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Saturday, October 22, 2016

On Monday, the Texas Legislature went to court with the Justice Department in order to defend its 2011 voter identification law, requiring voters to present state-issued IDs at the ballot.

The voter ID law, known as SB 14, considers a limited selection of government issued documents as valid, among which Social Security, Medicaid, or student ID cards are not included. Driver’s licenses or concealed handgun permits, on the other hand, are completely acceptable.

Over the next five days, a special panel of three federal judges will determine whether Texas’ law infringes on the Voting Rights Act of 1965, which ensures minorities’ right to vote, and gives the federal government oversight of states with a history of voter discrimination. Critics — who are mostly Democrats, naturally — have argued the law specifically targets Hispanic voters, who are a growing, and largely Democratic-leaning constituency.

If the law is upheld, approximately 650,000 registered voters in Texas who do not hold a driving license or state-issued ID would be denied their ability to vote according to estimates by the Justice Department.

On Saturday, Attorney General Eric Holder railed against these measures at the National Council of La Raza in Las Vegas. La Raza is the largest national Hispanic civil rights and advocacy organization in the United States.

“We’ll do everything in our power to stand vigilant against any and all measures that threaten to undermine the effectiveness and integrity of our elections systems and to infringe on the single most important right of American citizenship: the right to vote,” he said.

Reaffirming his opposition to the suppression of minority votes, Holder spoke on Tuesday at an NAACP convention in Houston.

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  • dtgraham

    I caught this live on Fixed News and was planning to comment on the “privilege” thing if an appropriate thread came up on vote suppression. Axel beat me to it. That caught my attention right away. They kept insisting that voting was not a constitutional right but, rather, just a privilege. I’ve never heard this stated so clearly before by the right or argued so forcefully. They usually always fake it with an imagined concern about voter fraud. If voting is just a privilege, then it can easily be taken away from people and groups that you’d rather not see voting, and the Republicans are sure doing that in the various states.

    This really isn’t about ID. That’s not the issue. If several different types of reasonable ID were allowed, this wouldn’t be important, but that’s not what’s going on here. Democracy itself is being chipped away and that process is picking up speed now. They don’t want certain groups of Americans voting (read: Democratic leaning groups).

  • jarheadgene

    SMELLS to the HIGH HEAVENS of “Jim Crow” laws. The GOP has no shame, that is one of the reasons I left them after 30 + years.

  • 4BusinessOnly

    Question? How many forms of ID did the media have to present to be able to attend the meeting and what type of ID did they have to present?

    • SaneJane

      What exactly is your point? What type of ID do you think would be required to attend a meeting of a civil rights/advocacy group or an NAACP convention?

      • 4BusinessOnly

        That didn’t answer my question. Again, how many forms of ID did the media have to present to be able to attend the meeting and what type of ID did they have to present?

        • StephenMcDonald

          Give me a break. IDs for media are required for many reasons especially for security.
          This is clearly a move by the GOP to limit Democratic leaning voters. How can a gun permit be acceptable but a student ID is not?
          You RePugs talk aboutTOO MUCH GOVERNMENT, but now you want all voters to have a GOVERNMENT issued ID. And for the stupid comment that voting is a privilege it is not, it is every Americans right.

          • 4BusinessOnly

            Still didn’t answer the question. Really simple question and I am sure you can find the answers and then I will make a very simple point that even you guys that think it is about surppressing votes will understand.

          • StephenMcDonald

            All the media needs is an accredited press card

          • csmith

            “How can a gun permit be acceptable but a student ID is not?” That sentence alone defines you. The straight answer is that a “gun permit” is issued by a state government department after the person has passed an identity, and background check, but a school I.D. is not government issued, and can be easily falsified. The same reason I can not buy alcohol using my college I.D.

  • The “conservative” movement is engaged in an all out war against the middle class and, especially, the poor to ensure they protect the personal interests of the top 2% of Americans and those of the multi-nationals. To achieve their goal they have engaged in a concerted effort to suppress voting rights throughout the USA, particularly in areas with a large number of Hispanics or blue collar workers who tend to vote for Democratic candidates. The policies that are being put forth in Arizona, Texas, Alabama, Florida and other states are not an accident, they are part of a well crafted ploy to steal another presidential election.

    • onedonewong

      They are trying to insure that the 53% of citizens that pay all the taxes don’t end up paying any more for the 47% who leach off the producers of this country

  • If they fight this dirty to get their guy in there, how clean do you think their administration would be?

    • onedonewong

      We have already seen the Gestapo tactics of the obama brigade so it should be a refreshing change

  • I believe if you must show your id for so many different reasons, which we all know, why in the hell is it earth shattering to show it @ voting time? That’s common sense people. You must prove your age, you ‘are who you say you are’ for everything except voting. It is all about the minority vote, the dead people voting, double and triple names on the voting rolls – clean the mess up! If it’s a hardship to GET a voter id then surely it’s a hardship to GET to the store, to work, whatever. Seriously? Wake up America. Common sense – can we find some of that anywhere? Quit bitching about the right thing to do and just do it. If Holder had the media show 2 forms of ID @ his TX rally – why is THAT acceptable but don’t ask for any id @ voting time? Crap in a handbag. Get a grip – right is and always has been, right. Wrong is, and always has been, wrong.

    • Penny Forrester

      In order to obtain Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, one must produce a valid BIRTH CERTIFICATE. This is not a requirement for obtaining guns.

      Requiring further ID is re-inventing the wheel. Totally unnecessary, no matter what Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck and Sean Hannity tell you.

    • phantomoftheopera

      first, i’ve read multiple places that voting fraud isn’t prevalent. so that arguement is false. second, i rarely show my id anywhere–even when i have CID on the back of my credit card! third, if i’m poor i’m probably not going places where i need to show my id. fourth, i vote by mail. how do i show my id? fiifth, why don’t they offer free ids to people who can’t afford them? sixth, you’re right, it’s all about the minority vote–and being sure they can’t vote since they probably won’t vote republican!

      • the law allows for anyone that cannot afford it to receive it at no cost

      • csmith

        “i’ve read multiple places that voting fraud isn’t prevalent” Proves what? That a lie told often enough is accepted as the truth? Your racist attitude insults minorities, the elderly and the poor when you claim that they are incapable of obtaining a state issued id is repugnant. Next you will be wanting to allow them to purchase firearms without showing a proper I.D. because that is another a right protected by the Constitution.

    • Not everyone has access to vehicles or even public transportation. What happens to those who work and cannot get the Dept. of Motor Vehicle’s etc. during the hours of operation because they have to work? What about the Elderly who were born at a time when home births were common and they do not have birth certificates and/or have moved from the State where they were born. What happens if they have to rely on relatives to drive them, again what about those who work?

      There is no voter fraud running rampart. If this was a legitimate issue it would be bi-partisan, however, it is happening only in states where there is a Republican Governor and a Republican controlled legislation. President Bush did A 5 year investigation into voter fraud and at the end they found a total of 86 cases. Once the Prosecution and others began investigating them they found most were because of human error. NO VOTER FRAUD

      Voting is a Constitutional right and the argument that you need a Photo ID to drive a car – opening a bank account – board a plane; these are privileges not Constitutional Rights. Do you not find it odd that the only people that are being disenfranchised are groups that have historically voted Democratic?

      The only recent conviction of Voter Fraud was Republican Secretary of State in Indiana, Charlie White.

      If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck – It is a Voter Suppression Duck.

    • Most places that require ID accept various forms of ID, thus no problem is presented. However those that want you to ID yourself to vote also restrict the types of ID they will accept, thus causing a problem because everyone doesn’t have or can easily obtain the type of ID they will accept. I find it strange that some States will accept a drivers license as an acceptable form of ID. I find it strange because ONLY CITIZENS are supposed to vote, but you DON’T have to be a Citizen to get a drivers license.

      This rhetoric you hear about trying to prevent Voter Fraud is a smokescreen to hide the truth, there is no Voter Fraud.

      ” • Bush’s Justice Department made prosecution of voter fraud a priority. They spent a lot of resources trying to find it and what happened was that in the entire nation they came up with about 120 cases over a five year period and about 85 were convicted. “

  • onedonewong

    Why should student ID’s be valid??? Illegals go to school and also have instate tuition at Texas colleges

  • onedonewong – They (illegals) also drive cars, and you don’t have to be a citizen to get a Drivers License, yet you consider that an acceptable form of ID. How?

  • 4BusinessOnly – To determine the purpose of these laws one only has to look at WHO they affect and WHAT the effect is. Your point (whatever it is) is irrelevant.

  • montanabill

    Just to clear it up for those of you who don’t know the difference between the types of ID’s accepted and those not, the acceptable ID’s have a picture and were issued by a government agency. It does not seem to bother most of you that many of our elections have been tainted by dead people and illegal immigrants voting, but it should. My guess is that had the illegal votes been cast mostly for Republicans, you would be a lot more concerned, probably apoplectic.

  • excavatoreddie

    If a person is in this country illegally, that person has no right to vote. If a person is too ignorant to obtain a legal state issued ID, that person is too ignorant to vote.


  • We can’t let Romney & the GOP win.