of my time, there is a saying that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. As for name calling you and other Conservatives are as guilty as anyone on this site.
            You do like make profound statements like “I rest my case”. Do they make you feel self-important? Who started the name calling you or I?

          • joe schmo

            Why should I respond like a Liberal. I am not one. ….And your tirades are short?

            Not trying to change you, dude, rather trying to make you aware that their needs to be a balance. ‘Point out mistakes and I won’t get upset like you do.’ That is truly a lark.

            You are a nasty arrogant ass who only believes his agenda is correct. Typical narrow minded Liberal who hates Conservatives.

            Sorry if you don’t believe me when I say this administration is corrupt. Your problem! No longer going to waste my breath. In your lack for bending, you Liberals are the problem with what is wrong with this Country, period.

          • BillP

            You truly do have a problem with comprehending things. Gee I didn’t know you weren’t a Liberal, I would have never guessed it from your comments. Just responding to some of your tirades takes up space, if I responded to all of them I would still be writing.

            I guess I have to be any arrogant ass again. You need to get some training in proper use of English. Your statement “rather trying to make you aware that their needs to be a balance” I believe in all of my Liberalness that you meant to write “there needs not their needs”, their is a possessive pronoun. You seem to have problem choosing the proper word. Must have been all of that bad Liberal teaching you received.
            Thank you for showing me the light. It’s Liberals who have caused all of the woes of this country. How could I have been so blind?

          • joe schmo

            You win minion bully.

          • BillP

            I acknowledge your bowing before me and accepting defeat. Though anytime you write something on this site that is bs I will respond to you.

          • joe schmo

            F you!

          • BillP

            Oh that hurt me to my core though I must commend you on your brevity.

          • Duckbudder

            On another post of your’s I read a few mins. ago, you said you were from Cali.
            From now on I will just flag your posts, and move on. Goodday

          • BillP

            Hey Duck ignoring joe schmo’s comments is probably the best way to deal with this troll. He doesn’t believe in statistics and math. He refuses to believe that thousands of people in the US can have the same last 4 Social Security #’s. I tried to explain that the SS # is made up of an:
            Area – a 3# geographical location
            Group – composed of 2#’s so a possibility of 99
            Groups per Area
            Serial Number – 4#’s – 0001 – 9999 for each Group.
            So for each Area there are is a possibility of 99 people having the same last 4 SS #’s. To schmo this is emotional mumbo jumbo. I forgot that mathematics science or other fact based sciences.

          • joe schmo

            Get over it Bill. Whether there was or wasn’t voter fraud, which I’m sure there was, it doesn’t really matter anymore. The election is over. But in this next election let’s see who pulls every string in the book illegally to try and come out a head.

            I’m almost certain that your statistics come from a Liberal think tank. Do you think I can believe what they deduce. Certainly not.

        • Independent1

          I believe a judge within the past few days overturned a Wisconsin Voter ID law pushed by Scott Walker that was supposedly enacted to guard against one voter impersonating another. His reason for overruling the law is that going back over an entire decade, Wisconsin could not bring up ONE CASE of voter impersonation ever having been prosecuted in Wisconsin. Kinda makes a law put in place to guard against something that hasn’t happened in the past 10 years pretty silly, doesn’t it!!

          And not only that, it makes pretty clear the true reason why the GOP created a law to prevent something from happening that hasn’t happened in the past 10 years-it’s a clear case of attempted voter suppression just like in Pennsylvania and a number of other GOP run states where their voter ID laws have been overturned over the past few months.

          • joe schmo

            News for you nincompoops. The states who are showing a surplus and jobs are….drum role please….Conservative states including Scott Walkers:)

            California, the poster child for progressivism is dead last.

          • Independent1

            Do you ever not lie about anything. California’s surplus this year is probably greater than all the red states surpluses combined at over 3.9 billion:

            California Voters Support Steering Surplus to Debt, Poll Finds

            By Alison Vekshin May 22, 2014

            California’s likely voters prefer using a projected budget surplus to repay debt and build reserves, rather than restore funds to social-service programs, according to a poll released today.

            With an excess $3.9 billion predicted for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 57 percent of likely voters would rather pay down debt and build a rainy-day fund, while 39 percent favor restoring some social-service money, the nonpartisan Public Policy Institute of California (85265MF:US) said.

            Governor Jerry Brown, a 76-year-old Democrat, boosted his proposed budget for the most populous U.S. state to $107.8 billion for the fiscal year that begins in July. The 7 percent increase in general-fund spending, which pays for most core operations of state government, comes as Brown seeks an unprecedented fourth term.

            The surpluses shown in red states ARE ALL AT THE EXPENSE OF THEIR RESIDENTS ON WELFARE.

            Red states continue to be the largest suckers of welfare and food stamps. And why?? Because the numskulls in the GOP cut budgets to generate surpluses while throwing millions of red state residents onto welfare and food stamps!!

            Take your drum roll and stuff it you know where!!!

          • joe schmo

            How are you such an expert on California? Most likely you do not live in California. I have news for you, I do. I know exactly how it is here.’ Governor Brown a 76 year old Democrat.’ Duhhh like I didn’t know that. Governor Moonbeam was the downfall of the economy here the first time around and, once again, he is doing his damndest to bring the state down even further. Looking more and more like Detroit everyday with 4 cities out of 10 on the verge of bankruptcy. So how do you like them apples. If they keep taxing us every single business and every single decent person will leave this state of fruits and nuts. They will loose their tax base and what do you think will be left……

            About that surplus. Yah right. I have definitely heard that California is on the bottom of the list and it really shows because I know because I live here.

            Here is the good news. After an increase in predicted revenues of 2.2% the State of California has a cash deficit of $10 billion—last
            month it was $16.7 billion, but April brought in tax dollars in a big way. Here is the bad news—the State of California according to the
            Legislative Analyst’s Office has a debt of $340 billion (not a typo). Plus they underestimated the pension unfunded liabilities by about $500
            BILLION—per Federal criteria. Either way, the State does not have a balanced budget, nor does it have a surplus. Our governor is very confused and those believing his numbers must be humoring his condition of confusion.

            “With total General Fund receipts overshooting estimates and disbursements slightly undershooting them, the cumulative deficit so far
            this fiscal year of $7.6 billion is $2.4 billion less than projected in January. The end of April saw the State with borrowing needs of $10
            billion to cover the $2.4 billion carried over from the prior fiscal year plus the $7.6 billion gap between total year-to-date revenues and
            disbursements. A combination of internal and external sources funded these obligations.”

            You people will say anything to make yourselves look better when in reality the truth always prevails:)

          • Independent1

            I don’t have to be an expert; I just don’t have my head so far into the sand that I can’t see the forest for the trees. Just the fact that you’re complaining about seeing Hispanics in ERs and grocery stores using food stamps and automatically assuming they’re illegals is proof you don’t know what you’re talking about despite the fact you live in CA. Just because you live there proves absolutely NOTHING!!

            Are you even aware that CA has the most Hispanics of any state in the nation?? Around 37% of Californians are of Hispanic origin. So seeing them around everywhere would be NORMAL to anyone but a clueless idiot. And 90% or more are not illegals.

            And are you aware that despite the fact that Hispanics make up 37% of the CA population that Hispanic immigrants only comprise about 17% of the criminals incarcerated in CA??? It’s much safer to be around an immigrant than around a native born American – they commit far less crimes. Guess why? Because they know full well if they get involved with police that somehow they may end up getting deported.

            And are you aware that CA is one of 8 states in the U.S. that suck the absolute least amount of welfare and food stamp dollars from Washington?? Seven of which are Democrat led states!! So those Hispanics you’re seeing around ARE NOT putting an undue burden on the CA economy, in fact they’re contributing much more to the economy via their spending on local businesses and the tax dollars the pay than the medical care and other services CA is providing them.

            And you’re probably not even aware that the CBO estimates that illegals pay more than 6 billion dollars a year into Social Security and Medicare which they’re not even eligible to collect from – helping extend the life of both programs.

            And for you to compare the medical services that immigrants get when going into an ER to the current problem that is going in with the VA is just one more example of your ignorance of the situation. The minor treatment that immigrants get in an ER to treat illnesses similar to colds and minor injuries IS IN NO WAY akin the problems the VA is having trying to treat an overwhelming number of our soldiers (more than was ever anticipated) who have returned from war with PTSD, horrendous injuries, blown off extremities and more. You obviously don’t have a clue as to vast difference in the differences in the medical treatment needed between the treatment Hispanics may be getting and much more extensive treatment our war veterans are needing (not only from Iraq and Afghanistan but also those who have injuries from Vietnam and are aging).

            Grow up will you and start assuming some responsibility instead of doing nothing but complaining!!!!!!!!!

          • joe schmo

            Of course now you are getting upset because you can’t best me on this one. I live in the state. I was born in this state. I know how the politics run locally and statewide. I know who is in office and what they have done for the state. Just like you most likely do in the state you reside in.

            As far as the Hispanics go. I DO TO KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON. There are some good legal ones here but the bad ones. Aye yay yay….please. We were pushed out of jobs because of them. They get first priority for the jobs and I mean jobs Americans want to do. If you are not bilingual you’re cooked. The colleges get the funding when they cater to them (I worked in one of those diverse colleges, I know this to be true) They will work in the fields, get their paycheck and still stand in line for the freebies. We know people who have seen this first hand. For every little scrape they go to the ER and get the care for free. We have also seen this first hand.

            Bullshit on the criminals. When someone gets arrested around here, who do you think it is….a Hispanic. We always say, bet it was a Hispanic and sure enough it is. I mean I don’t want to sound racist but it’s a sad truth. We got robbed several years ago. Front door was kicked in in broad daylight. It was a Hispanic gang member. Deported…that doesn’t even happen that often anymore. When I first moved back here (I grew up in Nevada) the border patrol planes still flew over the fields. Not anymore. The ponga boats can no longer land near SD or LA so they come up to the open land mid and upper coastline. They bring in people and drugs. Our beautiful national forests that used to be fairly safe are now littered with pot growers with chemicals, meth producers and gangs. How would you like to come up on a marajuana grove and find men sleeping on lounge chairs holding sub machine guns. Happened to friends of ours and you want to get rid of guns. OMG…nuts….

            …and they are not contributing to the tax base, they are sending money home to Mexico. How in the hell are they paying into SS or Medicare when they don’t even have an ID Card or Drivers License.

            You know what dude. You don’t live here. You don’t have a clue as to what is happening so the best thing you can do is shut up about it because it serves you no purpose to comment on anything you have absolutely no clue about whatsoever.

            ….and another news flash for you. The Illegal Hispanics are getting better medical care than our Veterans. That just about makes my blood boil over. The VA has always been kind of bad but under Obama it has even gotten worse. Sheseki should be fired, but Obama the spineless jellyfish that he is won’t let it happen. What a crisis. If this is any indication how they treat the men who have served us so well just wait it is coming to a Drs. office near you. Obamacare may be the next VA scandal…..

          • Duckbudder

            SO Cali, or MI? Bullshit artist.

          • Independent1

            You are one of the most devious people I’ve ever come across. You know full well that California’s current debt is the responsibility of a GOP president named Arnold, and yet you’re posting here like it’s Brown that’s let this debt get unmanageable. You’re one of the biggest lowlifes I’ve seen on the NM. Talk about a dirty pool player – your the top of the line.

            California Debt Triples Under Schwarzenegger!!

            As of July 1, 2003, California had a total of $27.6 billion in general obligation bonds and a total of $23.2 billion in authorized but unissued bonds, according to then-state Treasurer Phil Angelides’ 2003 “debt affordability” report [PDF].

            But the latest report [PDF] from current state Treasurer Bill Lockyer says the state now has $77.8 billion in outstanding general obligation bonds – nearly triple the amount of seven years ago – and an additional $42.8 in authorized but unissued bonds.

            In fact, along with its overall debt burden, California’s debt payments have tripled, from $1.8 billion paid in the fiscal year ending June 30, 2004, to a staggering $5.5 billion in the current fiscal year ending June 30, 2011


            The tight-fisted Mr Brown—he is not above eating food from other people’s plates—has imposed a measure of fiscal discipline on his state. In 2012, to many observers’ surprise, he persuaded Californians to pass Proposition 30, a temporary income- and sales-tax rise. He has strong-armed California’s Democratic legislators twice: first to accept deep cuts to cherished programmes such as child care, and then, once the deficit was plugged, to curb their spendthrift impulses. Even California’s nearly extinct Republicans express grudging admiration.

          • joe schmo

            You mean governor don’t you. In this state you can’t be a Republican. You become a lame duck and, of course, he most likely had Maria chiming in every time we turned around…. Jerry Brown aka Governor Moonbeam was the demise the first time around. California’s comeback. Where? That stupid train he wants to put in….He doesn’t even know how he is going to make it run and the money comes from the taxpayer’s. It’s a huge state. Work in this state was provided by the stimulus. One of the states that took well over its fair share. Unions, my friend, unions. We have been unemployed since Obummer came into office. We are one of the millions who have stopped looking for work. We live off the good graces of work from family and friends. Housing market is reviving, but when is the next bubble going to burst. There are many here that have a lot of money because when they sell a house in LA or SD or SF they get quite a chunk.

            In case you don’t remember this. California has 4 of the 10 cities in the country on the verge of bankruptcy.

            Yahoo group writer’s:

            ‘I live in Manteca, California and there are no jobs. There are no jobs
            in Lodi, Stockton, Elk Grove, etc. There are a lot of empty buildings by
            Interstate 5 and Highway 99. A friend of mine in Sacramento, who lives
            with his family, told me parts of Sacramento are like this too… bad
            economy and no jobs. ‘

            ‘Who the governor of California is is no consequence. It is the
            legislature that spends the money, and for over 50 years one party has
            run the legislature. That party seems more intent on pandering to voting
            groups, like unions, illegals, and environmentalists to keep them self
            in office than in acting in the best interest of the state as a whole.
            So they spend money to placate those favored groups. ‘ (I BEG TO DIFFER ON THIS)

            ‘Because CA makes it so difficult to start a business that no one does
            they go to other states and businesses that are here are leaving because
            of the CA tax rate on businesses .’ HELLO…

            Bottom 5 states in fiscal condition as of January 2014…. New Jersey(Chris Crispy runs but they voted for Obama. Many Conservatives have no use for Christy. We truly hope the guy doesn’t become the Conservative Runner), Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts and California. Gee whiz mostly Liberal and here I thought it was the other way around….

          • idamag

            He, or she, just babbles made up figures. Wisconsin has fallen in the job market since Scott Walker got in. Even if you get your information from the National Labor Relations Board, or any other bona-fide source, he is going to deny it and continue to make up so-called statistics. If he were a high schooler and was taking debate he would get an F.

          • Independent1

            He’s just walking in Romney’s footsteps. Pathological lying is exactly what Romney did in the 3 debates running up to the 2012 election. Sadly, the vast majority of Americans are so clueless about the truth that they thought Romney won the debates – while anyone can win a debate if they’re willing to lie, lie and more lie while the audience sits there cluelessly drinking in all the lies.

          • Duckbudder

            I don’t know. We here in Minnesota seem to be doing quite well.

            Can I get a DFL!

          • joe schmo

            Well you just happen to be next to two red states that are doing quite well. Probably your people going over the border to get jobs and bringing their pay home doesn’t hurt your economy. But then again, I can’t say because I don’t live there.

      • plc97477

        His nickname to some is joe schmuck. Also perfect.

    • Demeris

      A very simple reply to you. NO, IT’S NOT!!!! We progressives are trying to save our planet while so called conservatives are trying to destroy it out of greed and power.

      • paulyz

        Save our planet from what? I suppose you ride a bicycle or walk everywhere & heat your house with solar. You leftie socialists are so full of it, you talk about it, but don’t do anything. Conservatives understand that alternate sources of energy takes time & we have seen the Solyndra scandal, as ALL the rest of your idol Obama’s scandals with the Democrat Party rubber-stamping it. Your excessive corporate taxes & regulations cause businesses to relocate overseas thus costing jobs and more revenue. Your constant Amnesties & doing nothing to secure the border or pass E-verify increase our population to un-sustainable levels thus using even more resources & need for more energy. Also, more unemployment, high health care/school costs, & crime. The Democrat Party is so far LEFT that a Moderate seems radical to you!

        • Independent1

          Wow Pauly!! There you go again with your gross misinformation. Solyndra scandal indeed!! Wow!!

          What a clueless person you really are. Government backing of Solyndra was approved by the Bush Administration and the paperwork for providing the funding to Solyndra was sitting on Bush Jr’s desk just waiting for him to sign it when Obama took office.

          And Obama did not just sign off on the funding without having his administration checkout Solyndra too. And Solyndra’s application for government funding was 100% justifiable. Solyndra going bankrupt had NOTHING TO DO with anything shaddy at Solyndra. IT HAD EVERYTHING TO DO with shaddy things going on in companies like Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital.

          It was corporate pirating companies like Bain Capital that had done a leverage buyout on an American company that built solar panels which destroyed that company in America and moved it to China along with the technology that our American company had created. So using the cheap labor in China the once American company started producing solar panels cheaper than Solyndra could make them here, effectively forcing Solyndra to go into bankruptcy.

          There was nothing wrong with Solyndra or the vetting of it done by both the Bush and Obama administration; it was an unfortunate situation where corporate pirates had allowed China to gain American technology such that they could produce very similar products to what we could produce cheaper. But the Solyndra failure was one of the very few Green Energy initiatives of Obama’s stimulus package that wasn’t successful. Obama’s green energy initiative had the best success rate of any R&D type initiative ever run by our government at a 93% success rate. In fact the Green Energy initiative of the stimulus was so successful that Michael Greenwald (I believe I have that right), wrote a book titled: Obama’s Ginormous Green Energy Project.

          You would do well to do some research before you open your mouth and make utterly stupid comments.

          • joe schmo

            ‘It was started by Bush: The DOE loan program that funded Solyndra was actually started by President Bush in 2005. It was intended to provide government support for “innovative technologies.”
            But the Bush administration never approved Solyndra’s loan, saying the application needed more work.’

            So if your guy was sooo great don’t you think he would find a way to bring corps back to the US. Lowering taxes and restrictions may help. Adding taxes and restrictions to imports may help. Wow what a concept.

            Failed energy companies under Obama:

            The complete list of faltering or bankrupt green-energy companies:

            Evergreen Solar ($25 million)*
            SpectraWatt ($500,000)*
            Solyndra ($535 million)*
            Beacon Power ($43 million)*
            Nevada Geothermal ($98.5 million)
            SunPower ($1.2 billion)
            First Solar ($1.46 billion)
            Babcock and Brown ($178 million)
            EnerDel’s subsidiary Ener1 ($118.5 million)*
            Amonix ($5.9 million)
            Fisker Automotive ($529 million)
            Abound Solar ($400 million)*
            A123 Systems ($279 million)*
            Willard and Kelsey Solar Group ($700,981)*
            Johnson Controls ($299 million)
            Brightsource ($1.6 billion)
            ECOtality ($126.2 million)
            Raser Technologies ($33 million)*
            Energy Conversion Devices ($13.3 million)*
            Mountain Plaza, Inc. ($2 million)*
            Olsen’s Crop Service and Olsen’s Mills Acquisition Company ($10 million)*
            Range Fuels ($80 million)*
            Thompson River Power ($6.5 million)*
            Stirling Energy Systems ($7 million)*
            Azure Dynamics ($5.4 million)*
            GreenVolts ($500,000)
            Vestas ($50 million)
            LG Chem’s subsidiary Compact Power ($151 million)
            Nordic Windpower ($16 million)*
            Navistar ($39 million)
            Satcon ($3 million)*
            Konarka Technologies Inc. ($20 million)*
            Mascoma Corp. ($100 million)

            *Denotes companies that have filed for bankruptcy.

            Wow, and just think this money could have been better spent elsewhere. Like for the VA.

            You, independent1 should do more research before you jump the gun like you all always so readily do.

          • Independent1

            You need to be more careful about the stories you cheerypick. That CNN article was obviously written by a right-wing biased contributor to CNN.

            The Solyndra loaned guarantee was actually in effect when Obama took office. The Bush Administration had approved the guarantee back in 2007. See this:

            It’s often claimed that the Solyndra loan guarantee was “rushed through” by the Obama Administration for political reasons. In fact, the Solyndra loan guarantee was a multi-year process that the Bush Administration launched in 2007.

            You’d never know from the media coverage that:

            The Bush team tried to conditionally approve the Solyndra loan just before President Obama took office.

            The company’s backers included private investors who had diverse political interests.

            The loan comprises just 1.3% of DOE’s overall loan portfolio. To date, Solyndra is the only loan that’s known to be troubled.

            And all that was as of October 25th, 2012.

            That long list of green companies that went belly up only fell under Obama’s watch because they were part of the Great Recession debacle and if they actually went belly up after having had loan guarantees given by our government, those guarantees had been given by the Bush Administration.

            The Obama administration had even been concerned about the Solyndra loan program (which was apparently approved by people working in the Department of Energy who were carry-overs from the Bush years). See this:

            On 7 October 2011, newly revealed emails showed that the Obama administration had concerns about the legality of the Department of Energy’s loan restructuring plan and warned OMB director Jeffrey D. Zients that the plan should be cleared with the Department of Justice first, which the Department of Energy had not done. The emails also revealed that as early as August 2009, an aide to then-White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel had asked a Department of Energy official if he could discuss any concerns among the investment community about Solyndra but that the official dismissed the idea that Solyndra had financial problems.

            Obviously an official who had been part of the original Solyndra loan program under Bush.)

            All of this is just more evidence of how you right-wing lovers will lie and distort the truth.

          • joe schmo

            Look,the Democrats have a hard taking the blame for anything
            Even if you are a loser you are still a winner. Remember the noncompetitive mantra you all preach

            Congress appropriated money to cover expected losses, and multiple
            independent reviews have confirmed that the actual losses will likely be
            less than Congress expected.

            3. Solyndra wanted more: The company
            applied for another $468 million in funding shortly after its first DOE
            loan closed. The government did not award the second request.

            Honestly, I believe that Obama was all to readily prepared to jump on the green energy bandwagon. Like many Liberals ideology is never completely thought through or thoroughly researched. I believe there was some apprehension by the Bush administration otherwise the whole progression of Solyndra would have been accelerated and it was not. Obama still gave the company that huge loan. That fact does not change, he used taxpayer money to fund a sketchy private enterprise at best. Did he and his golden boy, Chu, do the research. I kind of doubt it.

            The rush to create “green jobs” relies on technologies that have not been fully developed, have not proven their worth in the commercial
            sector and which, frankly, are more pie in the sky than anything else. That is not to say there is absolutely no role for solar and wind energy
            in the U.S. economy, but that the emphasis on these so-called renewables has come at the expense of traditional forms of energy. It
            also overlooks the very real fact that, as former Bush Energy Secretary Sam Bodman used to say, the most readily abundant source of new energy
            in the United States is that which everyday is wasted through inefficiency.

            The Nobel prize-winning Chu and his associates would do well to consider that. Rather than try to create whole new industries using the tools of “crony capitalism” they might want to focus on ways to better utilize the energy the nation already produces. They would do well to take a look at what companies like Multistack, a
            Wisconsin-based privately held firm does.


            Does it ever occur to you numskulls that there are other ways to conserve energy. I guess not. That is because, like I said before, you do not know how to think outside the box.

            Seems Obama does not have his own ideas. Let’s consider Obamacare as another prime example of something that is a huge disaster. He decided to use Romney’s plan even though Romney stated it would never work nationwide.
            Not creative, not proactive, no research, let’s just pass it to see what’s in it. Money spent unwisely, and foolishly and, oh, let’s see let’s tax the strapped American citizens even more. No my friend we are on a backward spiral because of all the mistakes this man has made. Sorry you cannot see that but it is what it is. I have no choice other than to call myself a psuedo Liberal because I am now FORCED to do what I don’t want to and be what I don’t want to be. It is a form of suppression that leads to Communism. No oligarchy, no plutocracy, no, nothing but ‘po’ white folk with no chance of ever getting ahead because you all are sooooo insistent to push your unAmerican agenda with the intention of a free for all for everyone but American’s. We are no longer allowed to dream big, make money, say what we want, practice Christianity if we want, own guns if we want and the list of attacks on the very thing that made us great goes on and on. Decadent in one way, in chains in another. Thanks for nothing.

          • Independent1

            Everything you just posted is so convoluted and wrongheaded that it’s hard to get your hands around it and figure out where to start. But I’m going to disprove everyone of your nonsense comments one at a time.

            I’m not even going to get into Solyndra again, because it was such a miniscule piece of the green energy initiatives that you and every other right-wing nut is making a mountain out of a molehill.

            Fact is, that not only have great strides been made in alternative energy sources, but great strides have also been made in oil drilling and natural gas extraction under Obama. Enough progress that it’s quite possible America will overtake Russia as the largest energy producer on the planet within the next year.

            And I doubt you’re even aware that there is a company in New Jersey that is producing Plasma, the stuff the sun is made of, that when they figure out how to produce it cheap enough (which they will fairly soon), plasma will make oil and natural gas obsolete. What they’re experimenting with is Plasma in a Box. And the fundamental component of Plasma is the most abundant element in he universe – hydrogen. And that’s coming before the end of this decade.

            So let’s just explore a little more about your nonsense comments on green energy. See this from Michael Grunwald:

            Obama’s stimulus package was a ginormous

            clean energy bill, says Michael Grunwald

            Some excerpts:

            Very few people understand the scope or impact of the stimulus bill. The right remembers it as a useless cash dump, the left remembers it as an emergency measure that slowed and stopped the economic crash, but very few people have a good grasp on what was in it. In many people’s minds, it’s muddled together with the TARP “bailout.”

            In fact, according to award-winning journalist Michael Grunwald, there were members of Congress (Democrats!) who confused the two bills. Grunwald realized the stimulus was a huge story that wasn’t being told, so he started digging, interviewing more than 400 people, sitting in on Cabinet meetings, and reading original documents. What he found was very close to the inverse of conventional wisdom: The stimulus was successful, well-administered, and virtually scandal-free. It contained the biggest clean energy bill in U.S. history alongside equally significant measures on infrastructure, education, science, and manufacturing. It was epochal, a burst of activist government of a scale not seen since FDR.

            The energy stuff wasn’t just big, it was ginormous. Obama promised that he would double renewable power generation during his first term, and he did.

            Here’s the link to the whole article:


          • Independent1

            Before we go too far, let’s dispell all the notions about outsourcing overseas; that trend is rapidly deteriorating under Obama. See this:

            Why Manufacturing Jobs Are Returning To America For The First Time In Decades

            Here’s some excerpts:

            The trend of companies relocating American manufacturing jobs to low-wage China has started to reverse, as shown by recent decisions by Apple Inc., General Electric Co, Caterpillar, DSM, General Motors and even Chinese electronics giant Lenovo to scale up operations here.

            The bottom line: For the first time in decades, several key economic drivers have created a competitive advantage for the U.S. that will encourage corporate strategic decisions on capital allocation and acquisitions for generations to come.

            There are 7 factors why America is going to be the destination for manufacturing over the next several decades. Here’s factor No.4

            4. Human capital. The wage gap between the U.S. and China has been shrinking. In 2000, U.S. wages were nearly 22 times higher than comparable wages in China, but by 2015 the difference will be less than four times. Factor in the U.S.’s faster gains in productivity and lower worker turnover rates, and by 2015 many pundits believe labor cost comparisons may no longer be a factor in determining the location of manufacturing operations. Most people don’t realize the U.S. also enjoys a future demographic advantage over other countries. By 2050, the expected to offer the youngest labor force among the major economies, while China and Japan will have the oldest.

            Read more:

          • Independent1

            And let’s also dispell the notion that TARP, the auto bailout, the Bank bailouts and others ended up costing the taxpayers money as nothing is further from the truth. As of today, our government is 30.6 Billion dollars ahead with respect to all those bailouts. And that 30.6 billion doesn’t take into account the more than 100 billion in tax revenues that have been collected over the past 5 years from the companies and their employees that were kept from going belly up, nor does it include the trillions of debt that America would have endured if the bailouts hadn’t kept America from falling into the GOP’s 2nd created world-wide depression. AND, it doesn’t include the future billions in taxes the government will realize in future years taxes that will be paid by GM, Chrysler, many banks and on and on.

            If you doubt all this, bring up this link:


          • Independent1

            “Seems Obama does not have his own ideas. Let’s consider Obamacare as another prime example of something that is a huge disaster. He decided to use Romney’s plan even though Romney stated it would never work nationwide.”

            These comments prove you don’t know the first thing about the points you’re trying to make. ACA was never Obama’s idea, it was a bipartisan effort from Congress, which is what Obama had intended:

            After his inauguration, Obama announced to a joint session of Congress in February 2009 his intent to work with Congress to construct a plan for healthcare reform.[69][70] By July, a series of bills were approved by committees within the House of Representatives.[71] On the Senate side, from June to September, the Senate Finance Committee held a series of 31 meetings to develop a healthcare reform bill. This group — in particular, Democrats Max Baucus, Jeff Bingaman, and Kent Conrad, and Republicans Mike Enzi, Chuck Grassley, and Olympia Snowe — met for more than 60 hours, and the principles that they discussed, in conjunction with the other committees, became the foundation of the Senate’s healthcare reform bill.[72][73][74]

            With universal healthcare as one of the stated goals of the Obama administration, congressional Democrats and health policy experts like Jonathan Gruber and David Cutler argued that guaranteed issue would require both community rating and an individual mandate to ensure that adverse selection and/or “free riding” would not result in an insurance “death spiral”;[75] they convinced Obama that this was necessary, and persuaded him to accept congressional proposals that included a mandate.[76] This approach was taken because the president and congressional leaders had concluded that more progressive plans, such as the (single-payer) Medicare for All act, could not obtain filibuster-proof support in the Senate. By deliberately drawing on bipartisan ideas — the same basic outline was supported by former Senate majority leaders Howard Baker, Bob Dole, Tom Daschle and George J. Mitchell—the bill’s drafters hoped to increase the chances of garnering the necessary votes for passage.[77][78]

            However, following the adoption of an individual mandate as a central component of the proposed reforms by Democrats, Republicans began to oppose the mandate and threatened to filibuster any bills that contained it.[48] Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell, who led the Republican congressional strategy in responding to the bill, calculated that Republicans should not support the bill, and worked to keep party discipline and prevent defections:[79]

            It was absolutely critical that everybody be together because if the proponents of the bill were able to say it was bipartisan, it tended to convey to the public that this is O.K., they must have figured it out.[80]

            Republican Senators, including those who had supported previous bills with a similar mandate, began to describe the mandate as “unconstitutional.”

            And who would listen to a lying snake-oil salesman like Romney who lied every time he opened his mouth. If his dad hadn’t given him millions to start Bain Capital, Romeny would probably be working a shift job at a manufacturing plant. He lied about having a true tax plan, he lied about having a plan to create 12 million jobs in 4 years, he lied about everything during his campaign for president.

          • Independent1

            Just in case you didn’t believe that article about manufacturing jobs coming back to America, here’s similar information on that from another source:

            What’s the main driver behind the rebirth
            in American manufacturing?

            Rising production costs in other
            industrialized and developing nations, including labor and energy costs, makes
            manufacturing in the U.S. less expensive for American companies.

            Key findings from the report include:

            In less than three years, the U.S. will
            have a cost advantage of 5% to 25% over Germany, Italy, France, the U.K., and
            Japan in a number of industries, including machinery, chemicals, transportation
            equipment as well as electrical and appliance equipment.

            America’s natural gas boom from shale
            (commonly referred to as “fracking”) has provided this country with some of the
            cheapest natural gas prices around the world. For the foreseeable future,
            natural gas prices will remain 50% to 70% cheaper in the U.S. versus Europe and

            Labor costs in other developed economies
            will be 20% to 45% more expensive compared to the costs of hiring U.S. workers.

            The U.S. could grab additional exports
            from the aforementioned nations to the tune of $130 billion annually.

            Average manufacturing costs in China will
            only be 7% lower compared to in the U.S in 2015.


          • Independent1

            Talk about alternative energies:

            Wind Power has arrived at a point where it is almost competitive with Coal for generation. Warren Buffet’s electrical utility is poised to spend $1 Billion on new wind turbines in Iowa.

            Wind Power Rivals Coal With $1 Billion Order From Buffett

            By Ehren Goossens

            The decision by Warren Buffett’s utility company to order about $1 billion of wind turbines for projects in Iowa shows how a drop in equipment costs is making renewable energy more competitive with power from fossil fuels.

            Turbine prices have fallen 26 percent worldwide since the first half of 2009, bringing wind power within 5.5 percent of the cost of electricity from coal, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. MidAmerican Energy Holdings Co., a unit of Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc., yesterday announced an order for 1,050 megawatts of Siemens AG wind turbines in the industry’s largest order to date for land-based gear.

            5.5% is a relatively small premium to pay to buy sustainable green energy ove dirty coal power generation. Coal is the most destructive fuel available for generating electic energy of any fossil fuel.

            Coal now provides a large portion of the worlds electrical generation capacity, and that won’t change overnight. But this shows how close how competitive greener alternatives are coming to conventional fossil fuels. That gives electric utilities all over the world a new cleaner alternative to dirty coal for a smal price deferential. And that’s very good news for all of us who want a future on this planet.Wind Power has arrived at a point where it is almost competitive with Coal for generation. Warren Buffet’s electrical utility is poised to spend $1 Billion on new wind turbines in Iowa.

            Wind Power Rivals Coal With $1 Billion Order From Buffett

            By Ehren Goossens

            The decision by Warren Buffett’s utility company to order about $1 billion of wind turbines for projects in Iowa shows how a drop in equipment costs is making renewable energy more competitive with power from fossil fuels.

            Turbine prices have fallen 26 percent worldwide since the first half of 2009, bringing wind power within 5.5 percent of the cost of electricity from coal, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. MidAmerican Energy Holdings Co., a unit of Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc., yesterday announced an order for 1,050 megawatts of Siemens AG wind turbines in the industry’s largest order to date for land-based gear.5.5% is a relatively small premium to pay to buy sustainable green energy ove dirty coal power generation. Coal is the most destructive fuel available for generating electic energy of any fossil fuel.

            Coal now provides a large portion of the worlds electrical generation capacity, and that won’t change overnight. But this shows how close how competitive greener alternatives are coming to conventional fossil fuels. That gives electric utilities all over the world a new cleaner alternative to dirty coal for a smal price deferential. And that’s very good news for all of us who want a future on this planet.

          • joe schmo

            Of course, wind power. You know those huge fans dotted all over the hillsides. Fans that kill birds.

            …and what about those Solar panels specifically solar farms:

            ‘While solar is a far less polluting energy source than coal or natural gas, many panel makers are nevertheless grappling with a hazardous waste problem. Fueled partly by billions in government
            incentives, the industry is creating millions of solar panels each year and, in the process, millions of pounds of polluted sludge and
            contaminated water.

            To dispose of the material, the companies must transport it by truck or rail far from their own plants to waste facilities hundreds and, in
            some cases, thousands of miles away.

            The fossil fuels used to transport that waste, experts say, is not typically considered in calculating solar’s carbon footprint, giving
            scientists and consumers who use the measurement to gauge a product’s
            impact on global warming the impression that solar is cleaner than it is.

            Read more:

            Seems to be an issue with the discarding of ‘hazardous’ old solar panels:


            Perhaps in the future there will be ways to make these systems better. I do realize that many solar panels can be placed on homes but, from what I have heard, the price for repairing the panels and the waste disposal has not been perfected. As for the turbine fans. I believe they are an environmental pollutant. If telephone poles weren’t enough already. These fans dotting the countryside are a menace to birds and an eyesore to look at. Yes, you can put them in the middle of the desert where no one resides but in a nice landscape to see these fans, I believe they are a polluting eyesore.

            Like I said before natural gas alternatives like the product produced by Multistack is another alternative. As for coal, I somewhat agree but to completely strip people in the east of energy and stop using it. Just how do you think people in the east will stay warm. Especially if we have another winter like this past one. No matter how you look at it clean energy also has it’s drawbacks.

            …..and just tell me how you propose to get rid of Nuclear and Hydro power and how do you think we can produce enough energy to light and heat up areas like New York or California. Again the ideas for green energy are at their infancy. It’s going to take a hell of a lot more innovation before things get better.

          • Independent1

            I’m sorry, I can’t be too concerned with someone who wants to make a fuss about disposing of the solar panel fluid; doing so is absolutely no different than what has been going on for close to a century in America with respect to disposing of antifreeze from cars. Why don’t we just do away with driving cars so we don’t have to recycle/get rid of the antifreeze that has to be disposed of for millions of cars every year?? All those that may be driven where the temperature gets below 32 degrees during the winter. That criticism of something that cuts down on tons of carbon being thrown into the air is in my mind pretty bogus.

            And with respect to wind power, the new trend is to build those offshore so far that they can’t be seen from shore (so they can’t disturb the senses of folks like yourself), and they are also much less of a problem for birds. The danger they pose for birds is one aspect of using them I’m not especially happy about but I think they’re working on developing something that makes birds more aware of their existence and therefore less likely to run into the whirling blades.

          • silas1898

            Resource Conservation and Recovery Act. RCRA

            Passed in the wake of the Love Canal discovery, it requires all hazardous wastes to be tracked “cradle to grave” and be properly disposed of.

            This has been law for over 39 years and all businesses must consider it when starting any process involving hazardous wastes.

          • joe schmo

            It is not only the solar panel fluid it is the material these panels are made from. Discarding the leftovers has been an issue. Don’t you think that maybe instead of complaining about the environment, scientists, environmentalists and innovators of technoloy should be on the same page and work together. Whatever happened to teamwork? You simply cannot take something away over night. Since you are so intent on taking the coal away from the people in the East, if we have a freeze like we did this year, people will freeze to death. So what is your solution to that Einstein.

            Offshore? Well, that may resolve some of the issues but I’m not a big fan of the fans.

          • idamag

            We have a billionaire (many times over) in our state who is actively fighting alternative energy. His latest is a string of billboards with red flashing lights saying something like, “Windpower is not the oldest profession in the world, but…”

          • midway54

            He cannot help himself. He consistently is Exhibit A in the pantheon of pathetic dupes successfully targeted by the propagandists serving the plutocracy mainly concentrated at Fox “News” aided by Limbaugh from his studio in his Palm Beach mansion. Having been saturated by the effluent flowing out of these sources, he wobbles about like a programmed automaton bleating pure rot.

        • joe schmo

          OMG, paulyz. I couldn’t have said it better myself. This is sooo true. I suppose they can’t handle the fact that we accept each other and we want to work together. Unlike them who wish to condemn us at every turn.

          Hey Demeris, get a clue….your electric car is being powered by nuclear or coal plant and if you really want to save the planet from global warming why don’t you start trying to get the Chinese to reduce their pollution…..and I have heard that you believe that the Chinese will follow our lead….LOLOLOL…yah, like they are really going to follow by example. Like they realllllly respect us. Huh! I suppose we should all walk or ride a bike to work. Well in our area everything is so spread out that is a bit of an impossibility and what about all those wind machines and solar panels doting the country side. Who wants to look at oodles of those things polluting the landscape. Certainly not me. We could go back to the time of horse and buggy. Oh that’s right we can’t do that, horses are gross polluters. How much further back in time do you want to take us….the Dark Ages is suspect?

          • Independent1

            Wow!! One TOTAL DUMMY praising ANOTHER TOTAL DUMMY!! Who would have thunk it???

          • silas1898

            They should get a room!

          • Duckbudder

            I think they are one in the same.

        • Independent1

          “Your constant Amnesties & doing nothing to secure the border or pass E-verify increase our population to un-sustainable levels thus using even more resources & need for more energy.”

          Where are you getting these absurdities???

          The only amnesty provided to immigrants over the past 50 years was provided by a GOP president named Reagan. The Obama Administration has, in fact, deported more problem illegal aliens than any president in the past 60 years; far more than either Bush ever did. And Obama followed up tightening our southern border that Bush had started, such that crossings of our southern border have been at the lowest rate in decades. In fact, for a few of the last 5 years there were actually more immigrants moving back into Mexico that coming into America.

          Your stupidity knows no bounds!! Does it!!!!!!

          • joe schmo

            Dude, don’t you know how many illegals are here. More and more coming all the time. In California alone this year Hispanics will equal whites. They have all the jobs, get all the freebies, get free rides to college and the list goes on and on. How dare you, I see it everyday because I live in this God forsaken state. Might as well annex it to Mexico. IT IS NOT ABSURD!

            Reagan having a Liberal Congress at the time could not get them to change immigration….

            Obama is a liar and has just released many illegal criminals back onto our streets. Get a clue you idiot, and bullshit about the southern border. Ask anyone with an influx of illegals. Now that the ‘ponga’ boats can’t get into LA or SD they are coming onto the coast that is less populated. We just recently, within the last month had a boat land up shore. It was not full of drugs rather it was full of people. By the time the authorities got there everyone had dispersed. So don’t you dare give me that bull about something you have not a clue about. Go stuff yourself. We cannot contain all these ignorant freeloaders.

          • Independent1

            Pure unadulterated HOWASH!! ALL OF IT!!!

          • joe schmo

            How would you know. You are not living in the midst of it are you. We are! My brother in law is Law Enforcement. When he has the night shift there are many nights he has to go out and watch for these boats coming in. WE ACTUALLY SAW THE BOAT THAT I WAS REFERRING TO IN MY LAST POST. It was on the news later that evening.
            We were pushed out of our jobs either by Hispanics and or outsourcing. As far as the colleges go. One of the Jr. Colleges near us has many many Hispanics and, of course, the school gets plenty of funding because of them. Another Jr. College about 45 minutes away is not quite as diverse and, guess what, this college almost had to shut down because it is less diverse and were refused funding. Now do you think that is fair. We live only on odd jobs we get largely through word of mouth or friends. We barely make it, but refuse to take welfare. I have seen countless times when we have been in a grocery line and a Hispanic family has food stamps. I also know how many Hispanics will work the system. In that, they well work their jobs and still stand in line for all the freebies like milk and they will spend time at the food bank. We know this because we have worked with them. I read an article the other day that the illegals get better health care than our veterans. I believe this because I have seen them by the droves in our hospitals waiting in the emergency rooms for a mere cold.

            So go ‘hose wash’ yourself because you are getting hosed by your own party. You never know how things are unless you have been there. I relate to experiences in life vs heresay. Heresay comes second hand. It’s kind of like gossip. A story starts one way and by the time it finds its end it has been changed and misconstrued countless times. What I have just stated IS NOT HERESAY. So NONE OF IT IS ‘HOWASH.’

          • silas1898

            Just move to Idaho. Amass weapons.

          • joe schmo

            Why should I, you all are doing a terrific job of getting rid of the 2nd Amendment. More mental health facilities comes to mind. Oh, that’s right, they were closed down and Obama just kicked a bunch of criminals out into the streets. As has Jerry Brown. More crime. Guess the criminals will resort to other objects, cars, baseball bats, knives, bows, …..and you feel safe…..LOL The criminal element and nut cases will still have weapons, and the better for the Government to take over your life…. If you feel so safe why not walk down the streets of Compton by yourself one night…..

          • idamag

            And sadly, pauly is not even smart enough to know how dumb he or she sounds.

        • Independent1

          And let’s talk about offshoring jobs; it’s no where near the problem you and many others would like everyone to believe. See this:

          It’s bad enough when companies take U.S. jobs and move them overseas to take advantage of lower labor costs. But does the U.S. tax code actually offer an incentive for firms to engage in such “offshoring?”

          That was the assertion of Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse earlier this fall when he went on the floor of the Senate to argue for a bill, designated S-3816 and known as the “Creating American Jobs and Ending Offshoring Act.”

          And guess who pushed for the tax code that allows companies to deduct the expenses involved with shipping jobs oversees: The GOP.

          But despite that, see this:

          On the same day Whitehouse made his statement, Scott A. Hodge, president of The Tax Foundation, a business-backed group that studies tax policy, released a statement saying the problem that served as the premise of the legislation isn’t as big as people imagine.

          He cited a Bureau of Labor Statistics report from the second quarter of 2010 showing 338,064 mass layoffs. When seasonal layoffs are subtracted, only 6 percent of the remaining workers — 10,206 people — lost their jobs during that quarter due to any movement of work. When the destination of the relocation was known (most of the time it wasn’t) about 29 percent of the movement was to places outside the U.S. We checked more-recent numbers from the third quarter of this year; they showed a similar pattern.)

          “The bottom line is that offshoring accounts for a small percentage of overall job losses . . . The offshoring of jobs may make for good headlines and political points, but it is not supported by the data,” Hodge concluded.

          • JSquercia

            I am reminded of the quote concerning Unemployment that goes ” When your neighbor loses HIS job it’s a Recession : When you lose YOUR job it’s a depression . For those 41,000 people who lost their jobs to OFFSHORING it was a DEPRESSION .

          • Independent1

            I’ve experienced that myself (being laid off when one company sold part of itself to another) so I certainly can’t disagree with what you’re saying. My point is that the incidence of offshoring today is not anywhere near the levels that right-wingers would like us to believe – millions of jobs.

            However, I’m not sure that wasn’t the case back around 2008 – 2010 when Mitt Romney and his cohorts were taking advantage of thousands of companies foundering in the Great Recession. Romney is by far a much larger American job DESTROYER than he was ever an American job creator.

        • JSquercia

          Excessive Corporate tax . Some of the BIGGEST corporations paid NO Tax or actually got money back . A prime example of this is GE .
          What matters is NOT the Corporate Tax rate stated in the law BT the actual Tax Rate PAID . IN the case of GE that would be ZERO . Of course we also have dozens of loopholes for the MOST profitable Industry on the PLANET( The OIL Industry)

          • idamag

            The oil and gas industry, that pays little or no taxes, gets huge government subsidies.

    • RobertCHastings

      Dwight Eisenhower, the American hero of WWII who directed the landing at Normandy of the Allied troops that led to the defeat of Hitler, and who eventually became a REPUBLICAN president, like both Reagan and Nixon could NOT be elected today as a Republican. Look at the agendas of these three post-War REPUBLICAN presidents to see which party has moved, and in which direction. One of Nixon’s most important accomplishments was the UNIVERSALLY praised Environmental Protection Agency, which today is vilified by the Republican party, just ONE clear example of which direction and how far the Republican party has wandered.

      • joe schmo

        Mr Hastings, it is not vilified. I think we all are conservation conscious, however; you people have taken it to another level. An extreme one. If you really want to help this planet start working on those countries that refuse to cleanup their pollution mess. Those countries include China, Mexico, etc… Stop focusing on America. We are doing just fine or haven’t you noticed that? If you really think these countries will just follow our lead, can I start LOL right now…. Each president has his own agenda and likes and dislikes whether it is in the Liberal direction or Conservative. We each have a little bit of both in all of us, however; of late, your side seems to be venturing in the direction of Communism.

        • midway54

          “…your side seems to be venturing in the direction of Communism.”

          Vis-a-vis the neo-fascist Plutocracy complete with Gilded Age II robber barons already firmly in place which you quite obviously prefer with flag-waving enthusiasm as revealed in your outrageous, oral flatulence.

          • joe schmo

            Ah….but the robber barons are on your side. If you haven’t read this then you really need to:)


          • midway54

            Yes,I am familiar with that nikitas site. What it comes down to in my view is the objective sought by each side in the context of the very wealthy in America and their beliefs. For example, when the Koch Boys are justifiably criticized for what they want to bring to—or do to—the average Americans, the responses to that criticism from their rightwing flunkies and assorted crackpots almost always include the name of Soros describing him as a left wing sugar daddy, socialist or Marxist who is behind the criticism and of course does not share the unassailable patriotism exemplified by the Kochs and their apologists. To those who pay attention,there is a vast difference between the objectives of Soros and his kind and the crowd of rightwing characters who in effect want us all to cheer the likes of the Kochs and those sharing with them the same financial and political space. I prefer the very wealthy individuals and those few liberal organizations and corporations who are not seeking to destroy the need for government beyond a minimal presence nor are seeing to it that all citizens must fend for themselves in all circumstances of obvious and demonstrated need (which is to say that all should enjoy the individual freedom accorded to everyone with no un-American socialist type intervention by government, where, as Anatole France said decades ago, equality and liberty make it possible for a rich citizen can if he chooses sleep under a bridge).

          • joe schmo

            Soros is. Don’t you realize that he worked with the Nazi’s and in Hungary lived under Communism. He certainly knows what both are about. He loves it that he can make money in the most devious way anyone possibly can while disguising himself as a donator to humanity. Of course, he is not a patriot, he is an internationalist. He has neither ties nor admiration for America and just like England make his money off of Americas economic loss.

            In the Constitution the Government was initially supposed to be minimal. Remember for the people, by the people. That is no longer the case. It’s more like for the government by the government. Yes, there is some need for structure and minimal support but I believe there is now a huge government over reach.

            Few Liberal organizations and corporations? Where have you been. Didn’t you just read the article. Wow! Good luck because the deception is on you. Unless something drastically changes, I will most likely be able to say….I told you so….

        • RobertCHastings

          It might really help move the discussion forward if you could at least refrain from using words that you don’t understand, such as “communism”. The US has 5% of the world’s population, yet creates far more than that percentage of the world’s pollution. Had our former president agreed to the conditions of the Kyoto Treaty and signed it, we would be well on the way today to a much cleaner environment and a sustainable future. Stop looking at the US as a major contributor, you suggest. If we ARE a major polluter, why should we not be looked at as one? Mexico’s pollution comes no where near ours. China had to stop ALL industrial activity for months prior to the Beijing Olympics so the smog could abate. Rio is currently under the same threat, for the NEXT Olympics. Yes, other countries are polluting; but, without leadership, this will continue, and the most viable leader is the US.

          • joe schmo

            We are not the respected leader of the world that we used to be. According to the last elections in EU seems the Europeans are tired of the Union and want out. Specifically France who is the fore runner followed by Austria and England. I say Kudos to them. Their voice is getting louder. …..and why should Germany carry the load for everyone. Why do I say this because they again want to be their own entity and make their own decisions. Don’t you think China, Mexico and Rio are feeling the same way. They aren’t going to listen to the US. At the moment we have no respect globally so how do you propose that they will follow our lead. Well they will not. Yes, we can continue to clean our air and water but it does little good when we have to deal with the pollution that China (who will be damned if they listen to us. That is the last thing they want to do), Then there is Mexico. Have you seen how they pollute their rivers with the strip mining for gold that they do. All the chemicals and the spraying of the riverbanks flows right toward the ocean. Awful. Air pollution in Greece in the summertime is deplorable. Because from what I remember they still have leaded gasoline. No we can be the poster child against pollution but the rest of the world has to WANT to clean up and that does not mean that they will because they do not have to. It does little good to clean up the environment if others don’t cooperate. It is like spitting into the wind…..

          • RobertCHastings

            You miss the point entirely on the issue of pollution. The US is FAR from being the poster child against pollution. If we are politically unwilling to lead on this one issue, we will never be able to lead on other issues. During the first Kyoto meeting, which W just blew off and which over 100 other countries signed onto, our absence from that forum signaled the death knell to our world leadership. Is Obama doing all he can do to solve the problem of world pollution and climate change? NO! But he is doing a hell of a lot more than Bush and his Republican allies did, or are doing.

          • joe schmo

            Dude, when are you going to start getting it. WE ARE NO LONGER THE LEADER IN THE WORLD and we no longer have the respect of the world. Wake up!

          • RobertCHastings

            Really! And what do you base that upon? We STILL have the world’s largest economy, and pretty much everything that goes along with that. We STILL have the world’s most feared military. We ARE the world’s ONLY “super power” so, while we may NOT be respected as we once were, we are still cautiously considered by our enemies, AND by our allies. We lost much of the respect the rest of the world bore toward us during the “W” years; but Obama has managed to turn much of that around, especially since we stopped talking about “American fries”.

          • joe schmo

            H.R. 2847 or FATCA…..Coming your way July 1st…. Just wait until the sh*% hits the fan.

            W had more respect than Obama and so did the military. Did you happen to hear the applause given to our loser in chief by the graduates from West Point? Pathetic. Wow, Putin, China and North Korea really have a high regard for us. Isreal we have ignored entirely. Seems Merkel is his only buddy and Obama even stabbed her in the back with his spying…

            So you even admit that we don’t have the respect we used to. If we keep all this up we will soon be a 3rd world country. Then I suppose you will finally get what you want and deserve.

          • RobertCHastings

            With one sixth of our population in what the government defines as poverty, and 25 million living with food insecurity, we ARE a third world country. And this is NOT due to the policies of the Obama administration. In 1981, Reagan reduced the taxes on the wealthy, and every Republican president since has done likewise, making it virtually impossible to reduce our debt and pay for the spending that Republicans have mandated.
            W could NOT build a coalition to invade Iraq like his father did, clearly demonstrating how low our prestige had fallen. The “coalition” of the willing that went with us into Iraq comprised maybe 25% of the entire invasion, nothing even close to the mutual participation in WWII, or, for that matter, Desert Storm. Obama has done what he could, considering the constant obstructionism of Republicans in Congress, to repair our standing. When idiots like McCain and Corker and Lindsey Graham commiserate about our failure to put troops on the ground in Iran, Syria, Crimea, or Ukraine, and then offer absolutely NO hint as to where the funding will come from, the whole time complaining about the costs to the federal government of SNAP, Head Start, continued unemployment insurance, etc., etc., and you people don’t even see the incongruity. You want us to assert our leadership by engaging in war around the world, but refuse to put the money where your mouth is, even to pay for the wars you started. And you don’t see a contradiction?

          • joe schmo

            Hastings, I am totally against war so you don’t have to preach to me about what you thought about Reagan and Bush. The younger Bush was not very well thought of by Conservatives anyway. The only really good thing about him is the fact that he was really for our troops and I admire him for that. Everything else was pretty bad. I loved Reagan so you will never be able to make him look bad in my eyes.

            I learned how much I hated war through Vietnam which was a frivolous loser of a war and we can blame Johnson for getting us into that war. If nothing else, I praise Nixon for bringing us home and outta there. Wars used to create money for America. That is why we always involved ourselves in the insanity. Nowadays, it only costs and costs and costs. We don’t need to be in someone else’s war. Not our problem. However we do need to be respected within the global community and that, I feel is lacking. If we get attacked we have full right to go after a certain group or country.

            I do not want us to assert our leadership around the world. Not only do I believe we need to get out of Countries we still occupy militarily and we also need to cut aid on most countries. I see no problem in helping feed the hungry or help medically in places like South of the border or Africa, but that’s it.

            By the way, don’t like RINO’s like McCain(he is a war monger), McConnell or Graham. I am a fan of Paul, Cruz, Lee and Jindal. Of course, you hate those guys but we don’t need to get into that.

          • RobertCHastings

            George W Bush may have appeared t b a good old boy who was for the troops, but, if you examine the public record and if you paid attention during his presidency, you know that he drastically reduced benefits for both active and inactive duty soldiers, if by no other means than by his drastic cuts in tax rates for the wealthy. Failing to fund the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan effectively doubled our national debt during his 8 years in office. And these two wars are not the only budget items he failed to fund. As much as you don’t understand your favorite term “communism”, you apparently understand very little about either capitalism or oligarchy.

          • joe schmo

            I agree with you on Bush. He was less than stellar but Obama is worse. We have been on a downward spiral ever since Clinton. Reagan made him look good for his first term and then slowly but surely things started heading towards Hell. We have had nothing but losers ever since. I am against the whole war thing any way but seriously what Clinton did to the troops was below the belt. One small bottle of water all day while in the desert. That’s cutting below the belt and this comes from someone we know that was in the military at the time Clinton was in office. Hey, why don’t we eliminate the military altogether. Let’s just be vulnerable to the world. Let everyone in including the ideology of the Middle East which has taken over Europe. It is the crusades in reverse. Let’s suppress women and put them in burkas. Let’s beat the crap out of them for speaking their minds. Come on….we have come so far past all that why do we have to go backwards.

            I understand capitalism just fine. Free market society: Wiki definition:

            Capitalism is an economic system in which trade, industry, and the means of production are controlled by private owners with the goal of making profits. Central characteristics of capitalism include capital accumulation, competitive markets and wage labor.[3] In a capitalist economy, the parties to a transaction typically determine the prices at which assets, goods, and services are exchanged.

            Free-market economy

            See also: Free market and Laissez-faire

            Free-market economy refers to a capitalist economic system where prices for goods and services are set freely by the forces of supply and
            demand and are allowed to reach their point of equilibrium without intervention by government policy. It typically entails support for highly competitive markets, private ownership of productive enterprises.Laissez-faire is a more extensive form of free-market economy where the role of the state is limited to protecting property rights.

            Monetarism a theoretical alternative to Keynesianism that is more compatible with
            laissez-faire, gained increasing prominence in the capitalist world, especially under the leadership of Ronald Reagan in the US and Margaret Thatcher in the UK in the 1980s. Public and political interest began shifting away from the so-called collectivist concerns of Keynes’s managed capitalism to a focus on individual choice, called “remarketized capitalism.”

            I admire both Reagan and Thatcher in their diligence to promote the Capitalist ideal. I still stand by this form of governance. Although social virtues should balance out the over exuberance of the Corporate entity. So there has to be a balance somewhere otherwise we have to unequally balanced sides. Economically speaking that is what we have at the moment with the scales weighing very heavy to the social.

          • RobertCHastings

            Your definitions are adequate, except they do not address the reality of how capitalism and the free market function today in the US. One need only examine the manner in which WalMart does its business to appreciate how reality differs from Wiki definitions. Amazon has been roundly criticized from ALL sides for the manner in which it does business, especially how it treats creative artists. These are NOT exemplars of the ideals of the free market, but they do exemplify how capitalism functions in the US today. The World Bank and the IMF force recipients of their largesse to adhere to strict rules that benefit big business and virtually destroy environments around the world. The main creators of jobs, both in the US and around the world, is today and has been for a long time small businesses. Scores of small businesses are put out of business in every locality where a WalMart moves in and WalMart, like Amazon, DEMANDS their suppliers to jump through hoops, partly be eliminating the competition to which these suppliers could otherwise sell. The REALITY of today’s current economic system is their is no individual choice, except for those in the upper (very upper) rungs of the economic ladder.

          • joe schmo

            Well, your idea of Walmart acting adequately would be to force the Union down their throats. How many more job losses do you want to see? I believe when their is a downturn in the economy !)Taxes need to be lowered 2)adjustments and new bylaws need to be instated so that the payroll reflects that downturn.

            I often ponder as to why the Libs hate Walmart and the Kochs and generally anything Capitalistic.

            Somehow I came upon this article and I feel it is quite appropriate here:

            Walmart, liberals argue, is greedy and exploits its workers by not paying them what they consider enough. How much is enough? This is never
            specified. However, the definition is clear: “Enough” consists of more
            than workers are currently making at any given time. It will never be

            The issue is profit. Liberals hate profit and success, especially
            when it occurs in the free market. What does the “free market” actually

            It means that everyone involved is doing what he or she is doing voluntarily. Workers at Walmart are working there by choice. They’re free to work elsewhere, or even to not work at all and instead draw unemployment or Social Security disability (something liberals would frankly prefer). Liberals and socialists cannot stand the idea of anyone
            doing anything voluntarily, because (1) this means government is not involved, and (2) this means they (liberals) are not needed.

            When hapless conservatives argue that Walmart is “giving tons of food to the poor” it has no impact at all on liberal rage against capitalism.

            This is interesting, because liberals and socialists claim to care aboutthe poor, most of all. Yet when Walmart gives to the poor, liberals are
            not even a little bit happier. This is because they’re not in favor of the poor so much as against Walmart. Translation: They’re not concerned with reducing poverty so much as eradicating capitalism and self-interest, for the poor as well as the rich.

            In some contexts, liberals don’t mind profit at all. In fact, they champion it. Consider insane lawsuits. The latest is the case of the woman who’s suing a shopping mall because she tripped and fell while texting. She and her lawyers will argue that the mall is responsible for
            her fall because they didn’t post a sign telling her that texting could be hazardous to her health. They’ll also hold the mall liable for shame
            and embarrassment due to millions seeing the whole thing posted on you tube. After all, if the mall had never been built, there would be no
            physical danger or emotional shame. It’s all the mall’s fault.

            The shopping mall will probably settle the case out of court, as most such cases are settled. Why? Because it would cost them much more in
            legal expenses to take the issue to court, where they probably would win — but be a lot poorer for it, because of legal bills. Now that’s interesting. I don’t hear liberals complaining about the legal profits of lawyers who blackmail businesses (including small businesses, whom liberals claim to like) into surrendering money for ridiculous and
            unjust claims.

            Liberals and socialists in Hollywood, Washington DC and academia howl against profit and “big business” on a daily basis. Nothing whatsoever
            can appease them. If you were an alien from another (more advanced) planet, you’d think that these liberals really do hate money. But if you
            looked closer, you’d find that they’re just fine with money in certain cases. They support lawyers getting rich, they support career politicians voting themselves six-figures in salaries, they support
            Hollywood celebrities (so long as they’re liberal) getting rich, and they love the fact that people like Al Gore, George Soros and Warren
            Buffet are rich (since these men are influential socialists). At this point the alien would have to ask himself, “What gives? What is it that
            these people are really after?”

            The answer is plain and simple: Liberals and socialists hate success.

            They tolerate it in people like George Soros and Warren Buffet, because these people use their money to actually advance the cause of socialism.

            This is because it’s not the poor and the downtrodden that liberals care about. It’s power and control that they want. The poor and the
            downtrodden — real or alleged depending on the particular case — are a means to the end for liberals. Their end is power. It always has been,
            and it always will be.

            They love to see the best and the brightest of mankind humbled, because it satisfies some sick and dark feeling within them.

            This is why America has become, I’m sad to say, a sick country. I don’t want to think that most Americans are as sick as these liberals.
            But these liberals and socialists — these excellence-hating miscreants —are the ones who run essentially all of our government and academic institutions. Even some self-made successes in business have become
            sick, going against all the values and strengths which made their initial success possible.

            If America is to be well again, it has to become a place where people who hold these beliefs, attitudes and contradictions are exposed for
            the idiotic and life-hating forces that they are.”

            Dr. Michael Hurd

            So so true:) Needs to be a balance once again…

          • RobertCHastings

            Your understanding of capitalism, especially as it works in our current economy, is so far out of touch with reality as to bring into question your own contact with reality. No one in this country has any problem with the rich being rich, or with the opportunity for economic mobility of anyone else in this country. However, the “American Dream” of upward social and economic mobility has become a virtual nightmare for the middle class, simply because the traditional pathways for mobility have been shut off. I am sure that you feel there is the opportunity out there for ALL of us to have that $100k per year job. However, stop and think about that proposition for a moment. IF everyone had a $100k per year job, what would $100k be worth?

          • joe schmo

            No, I don’t think so. I feel the posted article is quite accurate with regards to the Liberal mindset.

            Did you realize the Kochs just gave 25 million to the Negro College Fund. Kudos to the Kochs and fantastic for African Americans. They need to get out from under the government suppression that the Liberals want to shove down their throats.

            Middle class mobility has been shut off mainly because of your man. His antagonism towards Conservatives has shut down the government with no impasse because now Repubs won’t work with him either.

            During a downturn in the economy and high high taxes, do you really think things will turn around? You have got to be joking right. Not only that, the influx of all these Hispanics? Outsourcing by Corporations due to taxes and regulations. Geez, what do you expect. No way are we going to make $100,000 a year when companies are looking to cut costs. Economically your GDP has to be out of the tank. THERE WAS NO JOB GROWTH AT THE BEGINNING OF THIS YEAR. In fact, it was at a -. Come on.

            Problem is there is no balance. We are ruled by one person only. How’s it working for you?

          • RobertCHastings

            High Taxes? Really? During the economic downturn in the midst of the Clinton administration, Clinton BOTH raised taxes AND cut spending, precipitating our economy into one of its longest and strongest recoveries of the Twentieth Century. I you think taxes now are high, you should have seen them prior to the Reagan cuts, or prior to the Kennedy cuts. Your understanding and grasp of historical fact is just SO skewed as to prompt my belief that your reading list is VERY limited. While our nominal corporate tax rate IS among the highest in the industrialized world, the actual rate is among the LOWEST. Some of our most profitable companies (including GE) pay NO taxes. Some of our most profitable companies (especially big oil companies) not only pay no taxes but receive large governmental subsidies. We complain about the unfairness of government subsidies by the Chinese that allow companies to sell BELOW cost, making it difficult for American products to compete, but refuse to accept that our government does precisely the same.

          • joe schmo

            Mr. Hastings, you see, Bill Clinton inherited the .com bubble. Things were hunky dorey during that time. At the moment, raising taxes is insane. We simply cannot afford it.

            Didn’t GE move some of their jobs to China? They need to pay import taxes. Might help pay down the debt we owe them.

            …And you say you want to target the rich. Well….maybe your Man has done nothing but helped them out?


            “We complain about the unfairness of government subsidies by the Chinese
            that allow companies to sell BELOW cost, making it difficult for
            American products to compete, but refuse to accept that our government
            does precisely the same.”

            If you mean ALL government, I agree.

          • Independent1

            And once again you demonstrate your ignorance. As Robert posted, America is no shinning light with respect to pollution control. You obviously have seen nothing with respect to the extensive environmental damage being done around West Virginia where they’re allowing the destruction of mountain tops to strip mine coal while polluting millions of acres of rivers and woodlands in the process.

            And if America is getting very little respect in the world these days, you can attribute that to the GOP. not only did Bush make a farce of himself while acting like King of the Planet for 8 years -resulting in virtually every country on the planet hating America; the farcical political antics that the GOP has been playing since Obama was elected – being fanatically focused on trying to destroy him instead of doing what’s best for the country; has given countries around the world second thoughts about the integrity of America. A country where a large portion of its politicians can make statements and create fake scandals like a bunch of idiots.

            I’ve had several European posters on the Yahoo blogs ask me why millions of Americans can’t see how the GOP is taking America for a ride by constantly attempting to pass legislation that will create even more wealth inequity via tax cuts for the wealthy who don’t need the tax cuts and by putting much of their spending on a credit card (the national debt).

          • joe schmo

            Absolutely not ignorant. You are the idiots with blinders on. I know all too well about Europe because I am first generation and have oodles of family and friends still in place there. I here about it all the time.
            Granted we still have environmental issues but far far fewer than China, Mexico, Greece etc… combined. These people will do things the way they want and not because they will follow our lead that is absolutely ridiculous.

            GOP….and International relations. HOW LOUD SHOULD I LAUGH ABOUT THAT ONE. No, it is your Mr. that has created the ENTIRE mess we are in globally. Wow! You don’t even see it. You know the Republicans are many things but your man has to take some of the blame. No way around that one. Yet you all continue to pacify this loser. He cannot manage or lead or decide. I’m almost convinced he may even be just a tad bit lazy. Most people in other countries are very unfamiliar with our political system. If they do know about it then they must have spent some time here and they are very Liberal at that.

            FAKE SCANDALS. OMG! Many of the things that have happened are plain flat out negligence. Obama is making one mistake after another. He should be impeached. Our country, if we have one left after this, will be a particle of dirt by the time he is done with her.

            I don’t know how many times I have to tell you this but the 1% come from your camp. As far as the ‘credit card.’ Why is it so hard for so many Americans to abstain from using the damn thing. If it is too tempting cut it up and use cash. That is until the dollar devaluates. Then you better have some gold, silver or other goods worth trading. the way you people thing is just nuts!

      • idamag

        Talk about working together – the Republicans do not even like each other. If you want to hear vile mud-slinging just look at the Republican primaries.

        • plc97477

          I know weren’t they funny.

        • RobertCHastings

          Several Republicans in the House are reasonable people, leftovers from the era of bipartisan détente. Many of the newer ones, especially those from the Tea Party, see their origins as being quite different from reality. The Koch brothers (and others) were deeply invested in the Tobacco suits twenty years ago, which they lost. Rather than go through a similar debacle with the impending suits against the gun industry, many of the same people got together and 1) by 1999 made it impossible for the suits against the gun industry to proceed, 2) established a cohesive process for developing legislation and passing it on to legislators at all levels that would advance the needs of their corporate sponsors, 3) established the beginnings of a political party that would seemingly push for a more conservative agenda, when, in reality, they were acting as unwitting shills for their corporate birth parents. I am referring, of course, to the Tea Party, who feel their roots are much more basic to the liberties of common Americans and more strongly based upon the Constitution than they really are. For those who are actually interested in the roots of the Tea Party movement, a little research might go a long way toward bursting that political bubble.

          • idamag

            Maybe some members of the tparty are not cognizant of who they are emulating, but some are very aware of the goals.

          • RobertCHastings

            I don’t know. It is hard to accept that people like Ted Cruz and Louie Gohmert actually understand the consequences of their political stances. There is an agenda far beyond their comprehension that they are pushing and, were they the patriots they claim to be, they would be horrified if they understood. Blind patriotism drives normally decent people to do really stupid stuff, like our internment camps for both Japanese Americans and German Americans during WWII. After what we learned from that fiasco, were the states of Africa to declare war on the US, would we place ALL Americans of African descent in internment camps? I know SOME would do that anyway, but that is a different issue.

    • mah101

      That’s quite an allegation, Joe, and seems to fly in the face of reality. Given the old adage that “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence” let me ask you to:
      a) Define what it is you mean by “left”. You must establish what the benchmark is that you posit movement toward.

      b) Define “progressives” as a class

      c) Define what you mean by “radical” in terms of specific actions, behaviors, and policy positions.

      d) Using specific examples, document over a period of time (say from the 1970s to today) how these progressives (as a recognizable class) have become more “radical” and moved further towards the positions you have defined as “left”. In this answer, use specific policies promoted, laws enacted, or actions to demonstrate how “progressives” have accomplished this.

      e) Since your position posits that it is this leftward movement of “progressives” and not the rightward movement of the republican party, I ask that you demonstrate – using the same process as in “d” that the republican party has NOT followed a path of movement toward the right of the spectrum.

  • terry b

    Fascism combined with the ignorance of the general voting public is the only way that the tea party and their fellow crazies can win the senate. Let’s hope that that does not happen.

    • joe schmo

      Fascism? Why don’t you explain to me your definition of the regime? I really don’t think you understand it.

      Ignorance? Well, let’s not be so hasty as to only target Repubs let’s include your lot as well. Many young people are naive. They will listen to pounding causes instituted by University propaganda. Until they get out in the REAL world they have no clue. You have many of the poor, ignorant, and uninformed in your camp. Because they are prone to hand outs and simply don’t know a damn thing about politics they listen to their governments because they want that ‘Obama money.’

      Let’s hope the Senate goes the Conservative way. We need more balance in our system because, at the moment, Obama’s dictatorship is getting a bit hard to take.

      • Terry b

        I will keep it short and sweet. Anyone who wants to take away people’s rights are fascists. Ignorane runs high when people don’t know what I’m talking about. The constant attacks on the right to choose and the right to vote are fascist actions. Only a dictatorial person would be happy to see people’s rights trampled. Those who have trouble with such obvious truth are truly hopeless. I’m pretty sure that you are a member of that group.

        • joe schmo

          Wow, that per se is not essentially Fascist. Let me correct you if I may, that is Communist.

          Fascists look after the middle class and essentially allow for wealth. Their guilt is in propaganda that evokes a terribly staunch outcome in brainwashing the masses in a totalitarian way that annihilated a certain ethnic group while uplifiting another. If you do not abide by their bylaws you are good as dead. (Conservatives are far from this regime in that they don’t want anything forced on them)

          Communism on the other hand makes everyone equal, it does not allow for wealth and Communists believe that wealth should be spread around. The government maintains the level of bourgeoisie. It is a regime for the people run by the government. However, it also has its consequences. If you do not abide by the rules you are good as dead. (Conservatives are totally the opposite of this regime because they want the freedom’s that are spelled out in our Constitution and Amendments)

          Now which one sounds more like your side? I think you can guess.

          May I elaborate on the issues that Liberals are forcing on Conservatives:

          1) Oil and gas. Keystone pipeline (this is ridiculous costing us many jobs)
          2) Gay rights and Gay marriage (Hey, I really don’t give a crap about this one. Let the gays have their way but shoving this down the throat of religious individuals and putting this in front of innocent children is sacrilegious. Do what you want just don’t slam it people’s faces who don’t want to know about it.
          3) Enhancing voting rights. Making it easier for anyone to vote. Gone should be the days of racially gerrymandered congressional
          districts that ensure that a minority is elected. Also, I am all for
          voting rights and making sure there is no discrimination. In exchange
          for a new formula based on today’s realities, how about a national law
          for voter ID in federal elections? All those civil rights lawyers
          fighting these laws can pool their money, rent a bus, and round up all
          those alleged millions unable to purchase a $5 identification card. And
          hey- if you obtained health insurance through the Obamacare exchange
          and since it is so secure, wouldn’t an insurance card, by proxy, suffice
          for ID? (Also, this is pure provocation to get illegals to vote. Not OK with me. That is taking advantage of naivete and forcing us to move closer to the Communist ideal because you power hungry bastards want to cheat the vote every time)
          4) “The minimum wage hike will receive a big push by Liberals and their
          union allies. The idea that increasing the minimum wage will somehow
          end “income inequality” in this country is ludicrous. Quite frankly, I
          would be appalled if the guy flipping hamburgers at the local McDonald’s
          was making $15 an hour. With the new year, some 13 states hiked their
          minimum wage. Personally, I have no problem with a minimum wage per se
          although I still believe the market is the best determinant of one’s
          wages. But, it is here to stay. So, nationally perhaps it should be
          hiked to $8.25 an hour with a 5-year moratorium thereafter. Most
          importantly, in no case should a minimum wage hike be linked to the CPI
          since that is simply a death spiral where higher wages are passed onto
          customers which increases the CPI which then causes another wage hike.”
          5) “Immigration reform is another big idea on the agenda. I am all for
          fixing a broken immigration system. What I do not understand is the
          insistence that either side of the equation needs to be addressed first.
          That is, strengthening border security is insisted upon by us on the
          Right while addressing current illegals before border security is
          stressed by the Left. The two can and should be done simultaneously.
          Enhancements in border security should be built in as benchmarks to
          trigger other aspects of the program. Stronger workplace enforcement
          must be utilized and E-Verify made mandatory. We need to stress
          cyclical immigration of workers. We had a working immigration system at
          one time; perhaps we should go back to it. However, I am suspicious of
          the Left’s insistence on immigration reform and suspect that they see a
          huge pool of new voters. That may be the ultimate motivation to those
          on the Left. In essence, to the Left Hispanics are
          just another lackey constituency upon which they can count on for
          votes. Refocus the discussion on the morality of immigration reform. (This is a huge issue for me. I live in one of the most over populated Hispanic states in the Union. It sucks what they are doing to citizens here.” Now look at the new influx….Children, Seriously! There are so many people who do not want this yet it is being shoved down our throats. Obama is literally punishing Arizona and Texas by importing these people and releasing them by the bus load in the two states mentioned….. OUTRAGEOUS)
          6)”Some liberals responded that the legalization of marijuana should be on
          the agenda. Most people will be watching Colorado’s experience this
          year. Also, many complain that this should be an area where states can
          experiment in order to raise revenue, decrease the black market, and
          lower incarceration rates and save law enforcement dollars. The only
          problem is the federal government. Hence, perhaps the best thing
          Republicans can do in this area is have marijuana removed from the list
          of Class I drugs which would allow states more leeway in this area and
          get the DEA and people like Eric Holder out of the mix.” (Well you old hippies just want to get your way. Let’s just legalize everything while we are at it. Let’s keep young American’s doped up so that their brain becomes fried and, thereby; we can control them.)
          7) ‘There were the usual calls for greater use of green energy. Yeah, yeah,
          blah, blah, blah… I do not know of a single Republican or conservative
          who is against solar, wind or other so-called “renewable energy”
          sources. Conversely, I know of many liberals who are against cleaner
          fuels like natural gas and nuclear energy. To this writer, renewable
          energy comes under the “all of the above” rubric. What conservatives
          object to is the heavy federal subsidization of these programs.
          Liberals are quick to point to the subsidies afforded “Big Oil,” but
          turn a blind eye to subsidies for solar, wind, geothermal and ethanol
          fuels and energy. Just end subsidies across the board and tell
          America’s farmers to grow crops for food.’
          8) In 2014, liberals vow to take on the privatization of education and stop
          charter schools, school voucher and other conservative educational
          reform ideas and attempt to divert even more financial resources into
          public education. (So you are demanding that every child attend public school knowing all to well that public education is a huge failure. This is totalitarian by all accounts)

          What party has gotten their way time and time again for the past 6 years? What party is preaching a totalitarian way of thought for the past 6 years? What party is under handedly FORCING Conservatives to go along with their plan for the past 6 years? What president has been signing away ALL our rights for the past 6 years? By the time your side is done with us their will be nothing left. This man will go down in the history books as the ruination of this nation. All through the use of suppressive brainwashing of youths, naive illegals and the use of the race card in case anyone bulks. Seems you all have a win win situation here. We don’t want to impose shit on you but you have done your damage. I hope you are happy with the end result. Just wait until the lack of rights hit home for you…..

  • RobertCHastings

    Unfortunately, as the Republican party has shifted farther to the right, the entire political discussion has done the same. Since FDR, one party or another has advocated some form of universal healthcare and its most recent incarnation, the ACA, is by far the most conservative. Wars have for the lives of any of us now living been financed by taxation or federal bonds, or a combination of those and other means. With the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have been the first wars within our memory that have been financed solely by public debt. In fact, pretty much everything that the federal government is doing today is primarily funded by increasing the debt, regardless of the Republican insistence on nothing getting passed unless it is funded. The level of taxation in this country is the lowest it has been since the ratification of the 16th Amendment (yes, that is an exaggeration, but not much). It is impossible to understand the logic behind the Republican agenda of cutting taxes and continuing to spend.

    • Terry b

      Very well written. Only the truly ignorant will have a problem with what you have said.

  • jointerjohn

    The republican party is about to collide head-long with the downside of it’s fierce and ugly gerrymandering. When a party designs districts to support its candidates, and only those candidates, those same candidates are no longer subjected to the natural political homogenization force of compromise or moderation. Compromise and conciliation are the root ingredients of any representative government. Pretty soon those candidates start to talk nutty. OOPPS! Too late. Diversity, conciliation, and compromise are the life blood of all democracies.

    • idamag

      Maybe it was gerrymandering that put nuts like Gohmert or Bachmann in office.

  • idamag

    I understand that crazy people are born all the time. What I cannot understand is people send them to Washington. Fortunately, those who are not nuts can see through the fascist like behavior. Those, who have their own mental disabilities will follow them.

    • plc97477

      The reason so many of these crazy people end up in washington is because humans as a rule are lazy and do not want to do their own research. They are happy to let someone with an agenda do the research for them. If they leave it to faux snooze then they have lost the ability to make informed decisions.