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Monday, January 21, 2019

Texas Attorney General: Texas Didn’t Discriminate Against Minorities, Only Against Democrats

Texas Attorney General: Texas Didn’t Discriminate Against Minorities, Only Against Democrats

Republican Texas attorney general Greg Abbott wants to make one thing clear: when Texas Republicans engage in gerrymandering tactics, it’s not racially motivated. It’s simply about partisan politics.

Abbott, who is the overwhelming favorite to succeed Rick Perry as Texas’ governor, is continuing to defend the state against a lawsuit seeking to bring its voting laws back under federal supervision, following the Supreme Court’s decision to “neuter” the Voting Rights Act.

Attorney General Eric Holder announced in July that the Justice Department would work to fully restore the Act in states with a recent history of voter discrimination, and made it clear that Texas is a “particularly strong candidate for such federal supervision” due to the “evidence of intentional racial discrimination.”

Holder’s comments followed a federal court’s findings that Texas had, in fact, engaged in intentional race discrimination when it last drew its district lines. According to Holder, Texas Republicans “consciously replaced many of [a] district’s active Hispanic voters with low-turnout Hispanic voters in an effort to strengthen the voting power of [the district’s] Anglo citizens.”

Texas’ defense does not deny that Texas engaged in discrimination, but it does deny that it did so on the basis of race.

Greg Abbott backed up Texas, explaining: “In 2011, both houses of the Texas Legislature were controlled by large Republican majorities, and their redistricting decisions were designed to increase the Republican Party’s electoral prospects at the expense of the Democrats.”

In other words: The state’s Republican Party was trying to water down Democratic votes, not those of minorities.

Abbott’s admission serves as a great defense against the Voting Rights Act – a law designed to protect against or prevent racial bias in voting in states with a long history of voter discrimination – and it also proves that Texas did not actually do anything illegal.

Still, partisan gerrymandering is hardly unassailable; various Supreme Court justices have noted that the practice can be seen as a violation of voters’ First Amendment right.

The purpose is to minimize a party’s influence while strengthening the opposing party’s voice and power. By discriminating against Democrats, Texas engaged in a form of viewpoint discrimination – something prohibited by the First Amendment.

Even if Abbott’s brief proves Texas did nothing illegal or racially discriminatory, Texas will have to continue its battle against the Justice Department. Just two hours after the Supreme Court had lifted federal supervision and restrictions in Southern states, Texas announced it would advance a voter ID law, despite federal courts insisting that such a law would “disproportionately target the state’s fast-growing minority communities.”

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13 responses to “Texas Attorney General: Texas Didn’t Discriminate Against Minorities, Only Against Democrats”

  1. docb says:

    POP GOES THE WEASEL AND OUT COMES ABBOTT… Looking dumb and insensitive…lying to yourself does that.

  2. Budjob says:

    I desperately want to exit the USA and relocate to Canada However,my better half is reluctant to do so.

    • Reddiaperbaby says:

      Reluctant??? If I were that lucky, I’d be packing before you finished speaking. Right now, Canada looks like the Promised Land. Ask her again…and again and again.

  3. samantha657 says:

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  4. JDavidS says:

    “He told the truth…” An unforgivable sin for any Republicon/Tea Clown.

  5. MerryMarjie says:

    So HIS brand of gerrymandering is OK. What a buffoon.

  6. Jim Myers says:

    If the Democrats tried any of these tactics against Republicans, they would be howling at the moon.

  7. Dominick Vila says:

    This guy is not a racist, he is just plain dumb. Nevertheless, he will most likely win by a comfortable majority, in part because of gerrymandering and, to a large extent, because for some the Constitution is only relevant when it is a convenient tool to achieve political or social goals.

    • Lisa Whitehead says:

      No he will win because the people of Texas are just dumb enough to elect him. It ain’t easy being blue in this sea of red….trust me.

      • Dominick Vila says:

        I know the feeling, I live in a red district in central Florida and the only thing I saw whenever I went for a bike ride last year were Romney signs and empty chairs in people’s yards. I wonder if they got their money back when they had to cancel the predicted celebrations…

  8. charleo1 says:

    We’re not disenfranchising minorities. Just the Political Party 95% of all minorities
    belong to. Further explaining, we have no problem per say, with Blacks, Latinos,
    young people, young people, who happen to be of African American, or Latino descent, or, other minorities of Asian/Indian descent, young adults in those demographics, the poor, or the unemployed, we have shamelessly insulted, and,
    refused to life a finger to help in any way, in the deepest recession in 80 years. Or. others, like the college educated, especially college educated women, Gays,
    secularists, and city dwellers. We love all these people. We just don’t want their
    votes, which we know we don’t have a snowball’s chance of getting. To not count.
    See! No discrimination here!

  9. dtgraham says:

    Remember the good old days when Republicans used to rig elections and then lie about having done so? Those were the days. Now, they just fess up right away and start bragging about it.

    Earlier this year the GOP held a conference in North Carolina where they actually boasted about their infamous “Redmap” strategy screwing the democratic process by producing a Republican controlled Federal House, despite being outvoted substantially by Democrats the previous November. Now Abbott makes his contribution.

    Look guys, I get that your party has the morals and ethics of a Norway rat. I get that. However, like your rodent brethren, shouldn’t silence be golden? It’s the bragging that I don’t get.

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