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Thursday, March 21, 2019

Thank You For Paying Your Taxes, Saving Lives

Today I am turning my column over to Keira Scholz, a 23-year-old married mother of a 15-month-old son, who recently wrote a thank you note to American taxpayers on her blog. Keira describes — better than any columnist could — how paying taxes toward America’s social safety net makes this a great, generous nation that wisely invests in the next generation. With her permission, I’ve condensed and adapted her note (you can find the full post at, but otherwise I’ll let Keira do the talking:

Dear American Taxpayers,

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10 responses to “Thank You For Paying Your Taxes, Saving Lives”

  1. peace says:

    Excuse me while I throw up. During this time once she turned 16 or seventeen, she couldn’t get a job and put herself through college ? My Father was a alchoholic, and we barely ate, but I started working at 10 passing papers, worked myself through college and paid taxes all the way. This is what’s wrong with America, to many not willing to work to support themselves. I hope your education works out for you, but my guess is you’ll end up back on the welfare rolls you were brought up on. Good luck trying to beat your addiction.

  2. Alison says:

    Maybe ” peace” didn’t read carefully enough – I think he / she got the main point wrong. Keira,your thanks moved me to tears and reminded me of another success story I heard of recently told in the book Welfare Brat – A Memoir by Mary Childers. It’s important for America to hear these personal stories especially as we approach the time when we have to make decisions about who will lead us. Decisions should not be made so much based on the candidates lives, but what they say and their past actions to improve conditions for people like Keira.

  3. Abuela says:

    Keira, I usually do not enter comments, but after reading the first comment to your posting I could not stay away. God Bless You honey. You have managed to stay optimistic and believing in yourself in spite of all the adversity. I predict you will have a fantastic life and your baby is lucky to have you as a mom – what an example!. I hope some of my taxes made their way to the programs that helped you become the amazing woman that you are. I will add that it was the choices that you made that allowed you not to be the sour, bilious person that Permalink has become. Please ignore those comments and keep trusting in yourself.

  4. Keith says:

    Most of the world has welfare often much better than Americas.
    Australia is much more generous.
    Perhaps this lady thanked the wrong person, shouldn’t she have thanked the Chinese and others who lent the US government the money.
    She can look forward to paying the taxes to repay the debt along with interest.

  5. Jet says:

    I don’t feel particularly sorry of Peace. Sadly he had to walk up hill both ways to and from school, in a blinding blizzard, with no shoes, therefore he is able to scorn others efforts. Peace grew up in times that were far easier than they are today. He lives in a world where there are 400 hard working Americans 275,999,960 lazy Americans.

    There are far fewer ways to pay for college than when I attended. In the 1980s I paid a whopping $8500 for a degree from a state university, with the help of the ARMY. Today $8500 covers maybe a semester. Difficult for someone from poverty to attain.

    Anyone who has the gumption to pull their way up out of poverty deserves a break. NO Keira, you can join the workforce, and prove Peace wrong!

  6. Memerri says:

    I am so happy you did he right things and took the right path. That is what the system that helped you was intended to do. You go girl! To those who dont beleive in the government helping Americans I hope you go to sleep hungry and wake up hungry! You should NEVER have to feel the Hungar or SHAME that many feel every day because of people like you. Shame on you!

  7. freethinker says:

    I 100% agree with ‘Peace’ and I don’t feel the least bit sorry for him because he didn’t ask for anyone to feel sorry for him. For those of us who found a way to succeed without a government teat, even coming from worse circumstances than Keira, there is no need to feel sorry for us. We can overcome obstacles and find a way because we learned how. If you have to let someone else or government pave your path, you will probably never succeed. You might even get to be President, but you will still not know how to succeed. The proof is in the White House now!

  8. dpaano says:

    Keira, I applaud your efforts and appreciate your thankfulness. I’m glad that taxpayer money helped you become the person that you are today and, hopefully, the person that you will be. I’m sure that you’ll teach your child the same lessons that you learned and make sure he/she appreciates all that is available in this wonderful country. If Republicans could only see what these “entitlements” do for most people, they wouldn’t be working so hard to “cut” them to the bone. Anyway, good luck to you in your future….and thank you for appreciating what you were given and wanting to pay it back.

    As to “Freethinker,” you’re comment was ridiculous. If you think the “proof is in the White House now,” and if a Republican is elected to run this country after the next election….there won’t be many Keira’s around to “pay it forward.”

  9. MaryLongleyHalperin says:

    I’m glad to see the over whelming support for this young woman. Because she was able to grow up safely & make something of herself, she’ll become a productive member of society instead of a drug addict or dealer, or bank robber or any type of criminal. She won’t be joining our prison population where we provide ALL THEIR NEEDS! At taxpayer expense.

  10. Mrs. Barnes says:

    To be quite honest, Paying taxes is a whole bunch of BS. But good to see that it helped you. You and I are the same age with a child and I graduate with my BA next year. I don’t know what it’s like to have an addict parent or one parent, but I know what it’s like for one to be an alcoholic. Although I grew up in a rough neighborhood both my parents were there and I never had such an experience. Its almost like we were rich in the projects to be quite honest, we were sheltered and lived a great life went to great schools. But I get my taxes back through the financial aid I received to get my BA. As for Peace, whom needs to change their name to butt hole excuse them! My father was an alcoholic who worked and owned his own company, sorry that yours was a lazy one, but that doesnt mean be a jerk to someone saying thank you! When you got older yes you could have worked, and I could have also, but to be honest to this day I have only worked for my family’s businesses and work study. Anyways, I hope it all works out for ya! and go above and beyond because a BA will get you no where with this economy. ENJOY MY TAXES ALL YOU LIKE IF YOU STILL ARE AND GET EVERYTHING FREE THAT YOU CAN ATLEAST ITS NOT GOING TO A PRISON =D. GO GET YOUR WIC, WELFARE AND WHATEVER ELSE THEYLL GIVE YOU. I GET WIC AND I ENJOY SAVING THAT MONEY ON MILK. PEACE THATS RIGHT I GET WIC =D GO GET SOME AND BE HAPPY!!

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