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Friday, October 21, 2016

This week on Twitter was dominated by Donald Trump making Mitt Romney look both craven and weak, John Edwards getting far too much attention, and George W. Bush’s return to the White House. Here are the top Tweets of the week:

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  • We shall not forget Massa Mitt.

  • leaningtotheleft

    Shame we didn’t hang him in the White House for all his war crimes!!!

    • exjarheadusmc

      HERE, HERE…..why isn’t he and Cheney and whoever came up with the WMD lies sitting in front of a Congressional Hearing for TREASON…..fabricating a war that we didn’t need and robbing the taxpayers of TRILLIONS of dollars, plus costing the lives of many good men and women serving in the Armed Services. Neither one of those two cowards couldn’t have lasted a day in my Marine Corps.

  • Ed

    Seems like “cruel and unusual punishment against The residents, present and future , in the white house. GW with that stupid idiotic “what? Me worry ?”grin looking down on the shamblles he left.

  • DurdyDawg

    Maybe if we all ignore these egomaniacs they’ll just go away………….. Nope, still here (damn!).

  • bigspender7

    Perhaps Michelle can find a suitable closet to hang her new GWB portrait.