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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Comprehensive immigration reform was the one policy suggestion that came out of the so-called GOP autopsy. The party’s big donors and top strategists like Karl Rove know that some grand gesture that stops the slide Republican presidential nominees have suffered since 2004 is necessary.

However, House Republicans don’t share that urgency.

“All of this high-minded stuff — that Republicans need to get the immigration issue off the table if they want to win and hold a Senate majority or win the White House — matters little to many GOP House lawmakers who sit in very white, very conservative congressional districts and who have much more to fear from a conservative primary challenger than from a Democrat,” explains Charlie Cook.

So rather than having any hope of passing the huge bill that got through the Senate with a more than two-thirds majority, Republicans will be stuck with crumbs of reform and lots of reasons for anti-immigration Republicans to keep talking.

The Washington Examiner‘s Conn Carroll believes that anti-immigrant ranting only hurts the cause of reform:

The same activist Spanish-language media that is beating up Republicans for not passing amnesty now, would immediately start bashing Republicans for not making the path to citizenship easier tomorrow. The left will again start promoting every stupid thing Steve King and his ilk say about immigrants, in order to, again, pressure moderate Republicans into caving.

In other words, by highlighting King, the left is again demonstrating that passing amnesty solves nothing.

He’s basically arguing that Latinos are never going to like Rep. Steve King (R-IA), so Republicans might as well vote like him.

Carroll is definitely right that the Hispanic media are watching reform closely and amplifying the worst comments about immigrants, the same way anti-reform Republicans are amplifying their concerns even though lots of Republicans — including a majority in the district represented by Steve King — want reform that includes a path to citizenship.

Here are five of the worst things Republicans have said about immigrants recently.