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Saturday, October 22, 2016

The game is fixed.

The Republican base is sure that the only reason their party ever loses is because they don’t fight. And when they fight, they know that the only reason they don’t win is because their “moderates” give up.

The Tea Partiers and evangelicals — who are the majority of GOP primary voters in districts Republican members of Congress represent — have been dying for a fight since the moment President Obama took office. And they’ve gotten it.

Republicans have gone to historic lengths to oppose all the president’s nominations and proposals, even after they become law. But still the base feels that their party — which is now almost entirely made up of Rush Limbaugh-worshipping ideologues who’ve pledged never to lower taxes for the rich, to overturn Roe v. Wade and to make an Al Gore joke any time the temperature drops below 50 degrees or someone says “internet” — is full of squishes.

That’s why the 2012 GOP primary turned into a contest of who could say the worst things about the president and the people who vote for him. That’s why Mitt Romney lost. He spent four years only implying Obama was a socialist. He didn’t actually say it. These “Republicans In Name Only” may threaten a global economic crisis to get rid of Obamacare, but they don’t have the Liberty Bells to actually go through with it. That’s why we lose!

And that’s why Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) returned to Iowa on Friday a conquering hero — though the only thing he’d conquered was his party’s leadership, and just for a few weeks.

He’d gotten the government shutdown he’d been demanding for months. But the “tsunami” of support for defunding Obamacare he promised if Republicans stuck together ended up crashing down on the GOP, bringing the party’s popularity to historic lows, and putting its House majority at risk.

He was greeted with a standing ovation and received uproarious applause at the Republican Party of Iowa’s annual Ronald Reagan fundraising dinner. Of course, Cruz is rewriting history for his fans in Iowa.

“We didn’t accomplish our ultimate policy goal in this battle, and we didn’t because unfortunately a significant number of Senate Republicans chose not to unite and stand side by side with House Republicans,” the junior senator from Texas said. “Had we stood together, I’m convinced the outcome of this fight would be very, very different.”

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  • CrankyToo

    An open message to the tool who posts drivel under the name of “Infidelicious”:

    Further to our earlier conversation, when I say I’m only a genius compared to you, I’m being self-deprecating, which conveys two ideas to the reader who’s possessed of a modicum of intelligence: (1) that I’m modest (which is a trait attractive to most normal people); and (2) that you’re a total dumbass because, although I’m not a genius, you make me seem like one.

    Get it? No. Of course you don’t get it. The concept of self-deprecation is way over your head – and that’s why I made the comment. I suspected you’d respond with something totally inane, which would reinforce to other readers that you’re an idiot. And you, of course, you did not disappoint in that regard.

    So let’s review… what you should have learned from this lesson is that self-deprecation can be a good thing; modesty is almost always a good thing; and you’re a dumbass.

    Naturally, all of those lessons will be lost on you, primarily because you’re a person of extremely limited intelligence and secondarily because your ideological zeal compels you to say (write) things which make no sense and ignore those things which make perfect sense.

    In other words, you’re a fucking moron!

    Now, here’s the good news: It’s not your fault that you’re stupid. Intelligence – or lack thereof – is the result of a genetic crapshoot. What that means to you is that you can legitimately lay the blame for your stupidity at the feet of your parents. Now, doesn’t that make you feel better, Bozo?

    • infadelicious

      wow! i guess i hit a nerve.. an open message when you could have replied to me . That would mean it’s actually an open blathering message to your buddies. i notice that your “modest” self spent the whole rant lamely attempting to make me look bad by insulting me. Did your intelligent self not know that doing so only reflects poorly on you. You seem a little angry. So , let’s review your grand mal hissy fit , I am an immodest , idiotic dumb ass and all of your “lessons” will be lost on me. Q: So why did ya bother, puddin pop? A: to impress your friends and reassure yourself that you are not the clown your earlier replies have shown you to be. So don’t sweat it.. oh, and using the f bomb…..really?…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Tip of the day to relieve your anger: chew your pop tart into the shape of your fave farm animal…. maybe a sheep..Have a good day CrankyToo

      • Elisabeth Gordon

        You’re still an idiot….F bomb or not….

        • infadelicious

          Good Day Elisabeth, Not sure why you feel this need to jump in and insult me every week or so.. It’s kind of creepy. I guess Fern Woodfork is rubbing off on you. I have nothing further to say to you as you just threw out a lame insult and it has no effect. Am I supposed to cry or get mad?. Sorry, didn’t happen twinks. You have a beautiful baby . Please give it a chance and DONT choose homeschooling……Have a nice day…

          • Elisabeth Gordon

            Where in God’s name would you get the idea for even a nano-second that I would home school my child….that is an idea rallied by the right who think that by “protecting” their children from society they are doing them a favor….then one ends up with people like Sarah Palin and her ilk….ugh, no thanks. Society is by no means perfect but it sure as hell beats those who keep their heads in the sand and refuse to think rationally.

  • John Pigg

    Warren is a far better choice than Clinton. And would do far better electorally than would the Clinton dynasty.

    • concerned Grandma

      I love Eliz Warren but I question whether or not she is known well enough throughout the country to carry the day. I suspect that she is not. She is so articulate! How would someone with such a fine command of thought and speech debate someone who talks in ‘talking points’ and simplistic slogans? Just wondering.

      • DAYDREAM2

        I also love Elizabeth Warren, but I don’t see her even thinking about running for that office for many years. Arguably she does not have enough,national office experience at the moment. But she is certainly a player for years to come.

      • RobertCHastings

        Clinton, when he became president, had NO national standing, only 12 years as governor of one of the more backward states. In fact, not much of anybody over the past couple generations has had any real name-recognition prior to running for president, except John McCain and Mitt Romney, and we see how that helped them. Reagan was governor of California, probably the most visible of presidential candidates in recent memory. Papa Bush had been in Congress and head of the CIA, not exactly a path conducive to noticeability. We know about Clinton, but who ran against him? Bob Dole had been a permanent fixture in DC as a Senator, and a good one, but it didn’t help him. Then Bush ran against Gore and then Kerry (both W opponents had better name-recognition). Obama kicked ass on both McCain AND Romney,both having better national recognition. So, it really appears that recognizability may be a handicap.

      • John Pigg

        Well, she stands for reform, and “real-people issues”. I could be enticed to vote for her far easier than I would Clinton.

        In my personal opinion the states have had enough of Clinton, and Bush.

        • concerned Grandma

          Interesting days ahead!

      • plc97477

        Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see her debate palin. I can see palin now “can I call you joe?”.

  • Dominick Vila

    Let’s not confuse his unpopularity at a national level, with his re-election chances in Texas. He may not have a chance in hell to be elected president – birther concerns notwithstanding – but in some part of Texas Ted Cruz is a hero and he is likely to be re-elected by a landslide.

    • disqus_fsqeoY3FsG

      Somehow I do not think the birther issues will be brought up by Republicans when Cruz runs for President.

      • disqus_ivSI3ByGmh

        They will if Donald Trump decides to play around with the electorate again.

      • Dominick Vila

        I agree. That concern only applies to certain members of our society.

    • Mark Forsyth

      No doubt he is a big hit on the beef barbecue circuit down in the Big Thicket area.Down where they like their beef and bullshit well done.

  • taedium_vitae

    Hahahahaha – we’d all love to see a Cruz – Palin ticket in 2016!

    • disqus_ivSI3ByGmh

      Seriously? C’mon. I cannot imagine Sarah letting anyone else get on top of her again. She would demand a Palin-Cruz ticket without winning a single primary or caucus.

      • Ford Truck

        I have a feeling that dozens have “been on top” Palin since her embarrassing vice-prez candidacy.

        • infadelicious

          dozens? but you can be sure Reggie Love wasn’t one of them.. He’s too busy being led from behind by obozo

          • Paul Shene

            Quit projecting your pornographic fantasies, you troll very poorly.

          • infadelicious

            thanks for the advice Reggie………………

        • Mark Forsyth

          Rumor has it there is a new whore house going up in Wassila,Alaska,home to Palin. It is to be called Sarah’s House of Preposterous Perversity and Peccadillos.To be furnished with the well worn gubernatorial couch.

    • ChrisArc

      Palin already cost the GOP one election and you want to she her do it again? LOL

      • taedium_vitae


      • tax payer

        Palin should go back to Alaska and be the Governor there once again because a Vice-President she’ll never be in the USA.

        • kmkirb

          Frankly, I wish she’d crawl back under her rock so we’d never hear that voice again.

          • Mark Forsyth

            What a glorious God given blessing that would be.Long before I knew who she was I used to think she was not a bad looking middle aged woman,but then she opened her mouth and revealed that she was full of shit,thus ruining any chance of my continuing to see her in the same light.Alas,she is Alaskas’ worst physical feature.

        • ChrisArc

          I would be surprised if even Alaska wants her back!

      • plc97477

        And again, and again and again. How long can we keep it going?


      SNL’s rating would go through the roof.

  • FT66

    Let Cruz, cruise his Party the way he wants. By the time they will realise now it is too much and try to stop him, it will be too late already.

    • plc97477

      I think it may already be too late.

  • ChrisArc

    Hopefully the people of Texas are smart enough to vote this nut out of office as soon as they can. Shutting down the government causing tens of thousands of federal workers to not get paid, while they got paid to do nothing, and almost causing us to default on the national debt which would destroy our economy just because the GOP did not get their way was not a smart thing to do.

    The Affordable Care Act is law now and congress does not have the right to decide which laws to fund and which laws not to fund. The only thing they can do constitutionally is to try passing a bill the repeal it.

    Even talking about letting this nut run for president is enough to guarantee the GOP another loss!

    • MasterWes

      Actually, there already IS a precedent of sorts. One of Ronald Reagan’s first budgets included a refusal to fund the US Public Health Service hospital system, which was originally the Marine Hospital System, created by Congress around 1796 to care for uninsured civilian merchant seamen. All Congress had to do was go along with the refusal to include the funds to operate, and the entire system folded overnight, and has never operated since.

      As a merchant seaman myself, who had occasion to use that system in my younger days, I don’t agree with that tactic, but then, it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

      • ChrisArc

        Yes, it is a trick they use like a filibuster to stop a bill from being voted on but it is not constitutional!
        The GOP is good at violating the Constitution, Bush did it every time he signed a bill by adding a signing statement. All he had the constitutional right to do is say yes or no to the whole bill and not to say which parts he wanted enforced and which parts he did not.

  • Vanbren5

    Ted Cruz = Joe McCarthy



    • Desire

      Well like they always say History repeats itself every Hundred yrs or so.

      • plc97477

        I think we should have had more of a reprieve.


    Ted Cruz is the embodiment of every thing that is broken in the GOP. Their hatred of Obama is so deeply rooted, they cannot think through and grasp the consequences of their actions. For years people have been scratching their heads and wondering, “Are these people TRYING to get voted out of office?” Let’s start with the 47% remark. Great, alienate almost half the country. If there are any women left in the GOP (who aren’t insane) let’s talk to them about “binders full of women” and “legitimate rape”! OK, now that we’ve taken care of segments of the population, let’s go for the whole enchilada. Let’s shut the government down so all Americans are adversely effected. Oh, and make sure they all know that we in congress will still be taking OUR pay. In 1976 being an incumbent Republican was a death sentence(thank you Richard Nixon) as all were tied to Watergate, right or wrong. Democrats don’t have to worry about beating the GOP at the polls. They’ve created their own cancer in the form of the Tea Party. Hi, everybody. We’re crazy and we want you to vote for us. You know what we stand for, so we’re just going to continue to reiterate our positions. See you in November! I may be wrong (quite possibly), but I envision a blood bath coming and the GOP has no one to blame but themselves.

  • Sylvia Arnold

    he’s fighting for what’s good for the AMERICAN people and for the people that put him in office…..didn’t hear from any one else…..

  • Desire

    Elizabeth Warren should be running 2016 She is by far the one and only good and honest politician that we have left in America or should I say one of the VERY few left who could take this Country back to a time when we were respected around the globe today we are hated…

  • The campaign slogan is a perfect way to end this article.

    Money, I promise you, is the only thing motivating Ted Cruz. He’s basically following Sarah Palin’s model; he’s making a mess of Washington, increasing his notoriety, pandering to the crazies and convincing them to empty their wallets for his Presidential campaign.

    Cruz, however, will ultimately lose, just like Huckabee and Santorum before him, and after that, he’ll be a correspondent to Fox News and the host of his own radio show.

    This is the problem with electing businessmen to Washington. Businessmen are in it for the money, and now the business in Washington isn’t as good as the business of screwing things up in Washington and then blaming others for it.