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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

The Big Lie: The President has “gutted” the work requirement from welfare reform.

The Truth: Mitt Romney is attacking a policy he has supported that encourages more welfare recipients to work, for the express purpose of provoking racial resentment.

In 1976, when Ronald Reagan attacked a mostly fictionalized “welfare queen” in a Cadillac, there was no doubt what he was invoking. Some call it the “Southern Strategy.” Our Joe Conason calls it “blowing the racial foghorn.”

But implications were clear. “Those people” are trying to take your money.

In 2005, Mitt Romney signed a letter from the Republican Governor’s Association that asked President Bush for “Increased waiver authority” in implementing Transitional Assistance to Needy Families program, more commonly known as “welfare.”

In 2012, President Obama gave five governors, two of them Republicans, more flexibility in how they managed their welfare rolls, so long as the changes resulted in at least “20 percent increases in the number of people getting work.” This is precisely the policy Romney sought.

In 2012, struggling to find an issue that voters cared about and seeking to avoid a report that suggested Mitt Romney would raise taxes on the middle class while cutting them for the rich, the GOP’s presumptive nominee accused the President of “gutting the work requirements” in welfare.

All the usual fact checking organizations declared this attack completely false. President Bill Clinton who signed the bill into the law has called the claim, “especially disappointing.” Republican Joe Scarborough said on MSNBC’s Morning Joe:  “It’s just completely false.”

Still Romney has run three ads that made these same claims while making a promise to “put work back in welfare” a staple of his stump speech.

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119 responses to “The Big Lie: Especially Disappointing Race Baiting On Welfare”

  1. The political ads blaming President Obama of eliminating the welfare work requirement is, indeed, race baiting and misleading inasmuch as it omits the fact that the whole issue was initiated by the Republican governors of Nevada and Utah who asked for more flexibillity in the implementation of the welfare work requirement. The ad puts those governors on the spot, but Mitt could care less since his only concern involves the achievement of his personal goals. The same goes for the deceitful scare tactics involving President Obama’s alleged plan to destroy MEDICARE, which is patently false and easy to reject by anyone willing to do a little research, and hypocriticl when we consider that the people responsible for the distortion put a plan – in writing – to dismantle MEDICARE and, by default, destroy the program for everyone due to lack of funding. The scary part of all this is that tactics such as those mentioned above are just the beginning of what is about to come. I heard part of an interview on CNN yesterday where a man, I believe he is a judge, suggested the probability of civil unrest or even a civil war if President Obama is re-elected. It remains to be seen how people will react to scare tactics such as these, but judging by the way seniors reacted to the MEDICARE issue, it would not surprise me if many swallow the bait, hook and sinker.

    • Erik Nash says:

      They’ve already swallowed the bait, the hook, line and sinker, everyone here in Oregon all claim that’s already happened. We even have certain groups here just waiting and praying that Obama wins so that they can carry out that whack job judges outlandish predictions

    • Romney Whole Campaign Is Just Obama Bashing And Endless Lies!! Only People Believe His Lying But Are The Many Dumb Racist People Who Must Have Been Living In Their Caves Without No TV ‘s Or Radio’s And If They Had Them They Wasn’t Watching What Have Been Going On For The Last Decade!!

      • old_blu says:

        Oh, they had TV’s and radio’s they are just stuck on Fox, and Rush. : ))

        • grammyjill says:

          Watch convention on msnbc on monday night. Important!

          • old_blu says:

            I read eveything I see that you have written, You are very well spoken, and I will watch.

          • Germansmith says:

            do not watch in MSNBC and do not watch on FOX
            Both of those channels have a political filter and shape commentaries to promote their political phylosophy.

            Ths fact still remains that both sides have wrong. One side will lead us to a very unfair society, the other one to a highly over-regulated bankrupt welfare state.

          • imabrummie says:

            Maybe the oncoming storm/hurricane is a sign that should be taken seriously by the GOP that a power greater than the likes of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan is displeased with how they seek to treat 99% of their fellow Americans!

      • Fern, these people would be better off had they been living in caves. Instead they are living in a cavern created by the Koch brothers and Rupert Murdoch whereas they have been fed lies by such whackos as Rush Limbaugh. Fox news is owned by Rupert Murdoch and the Koch brothers. Murdoch is being investigated in two countries: The U.S. and the United Kingdom for illegal actions. One reprehensible thing, he did, was wire tap families of 911 victims. If I did that, I would be in jail.

        • jarheadgene says:

          Why don’t WE the PEOPLE start a letter campaign to get this guy indicted….how dare he invade the privacy of those hurt the most by
          9-11 attacks. Does this fall under illegal wire tapping?

          • grammyjill says:

            Watch convention on msnbc on monday night. Important!

          • english_teacher says:

            I’m becoming jaded. What would a letter campaign do? Make us feel better for a bit that we’d done something but then it’s business as usual with these guys.

        • grammyjill says:

          Watch convention on msnbc on monday night. Important!

      • grammyjill says:

        Watch convention on msnbc on monday night. Important!

    • Bigspender says:

      You have to keep in mind the hysterical right that cheerfully believes anything negative about this POTUS. The truth is entirely irrelevant. Romney’s campaign knows that and as such has no fear of blatantly false campaign messaging. The level of stupidity on the right has become boundless.

    • grammyjill says:

      Just on msnbc, monday night at convention there will be no network coverage, just cable like msnbc. That will be when all the stuff they don’t want the whole country to will be on agenda. We should try to get everyone to watch.

      • Eduardo says:

        grammy: If you watch the Rep convention ….. you might end up voting for Romney…!!

        • grammyjill says:

          I don’t hardly think so. I have gotten use to having rights and don’t wish to give them up because some man thinks his religion is different than mine so his must be better. The founding fathers put into the constitution that there MUST be a separtation of church and state, but the republicans must not have read that part. I have studied this for a while now. The republicans have wanted to reduce women to barefoot and pregnant and can only do as their man says they can do for many generations. And look at what Todd Akin said. The republicans all had a fit. Not because he said something wrong, but because he let the cat out of the bag. I watch the House live on tv. They have spent the past year, not trying to pass the jobs act but trying to pass bills to stop abortion for ANY reason, trying to make it illeagle for a woman to have any kind of contriception, and trying to pass bills to take away any prevenitive health care for women. And look what you’ve got: Michelle Bachman on the intelligence commity. Really? And Todd Akin on the science and tech. The man knows nothing about science. All of both parties should have to go through mental screenings and IQ tests before they could even run for office.

  2. old_blu says:

    There are alot of people that abuse the welfare system, and it sure makes it bad for the ones that need it, I know it would cost more, but I think it needs to be policed better than it is now.

    • I Agree With You, There’s Has To Be A Better Way To Stop People From Abusing The System!!

    • english_teacher says:

      Statistics? Percentages of those who abuse the welfare system vs. those who don’t?

      • old_blu says:

        I don’t have any statistics, but I can tell you just the people that I know I consider three abusing the system, I think it would be pretty hard to ge stats on it. One guy I know was on welfare mowing lawns and making pretty good money “under the table”, he also would go to the food bank (all three local food banks) and get food from all of them, and sell it, I even ask how someone could do that, they are not connected, no way to moniter it, I also know a couple of people that could work if they had to and don’t, one of them told me it was so hard to get SSI, he don’t dare go to work. That is just in my little world, I can’t imagine how bad it is everywere.

        Another note I have no idea how to fix it.

  3. joceandre says:

    Mitt Romney will say anything to get elected. The question remains where is he going to get those jobs? Does he plan to bring those jobs back from the companies that he has closed? Again we have to listen to snake oil pitch. Attacking welfare in his case is just racist ,insinuating that black folks make the welfare row, which is completely untrue. Most of the folks on welfare are white. It”s not to put down anyone in need because when people are working they more than make good for the time that they needed assistance. The government does not care how you made it , they just come and take a good percentage in taxes. Yes Taxes a word and a fact that Mitt Romney does not know about!

    • Considering the fact that Ryan and his troops in the House dismissed President Obama’s proposal to punish companies that outsource jobs, and reward those that invest and create jobs in the USA; and their rejection of President Obama’s proposal to invest in infrastructure to create jobs and put it in a stronger competitive position, I think it is fair to say that job reation is very low in the list of GOP priorities. Like Mitch McConnell so eloquently stated the most important thing for Republicans in Congress is to make sure President Obama is a one term president, and if the price to pay is to ensure the economy remains in the dumps and millions of Americans remain unemployed or under employed so be it. After all, some are poor and some are union members…

      • One problem with voting against good ideas purely for political reasons is that, well, you’ve voted against good ideas. That can come back to haunt you when you try to say you’re in favor of what you voted against.

        • Unfortunately for us, it doesn’t seem to bother the GOP faithful, which makes you wonder if the rationale for their conclusions is influenced by issues such as having a clear vision of the future, policy, or something else. The fact that an overwhelming number of seniors favor Romney, even though his policies are bound to undermine their well being, suggest their decisions are influenced by something totally unrelated to policy. Thank God for the young, women, Independents and minorities. I would not count on the Hispanic vote, their voting record is dismal.

    • You Got That Right He’s Been Hiding Money Overseas For Years Now !! And He Think The People Of America Is Going To Forget About His Tax Return He’s Sadly Mistaken!!

      • joceandre says:

        Mitt Romney ,Paul Ryan, and Atkin would perform the surgical procedure themselves if it were only on Black women, but guess what their populations are diminishing bit by bit. They do not want the chickens to come home to roost! AH HOW HYPOCRITICAL IS THAT?

  4. The “flexibility” changes to welfare that the President has made are exactly the ones Romney wanted as Governor of MA. Those changes would actually require more to work. The innuendo that more Black people get public assistance, is propaganda. The majority of people on public assistance are white and elderly.

    • joceandre says:

      Most of the elderly are really on SSI which they have worked for. They did the crime (work) now they should get their time. We do not need all these billionaires , after all you can only sleep in one room at a time.

  5. YepThatTell says:

    In 1974, just graduated from college, I worked for the Louisiana Welfare Department. The monthly welfare benefit payment was incredibly low, but even more incredibly, if a recipient took a job, even a minimum-wage job, the eligibility criteria more often than not would render that person no longer eligible for assistance…even if the earnings were meager and hard enough to live on – hard to pay rent much less child care or transportation. That would encourage the recipient to quit the job in order to retain the Medicaid benefit for that child. Make no mistake, no one in my area was getting rich off welfare, even if they were gaming the system. And I could see why people would learn how to game the system: the assistance offered was so small; there was no tie-in to continuing education, jobs training or child care or jobs programs, but having healthcare available for children was of prime importance to most of the applicants I worked with. I saw generations of families that knew no other life than dependence on welfare. Some may want to blame them, but I blame a punitive, small-minded system that effectively worked to keep these people exactly where they were – at the bottom rung of society, uneducated, barely scraping by and lying when necessary to survive. It is sad to see that prejudice and fear are so well-used by the thieves in high places to deceive the populace they believe are too stupid to recognize Truth. Make no mistake, economic slavery still exists in the USA – there are just so many more slaves now. Many of them have underwater mortgages and college degrees they can’t pay for.

  6. Melvin Chatman says:

    What Faith / Religion allows it’s Members to LIE on a daily basis?
    Most Faiths / Religions consider willfully telling lies as a SIN which God watches and records 24/7 – We’ll all have to give an account for OUR Sins and GOD don’t need no Money!
    I don’t think being President is worth telling Lies all day, every day, just because YOU owe a few Fellows some Bucks$$ MITTENS!
    Jes Sayin!!!

  7. ChicagoGirl2975 says:

    I am already tired of the campaign season and it’s just gearing up. It is time for real change in elections. These men are candidates for a job. I want to hear from them why they are qualified for the job – not what they think of their competition. In the work force, candidates for jobs don’t know their competition. They go to job interviews and tell their prospective employers why they are the best choice for the job. I want to know why they are qualified, what experience they have that demonstrates why they are qualified, what their education is and what they would do if they got the job. I don’t care what they think of the other guy.

    Each candidate should be given a specific amount of money (the same amount) to run his/her campaign. Negative campaign ads should be illegal. An independent election board should prepare questions for the candidates. These interviews should be conducted independently, but at the same time, so the other candidate does not hear their opponent’s answers. Then the interviews can be aired so we can judge the candidates on their merit. Period.

    The future of our country is far too serious to put up with all of this crap. Convince me of why you are the person who will make make the economy better, who will take care of our citizens who need help, and who will protect our environment. I don’t want to hear why you the lesser of two evils.

    • YepThatTell says:

      Let’s go a bit farther and institute a national popular vote to replace the archaic electoral college that vests too much power in only certain states not to mention dubious small-time politico-electors, and effectively negates the votes that are cast against all but a single candidate. Mix in some voter suppression in a few states and rig the voting machines, and an election is bought and paid for. It’s depressing to be a Democrat in a GOP-controlled state as I am in Louisiana, and know that my vote may have no impact in the election this year. But I will vote anyway, proudly for President Obama. Our votes are important because the GOP is trying so hard to destroy voting rights in this nation.

      • ChicagoGirl2975 says:

        I absolutely agree. I’m a Democrat in Utah, so I know how you feel.

      • BDD1951 says:

        And I’m a Dem. in Texas. It’s bad. Texans are in love with the rep. party and they don’t think of the consequences.

        • Landsende says:

          I’m an independent that leans more toward the democratic parties policies especially since the republicans have been taken over by the tea party and radical religious zealots. I also live in Texas where we have a joke for governor and judges that try to stir up racial hatred. It amazes me when I talk to my friends how brainwashed they are by Faux News and Rushbag although a few are finally starting to question the teapublicans agenda especially when it comes to womens rights, the enviroment, gutting medicare, medicaid and social security, and their plan to cut taxes for the wealthy while raising them for the poor and middle class.

      • old_blu says:

        @YepThatTell– I agree I live in the north west, and sometimes we know who won before we vote.

      • jarheadgene says:

        REMEMBER ….One Person , One Vote unbought…unpaid for….strikes at the heart of the Koch Bros and alike. Don’t fret….just vote…and try to encourage others.

        • YepThatTell says:

          Absolutely, jarheadgene. If we can wake up the masses with Truth and get them to the polls, I truly believe President Obama could and should win re-election by a landslide.

      • Mildred says:

        I feel exactly the same. I live and vote in Oklahoma, the “reddest” state in the nation, but I will still vote for Obama.

  8. jr_06498 says:

    You will notice something with Mitt, watch him while he is talking, his both eyes keep on blinking, it is a sign if a person are telling a lie. Problem of Mitt he keeps on talking for something that he cannot explain, according to him he paid taxes, and he is not hiding anything.
    SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR SUBMIT ALL YOUR RECORD PERTAINING YO YOUR TAXES FOR LAST FIVE (5) YEARS. according to Mrs Romney if they will going to submit their are more question, well because they knew in the first place there are questionable from their taxes. According to him OBAMA raided Medicare for over $700 billion and put it to the program OBAMA CARE, WHY?

    • jojo says:

      Let’s take a closer look at Barack Obama………….

      1). Occidental College records – SEALED.

      2). Columbia College records – SEALED.

      3). Columbia Thesis paper – SEALED.

      4). Harvard College records – SEALED.

      5). Selective Service Registration – SEALED.

      6). Medical Records – SEALED.

      7). Illinois State Senate schedule – SEALED

      8). Illinois State Senate records – SEALED.

      9). Law Practice client list – SEALED.

      10). Certified Copy of original Birth Certificate – SEALED.

      11). Signed Embrossed paper Certification of Live Birth – SEALED.

      12). Baptism Record – SEALED.

      13). Michelle Obama can no longer practice law as an attorney – WHY?

      14). Michelle Obama has 22 assistances, when other first ladies had only one – WHY?

      15). Barack Obama received “foreign student aid” as a college student…..

      16). Used _??_ country’s “passport” when he visited Pakistan in 1981………

      17). Barack Obama is a member of the Communist Party of America (CPUSA). 

      18). Barack Obama stated to the SEIU on 8/17/2007
      – Your agenda has been my agenda…. 

      19). Barack Obama stated to La Raza on 7/13/2008
      – We rise and fall together as one people,
      ….And together,…we will transform this nation (America).

      20). The Communist Party of America (CPUSA) 
      has endorsed Barack Obama in 2004, 2008 & in 2012.

      21). Barack Obama has very close ties with George
      Soros & William Ayers.

      22). In 2007 & again in 2012, Barack Obama has 
      received 10’s of millions from the government of China.

      23). On 1/17/2008 – Barack Obama stated
      “If someone wants to build a coal-powered plant,
      they can, it’s just that it will bankrupt them… 
      under my plan of cap and trade system, electricity 
      rates will necessarily skyrocket ).”

      • BDD1951 says:

        All school and college records are sealed. I needed to get my son’s high school records and they wouldn’t let me have them because he was already over 18 years of age. So this constant ballyhoo about his records being sealed is just a bunch of BS.

      • jr_06498 says:


      • You have made my point that we have evolved so far and are accelerating down the othr side. All of your “thinking” is filtered through your preconcieved biases. If you weren’t prejudiced, you would find some good in Obama, but your prejudices will not let you do that. There is so much division and you are of the tea party. There is something scary about a party that wants to destroy one party and take over the other one. The Bible says, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” That is what is meant by one people.

        Your statement, “Close ties…” is not true. I have associated with people of all walks of life and that does not mean I have close ties with them. This is right out of the playbook of the darling of the tea party who cost John MCcain the election. I was going to vote for McCain until I heart the hate spewing from his choice of vice president, so I can attest she cost him at least one vote.

        • jojo says:

          In your own words…. There is something scary about a party that wants to destroy one party and take over the other. And yes a house divided against itself cannot stand. That is how I see your liberal democrat party. I see more violence and hate filled speech , being bullied coming from the left. It is sad to see either side play the hate games when we are all in this together as Americans. Just like the middle east, they are all fighting and killing each other and thank God we haven’t gone that far yet but there is something stirring , an uneasy feeling in the air that something big is going to happen. I pray it doesn’t happen here in the USA. I look at the sky at night and see the an awesome sky, and hear the night life going on, very relaxing and I think about what is going on over on the other side of the world and the panic people are going thru and wonder is that going to happen here? I hope not. Wish we could all get along but in nature and as human beings I guess that will never happen.

          • old_blu says:

            @jojo– shhhh *Whispering* she said she was going to vote for John MCcain. How does that make her a Democrat?

          • jarheadgene says:

            I voted for McCain too…..but unlike jo jo I do not follow party lines…..I read, I investigate. The internet is a wonderful tool. I even found ROMNEY did not start staples nor save it…he didn’t even want to invest in it but his people convinced him and he allowed them to invest $650K …..After he got is profit out he left it. Following party lines… what has messed up our Congress. Boehner heading the CHARGE….right OFF THE CLIFF! Can’t wait ’til NOV. to say Go Away Romney. ya’ bother me!

          • old_blu says:

            You and I are on the same page I don’t vote along party lines either, I think the two party system is failing and the tea baggers are trying to make it a three party system, that’s worse.

          • Old Blu, I think the tea party is trying to make it a one-party system. It appears that they are trying to destroy the Democratic Party and take over the Republican Party and being a history buff that is real scary.

          • old_blu says:

            @Maggie– I think that is exactly what they would want to do, but even as far as their heads are up their arse, they have to know that wont happen.

          • Jojo who thought he was a woman, I am neither a Democrat nor a Republican and I am not an independent. I am apolitical which means I think two parties fighting each other is not good for the country. George Washington, James Madison, and Thomas Jefferson warned about establishing political parties, stating that they would cause division and chaos.

            As for ugly hateful rhetoric, make honest quotes to show that you know what you are talking about. I find the Democratic party more civilized.

          • Joseph Hemphill says:

            we are rubber, you are glue,,,,, lol at your inane stupidity.

          • jojo says:

            The Ten Commandments According to Obama.

            I. Thou shalt have no God in America, except for me.
            I am the chosen One. (And like God, I do not have a birth certificate.)

            II. Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, 
            unless it is my face carved on Mt. Rushmore.

            III. Thou shalt not utter my middle name in vain (or in public). Only I can say Barack Hussein Obama.

            IV. Remember tax day, April 15th, to keep it holy.

            V. Honour thy father and thy mother until they are too old and sick to care for. They will cost our public-funded health-care system too much money.

            VI. Thou shalt not kill, unless you have an unwanted, unborn baby. For it would be an abomination to punish your daughter with a baby.

            VII. Thou shalt not commit adultery if you are conservative or a Republican.Liberals and Democrats are hereby forgiven for all of their infidelity and immorality, but the careers of conservatives will be forever destroyed.

            VIII. Thou shalt not steal, until you’ve been elected to public office. Only then is it acceptable to take money from hard-working, successful citizens and give it to those who do not work, illegal immigrants, or thosewho do not have the motivation to better their own lives.

            IX. Thou shalt not discriminate against thy neighbor unless they are conservative,Caucasian, or Christian.

            X. Thou shalt not covet because it is simply unnecessary. I will place such a heavy tax burden on those that have achieved theAmerican Dream that, by the end of my term as President, nobody will have any wealth or material goods left for you to covet.

        • YepThatTell says:

          Spend some of that pent-up energy making this a better world for impoverished, hungry children, will ya?

      • Another thing, jojo who thought he was a women, If Obama’s school records were abysmal, he would not have been inducted into the honor society for law students. He would not have served on the law review board. He would not have been a law professor. Now, how about your school transcripts. That should be interesting.

        • jojo says:

          I’m just saying Maggie, you should know him better before you vote for him. Character matters, both sides. Both have skeltons in their closet. When you open that door who has the most skeltons to fall out? Obama.

          • karinursula says:

            really??? And I assume that you know Romney???????????????

          • YepThatTell says:

            Romney’s closet is so big you can fit horses and sports cars in them and an elevator to shuffle them about. People, don’t fall for the GOP BIG LIES. They’re playing you for fools. Change TV channels. What will they do for you? Not a doggoned thing except make life harder for at least 96% of us. (That statistic I pulled out of the air, just like GOP false claims about President Obama’s record.)Are you a billionaire? If not, please don’t vote against your own self interest. Do you believe in equal pay for men and women who perform the same work? Why on earth would you vote GOP?

          • jarheadgene says:

            I know Romney and Ryan enough to say NO F*****G WAY do they get my VOTE !!!!!!

      • YepThatTell says:

        Spend some of that pent-up energy making this a better world for impoverished, hungry children, will ya?

      • Landsende says:

        If you’re really interested in finding the truth go to Fact Check. They rebut everything you listed. Also, you don’t mention that when Romney left governors office he destroyed all records and hard drives of his time in office. Why?

      • The time it took to you find all those secrets about Obama, You W and Dick could have found the weapons of mass destruction You could have help Romney find those out source jobs, and that stash of cash, help him get that money back to the country HE LOVE SO MUCH HE WANT TO BE IT’S PRZZY.

      • WhutHeSaid says:

        24) The preferred disposition of your lying jowls – SEALED.

        Have you ever written a post that contained no lies? Just one? I don’t think that you even remember how to tell the truth.

  9. gargray says:

    Clinton is the one who gave welfare recipient’s a chance to go to school and get better jobs. I know I rented to many and most got off welfare and government housing. It does work. A civil war started by the wealthy? I will say it again you can’t fix stupid.

  10. I agree “old_blu”…scrutinizing, filtering and screening would save millions if not billions in a long-run process. Politicians are shooting themselves in the foot…so now they are now going to shoot those whom legitamately benefit from these programs.
    Anykind of “Addiction”, drugs, alchohol, gambling…whatever, could be considered a “Disquailifier”, if only they (Politicians, Policy Makers) would look at these Programs in a brighter light!
    “Pardon the Pun…”

  11. Don Larson says:

    Romney is getting some very bad advice on a whole host of issues. This is only one. Can you imagine the embarrassment of this Disclosure on one of his most recent Lies?!

    The Commander-in-Chief of the Dark Money Cartels, will TRY anything! to Win this Election. High on their List of Strategies is, “Telling the Big Lie . . . and repeat it over and over . . . until the Uneducated, accept it; then, these idiots go on line and repeat the Lie. Hey, don’t knock it; lying works! The, “Big Lie,” worked very well for the Nazi’s just prior to WWII.

    Most of the Campaign Ads are distortions, and untrue, on both sides. But, this one, where Romney knowingly lied on an issue that he previously supported; is, inexcusable! Is there any level that the Dark Money Cartels won’t go to achieve their objectives? Seems not.

  12. Why doesn’t the national media cal out the republicans for their lies? It is a part of their strategy and everyone knows that… Swiftboat… Karl Rove. One big one is medicare and the 716 billion dollar lie that says Obama is taking the money. One lie is thaty Mitt was gone from Bain when the Olympics started. One ;lie is that Obama has a failed Presidency. One lie is that Obama is weak in Foreign policy….

    • BDD1951 says:

      MSNBC does, but so few people watch that channel. Especially not reps. Truthfilly, they don’t won’t to know the truth. It’s more entertaining to watch Faux news.

      • Right, BDD, they watch that which reinforces their belief system and they don’t want to be confused by facts.

        • jarheadgene says:

          I have to say I have enjoyed watching Ann (never let the truth get in the way of a story) Coulter and Sean (How much can I kiss your ass Mr. Murdoch)Hannity IMPLODE this last week over Congressman AIKIN. I have been laughing histerically.

  13. Gammaanya says:

    Where is Obozomustgo?????? No comments from him??? Whah, whah (me crying, LOL).
    I guess he run out of excuses for Mitsy the ditzy. Like I said before – R/R will win. I predicted that Mitsy will pick Ryan. Americans are too stupid to know any better. Just see the cheering crowds when R/R are speaking – either they get paid to do that (I know in Florida they did for Scotty) or all Republicans are STUPID lemmings of the wanna be Robmeofmoney.
    Dominick Villa – U R Right on, now it’s just game of words that most lemmings don’t understand the mening of it and fear tactics works wonders with the ones that the stupidiest of all.
    Mittsy have more to hide on his taxes than you can shake it. HE IS NOT GOING TO SHOW IT.
    I posted before how possibly he did not pay any taxes between 2000-2003 if he bankrupted 8 co in 9 yrs. Under Title 11, Chapter 7, Form 1099-C – it’s a little complicated but there is a way not to pay ANY TAXES at all, and I am sure that he used that formula, unfortunately all legal.
    Unfortunately most of them swallowed the line,hook and sinker. Obama will survive just nicely on our dime as all exPresidents do , but will the lemmings that voted against their own benefit???
    We will see in 2013 and beyond. They will be irrelevant once R/R get in the office.

  14. rippper says:

    Why don’t the republicans look at Romney’s record as governor of Massachusetts? That will tell a lot about this man. Anybody remember the “Big Dig”? That should tell you a lot. And this is the man you want for president? Are the records all lies? Go on, check it out. Or, are you republicans afraid you might find out more than you want to. Raising fees, taxes in Massachusetts is what Romney did. But, go ahead, go to the voting booth with your eyes closed.

    • jojo says:

      Why don’t you look at the community organizer and his past and that will tell you a lot about him. Mitt looks much better in character and his past. I believe and wish there was a way to throw them all out and start over with what both sides wants but as you probably know even at that, it would and couldn’t happen and still have a stable free America.
      I will never enter a voting booth without looking at facts and what is going on here and abroad. I gather facts from both sides and look at lies and truths. I find my choice is Romney but whoever is voted in we will have to live with it as an American and America is still the greatest country to be born in.

      • karinursula says:

        I did look at the community organizer. I like him, the problem is the
        GOP congress never gave him a chance. Why?? Surely not because
        he is a Democrat? Could it be because he is black? Never have a seen a man so vilified as this President.

      • jarheadgene says:

        I don’t think you do check out the facts….you always sound like a Romney Robot spewing out the same lies they do, and usually verbatim.

        • jojo says:

          Maybe you should check out your facts instead of keeping your head in that jar gene pool. You seem to believe in the Obama lies put out there by your side of the liberal media.

          • jarheadgene says:

            JOJO….when called on things you never get specific…I watch FOX News, MSNBC, CNN,BBC, listen to NPR and go to non-partisan and dot-gov sites to check out facts….what do you do to get to know the issues? ……am I going to get the Palin……hhhhmmm uhhhh ….”STUFF” answer? Your BOYS….are lying ….BIG TIME! Just about every time they move their lips. Don’t let the magic spermicidal vaginal secretions slap you in the face on the way out!

          • old_blu says:

            @jojo– I agree with you no more puppy mills, the rest of your tea bagger stuff is just BS.

          • jojo says:

            Well at least we can agree on something.

          • old_blu says:

            @jojo– And as they say that is a start. : ))

          • Joseph Hemphill says:

            i agree, you are a complete idiot….

          • jojo says:

            Yes, life in the Obamanation can be pretty rough if you disagree with the President openly, if you oppose his policies, or simply show your support for his opponent.

            Isn’t it ironic that the liberal left that supposedly centers its platform around tolerance is actually the most intolerant movement of people in this country?

  15. In this day of excessive unemployment it is my belief that we could kill two birds with one stone.Start public projects,IE working to improve infrastructure,or building government projects and put the people on the welfare rolls on the payroll.In other words in you want money the government has a job for you.All through our nations history this has been a proven way to get out of a depression/recession.Oh by the way let the prisioners pay for thier stay in jail.I am sure they could come up with 20-25 dollars a week for room and board.

    • BDD1951 says:

      But the repubs don’t want to put people to work. If they did then Obama would be-elected for sure. This may sound mean and extremely harsh but, I hope that when the next bridge collapses that a member of their family is hurt. Not dead,just hurt.More like scared badly.

  16. Bigspender says:

    Just another in a long line of falsehoods from the serial liar. Mitt Romney can’t lie straight in bed.

  17. quasm says:

    With the number of food stamp recipients ballooning, it is hardly a stretch for Pres. Obama to be called “the food stamp President.” Since many more whites than blacks receive food stamps, which race is being baited?

    Dik Thurston
    Colorado Springs

    • middleclasstaxpayer says:

      I would appreciate the reference to the statistic that many more whites than blacks are receiving welfare, as it does not square with the surveys I have seen in past. Thanks

    • jojo says:

      Both are being baited by the liberal party. 27.4 million under Bush, 45.1 under Obama. Illegals to receive over seven Billion in tax credits.

  18. Since individual states have been asking for more autononomy in handling their welfare, it was done. It has not suplanted the welfare to work program.

  19. karinursula says:

    Wow Jojo you seem to know the truth and nothing about the truth about the President and the first Lady. NOT, why don’t you read up on Mrs Obama and it will tell you why she
    is not a practicing lawyer. All this crap gets to tiresome. I really will say it, never have I read so much crap and lies about a sitting President. Please tell me it is not because he is
    black?? I never realized how many nasty and racist people are in this country. I only know one thing if Romney becomes President it will be the worst 4 years of our lives, except of course for the top 1%. Believe it or not, I really don’t care anymore, because Jojo you believe the lies and nothing will change your mind.

    • jojo says:

      Everyone knew he was black before he was elected! Karinursula you will believe the lies of your party and nothing will change your mind either.

  20. I agree that it is clearly racist to expect black folks to work for their welfare. Them Crackers are just being unreasonable.

  21. As a techinal instructor here in Louisiana, I taught many, many mothers on welfare in the late 1990’s who were fed up with simply receiving welfare and sought a forward movement in their lives. At night, I also taught ex-convicts who were also fed up with their low condition in life and sought a forward, proactive movement. These Republicans and the Tea Party make assumptions and presume from a purely empirical, narrowminded point of view that people of color are seeking to take advantage of a basic service that would give them a “hand out”. But it’s simply insanity seeing what nobody else is seeing. People want a “hand up”, not a hand out. Nobody wants to be treated like domesticated cattle where all their needs are taken care of while being led to the slaughter house. But, this is not what white supremacy want for the poor, particularly Africans in America. They seek to deprive, to prevent, to block any forward movement of the people so that they can maintain control of our lives. They seek to keep white, Africans, Latino, and Orientals fighting one another so that our focus would not be on them, like an old overplayed magic trick. I graduated over two hundred men and women in two years before the Republican Governor of Louisiana cut the program, two hundred who entered the job market skilled and prepared, and I was proud of them. To hear the disparagement from Romney/Ryan on the welfare to work program that has been a quiet benefit for many mothers and fathers who had no other alternative but to move forward instead of stagnationg on welfare and prison, it disgusts me to no end. Neither Romney or Ryan or any of their CEO friends know anyone who has ever been of welfare, so how can they speak? It’s a tried and true method that worked for Reagan/Bush I and Bush I/Quayle, so why not now?

  22. oldtack says:

    I have spent the past 35 minutes reading this article and every comment in the forum. Some individuals do have good comments with good logic and information to support their view. and this is not just the “liberal” side but encompasses both sides of the spectrum. The rest of the comments reflect the knee-jerk irrationality of those that spend their time listening to their own choice of Mass Media “talking heads”. The airways are filled with them – from the far right to the far left – just pick your poison. Just be reminded – these “talking heads” have their shows for one and only one reason – they are talented speakers that can attract an audience. A large following means high ratings and high ratings mean advertising which equates to Millions of Dollars in revenue for the Media owners and investors. Did you ever check the annual salary of Rush Limbaugh or Rachel Maddow or Wolf Blitzer – Joe Scarborough, Diane Sawyer , etc. – it is staggering.

    In my opinion the biggest threat to our Nation is Mass Media. Quit listening to the talking heads. Look for facts then formulate your own opinions – not the opinions of the news media.

    Jo Jo made a good point in one of his knee-jerk ramblings that exemplified what WE THE PEOPLE should be doing. He said we should all get together and talk because regardless of personal beliefs – we are one Nation.

    We can call Jo Jo and Obozo right wing nut idiots and they can reciprocate in like manner and THEN we should sit down together and address the problems and seek a solution.

    And stop listening to the Mass Media talking heads.

    • old_blu says:

      Does that mean I can’t talk smack about the tea baggers anymore?

      • oldtack says:


        If someone puts some outlandish propaganda out there smack ’em and challenge their statement. Expect the same if if you put out an unproven idiot statement. but keep it clean. I have a couple of “friends” from the other side of the political spectrum. They smack me at times and I smack them -but -off the forum – we have had serious discussions. we concede good points either way though we never completely agree.

        And that’s what America is about if only our Washington Officials would do that like the Officials did in years long past. Sitting down together made this a great Country. The present Political antagonism and Party positioning is slowly destroying our Form of Government.

        Politically speaking -this Country needs to get back to the basics.

  23. anyone who believes ANYTHING ANY polititian says is looking to be had. they all are lyiers by nature and trade. if you vote republican you are supporting hate, biggotry and welfare for the rich. if you vote democrat you are at least saying you care about the folks next door.not much will get done either way, but the dems are not activly evil. ( for the most part) research the bohiemiean grove if you wan’t to understand republicans.

  24. howa4x says:

    Mitt makes his campaign about lies because they are a distraction from what his plans are. He is appealing to the southern segment of racists. He also runs away from his record as governor where he was concerned about climate change, supported Gay rights and was pro abortion. He enacted the prototype health care reform that the Obama adminsitration signed into law.
    So lets look at what he wants to do: Tax cuts for the rich, repeal his own health care reform, allow insurance companies to drop people and use pre existing conditions as an excuse not to pay for care, Loosening up of enviornmental regulations as a favor paid for by the Koch bros. Repeal Roe/Wade and send women out of the country if they want to end an unwanted pregnacy, restrict access for women to get contraception, turn medicare into a voucher program for anyone under 55, privatize social security, and de regulate the stock market, cut benefits to students, end Pell grants for lower income kids to go to college, end head start, cut unemployment benefits, destroy unions, lower the minium wage or freeze it at current levels, kep building the armed forces even though they are more powerful that the next 50 countries combined, keep the war in afganistan going, start a war with Iran, weaken the EPA, OHSA, FDA, Mine safety dept of Interior, energy, SEC, FCC, HHS and dept of education, critical infastructure or any program that benefits the middle class.

    this is why he lies because if he only told the truth he would loose by a land slide

  25. Germansmith says:

    Not quite correct. These numbers came from AFDC

    The percentages those on welfare by race as of 2011 are listed below in descending order by percentage.

    Also important to remember
    – Whites are over 50% of the population while blacks represent only 14%
    -Also fair to remember that until recently there were far less opportunities opens to blacks than to whites.

    The image of the Welfare Queen in her Cadillac stuck, because is real. I have seen them with gold pouring out of their teeth and arms while they are buying unhealthy snacks with food stamps (or new debit cards). They are real and they do a diservice to all those people that really need temporary help to keep their heads above water.

    When we go around throwing statistics to make a political point we are doing a diservice to ourselves and to the facts.

    There is a problem with lack of economic opportunities in our country, BUT there is also a problem with culture and education. My daughter is a public school teacher that has worked in schools in white/latin neighborhoods and now in an urban neighborhood, and the attitude of the parents in the urban neighborhood is usually uncaring and therefore reflects the lack of educational drive and success of their children.

  26. I am disappointed by the GOP’s invention of “the moocher” class. A single mom working forty hours a week struggling to raise children on her own is NOT a moocher. The father of those children – well he might be.

    Their policies codify old money and investment income as the ” best” money, like it was greener. Apparently it is cleaner as no sweat was involved.
    Meanwhile they want to eliminate funding for programs that actually do break the cycle of poverty – that’s becuase they do not want it broken. They want a work force that is willing to put up with almost anything to keep a job.

  27. These Republicans claim to be the Christians, however,I am sure they don’t ask Jesus for guidence or they would not be treating the poor and midle class the way they are. The Bible tells us that it will be harder for a rich man to get into Heaven than it is for a camel to get through the eye of a needle. We are suposed to take care of the poor,the sick and the elderly. President has it right….

    • jojo says:

      Then why doesn’t he take care of his brother in Kenya?
      We are suppose to take care of the poor, the sick, elderly, parents but it should be by choice , your own choice. No one should make you. You answer to God, not a president.

      • english_teacher says:

        I don’t understand what Obama’s brother in Kenya has to do with this discussion.

        You said “We are suppose to take care of the poor, the sick, elderly, parents but it should be by choice , your own choice. ” So, without knowing the facts, who are you to judge how Obama cares or doesn’t for his brother?

  28. people, good people work 45 to 50 hrs a week, at minimum wage, no insurance, but we are low life’s, we roof your houses, fix your cars, clean your houses, build your furniture, but we are not entitled to affordable health care, we take your kids to school, we cook your food, we clean your clothes, but we are told get 2 jobs, no job training, I am sorry I forgot, I should not care that my brother lost his job at no fault of his own because the company he welded for went to another country for labor at 3.oo an hour less, so people like you know who could make more for his pocket, I am sorry I forgot, the real economy had already started down in2007, but dummies think this dinosaur of a country can start back at record speed to recover, so lets play stupid, ignore what good has been accomplished, turn your back on the party that has actually fought for the vast majority of we the people, but that is ok, we no you can not make it with out free insurance for you and yours, we no you can not survive unless you have power over the week, we no that people who turn there backs on we the people, make massive amounts of money, hide it in off shore accounts, ridicule the same policies you pushed and voted in, only means nothing to those who have

  29. onedonewong says:

    The argument is Hollow?? Really??? The letter that Romney and other Governors signed was to allow them to increase the work requirements by ending the length that people could stay on the roles or require community service if they weren’t going to school full time.
    As for the food stamp president he’s won that hands down with more than twice the number of folks on foodstamps than at any time under W. Of course under obama ever illegals qualify

  30. Theresa R says:

    The ugly falsehoods Romney’s campaign is spreading about Medicare — sowing fear and division among seniors in a transparent attempt to divert attention from his and Paul Ryan’s plan to “save” the program by turning it from a guaranteed insurance benefit to a privatized voucher system.
    Here’s the script of a new TV ad the Romney campaign’s running:
    “You paid in to Medicare for years. Every paycheck. Now when you need it, Obama has cut $716 billion from Medicare. Why? To pay for Obamacare. So now the money you paid for your guaranteed health care is going to a massive new government program that’s not for you.”
    Got that? Your benefits, paid for by your Medicare taxes, are supposedly being taken away and given to others. In case that’s too subtle, Romney himself has said “there’s only one president that I know of in history that has robbed Medicare.” He told an audience in Ohio that Obama “has taken $716 billion out of the Medicare trust fund. He’s raided that trust fund.”

    And do you know what he did with it? He used it to pay for Obamacare, a risky, unproven, federal takeover of health care.”
    Then who IS Obamacare for, if not for you and yours?

    A recent letter to my local newspaper spelled out what Romney’s too tasteful to say: “obese, lay-about, cigarette-smoking, drug-taking, welfare-sucking, emergency-room-visiting no-accounts….{who} expect the government to provide them everything for free.”
    That’s right, THEM.

    Of course Romney’s smart enough to understand what the letter writer clearly doesn’t , which is that YOU’VE ALWAYS PAID for others’ medical care in the most wasteful, inefficient way possible. No matter who’s elected, you’ll keep paying until Congress passes a law saying hospitals can refuse sick and injured patients who can’t pay. Which would not only be immoral, but a public health menace.

    That’s why Massachusetts has “Romneycare,” the only worthwhile accomplishment of Mitt’s public career, which he now wants people to forget.

    Romney’s also smart enough to know that not a single dime has been robbed, stolen or otherwise removed from the Medicare’s trust fund. Indeed, its life has been extended. Nobody’s benefits have been altered in any way.

    That’s a lie so craven and demagogic you’d think even Mitt Romney would be embarrassed.

    What the Affordable Care Act does do is something conservatives havee long damored for: It cuts, not benefits, but Medicare’s future costs by roughly 10% (or $700 billion) over a ten year period by A) Reducing corporate subsidies to insurance companies administering Medicare Advantage plans, and B) Slowing the rate of growth in payments to hospitals.

    Furthermore, the health care industry agreed to these changes during negotiations over the new law: Insurance companies because they’re gaining millions of new customers; hospitals because Obamacare virtually eliminates their huge problem of non-paying patients.

    Got that? Because almost everybody will have health insurance uner Obamacare, hospitals, private insurance companies, Medicare and Medicaid alike can quit robbing Peter to pay Paul, effecting significant savings.

    These economies are in your interest whether you’re a Medicare beneficiary or not.

    That is, if you’re clear-eyed enough to seee through the Republican candidate’s shameless falsehoods.

  31. grjohnson says:

    I don’t care who asked for flexibility or any conditions under which a waiver may be granted. The LAW states that there can be no waiver of the work requirement. On another note, why do Democrats always think that any discussion of welfare is a discussion of African Americans? Are we all welfare recipients? I was never on welfare and my mother and her mother and her mother were never on welfare. From what I see, the mojority of the welfare recipients are WHITE.

  32. Lisztman says:

    I know some decent Republicans. Heck, I’m related to some. Though they disagree with Obama’s policies, it’s sad that Romney is the best alternative the Republicans can offer.

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