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Thursday, October 27, 2016

A new Boston Globe report has disproved another important aspect of Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital mythology, amassing evidence that Romney did not leave the private equity firm in 1999 as he previously claimed.

According to the story, which builds on previous reports in Mother Jones and Talking Points Memo, “Romney remained chief executive and chairman of the firm three years beyond the date he said he ceded control, even creating five new investment partnerships during that time.”

The Globe found nine SEC filings submitted by four different business entities after February 1999 that describe Romney as Bain Capital’s boss; some show him with managerial control over five Bain Capital entities that were formed in January 2002, according to records in Delaware, where they were incorporated.

The report could have a devastating impact on Romney’s campaign; in addition to exposing him to possible felony charges, it raises serious questions about Romney’s involvement in several Bain deals that occurred after 1999. Although Romney was not listed as a Bain manager in the firm’s offering documents after 1999, he was still legally responsible for every investment and decision made by the firm.

Consider just three major Bain-related controversies that, in light of the Boston Globe report, we now know occurred under Romney’s leadership:

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  • bcarreiro

    clarity, honesty and transparency … OBAMA represents. Do you like fudge Mitt?

  • he,s nothing but a lieing evil anti-christ greedy bastard. and thats talking nice about the rickhead . ill bet he was screwing the Gov. for taxs money for the time after 1999. he is just down right evil . why else would he be trying to be Pres. of this country ? he makes more money on his own . i belive he still works for bains now thats why he has the other bank accounts around the world to hide the money . and the only reason knowing romney like the news shows him is that if he was to take the white house . the least thing he would worry about is the pay he would get for pres. but more thinking of all the money he will make from those other greedy bastards. with him in the house he will make it so all his greedy bastard freinds will get more money in there pockets . and yes of corse the anti-christ romney will do that for a %,s of the money he lets his buddys get . he would make it like no MOB ever made money like he will the mafia will have taken small change compaired to what he would make . theres no reason why he would want the house money wise . but for the sake of making more money . its olny a matter of time before his evil ways comes to an end . rest and rot in hell anti-christ

    • BDD1951

      Don’t hold anything back Ivory. Tell us what you think.



    Mitt, Mitt, Mitt Don’t you know that the basis of all religions are the Ten Commandments and one of these has something to do with bearing false witness?

    So here you go again breaking that commandment again, and this is happening far too often for the American public to stand for it too much longer.

    Add to this the fact that your buddy Joseph Smith must be very upset at you and is keeping score for judgement day just like the American voters are waiting for election day.

    Better check if your old Bain Capital job is still available. Come next November 7th you will be needing something so you can pay your taxes.

    • HoosierGranny

      It makes me laugh at the Ultras and the Tea Party saying we must keep America a Christian nation. CHRISTian means believing in Jesus Christ as the Son of God and Savior. Mormonism does not recognize the Trinity. They believe that Jesus was a man who became a god -small g and any Mormom who follows the rules can work himself into being a god too. According to things I’ve been reading Mitt believes he is well on the way to becoming a god. Do I want someone like that as POTUS? No way!

      • Good point. As an agnostic I could care less what his religion is or what he believes in, the only things that matter to me are the qualifications of the candidates, their record, their character, vision and their political platform.
        Having said all that, I can’t help wondering how the Tea Party would have reacted if Barack Obama was a Mormon (highly unlikely) and his daddy had been born in a commune in Mexico. Do you think anybody is going to ask Romney for a copy of his birth certificate? I don’t mean a copy of a birth certificate like the one other Americans have, but a REAL birth certificate if you know what I mean.

        • bottom line Romney is a liar ! Everything he spouts out is a lie. He said Obama is outsourcing american jobs, now look at what he was doing at Bain Captial After 1999. He also wanted to let our auto industry go down the tubes, but Obama saved it and saved Millions of jobs in the process. Obama is for all americans and invests his money in our banks and investment companys. Spread the word we must keep Romney out of the White House. I can’t wait for the debates, Obama will have a field day with Flip Flop Romney.

          • Obama will whip Mitts butt !

          • but romney wants to be preznet really, really, really …. bad, so he will say anything. just don’t look in the rear view mirror, since where he has been has nothing to do with the future.

          • Michael he is sending funds for companies in other countries. That is where he is talking about creating jobs

        • I agree people wanting to see his taxes it took Obama 3 years to get a birth certificate from Hawaii a month before that they had found his brother in Kenya and he said Obama war born in Kenya figure that out maybe that was what broke all ties with his brother because he was never brought up again.

      • I don’t feel that Religions should be the front runner in any campaign . The main reason to vote for a person should be that he or she is honest and cares about their fellow man, that represented. The need to listen to the people and do what they want and not for personal gain.

        • CAThinker

          Well… Willard fails by that standard too… (but I do agree with you…)

      • Mormons are taught that Jesus and Satan are brothers from a previous life, both sons of God who are having a contest to see how many souls they can bring to God, Jesus thru love, Satan thru fear. They are taught that God lives on a planet called Kolob in the exact center of the Universe–although no telescope has ever found it. He lives there with many wives. Jesus & Satan are only 2 of his many children; Mormons believe they are God’s children from another life, reborn here on earth to “prove” themselves worthy of becoming Gods on other planets after they die. Joe Smith was a Major Liar when he copied a book called “The Hebrews” and called his copy The Book of Mormon. The Golden Plates were a Lie. Mormons are taught to lie for their own benefit. They believe the earth was created just over 8000 years ago & that God made dinosaur bones and The Grand Canyon “To test our faith.” I grew up a Mormon & I know they are Liars. We definitely do not want Romney for POTUS–UNLESS you’re ready for THE UNITED STATES OF MORMONISM.

      • CAThinker

        The last guy of his ilk talked to God… Every day… And believed that God talked back…

        • He also declared the homeland of the 9/11 terrorists, planners and financiers a Most Favored Nation for trade purposes to preserve the lucrative contracts we have in that country, and then asked his Secretary of State to deliver a speech at the UN in which he showed the world pictures of the buildings where nuclear and biological weapons were being stored, and the trucks that were being used to transport them. The definition of deceit needs amplification. And yet, there are some who proudly advocate to take America back, presumably to either the dark decade of 9/11 or to the pre-civil rights era…

          • CAThinker

            Yes… and it’s frightening that those that “want to take back their country” are really talking about “those” days… Hopefully the intelligencia find time to vote – I think that’s the only real way to make sure this freak does not get elected…

        • Our Maker talks to all of us , if we listen. I feel the communication is through our souls.

      • Lets see – the Mormons are officially known as the “Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints”. Wait a minute – they have Jesus Christ in the first 4 words of their name. What are the other religions that do that? None? That’s what I thought.

        But maybe we are better off having a turncoat Muslim in the White House. That way the POTUS can better guide the next group of terrorists when they fly a plane into the White House. “Ala Akbar, my a$$, Abdul! Don’t text when you are piloting an aircraft!”

    • ExPAVIC – the Protestant religion Does not have it’ basis under Old Testament Law. Jesus Christ is the basis of protestant religions. Christ fulfilled the law and became the sacrifice that under the old law, was a lamb. Jesus became the lamb, thus, the Lamb of God.

      • Don

        I have a Bible called the Jesus Bible where He is mentioned all through the Bible. In the Hebrew Bible, He is called Yashua, a variate of Joshua. He is the one that did all the creating in the universe. I can quote from the Hebrew Bible as well as the New Testament to show that Jesus is the one and only

    • The Man Is A Sociopath!!!

      • CAThinker

        To put a finer point on it, I think the term is compulsive liar… which is a brand of sociopath…

  • William Deutschlander

    Romney never was or has been a business man as defined by U S A Democracy.

    Romney was and is an EXTRACTER of CAPITAL from the U S A ECONOMY and the WORLD ECONOMY. By EXTRACTER he and his syndicate of collaborators, would assume control of companies assetts, then sell those assetts and pocket the proceeds (dollars) in personal foreign bank accounts to protect themselves from U S TAXES.

    Romney and syndicates never contributed anything of value to the WORLD ECONOMY, they only took (extracted) value from the WORLD ECONOMY!

    • peggybosley

      Romney can’t be trusted. All the monies he is hiding in other countries should be illegal and should be turned over to the IRS to satisfy his tax liability that he should have paid on the mony.

      • And That Fact That He Not Out Of Touch He Just Don’t Give A Damn!! Mr Strip And Ship And His American Taliban Are Mostly SOCIOPATHS!!!

    • The real problem with Romney’s business record is that it consists of benefitting a few at the expense of many. His loyalty has always been to the shareholders, CEOs and banker that own corporate America, rather than to the little person who labors all day to earn enough to pay his mortgage, his car loan, and pay for the education of a child. We deserve better than that.

  • joujou228

    For him to have aspired to be President, and thought he could behave like this with his business record and financial management is pure arangance. He filed legal documents and now is saying, I was not really in charge, but argued the opposite when he ran for Governor. He is betting on the non-informed and the mis-informed and the Obama haters to win this election. I can not believe anyone who is informed, and fair will vote for Mitt Romney.

  • The quest of extracting the truth and publishing it about Romney will be played until to the November election.

    However, in a good portion of the RED STATES, these facts will never be absorbed. So many have just one issue.

    That is to ‘put a white man back into the white house’ !

    Nothing else matters, the country will continue to slide into despair etc., but as THE GOP SENATE MINORITY LEADER has said many times: My primary objective is to make the current president a ‘one term president’!

    • highpckts

      I hear ya! Bigotry is very alive and thriving!

  • The Great Rom speaks the word and all of reality changes to do his bidding.

  • ctruskey

    Why didn’t Mr. Decker include the findings from CNN Fortune report in this article.

    • Good question,but we can look it up.

  • The problem for Romney is that he has to either admit he lied to the FEC when he filed documents indicating he was the CEO of Bain when the outsourcings took place, or he has to admit that he was in charge of Bain when the outsourcings took place. Another option would be to say that he was in charge but didn’t know what was going on, which would be as damaging as the other two. His Bain problems; “shell” companies in Bermuda that were often nothing more than a POB, and laundering money to secret bank accounts in the Cayman Islands and Switzerland to avoid paying taxes in the USA would be enough to put any of us in the slammer for the rest of our life. I doubt it will bother the herbal crowd. All you have to do is consider the support they gave Rick Scott, the founder and former CEO of Columbia HCA, the company fined for the largest MEDICARE fraud case in history, and you will know what the outcome of this embarrassing situation is going to be. The issue for some is not the crime, but who commits the crime.

  • edwoodterra

    Mitt Romney is a pretender to the thrown. He is for the rich people, by the rich people and everyone else will suffer. Anyone who goes through this much trouble to bury their past is an accident waiting to happen.

  • ste


    • oldtack



      If you are incapable of comprehensible communication then do the world a favor and go crawl back under your rock. And while you are at it —have a good day, sincerely.

  • olafaux

    This is our take:
    Well? One thing we have learned, about our Country, these United States of America? DO NOT MESS WITH THE FEDERAL “””LAWS”””. The Securities & Exchange Commission is one NOT to tell a LIE to. Not even Mr. Buffet fools around like Mitt does. 52 Billion Buffet. Now, if you get NAILED by the SEC, on a FELONY? Aspirations may go from the White House to the Jail House. What a shame. MONEY, Mansions, Car Elevators. MAN?
    God bless America.
    LGBT? We love ya. NAACP? We love ya. Poor WHITES? We welcome you. Senior Citizens? We need you. Mexicans? We want U. Latinos? Please, please come on in. Minority folks? MAN? U know It!

  • ste


    • No No No ……

      • Where in this article does it say anything about health care? I must have missed it.

        • Gammaanya

          Bunny – He is grasping at straws. The whole world knows and laughs at half of stupid Americans, that puts crooks in the positions of Governors and you see the results. Soon South will have plantations and we back to slavery for all not just black. It’s already happening. Republicanism at it’s best for now, wait and see if Mittsy the ditzy gets in. We all will be screwed.
          Mittsy have no clue about world economy – NONE.

    • WhutHeSaid


      Don’t worry little fella — just pull those covers up tight over your eyes and hold your breath. Soon the evil socialists hiding under your bed will grow bored and go away.

    • Gammaanya

      STE – Medicare, SS, Public Education ALL SOCIALISTICS PROGRAMS. Learn what socialism truly means and NO , don’t worry ACA will not bankrupt the country – Romney and Corp. will. I know you a hard core Christian, U pray on Sunday, kill on Monday.
      Ignorance can be cured but stupid is forever. Mind is like a parachute, only works when open. You will have a hard landing. Open you mind a little and you will see that life can be beautiful if we ALL CARE ABOUT OUR COUNTRY and fellow citizen’s. I hope that you read a Bible once in a while. “Give hand to the poor and ask for nothing in Return ” – Jesus
      Tolerance is the last virtue of dying nation. You are racist with the rest of Greedy One Percent. All racist are cowards – too afraid to get along with those who look different, speak different, act different, they all too afraid to admit their racism in public. They will hide under voting NO and Filibuster, and all in the name for the good of the people. Yeah.
      Their only goal and McConnell said so what their agenda is. The whole world heard it – and you are deaf and blind like the rest of ignorant, uneducated, missinformed racists outhere.

      • I Think You Told ste A Thing Or Two!!LOL You Go G!!!

    • DukeDacat

      Just what the Hell are you trying to say??????????????

    • oldtack


      What in hell are you trying to convey with all your capital letters that equate into pure gibberish?


      Read this again and let us all know if this is deliberate hokum or if it is an actual exhibition of your total ignorance of sentence structure.

      Or are you trying to let us know that you are a true blooded Evangelical Christian ultra conservative right wing-nut idiot.

  • rockinthebayinFlorida

    It is kinda funny how the states that are so “conservitive” and so “religious” (evangelical) red states, have the highest amount of internet porn purchased via credit cards, yet they have real prolbems with gay marriage, abortion, “dirty” book stores, etc. Also, note the number of high profile TV evangelists and preachers of mega churches, that have been caught with ladies of the evening or gay “escorts”, yet they damn people to Hell if they should even so much as entertain the idea of engaging in such activities…talk about hypocritical! Of course, they have to take the attention away from themselves in order for them to “play” on the dark side of life.

  • ctruskey :

    Read CNN article. First it admits that Bain Capital and Romney that Securities and Exchange Commission Documents showing Romney as “sole stockholder, chairman of the board, chief executive officer, and president” are accurate. This makes Romney legally and morally responsible for any and all actions taken by Bain. In addition, it was a very simply fix – just refile the SEC documents once he was no longer “sole stockholder, chairman of the board, chief executive officer, and president.

    In addition from the Globe article: “Also, a Massachusetts financial disclosure form Romney filed in 2003 states that he still owned 100 percent of Bain Capital in 2002. And Romney’s state financial disclosure forms indicate he earned at least $100,000 as a Bain “executive” in 2001 and 2002, separate from investment earnings.

    As part of its ruling in favor of Romney’s residency eligibility, the panel noted Romney testified to the commission he traveled to Massachusetts where he sat on the board of one notable Bain-related company, the office supply chain, Staples. Romney “testified that he was a director of Staples, Marriott International and Life Like,” the commission’s finding states.

    So when did he resign as director of Staples, Marriott International and LifeLike all three Bain related companies.

    This is a man who claims to be an astute businessman and yet he wants us to believe that he left himself wide open to legal consequences if Bain was sued or had failed to comply with SEC rules and regulations

  • Landsende

    Romney can settle all these questions by releasing his tax returns for the last 11 years unless he has something to hide.

    • DukeDacat

      Fat Chance of happening……

    • CAThinker

      Ockham’s Razor… He has something to hide – that’s what he is doing…

  • InStead of telling the truth about his money dealings that he is so proud of ,Mitt is being caught in his lies. The GOP really got sold a bill of goods on this guy.All this information on him should be posted as headlines on all media. We know that will n ot happen as the most of the nerws media are owned by big business.Corporations own most of our politicians and with Mitt who will sell of the rest of America as we know it.” no little Johnie, don’t be afraid of the Chinese,Russians or the Muslins. The real fear is the corporations and the politicians who are owned by them. They are the ones who have taken over your government and wish to inslave you and all Americans who are not very,very rich and go along with their ideals. We have lost, but it’s up to you and your generation to take back your government” VOTE TO AMEND

  • dljones

    Is your Democratic platform lack of achievements so bad Bain Capital is all you’ve got?

    • CAThinker

      You’re obviously someone with a short attention span… Hard to pick sides to debate Willard, because he picks both sides and refuses to talk about either or lie about both… the only concrete thing to talk about was his experience at Bain… and that has now been exposed as a sham… Bain isn’t all the Democrats got – but it looks like that is all that they will need…

  • howa4x

    Mitt is a perfect fit for a republican party that is built on greed. His greed led him to ship out american jobs and more greed led him to hide his money in off shore accounts and more greed led him to incorporate in Bermuda. He is backed by greedy donors like the Koch bros. who although are worth around 50 billion still want to break the back of the unions for wanting a fair wage. His Wall st backers want an end to regulation even though Chase JP Morgan just lost 2 billion on a bet in Europe and is against the health care plan because it takes away the 20% profit that went to them on insurance premiums and focuses more on patient care. So this election is really about the truly greedy vs everyone else

  • dljones

    How about ,”go Obama.”

  • Can’t Wait Till The Debates Obama Going To Wipe The Floor Up With Romney Lying, Flip Flopping Sociopath Ass

  • its no surprise,to be successful in a bunch of cut throat business mobsters, like donald trump, one of his supporters, you have to have the skill to steal,cheat, be more crooked than your other crooks you have to tell bigger lies than your opponents, or you dont win! problem with mitt Romney is he think we should let him play the same game being president! why do he think nobody should lay a glove on him, because he is a business man, and a crook! show us your records you bum!!!

  • That Goes To Show You The People Who Will Vote For This Thug Is Either Dumb, Stupid Or Thugs Just Like This Lying Greedy Bastard!! Where’s The Jobs Ask Mitt And His 1% So Called Businessmen They Have Been Stripping Companies And Shipping Jobs Overseas For Years Now!! Then Have The Nerve To Blame Our POTUS For Their Outsourcing!! GREEDY LIARS!!

  • tao99

    Willard has repeatedly lied throughout and after the Republican nomination campaign, why would he change now. Moreover, he hardly needed to be physically present at Bain to oversee its daily operations. There are obvious alternatives,e.g., telephone, email, telex, face-to-face meetings with his minions in Utah. It is absurd to think that Willard would turn his back on his cash-cow, that was filling his off-shore accounts with the spoils of bankrupt corporations and the outsourcing of innumerable jobs. Neither the American public nor our allies can trust Willard should he be elected President. Anyone with as many clouds over his head as Willard would never be confirmed by the Senate for any position. Willard is simply unfit to be President of the United States, the most powerful position in the World.

  • nomaster

    Willard the rat man is always up to his bag of ticks as republicans seem to push today. Lies and more lies.

  • Don

    I have not a cloo. He says one thing and Bain Capital says another. I am quite disturbed by awl this and look, he may get in trouble over these events which may make him not eligable as a good candidate.

  • Two

    The saddest part of this is that it really doesn’t matter whether Mitt held a managerial or advisory position at Bain after 1999. What matters is that he created Bain, set the objectives and the goals, developed the policies and procedures that Bain utilized to destroy companies, lay off workers, and put a lot of money into his pockets (read off shore accounts). Saying that he has no responsibility for what Bain did after he left is like saying the architect has no responsibility for the structure of a building after it is built.

  • Jerpell

    I love the way democrats lie to show Mitt Romney lie!

  • 1standlastword

    I think Republicans are going to be very regretful they didn’t select John Huntsman. Who cares if he worked for Obama. He IMO was the only electable person without baggage and embarassing character problems that weighed down the other candidates. I just don’t recall them attacking him like they did Mitt

    But with the current establishment being as perverted as it “really really is” I can see why Mitt

  • This guy is a liar and will say anything to try and get elected. God help us if the people in this country don’t wise up and re-elect Obama. He’s not perfect, but he’s trying to do what’s best for America.

  • Oh my God! Gop is at it again,you didn’t know that, “what is done in the dark comes to the light”. I would like to see tax report from the last five years. His birth ceritificate as well. lol!

  • This proof that what you do in the dark will SURELY come to light! He simple can’t be trusted as we already knew. He is full of shit and of himself. I wasn’t voting for him any way. No one can afford to vote for him unless they have $$$$$$$$$ to the nth degree. But even if I had millions or was a zillionaire, I still would not vote for him.

  • Mr.Romner old saying clean your own house before trying to clean our present house.I think you will hurt the average American worker,you don’t know what working for aliving means,that means all your members of congress.Your look tell’s it all when common people reject your issues.

  • From these comments, I couldn’t agree with “Kevin” more. Four years ago, our nation thought we were witnessing a historic moment in politics when Barack Obama was selected as POTUS. But as of this moment, after reading comments and hearing revelations of news, I realize that this upcoming Election 2012 will truly be T H E epitome of a historic election. This election will not only address the dreams of those gone on to glory, but the outcome will be the determining factor for women, children, families, the welfare/strength of our armed forces, our senior citizens, our middle class, the less fortunate, albeit, our future, our very existence. Let every voter examine him/herself, considering life as you know it now and where you, your family, and our Nation have hopes to be. Beauty may lie in the eye of the beholder, but perfection is a working from within.

  • Why anyone would vote for this lieing scoundrel now is so far beyond my understanding that I haven’t words to describe how you think. The man is obviously not interested in the American worker, the nation’s future or truth.

  • sigrid28

    When I hear about Mitt Romney disparaging “people who want free stuff” at his soiree at Dick Cheney’s estate on July 12th, or pick up the tone of entitlement with which he dismissed (on all news channels the next day) the obligation to be honest about his financial status and business dealings with the American public, I recognize a person who thinks he can be elected president and still identify exclusively with his cronies among the 1%.

    Note that Romney never, ever claims that he is or has been honest. Given his social status, he may not think basic honesty is a requirement. He is so much a part of the 1%, who feel that they can act with impunity, that he may not recognize the many ways in which he exposes his partisanship with the wealthiest Americans, with all of their private conventions (like Swiss bank accounts and bigotry) and secret peccadillos (like garage elevators and $10,000 bets).

    In “Moby-Dick,” Herman Melville identified this type among the ship captains of his day and even more widely, though figuratively, among those he calls “the Captains of this earth.” In a sermon about Jonah and the whale, Father Mapple echoes Melville’s comdemnation of these types: “Now Jonah’s Captain, shipmates, was one whose discernment detects crime in any, but whose cupidity exposes it only in the penniless. In this world, shipmates, sin that pays its way can travel freely, and without a passport; whereas Virtue, if a pauper, is stopped at all frontiers.” Melville would have seen through the Citizen’s United ruling in an instant. It allows lying “that pays its way” free travel.

    While I’m accessing this Sunday mood, I am reminded of how Melville, again speaking through the sermon of Father Mapple, defined Jonah’s calling: “To preach the Truth to the face of Falsehood!” Perhaps this is the task before us, as Democrats, in this election cycle. While the Republican Party proudly aligns itself behind Mitt Romney and his disrespectful cronies, committing itself shamelessly to the amplification and repetition of the Big Lie, the Obama campaign is obligated to do no less than “preach Truth to the face of Falsehood.”

  • bain game is unending boon for dems and insufferable bane of gop