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Thursday, October 27, 2016


The Big Lie: President Obama’s tenure has been marked by a failure to fulfill  his own promises to grow the economy and cut the deficit, while squandering his historic opportunity to lead the world.

The Truth: President Obama’s critics must fictionalize his record in order to justify supporting Republicans who have failed in every way the president has succeeded.

How do you attack a president who prevented a Great Depression? A president who saved the auto industry and passed student loan, credit card and health care reform while securing trillions in deficit cuts? How do you bring down a president who oversaw the capture of Osama bin Laden and the destruction of most of the leadership of  al Qaeda? A president who ended one war and convinced the nation to responsibly end another?

If you’re a former John McCain adviser with a huge crush on Paul Ryan, you simply make up a different president to attack.

Historian and Harvard professor Niall Ferguson has done just that in his screed featured on the cover of this week’s Newsweek.  What amounts to a a free Romney campaign ad was clearly intended to balance Michael Tomasky’s factually accurate lashing of Mitt Romney published by Newsweek last month. Ferguson’s article is a tour de force of the same tired bromides that have been used to bash the president since the day he took office, along with a cavalcade of falsehoods.

The chief  arguments presented by Ferguson are recycled Republican clichés. First, he blames the president for job losses that began in January 2008, when Hillary Clinton was still the frontrunner in the Democratic primary. Second, he upbraids Obama for predictions and promises made before anyone—including the Bush Administration — had any idea how deep the financial crisis would become. But I haven’t seen a single right-wing critique of this President that doesn’t rely on faulty predictions from early in 2009 as the crisis was unfolding. Suddenly the fact that the Bush economy was worse than anyone expected is this president’s fault.

What makes Ferguson’s attack particularly contemptible is his willful deception about the Affordable Care Act, insinuating that the President broke his promise to pass health care reform that would not add to the deficit. His reform doesn’t. It cuts the deficit by billions. Rebutting criticism by Paul Krugman, Ferguson said he had deliberately referred to just one part of the bill, intentionally misleading the reader. This admission of trickery prompted economist and Berkeley professor Brad Delong to issue a demand to Newsweek and the Daily Beast: “Fire his ass.” Delong went on to say that Harvard should examine whether Ferguson has the moral character to teach at the university.

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  • Distorting a political record, minimizing achievements, and other such tactics are employed routinely by politicians to deflect attention from their own record and to win votes when they have nothing to offer. Considering the negative effects of Romney’s proposed tax plan, Ryan’s proposed dismantling of MEDICARE; the Tea Party position on forcible and statutory rape (think Ryan, Akin, West and the rest of the gang), their position on gay marriage, the damage done by former President Bush, much of it with the GOP in control of Congress, the proven effect of trickle down economics on our economy, and the GOP dismal job creation record, the only recourse available to them is demonizing the incumbent and his accomplishments.

    • dham69

      Bush 3.4% unemployment, Obama 8.2%. Republican controlled states around 5% unemployment and there are other republican controlled states with very low unemployment and they are recruiting more. EPA will increase electricity by 16% to fund wind power solar power, really, You only get electricity when the wind blows or when the sun is out. This president is a failure, you just dont want to see the truth. I would rather have bush back. By the way, obama didn’t get Osama bin Laden, the US military did. And this president couldn’t make up his mind on several occasions. He dispises the military he dispises the US and the US is in decline. Is that what you really want. This president is a failure, even biden agreed.

      • johninPCFL

        GWBs unemployment was growing by 750k jobs/mo. Obama’s unemployment is decreasing by 100k jobs/mo.

        As the article says, the depths of GWBs mismanagement are still being felt.

      • You are a fool.

      • @dham69, bush couldn’t even complete a thought much less compete with obama’s accomplishments. you CAN’T mean that while keeping a straight face! You’re not SERIOUS! Are you?!

      • highpckts

        dham69 – excuse me but when Bush left office unemployment was 11%%! If you don’t find other forms of energy, you will be in real trouble. Oil and coal pollute and are not a finite resource! You hypocrites don’t want to believe in green energy because it will hurt your bottom line and destroy whatever is left of this planet! Now that’s a legacy to give your Grandchildren!!

      • Elsa

        All lies

      • english_teacher

        And your sources that the president despises the military and the U.S. are based on what exactly? Can you give specific credible references that support your statements? As for Osama Bin Laden, who was it that made the final decision? And do you think, without having all the information that the president had available to him, that decisions like that are easy?

        • The only reference people like dham69 can provide is Rush Limbaugh…Don’t forget that the only thing Tea Party enthusiasts can do when they try to debate an issue is engage in name calling, deceitful claims, and hyperbole. The use of averages to claim Bush had a low unemployment rate, ignoring the fact that the average was influenced by what he inherited after Clinton created 23 million jobs, is as common as blaming President Obama for increases in the national debt by throwing in the cost of Bush’s TARP, which was funded in FY09 (shortly after the start of the FY09 fiscal year October 1, 2008).

        • old_blu

          I have a feeling that if you want sources other than Rush, breibart, or fox you are just going to hear crickets.

      • rustingdreams

        Dear ham, everything you have said is either false, misleading, or taken out of context. Did the Memo interview you before they wrote their article? You are exactly what they are talking about. Thank God there are not too many filled with that much hate. If you genuinely like Romney /Ryan, fine. But to base your decisions on nothing but false facts and hate is sad! Please think about what you’re doing and how others view it!

      • Don’t confuse Bush’s average unemployment rate, much less the effects of inheriting a surplus from Bill Clinton, with prosperity and job creation. The unemployment rate on President Obama’s inauguration day was 7.8% and climbing, the surplus that Bush got when he became president evaporated in less than one year as a result of irresponsible tax cuts and increased spending, and don’t forget that the president that announced the economy was on the verge of collapse in 2008 was a Republican.
        The development of alternative energies will not replace fossil fuels in their entirety, but it would reduce our dependence on foreign oil, which will in turn reduce our trade deficits. Wind and solar polar may not be a solution for every state, but it should work very well in about half of the USA, the problem is not whether or not there is enough sunshine or wind to make it efficient, but the fact that its cost remains prohibitive. The solution to our energy costs require energy efficient cars, more efficient public transportation, and a change in our habits, including moving from suburbia to urban areas.
        President Obama changed our focus from distractions such as Iraq to Al Qaeda, where it should have been all along. Yes, President Obama did not paarticipate in the raid that brought justice to OBL, the same way Truman did not fly the Enola Gay, but like some of his predecessors he had the courage of ordering an operation that had it failed it would have ended his presidency the way the Iranian hostage rescue mission ended Carter’s, and he had the wisdom to order the U.S. government to keep the Pakistani government in the dark until the rescue operation was over. Compare that to what the Republicans did when Musharraf played cat and mouse with Bush for years, hiding OBL while collecting billions of dollars in foreign aid.

      • Landsende

        You want to bring back Bush, the worst president ever, the one who destroyed our economy and the middle class, and if any president hates the military it’s one that lies about weapons of mass destruction then sends the brave men and women to war without the proper equipment to protect them, and decides Bin Laden is not important enough to go after. If that’s the kind of president you want you must be a tea party republican. One who has skewed moral values that you want to push on everyone else while doing the same things you condemn. One who would cut taxes to the rich while raising them for the middle class and poor. One who would do away with Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security that millions depend on. One who complains about jobs and the number of unemployed then cuts the length of unemployment benefits. Teapublicans, the party of hypocrites.

      • metrognome3830

        The anonymous e-mail you got all your “facts” from was de-bunked a long time ago. Cite the source and the complete statement where Biden agreed the president is a failure. I mean, it’s fine with me if you want to put your ignorance on public display. Have at it.

      • dham69 says, “You only get electricity when the wind blows or when the sun is out”. Hahaha.
        I’m surprised he didn’t have flashlight on his list. Apparently his flashlight only works when the sun is out, too. Hahaha.
        Are there really so many extremely stupid people in the US that they can garner enough votes to put a Tea Partier in office? God help the United States of America.

      • what happens when fossil fuel is totally depleted..
        and that is coming pretty soon, as is reflected in prices.
        that’s why demand out strips supply.
        at least the sun and wind are everlasting.

      • Ham, the unemployment average you provided is skewed by the full employment W inherited from Clinton. The unemployment rate when President Obama was inaugurated was 7.8% and climbing, with an average loss of 600,000 jobs a month and a grand total of 1 million jobs added in 8 years.
        Alternative energy sources will not replaec fossil fues in its entirety, but it will reduce our dependence on foreign oil and our trade deficits. Why are people throughout the world supporting a transition to wind and solar energy and we demonize it?
        Republican controlled states reduced their government workforce for the same reason Congress dismissed the infrastructure modernization proposal: the make sure the economy remained weak and unemployment stayed high to achieve the goal stated by Mitch McConnel to ensure Barack Obama is a one term president. Republican politicians sacrificed our economy and the well being of millions of Americans to improve their chances of getting the White House back. That alone should disqualify them from consideration.

      • Joseph Hemphill

        typical right wing shill and bootlicker, all bluster, devoid of facts.

      • dham69 – is there air on your planet? Its clear you don’t live on earth.

        • dham69

          And the left keep saying that the right are a bunch of haters. All you have to do is look at the replys from you left nuts. FACT socialism doesnt work, marxism doesn’t work and this president is a total failure 8.2% or in Bush’s time of calculations more like 15% or higher. But you don’t want the truth, you just want to live in lies

          • trickle down does not worked…you want to go back to the same failed economic policies of bush…bush=ryan=willard on steriods. you want to pay more taxes so the richest can get even greater tax cuts on the backs of middle/poor….you are truly stupid.

          • dham69

            Failed right, trickle down what a bunch of BS. Rich people have an idea, or willing to invest in an idea. Poor do not create jobs, this was one of those marxist/socialist lies. Trickle down, I have a home with a lawn, I hire someone to take care of my yard, they inturn spend money on gas food and supplies. Your idea is the person taking care of my yard would pay me. What you are talking about is for the government to give the ever dwindling middle class so they can buy things. It doesn’t work. As far as bush, reagan How on earth do you think made this country the greatest country of all. It wasn’t from the government, the government is NOT the solution it is the problem. Please get your facts correct and stop repeating the stupid lies you hear from the socialist/marxist in the country

          • dham69

            Here is your hero
            In 2009, Obama told us that he “will be held accountable.”

            Then on July 23, 2012 Obama said, “We tried our plan and it worked”

            Well, he can’t seal these records:

            23 million unemployed
            The middle class has lost 40% of its net worth under Obama
            Black poverty at record highs
            Black youth unemployment over 50%
            Hispanic unemployment at 11%
            Food prices up 15% under Obama
            A record 45 million on food stamps
            Gas prices doubled under Obama
            42 months of unemployment above 8%
            Obama has the worst job creation record since 1945 (BLS)
            Obama recovery the worst in 75 years
            Median household income $4,300 declines under Obama
            Average family health insurance up $1,500 under Obama
            Added $6 trillion to our debt…more than all Prezs. Combined
            Presided over only US credit downgrade

            Vote the FRAUD out in Nov.

  • WhutHeSaid

    This should come as no surprise to anyone. The Tea Party, whose very chosen name is a bald-faced lie (taxes are the lowest in 60 years), has offered absolutely nothing to benefit this country. Distortion of the facts is their only game, and the cast of bizarre characters that they trot out as leaders (think Christine O’Donnell, Sharon Angle, Allan West) constitute a very public freak show that would be entertaining if it weren’t so serious.

    Paul Ryan is a Tea Party hero, and this fact alone should give America serious pause. When the known home to bigots and nutty characters bent on destroying public programs for anyone but themselves sees a chance to gain the second highest office in the land — one heartbeat away from the Oval Office — it’s time to worry. Paul Ryan may be smoother than the Christine O’Donnells of the Tea Party, but he still represents their extremist and uncompromising hate. We don’t need an America that has to insist to the rest of the world that it’s ‘not a witch’.

    • peteserb

      WhutHeSaid is a typical liberal. He is spoon fed his facts by the democrats and he whole heartedly endorses them. It is beyond his comprehension that the tea party Americans are the average joes who built this nation. The tea party conservatives are the last line of defense against the Europeanization of America. Lies and hatred is the only way the Democrats can survive.

      • WhutHeSaid

        Allan West is ‘Average Joe’, eh? Does your moniker ‘peteserb’ refer to what you’ve been smoking?

      • Joseph Pedersen

        Lies and hatred are the stock of the Right Wing, which the Tea Party is part of. The Tea Party should in no way be confused with the founders of this country who were forward thinking liberals, not conservatives. Were they conservatives, they would have founded a monarchy. You allege the Democrats are full of lies and hatred, but you provide no basis for the statement. Democrats are not skinny dipping in Israel. Democrats are not demonizing rape victims. Democrats are not bent on dividing this country. You use the term Europeanization in a derogatory sense. Have you ever been to Europe?

        • dham69

          If you really look the lies, hatred coming from left wing. When you have a president who doesn’t understand simple economics. You have a failure. FACT Look at all the hatred coming from the left. Wall street crowd, the new black panthers, socialist of america and I can go on

          • Oh please go on dimwit. I have just one question. How can you be so stupid?

          • dham69

            Just another liberal retarded response. Just keep your head buried in the sand. Just keep believing the lies you are pumped in by the low life left and far left, keep believing how they really care. If you notice the hatred is coming from the left You need to open your mind, think critically. But You are just a puppet of the socialist/marixist masters and you won’t do anything else. You are just like all the other sheep, problem is, you are being led to slaughter and you don’t even know it. Sad so SAD. try to educate yourself, watch fox listen to rush, hannity and if you are really brave listen to mark lavine

          • Yes you can go on….lying. GW was the first President with a degree in Business and you accuse President Obama of not understanding simple economics. Wall Street Crowd are funding Romney dumbass, there are 3 members in the new black panthers, and SS, Medicare and Medicaid are socialist programs that your Tbagger hens wet their beaks on daily. dham69 everyone knows the left dosen’t hate that’s the rights dominion. We on the left pity you your ignorance, bigotry, racism and misogyny. So go on…..we’ve heard all the lies so we’re used to them. You and liars like Romney and Ryan are singing to the choir. The rest of us are more intelligent than that

          • dham69

            hey dumbass wallstreet put more money into the democrats than the repubs, except this year. They know that this president is destroying the country and has a contempt for conservatism. Conservatism works every time it has worked for over 200 years. get you facts correct and do some honest research, not just the socialist/marxist views

          • Ed

            The wall street crowd, like many gamblers(which is what they are) hedges their bets by donating to both parties looking to buy favors.

          • dham69

            Yes except one thing, they mostly give to the dems, plus who do you think works for obama? He has hirded a bunch of them.

      • Bodine666

        Typical right-wing tactic. Attempt to demonize the messenger and the message is discredited.

        You added nothing to refute the fact that the tea party and repubs spew out lies and hate non-stop. All you’ve done is to add yet another example of the hate the repub/bagger/cons have for all things America stands for.

        What I find curious is the fact you try to demonize Europe. Just a couple of weeks ago romney was using France as his model of how schools should be.

        Repubs — they are against it until they discover nobody will vote for them. Suddenly they are all for whatever the issue of the day is. Anybody that flip-flops that much is suspect and not to be believed.

      • FACTS, peteserb, FACTS When you can produce some about your opinion, maybe we’ll believe you.

      • johninPCFL

        And they’re the ones most directly responsible for the continued growth of the national debt. By being completely unwilling to negotiate, they force the fedgov to be funded using CRs, meaning that the borrow-and-spend philosophy of Reagan and GWB continues unabated.

      • @peteserb, it appears you have no problem swallowing the tea party mythology. The average joe will not be caught dead with the tea party; just an uberconservative christian fundamentalist has the hate to qualify for that kind of fellowship…

      • Oh I see, it’s those “Tea Party American’s, those average Joes” who built this nation. First of all, you wingnut, people of all stripes, colors, religions, built this country. And you would belittle their contribution. Grow a pair, pal – of eyeballs and ears. Look around you and contemplate what you’re thinking and start to realize just how far off base you are before someone tags you out for being a goofball.

        • Don

          I am not voting for any Tea Party candidate. I am staying with the COFFEE PARTY candidates.

        • elindio1

          do you mean the tea party numb-nut’s! they are just one big joke!!!

          • dham69

            Yea tea party really big joke, which is why the dems lost their shorts 2010 and will loose in 2012

          • dham69

            No the joke is this president, the joke is the democrat party, the very same ones who started the KKK, the very same dems who wouldn’t black kids into their college. The vary same democrat party who couldn’t get enough dems to vote for the civil rights, It took the republicans with overwhelming number to get the rights in. Its the tea party who changed the elections in 2010 and changing the GOP to the right instead of the progressive left. Facts you sure don’t want to know.

      • old_blu

        I’m the average joe I have worked at the same job and lived in the same house for 30 years, I am the back bone of America, and I think the Tea Baggers are what is going to be the down fall of America.

        So you are very wrong.

      • @peteserb Have you read the headlines lately? Paul Ryan was forced to admit to a lie regarding his requesting stimulus money when presented with evidence, tea party darling Akin exposed himself as a moron, and the GOP House went skinny-dipping in the Sea of Galilee at taxpayers expense. How can any TRUE American support these morons?

      • Idiot Peteserd says “Lies and hatred is the only way the Democrats can survive.” OMG!! The Republicans are the ones that lie and hate!! If you are not a rich white man, they hate you!! If you are not a white rich man and you want equality, the Republicans lie about what they will do to help you! In the end, if they win, America looses.

      • hilandar1000

        I would be interested in hearing what you perceive as being so detrimental about what you refer to as the “Europeanization” of America. Have you checked out which party is KNOWN to engage in most number of untruths? — I know, I know —–“liberal media” makes it look that way. If you don’t trust the media of this country, you probably don’t trust the media of Europe either — or for that matter, the media of the Far East or the Middle East or Africa or South America either, and of course, you don’t trust statistics and figures. And, closer to home, anybody from New York, Chicago, or San Francisco is not to be trusted to tell the truth either! That, my friend is called paranoia — which is another name for alienation and hatred toward anyone who is not similar to “yourself” or does not share your beliefs.

      • So peteserb to use one of your beloved Tea-bagger expressions, you drank the cool-aid didn’t you? Your response show just how ignorant you’ve become. You automatically assume that anyone that disagrees with your view must be a “typical liberal” who is “spoon fed his facts”. You have to remember something, it’s liberals like myself (though I am lifelong Republican) that get our news from multiple sources. We watch different news stations, read different newspapers and books, as well as numerous web sites. It’s people like yourself that get your information from one source, Faux News and or the people that work for Faux News. We are the ones that understand that our politicians are not perfect and many (even ones we support) are backed by companies and groups we may not agree with. You, on the other hand, are completely oblivious to the fact that your tea party was conceived and funded by the Koch brothers. They have only one goal. And it’s not to help the “average joe”. It’s to help get themselves richer and more powerful. Here’s a perfect example for you. The job of a Union is to help it’s members (average joe’s) be treated fairly in the workplace. This doesn’t jibe well with people like the Koch brothers. So what do they do; convince the tea party that unions are evil and trying to destroy America. Here’s another; The ACLU has one mandate, to defend YOUR civil liberties! Yet somehow this group, who’s job is to defend your constitutional rights, is considered (by people like yourself) to be a radical left wing group. If you truly believe that the rich and powerful have more rights than the rest of us. And that it is the American way to have theses people control our way of life. You are sadly mistaken. Those are the things the original tea party fought against. The powerful and wealthy English government telling the lowly Colonies what to do. It wasn’t about Taxes. It was about freedom. This world that you and your kind bandy around, without knowing what it means. If you did, you wouldn’t be voting for people that want to tell you who you can marry, what you can do to your own body, what you can put in your own body. You’d be against people who want to take away your right to join a group to get better pay. You’d be against people who think that a corporation has the same rights as a person. You’d be against the people that think that any religion should control our government and the laws it makes. And if you think that religion should play a roll, you really really need to read the constitution, as well as the writings of our founding fathers. What makes us “liberals” so confused is why you would vote for people that want nothing more than to take away your rights and have you be no better than a serf, subservient to the wealthy lord and master!

      • grammyjill

        you own a computer. try google for FACTS before you open your mouth and stuff both feet in. listen to the debates with an open mind and eyes shut.

      • I BEG YOUR PARDON!!! The Tea Party did not build America. We built America, African Americans, with 400 years of blood, sweat, and tears while free-loading criminals from Europe exterminated the American Indians and reaped the bounty they now view as their entitlement. Get your facts straight.

      • rockin_the_bay_in_Tampa

        Sounds to me like YOU are the one with the hatred problem-of a black president occupying the White House. Pull you head out of your ass and look around!

      • peteserb, you look like the typical foreigner just arrived in US and full of rage against Europe where civilization has given the world’s highest values in civilization, christian (real, not bigotry) ancestry and democracy.

      • shanabellin

        It was the huge immigration of Europeans and Asians that built America. Where did your ancestors come from, or were the Native American Indians whose land was forcibly taken from them?

      • You’re a little late. The Europeanization of America began the day the first European set foot on this soil, which was over 600 years ago. The United States as we know it was founded on British (Locke and Hume among others) and French (Montesquieu) ideas.

      • Pete?

        I haven’t read anything in there saying he’s liberal.

        It doesn’t matter if the facts are Democratic–as long as they are *factual*.

        The guys that built this nation died centuries ago. The Tea Party just rips off their name.

        The original founders of this nation *were* Europeanizing it, as far as the native Americans are concerned.

        But you are right. Every time a hateful lie promulgated by the far right is exposed, the Democrats become that much more vital to this nation.

      • Only fools and Republicans can believe your ststments.Mit,Ryan,Rush,Perry,and the Tea Party will destroy this country and you’re to dumb to see it

      • Ed

        So your argument is that the country might be changed for thre better if not for the tea party? Even the name conservative is a lie. The dictionary defines “conservative” as one who resists change and wants things to remain as they are.

    • THE lower the taxes are is what brings this country down in all places from the rest of the world . the USA is to be a right and a fair place to be . well the GOP the whole white hood and dress wearing gang should be the ppl. that one should write about all the lies . hey dress and hood wearing gang go to the feilds and woods an burn crosses

    • daves

      I would like to hear more about this ” securing trillions in deficit cuts” the author talks about. As far as I know, the projected deficit this year $1.1 trillion is about equal with last years deficit.

    • totally agreed and dont forget the most heinous thing repukes are doing which is suppression of the vote. WE HAVE A CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO VOTE!!!

  • sigrid28

    Hear! Hear! This is a deserved slam against Newsweek. In the dentist’s office, I found I could scan it in less than five minutes, and I’m a speed reader who will slow down to take in a nice piece of writing. I used to read Newsweek to keep up with U.S. and foreign affairs twenty years ago when we lived overseas. Also Time. Today’s Newsweek and Niall Ferguson? A match made in heaven, a tissue of lies.

  • hepj

    TANSTAAFL applies here. Wasteful spending and wishful, delusional decisions do not make for a successful president. Obama was learning “on the job”, and experience shows he is a slow learner. SS, Medicare, Medicaid WILL change even if the liberals don’t want them to when someone else can no longer be convince to loan us money. Printing more waste paper called money won’t help the deficit. It only makes the currency less valued. TANSTAAFL is a fact of life, and liberals can deny it only so long. We aren’t yet in Greece’s situation, but it is approaching.

    • Notabagger

      The fact that you compare us to Greece, indicates you dont understand what you are talking about… Im not going to explain it to you. Repeating things you hear in the FOX News, Rush and Hannity echo chamber doesnt make them true

  • I believe the most important part of the republican party is they lie and most their negative ads are based on lieing. They say they are reglious but use the bible to distort and accumulate their lies. Honesty and respect have disappeared in the republican agenda. It is a shame the good republicans are draged into the slime with aversional tea party.

    • CPANY

      Gargray: The Republican Party that I registered with when I became able to vote isn’t the one that we have today. It used to be conservative. Now, it’s comprised of far right religious zealots who are close to the National Socialist German Workers Party.

      The old party of Lincoln is gone. In its place is a bunch of right wing scumbags like Romney, Ryan, Wolfowitz, the Kroch Brothers, Adelson, Rove, etc., etc.

  • hilandar1000

    There is really no VALID reason to find fault with our president. The only tool the GOP has to use against him is lies, and in attempting to substantiate their distortions and outright falsehoods, they have put forth more effort than if they had just accepted his excellent leadership and gotten down to the task of working with the President. Can anyone think of anything the GOP has done in the last 4 years that has actually been of benefit to the American people? Everything that has been of benefit to the people of this great nation has been accomplished by the president — without the help of the opposition in congress. We have always heard that the Presidency is a lonely job, but the drafters of the constitution never intended for it to be as lonely as it has been in the last 4 years. I have nothing but admiration for the accomplishments our president has been able to manage. Through all the silliness and unwarranted opposition, he has managed to keep his cool and push on to try to accomplish the things that he knows our nation needed the most. The world respects and admires our president. How could it be that we have given so much attention to the silliness and lies of the GOP when we have a president in whom we should feel only pride, respect, and admiration?

    • I wish I could be blind to the economic reality too. This president has nearly doubled the national debt that has accumulated for 30 years, but he did it in 4 years. I don’t agree with either the Democrats or Republicans, because both of these parties have created this economic situation. But, I do find fault with Obama in this regard. He is truly clueless when it comes to business, especially small to medium sized business. Which is the major employer group in the US. And by putting us in the current economic situation, he has stalled the economy because people with money are scared to death of taking any risks financially, so they simply wait and see rather than investing or hiring etc..
      Step back and take an objective look at what has transpired over the past 4 years, look at the national debt. When do we say, STOP?
      Its not just one party, or one president, but at some point, if we don’t force these so called leaders to do something different, they are just going to continue. And 16 Trillion dollars of debt, and increasing at a rate that is beyond imagination, has to stop.

      • BDD1951

        You need to go to the Congressional Budget Office web site and see who really spends the money. Yes, this president has spent a lot of money, but remember he took over a mess left by a republican administration. I don’t blame Bush. He’s just “dumb as dirt.” I blame that bunch of thugs he had in the White House. Corrupt Cheney, Troll Rove, and Idiot Rumsfeld. One thing is for sure, if we still had the draft, there would have been no war in Iraq. Congress wouldn’t have taken a chance that one of their kids ould have had to go to war.

        • Don’t forget Dems controlled Congress the last term of the Bush Presidency. They were in control of the budget

          • BDD1951

            Don’t forget that Bush had a republican congress for 6 years.

          • johninPCFL

            TP controls spending today, ading $1T+ per year to the debt.

      • jarheadgene

        Interesting observations Randy…but the large debt was Bushes 9 trillion Obama has only added 4 to try and dig us out…and that is with Congress bent on standing on the shovels…As for fear of big money making moves….it isn’t fear…they are just enjoying sitting this out while they watch “WE the PEOPLE” fight among ourselves, as they pass out misinformation. Think about it…During the Bush years HUGE TAX cuts for the wealthy, some for us commoners, just to placate us. Then 2 wars….ONE that was over a LIE….no WMD’s. And who was voting for all that and pushing it through, while it was sinking our ship….our Congress…and who was on the budgets committee….wow…PAUL RYAN….”say it aint so.” And now RYAN and ROMNEY want to come back to the same kind of economics…..But will lie cheat and steal to get there. Think about this also, if it is all about Conservative vs Liberal and not about Greed vs Social conscience ….WHY is LIZ CHENEY(an avowed Lezbian), DICK’s daughter, a Republican? Did you know she owned the uniform cleaning company in IRAQ that the soldiers were forced to use?

        • BDD1951

          And Halliburton was going broke.

      • jarheadgene

        Interesting observations Randy…but the large debt was Bushes 9 trillion Obama has only added 4 to try and dig us out…and that is with Congress bent on standing on the shovels…As for fear of big money making moves….it isn’t fear…they are just enjoying sitting this out while they watch “WE the PEOPLE” fight among ourselves, as they pass out misinformation. Think about it…During the Bush years HUGE TAX cuts for the wealthy, some for us commoners, just to placate us. Then 2 wars….ONE that was over a LIE….no WMD’s. And who was voting for all that and pushing it through, while it was sinking our ship….our Congress…and who was on the budgets committee….wow…PAUL RYAN….”say it aint so.” And now RYAN and ROMNEY want to come back to the same kind of economics…..But will lie cheat and steal to get there. Think about this also, if it is all about Conservative vs Liberal and not about Greed vs Social conscience ….WHY is LIZ CHENEY(an avowed Lezbian), DICK’s daughter, a Republican? Did you know she owned the uniform cleaning company in IRAQ that the soldiers were forced to use?

      • johninPCFL

        $12T inherited from GWB to $16T today is not doubled to anyone but a TP.

        • RUKIDENME

          Randys not so good at math. Much of the deficit is a result of the wars, Medicare part D, and tax cuts for the top percent. So most of the deficit can be attributed to Bush.

      • politicalhack1

        First, in order to be fair and objective, increases should be expressed as percentages, not real figures, which do not consider inflation. As a percentage of GDP, President Obama is down the list. Who is at the top of the list? None other than Ronald Reagan, with 189%.
        It is true that Business is sitting on its money, waiting to see what happens.
        And what is it that it needs to happen? It needs to see demand for its products.
        That demand will come from a working middle class, and the Republicans have tried to block, or refused to pass every jobs bill the president has proposed. Both parties are responsible for the debt pile up, since they both are responsible for the logjam in Congress, but the Republicans more so, since they have not performed as the “loyal opposition” at any point in the last four years.
        Instead of creating more of a logjam by continuing to argue from opposing philosophies, why cant we get the real engine of job creating going and pass on into a prosperous future. We have given supply side economics 20 out of the last 32 years, and spent the last 4 arguing. They didnt work, so lets do what does!

      • mynx1

        Randy, get your facts straight and not from Fox news. When Obama came into office the debt was $ 11 trillion, it is currently just under $ 16 trillion, a difference of $ 5 trillion not double. Under the previous GOP admin they ran up the debt to $11 trillion by paying for 2 unwanted wars and tax breaks to the rich.

      • metrognome3830

        Just a quick point. Obama didn’t double the debt. Go to a reputable web-site and get the facts on National Debt and Federal Deficit. The two are not interchangeable, but some people don’t seem to know that.

        “People with money are afraid to take any risks,” you say. Yet when they are patting themselves on the back as “job creators,” they claim to be the people not afraid to take risks. So who or what are they now?

      • Gammaanya

        Bush 2 wars and Medicare Part D run on credit and Bush Adm. NEVER paid for it except US soldiers paid with life. As any adm. whoever takes over absorbs the balance forward, and when Bush took over it was in credit (surpluss) and Bush left we were in debt. It’s just like running your check book, if you don’t pay all your credit cards in one year the balance goes forward and you charge more as you continue to shop/spend money for whatever reason – the debt is rising. It’s the same thing, so if you did not pay off your last years CC debt then you are BIG SPENDER. LOL Get a grip lady, and see the trees as a forest not as a fire wood.

  • howa4x

    Fergueson is a republican staking horse on the economy. I wonder if he is so smart then why did Krugman win the nobel prize, and not him? He is using his creedentials to distort the record of Obama. He is a supporter of tirickle down econonics and is probably paid by the Koch bros with some endowment. All the republicans have to show for themselves is a failed economy, and refusal to help straighten out their own mess. Romney/Ryan want to return to that time and create a bigger gap between the 1% and the rest of us so they have to create a mythical president to run against, and mythical problems like medicare or social security. These and the scare tactics that republicans rely on. It is the only way they can have a chance of winning. Distortion and lies is really their platform. Do you think America wants to hear that if elected they are going to give everything to the 1%?

  • I’m not a republican or democrat, but I do have a couple questions about this article.
    Did Obama actually prevent a depression? I don’t believe he did, but in fact has guaranteed we will have a far worse situation in the fairly near future.
    Did he save the auto industry? Not really, he just saved the Auto workers union and put the tab on future tax payers.
    Obama has increased the national debt to such a high level that it is not sustainable, and we are all going to pay the price, and our grandchildren will be continuing to pay the price 50 years from now.
    Did he catch Osama Bin Laden? You know, I actually believe he gave the order for that, but it was our military, ie.. seal teams who did the work.
    I voted for Obama, and truly believed at one time he was going to do this country good. I am sorry to say that I was wrong. And I believe now that he has put us on a path economically that is going to cause very severe hardship for millions of Americans for decades.

    • Terry Warns

      I do not understand this statement:

      Did he save the auto industry? Not really, he just saved the Auto workers union and put the tab on future tax payers.

      How is that?

      • By bailing out GM, Chrysler, he allowed the Auto Workers Union to still be in existence. If he had simply let these corporations fail, new companies/corporations would have started up, without union workers. But no, he used tax payer money to bail out these corporations from their bad management, and we haven’t even begun to pay for this. I feel this was very very wrong to do. It is not the tax payers responsibility to cover the debts of corporations who have made poor management decisions.

        • BDD1951

          You are not aware that most of that money has been paid back, with interest? I’d say it is the best loan we ever made. And what’s wrong with unions. If it weren’t for union workers would be working for minimum wage and living in poverty. Thus, we would be a third world country.

          • Thank you, BDD1951. I have heard so much about what unions have done to destroy America, but nobody understands that the unions are the best thing in the world that happened to American workers.
            I am a retired member of the United Mine Workers of America, a union that started all the other unions. Before John L. Lewis begame president of the UMWA, men and young boys were dying by the dozens in unsafe mines that became death traps for the workers and money makers for the owners. I don’t really have the time right now or the actual proof right in frot of me, since everyone here is aasking for proof of what is said, so I’ll gather up all the proof and then I’ll post again. I just needed to add this to BDD1951’w post. If anyone wants to, google John L. Lewis and the UMWA to see how the union saved lives and helped workers to achieve good pay for good work and also limited the age that owners could hire to work in the mines.

        • karinursula

          What about the bank bailout?

        • RUKIDENME

          Who would have started new car companies, you Randy.

        • old_blu

          @Randy– Put the pipe down most of those loans are paid back, one of the best things the US ever did, if what you say would work then we should have let the US file bankruptcy cuz the tax payers are still paying for GW’s mess, and “poor managment”.

    • joyscarbo

      You wrote:
      “Did he catch Osama Bin Laden? You know, I actually believe he gave the order for that, but it was our military, ie.. seal teams who did the work. ”

      No president has LITERALLY AND PERSONALLY gone after our enemies with weapon in hand. You can even give him credit for having the balls to kill the architect of 9/11?!! Navy Seals would not have acted on anything had the Obama not given them the green light. This alone made your entire arguement look ignorant.

      I haven’t love every moment of the past 4 years either…but the good outweighs the bad with decisions Obama made. And who should be put on a skewer is the gang of republican congress members who decided to NOT cooperative with anything the president was trying to do. They blocked every piece of legislation coming down the pike even if there was evidence they themselves had supported it!!! There has never been such a hated congress in the history of our country. So congrats to your support of a party that does NOTHING for the country and destroys the middle class.

      • CPANY


        Did Obama kill bin Laden? Poor question. The way things work is that the leader gets the praise for successes and the blame for failures.

        That’s why dopey Dubya should get the blame for all of his failures, especially the failure to get bin Laden. I don’t think that dopey D ubya ever intended to get bin Laden, because the Bushes are business partners of the bin Ladens.

        Killing your partner’s son isn’t the way to smooth the path to commercial success.

      • mynx1

        Well put joyscarbo, the GOP turned down Obama’s Job Act that would have put 1 million people to work right away, which also included money for skills retraining programs, it’s been reported that there is currently 5.5 million jobs going unfilled because people don’t have the skills for these jobs, I suppose the GOP blame Obama for this as well.

        The GOP made it quite clear in 2009 that their only focus would be to make Obama a one term president. Congress has done absolutely nothing to ease the pain of the bad economy they created. In fact, their arogance shines supreme when they shrug of their approval rating of 10% (worst in Congress history) and continue to spew their rhetoric that they speak for all Americans.

        How much was the debt when Obama came into office, $11 trillion. What is it today just under $16 trillion. That’s an increase of $5 trillion but according to the GOP the debt has doubled under Obama and in some statements they infur that all of the debt is because of Obama.

        The GOP remind me of those children in the playground who smash a window and them blame everyone else for getting in their way, distracting them or made them do it.

        A wise person once taught me that God doesn’t judge actions, God judges the motivations behind the actions. The actions of the GOP are obvious, it’s their motivations behind their actions that scare the hell out of me should they get back into office.

    • grammyjill

      Yes, he really did prevent a depression. He saved thr auto industry by saving the factories and therefore lots of jobs. And the auto industry has paid back almost every cent. No money coming out of you or your grandchildren.
      Our military moves on the orders of the commander in chief. Yes the seals took out bin ladin but could not go without orders.
      Debt paid down by 48.7 billion in may. More since. Would be alot more if defence cuts go through. I know that’s a hot button, but we have the highest defence budget in the world and yet Cher had to collect money to buy body armor for our soliders.
      My son makes double fixing garbage trucks than he does as a crew chief on a blackhawk. Military budget needs to be cut and fixed. The money should be going to our men and women protecting us not some ceo or defence contractor.
      It took clinton 6 years to pull us out of the recession bush#1 put us in. When he was done we had a surplus. Can’t expect obama to fix something even worse in 3 1/2 years. Give him a chance, he’s on the right track.

  • pattyrk

    Stop, Obama hopefully has a failed presidency, trying to make us a socialist, muslim, non-christian, race-baiting nation, broke, government-dependent.

    • neece00

      And I suppose you get your facts from FOX news.

      • old_blu

        More likely from Rush.

        Rush I’m sorry about your mental illness, but you have to stop self medicating.

    • grammyjill

      What?! who told you that crap. whoever it was, you shouldn’t listen to them anymore. they got there head up their ass. not getting enough oxygen.
      try google instead and listen to the debates with mind open and eyes shut.

  • YES. Anybody that attack “The Anointed One” should be killed. ONLY the Socialist/Comunist/Liberals/Democrats (Pick one name or all of the above), have the right to big mounth the opposition….What happen with “Free speach/and or Free Press?”…Sorry I forgot belong only to the leftist.

    • WhutHeSaid

      Good Lord, how did you find your way out of your trailer park? You’d better get back there double-quick before more socialist-communist-liberals take up residence under your bed. Turn on FOX News and relax with your Rush Limbaugh blowup doll — everything’s gonna be OK. ::burp::


        Gerry’s upset his Limbaugh blowup doll has a leak in it. Rough play..

    • johninPCFL

      Hey dumbshit, the amendments only cover what government does, not private enterprise. There is NO guarantee of free speech in the business environment, and the press determines every day what they will run free of government interference.

      So, if you think he’s the “annointed one”, then freely bow down and worship. The rest of us recognize that he’s just the better choice from the last election cycle.

    • karinursula

      You can criticize whoever you want to, as long it is the truth. You have to make up your mind, Socialist, communist, oh you forgot Muslim,

  • montanabill

    If Newsweek were a far right magazine, the left’s reaction would be understandable. However, folks, Newsweek is owned The Daily Beast, a left side publishing group. So it appears, they peeked behind the curtain and didn’t like what they saw. I think they swallowed hard, realized that four more years of the life we are living today, was not in the best interest of the progressive movement and decided the future was more important than propping up a talker with a teleprompter.

    • johninPCFL

      GWB isn’t running.

  • Notabagger

    I am a small business owner and you are simply wrong. We are not sitting on cash scared to hire… we dont have enough business to justify hiring. Public companies have cash because the stock market has been doing well despite the lack of overall demand. Get away from your “news” sources.

    • CPANY

      You’re entitled to run your business as you see fit, but if you refuse to hire, then you should not receive any economic aid from the government. We need jobs, notabagger, not small business owners who are going to squeeze every last cent that they can from their businesses. Because payroll is usually the biggest expense item, that means trying to increase revenue while keeping the payroll as low as possible, i.e. by squeexzing more out of the present staff.

      • mah101

        Notabagger made an important point. It’s the lack of demand as Americans deleverage themselves, dig out from debt, rebalance their assets after loosing tremendous value on their primary asset – their homes. Demand must recover before our economy can recover. Until demand recovers, there may be economic growth but the benefits are concentrated among a few and jobs will be slow to recover.

      • tokoloshi27

        “…then you should not receive any economic aid from the government.” I’ve got to wonder where that came from. Was government created to hand out government aid? Is that why no one builds anything by themselves? “It takes a village” etc?

        You all seem to miss the real point that if government doesn’t continually create busy-work and paperwork requirements for businesses, businesses might get the foot off their necks and begin to rebuild the economy. Like under FDR the dems are spinning this recession/depression on and on to stay in power and keep the bread and circuses going.

    • johninPCFL

      Good post. Don Trump doesn’t agree with you (his tweets say that he’s not hiring because his tax burden is too high) but he’s now either a party hack or an idiot.

      • BDD1951

        I vote for “idiot.”

    • CAThinker

      I’m not sure which business your small business is in, but the reason you don’t have enough business is because people don’t have enough money to buy what you are selling… or there aren’t enough people with the money to buy what you are selling. But all of this goes to a larger point – if private sector isn’t or can’t hire to reduce unemployment than the Government and Public Sector has to – there’s nowhere else to get money. I support Obama going on an infrastructure spending spree – fix all the highways and bridges, dams, whatever – the unemployment rate will drop, the Country will be safer and the spending that the newly employed will do will improve the economy. The newly employed will also pay taxes (or more taxes), so the government will recognize increased revenue.


    Something’s wrong here. Whoever wrote the lead article for this “discussion” insinuates that the Newsweek front cover is an unpaid political advertisement for Romney.

    The front cover does show Romney, but the accompanying text says: “Romney: The wimp factor. Is he just too insecure to be president?”

    That doesn’t seem like much of an endorsement of Romney to me.

  • President Obama is a “great president” he only inherited the mess we are in today and has been trying to rescue America ever since he has been in office. I am voting for him “all the way”!!!

  • dham69

    First line, How do you attack a president who prevented a Great Depression? I ask Prove it, you just can’t make comments like that without proving it. If you look at Ronald Reagan and what he got from Carter. It was worse, and yet he was able to turn it around where we had less unemployment. So again if you are going to make statements in your article prove it. Since you can’t prove it, don’t say it!

    • BDD1951

      He did? Then why is it that the company that my son worked for went out of business under Reagan and he was unable to find a job. We had very high unemployment under Reagan. You are just another case of a republican with selective memory.

    • johninPCFL

      Reagan also took a $400B national debt and ran it up to $4T. Now THAT’S some stimulus spending. Of course, as he famously said, deficits don’t matter”.

    • jarheadgene

      Reagan inherited worse from CARTER…..don’t think so. And although I agree with a lot of Reagans IDEALS including FLAT TAX for all NO LOOPHOLES. He was not the Messiah of this country….How did he win the Cold War ?…he outspent the Russians adding Trillions
      in debt, managable debt, NOT for George HW. But for Clinton it was. Then the theives stepped in….CHENEY, RUMSFELD and alike and here we are.

    • JohnRNC

      You’re absolutely right! There is no way to prove that Obama’s actions as president prevented a Great Depression. All we can so is “speculate” based on what was happening at the time and then try to project what would’ve happened to the banks and the auto industry and the economy in general if he had done nothing.

      What we can “prove” is when the economy began it’s downward spiral, and when it began to massively shed jobs July 2007-Nov 2008 – under GWB.

      We can also prove who approved the first bailout disbursement – GWB

      We can also prove where a big chunk of the massive national debt came from – a 2 front war kept off the books together with tax cuts – GWB.

      While we’re proving stuff, let’s look at “trickle-down” economics. 8 years under Reagan, another 8 under GWB plus 3 under Obama (he has yet to allow the Bush tax cuts to expire). It has not created jobs or protected our economy in any way. We are struggling to dig ourselves out from under the disastrous effects of irresponsible tax policy, irresponsible use of our military and de-regulation of the financial sector. It doesn’t work. The beneficiaries just keep the money.

      So the Big Lie is that the Right is holding Obama responsible for issues that were in place and in progress before he took office – hoping that we’re all too stupid to know when we’re being lied to.

      You want to prove stuff? Bring it on!

  • ANY savage attack on ANY Ivy League Academic is a STEP TOWARD SOCIAL EQUALITY. These over-credentialled blowhards are behind the ruination of our economy and culture alike.

  • GWB was that bad and these fool Tea Party clowns want to have someone even worse, with half of GWB’s judgement, preside over this great country. What is wrong with these people. Obama has proven to be a great president and basically he saved this country and capitalism in the nick of time, much as did FDR (who is recognized almost universally as one of the great presidents.

  • highpckts

    Randy – the last I checked, there were over 200 bills before Congress that they choose to ignore because of their hatred! Don’t call Obama a failed Presidedent! It is a failed congres we have to blame!!

  • risingwolf

    Regarding the Romney-Ryan position on lower taxes for the wealthy, my 90 year old Mother-In-Law who lives on social security and a modest retirement income, reported to me that she paid more than Romney’s 13.5 % in taxes than he did. There is something wrong when a 90 year old middle-class senior citizen payes more percentage wise in taxes than an individual running for President who is worth 250 million dollars.

  • mah101

    Why, I seem to remember good ole FDR running across Germany and beating Hitler to a pulp. And don’t forget Truman personally carrying, on his back no less, those bombs to Japan and hurling them at the enemy with nothing but the strength of his arms…


  • Paul Ryan fan fiction, why not keep it in your diary where it belongs and wheres paul ryan,s CAPE ?

  • Don

    I am just tired of what everyone is saying and commenting and using four letter words to show their anger. Is this any way to run a discussion? I think both candidates have contributed some worth while ideas as well as some worthless ideas. I have contributed money to Obama’s campaign even though I am an independent voter, voting Republican in New Jersey and Democratically nationally

  • highpckts

    randy coots – The Bush years were great weren’t they? Everybody buying houses at inflated prices with no down payment, refund checks from the government, no bank regulations! You cannot live on ill gotten gains as in the Bush years and not expect to pay for it! We still have the “Bush” mentality in Congress hence we can’t go forward no matter who is President!!

  • Elsa

    What can you say; these people have been doing this kind of thing for decades. While political lies are the norm and always have been, the New Republican Party has taken it over the top. I am a registered Democrat, but have a long history of voting for the man not the party. That stopped during the Clinton impeachment process when the Republicans published that disgusting deposition on their investigation. I wish Clinton had been more forthcoming with his responses, but in comparison his lie about his personal life was not as bad as the Republicans behaviors during the impeachment and the many other lie-based attacks they made. At least Clinton has always worked for the betterment of the people who elected him and even today is using his power as a former President and new found wealth to help those in need on a worldwide basis. I can forgive him his private life. What I cannot forgive is this relentless attack on the current President that has reach a new low; The Birther issue, attacks on Michelle and the girls, and lies, lies, lies are even making long-time Republicans leave the Party. The Republican Party is on long downhill trip that is only picking up speed; any magazine, newspaper, TV Newscaster, Cable Newscaster who allows lies to stand will never have me as viewer or customer again. I have added News Week to that list. I am going to base my vote on the facts not those of radical individuals. Obama 2012.

  • highpckts

    I wonder if the pledge the GOP took to never raise taxes will still be in force if Romney wins?? Wanna bet?

  • Bodine666

    Bush and the repubs blew up the economy just before the administration ended. The next president was going to inherit the mess.

    Haven’t cons yet learned not to quote fictitious numbers on subjects that are easily checked? Unemployment was at 4%, after a democratic administration, when dubya took office and climbed steadily until it reached 7.8% the day bush left office while losing 700,000 jobs / month. It would have been higher but dubya added 2 Million fed jobs.

    The lower unemployment is mostly in the states where President Obama saved the auto industry. Why don’t you check the unemployment levels in the south where repubs have control.

    Just curious. How, exactly, is the EPA going to raise electric rates? I was not aware they had that ability.

    —even Biden agreed — What right-wing website did you get this from? More of the editing of the type the (not so) breitbart folks do on a regular basis?

    First you wingers claimed it was dubya that got Bin Laden. When you saw that wouldn’t fly you created the fiction that President Obama claims he did it. I watched what he said. You’re just lying. Very common among wingers.

    There is a failure. Repubs were against saving the auto industry, wanted to foreclose on everybody’s homes, have been constantly firing police, firefighters, and teachers to keep unemployment artificially high, have obstructed congress for the past 3 years. The only jobs bills brought to congress repubs blocked. Repubs plan to privatize Social Security, turn Medicare into a voucher system that will add $6,400.00 to seniors our-of-pocket expenses each year, hate women, hate minorities, hate poor people, blocked bills to help the 9/11 responders, blocked bills to help the returning vets, voted to repeal the ACA which is a health care reform that gives seniors free health screenings and closes the donut hole the repubs Part D (unfunded) plan created, and extends Medicare solvency by another eight years while saving Medicare more than $700 Billion, started the most massive voter suppression since Jim Crow, and said they would start a war against Iran. Like we needs, another unfunded, endless war.

    The leaders of the repub party state their goal is to do anything to regain power, no matter how much it hurts American. It’s time to throw them out and vote in people that care about America, not their own interests.

    You would do well to change the channel and get your information from a reputable news source. In rupert’s own words, fox is not a news network. Why do you think they were not allowed in Canada? In Canada if you call yourself a news network you have to actually report news. Fox is a repub propaganda network busy indoctrinating the cult members that worship them as a religion. A religion of hate. Repubs/cons/baggers are so full of hate they can’t think straight. If they could they would know the repubs, along with their Wall St. buddies, crashed the economy and have been doing everything in their power to keep it down. Three decades of lower income, jobs being off-shored by repubs and tax cuts for the rich have not brought any jobs. The only time jobs were added was under Clinton and President Obama. Just what does it take for a repub cultist to open his eyes?

  • ReedroidNC

    Over the past two years I wrote at least a dozen letters to Newsweek complaining about the blatant dishonesty of Niall Ferguson’s columns. Even in his opinion columns, the “facts” he used to support those opinions were frequently subject to debate, twisted out of all semblance to reality, or simply flat-out wrong. Not once did Tina “Brownnose” Brown respond or, to my knowledge, print a single letter from a reader pointing out Ferguson’s dishonesty.

    I never could decide (for myself) whether her loyalty was to him as a fellow third-rate Brit who couldn’t succeed at home but knew she, like him, could dupe gullible Americans by using plummy accents and Oxford degrees; or whether her loyalty was to her magazine’s owner, who hired her to cut costs, “snazz up” the magazine by merging it with The Daily Beast, and replacing its sensible stable of columnists and journalists with wackos and hacks.

    Not that it matters; Ms. Brown has destroyed Newsweek as she nearly destroyed The New Yorker, and Ferguson has given every British ex-pat with a degree and an attitude a bad rep. Now I wonder: in addition to Harvard investigating his competence as a professor, could the Obama administration channel Nixon (as it has done in so many ways) and deport him? I can only hope and dream.

  • Bodine666

    I once thought Newsweek was a respectable magazine. After seeing the GOP BS I realize I was wrong.

    Subscription will not be renewed.

  • ReedroidNC

    I guess you never read the memo or grasped the fact that Bush’s increase of the national debt was underplayed by his refusal to pay for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The trillion dollars spent on those wars was NEVER included in the Bush budgets – it was always kept as an “off-budget” supplemental appropriation. When Obama came in, he added those costs to the actual books of this country, so of course he gets blamed by low-information (or no-information) boobs like you for adding that trillion to the debt. Sorry, it IS Bush’s fault.

    And, if you look at debt as a percentage of GNP, it compares well with what we incurred during the real war of WWII and the real Depression, when, once again, a Democratic president and Congress had to pull out all the stops to fix theproblems created by their Republican predecessors. In the aftermath of the Roosevelt-Truman administrations, the country stayed stable, grew in an unprecedented way, raised a middle class, established Medicare and Medicaid, and started to address the remaining problembs of poverty … until Ronald Reagan – whom you no doubt idolize – showed up with his Republicans and began jerking and tugging America back into the pre-Depression Gilded Age of the 19th century. Your support of a Romney-Ryan ticket or any Republicans for Congress will help propel us back there – and put your children back to the serfdom of your grandparents. Is that REALLY what you want?

  • ReedroidNC

    Not the last term, Jerry Ray. Half the last term. The last two years. And they didn’t use reconciliation to ram budgets through; they wrote budgets that Bush could veto or sign, so they had to write them without “controlling” them.

  • mikey4912

    The false experts come out of the rocks for everything the Repubs want to prove…They make up the facts they want or misrepresent the facts whenever possible..Some of the things they say are so off the mark that they are laughable…The 716 billion..the gining of the stim. money to cronies…the death pannels…etc, there is no reality.

  • middleclasstaxpayer

    He DID lie. He LEFT OUT all the things the president did to deceive the American people, all the billions he WASTED on solar energy projects, only to have the firms declare bankruptcy. President also denegrated successful business people, while deciding NOT to investigate a Liberal (JON CORZINE) whose firm somehow “MISPLACED” over a billion dollars of clients’ money… you think any “low level” person in his firm could have directed that money to be applied to losing positions except the director, Corzine?? But since Corzine is a fellow liberal, NO NEED to investigate, it was only a mysterious “accident” that caused billions of client money to disappear. Couldn’t have ANYTHING to do with a fellow liberal, but if it were a Republican, he’d be scheduled for Attorney General review immediately, with NO further questions asked, and he’d be branded “GUILTY” in the liberal press even more quickly.

    • Landsende

      How many CEO’s of bailed out companies and financial institutions have been prosecuted. Why weren’t Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Rove prosecuted for their lies and outing of a CIA agent. All republicans, could that be why they weren’t prosecuted even though they were “GUILTY”?

  • They say that a bird of a feather flocks together…I guess he is a war mongrel like Paul Ryan…Ferguson is part of that flock..what are you going to do, Ferguson, when on November…when it is in the stars that Obama is going to I need to send you a “crying towel”…one of those rich people who don’t pay their fair share of taxes…too bad..too sad…cry me a river when it happens…I don’t have to pay for my prescription drugs since, Obama, has been in…because I have medicare A; B; And D…awesome he cares about us elderly people…when Paul Ryan..don’t care about what he will be doing to the handicapped..the poor or the middle class..he agreed to going into that war that Bush got us into…he wears a masks just like Mitt…who is a leopard anyway…and a bird of a feather flocks together…

  • The GOP have been infected with a terminal virus of extremism, idiocy and ignorance, aka, the Conservative Wrong-Wing Nut Jobs and the Tea Party Militia. Whatever happened to the Eisenhower Republicans? Apparently, they’ve all died off….they’ve been replaced by US Grant Republicans (look up US Grant and his highly corrupt administration and you’ll see what I mean). Because it rarely, if ever, backs them up, the GOP abandoned the truth for good in 2000. Even with the GOP politicians’ “condemnation” of Todd Akin for his ridiculous comments is hypocrisy; the truth is that, at one time or another, every GOP politician has supported an outright ban on abortion or “backdoor” abortion bans, such as “personhood” bills. On another comment thread, someone wrote that the GOP are upset at Akin’s comments because of the time proximity of them. He’s correct. Have many of you forgotten about the comedic performances the GOP generously called “debates” that they held starting late last year? Many of the comedians told us straight out during those performances that they’d ban abortions if they had the power to do so. That’s just one of the reasons why I’m completely correct when I’ve said/written the following: “when a GOP politician/talking head speaks, all you get are GOP BS, hypocrisy, talking points, deflections and distortions”. In fact, in reading some of the comments on this thread, that’s EXACTLY what the GOP commentators have used….pathetic, guys, pathetic. GOP moderates: this is what your party has come to: the Party of Abe, Teddy and Ike are now the party of extremism, idiocy and ignorance. If it weren’t a crying shame, it’d be ironically hilarious 🙁 ssmdh


  • Joe Narusiewicz

    The house republicans have resisted every attempt to create one single job so they can defeat President Obama and give more tax breaks to the rich while busting and breaking the backs of the working class in the USA. They have put their party way above country. They have united together to resist all good legislation for building roads, restoring bridges and schools and infrastructure because they felt they would help lower the unemployment rate and give President Obama credit. This fanatical perspective really hurts all of us. Vote them out and don’t be fooled!

  • vwharry1

    I am a healthcare professional ,I do not understand why this simple question has not been asked to the Paul Ryans about their plan to give a voucher of 6000 dollars to the senior so they can purchase their own insurance.

    Where in the US today can you purchase an insurance plan for 6000 and even 7000.Let’s pretend that you do find such a deal what about your deductible of at least 10000.

    next question.

    If you were the CEO of an insurance company would you insure a senior for 6000 or 7000? knowing fully well that one ER visit could easily cost 6000 to 10000 dollars.What about those big items that seniors are known for like Heart surgeries,chemotherapy ,and on and on.These Republicans are lying to their teeth to the seniors telling them that they simply want to preserve Medicare . I wish only that one of the Journalists would ask Romney or Ryan if they would offer health insurance to seniors for even 8000 dollars a year.

  • I believe they should be sued for slander and false pretence, the whole republican have nothing to run on so they try to put the President down. Wake up America we need to protest the lies the republicans are sreading.

  • jointerjohn

    “Europeanization of America” sure sounds funny to we original tribal people of the continent! I’d say that happened about four hundred years ago. To the rest of you rational thinkers out there, what Mr. Petesrb means by that is the republicans’ invented bogeyman they are attempting to scare us with. You know like they did for fifty years with communists. Like they have been doing lately with Latino immigrants. Being afraid of and fomenting fear of those who are different is their stock-and-trade, it’s why they have merged with the radical boring-again christians. Those of us who cannot be managed by fear are the liberals in American politics, as well as being the compassionate ones. I’m contented to be both.

  • Obama lies (period).

  • Why are we accepting that Paul Ryan is a “economics wonk”, he is not. He has a BA in economics and political science from Miami University in Oxford, Oh. Paul Krugman is an economics wonk; he won the Nobel Prize in Economic Science in 2008. He is a professor of economics at Princeton University. He attended MIT and Yale. I will take Dr. Krugman’s word on economics long before Congressman Ryan’s.

    This is what is wrong with this election – the spin. Over and over the President’s record has been manipulated and distorted to prove any message the Republicans want. When you contrast the President’s plan and what he has tried to do with Mitch’s party of No, choices become very clear.

  • Some of you on this site see no wrong with the socialist messiah. This President will fundamentally destroy this great country and if elected, we will have 20 trillion in debt with big gov programs at the end of another term.Wake up Liberals socialism invites more corruption then capitalism with only rich & poor. IT DOES NOT WORK AS YOU SEE IT IN GREECE ETC ETC.The main stream media is full of lies in retrospect ,most of you don’t have a clue because your a party person. I am not a party person and not fond of Romney or the GOP.However the choices we have is a no brainer,if you have COMMON SENSE.You don’t have to agree and believe me, as I don’t expect you to.Four more of this guy are taxes will be close to France at 60 to 65% and no freedoms with rich & poor. No doubt with my studies most of you that are ignorant will be the first to cry and at that point it would take over 60 yrs to bring back AMERICAS freedom & prosperity.

  • Who needs to fabricate with all the material and his record ? Why do you think he isn’t running on his record ? Especially now that Ryan is there to show people exactly how bad Obama has been .

    • johninPCFL

      Sure. Obama proposes reducing the debt by $4T, Ryan’s plan adds $2.3T to the debt. On the plus side, most of the $2.3T ends up in the pockets of the 0.1%ers.

      Good comparison.

  • Niall Ferguson should stand-up, get up off his knees and pull his lips away from Paul Ryan’s butt.

  • MasonJar2012

    What color is the sky on your planet?

    Obama failed. Get over it.

  • gl0killary

    If Romney wants Akin to give up his candidacy because he is against abortion, Romney should also ask, Paul Ryan, his running mate vice president, to give-up his candidacy because he and Akin have the same idea on abortion, plus Ryan is going to dismantle medicare. Which as a matter of fact, we paid for it, like paying for health insurance policy in private insurance company.

  • hilandar1000

    In Reply to Randy Coots —- Randy, hon, I hate to break this to you, but you ARE blind to reality, so evidently you got what you wished for. First of all, the president has NOT doubled the national debt — better check your figures. For the first year of President Obama’s term, the budget was already set before Bush ever left office. Bush never included the cost of the war in his budget as Obama has done, so that part of the debt was already there when Obama took office. Add to that the cost of the Bush tax cuts which were not paid for and the cost of prescription drug program, which also was not paid for and you have a substantial amount added to the debt which Obama had no part in causing. President Obama has enacted and proposed legislation to help small business. But he can’t do it alone — that’s not the constitutional setup of our government. The GOP has voted “no” on everything he has proposed that would have improved our economy. Why? — because the GOP met on the night Obama was sworn into office and agreed at that time to do anything within their power to ensure that Obama would be a “one term president”. That meant voting “no” on anything he proposed that might be of help to our economy. Do you have any idea of how much the Ryan budget plan would add to our national debt? Better look it up to see what the economists say it would do to the national debt. As for Ryan — when he was asked how much his plan would help to decrease the national debt and how long it would take, his reply was that he didn’t know — he had NOT “run the figures”. Even though the GOP CLAIMS to be the party of fiscal responsibility, history proves otherwise. The GOP senators filibustered a shockingly record-breaking number of pieces of legislation that would have helped our economy in the first two years of this presidency, and the tea party came very close to putting our nation into default in the last two years — which gave our nation a diminished credit rating — not very helpful in reducing the national debt, wouldn’t you say? I agree that we must insist on making some changes — the first step in doing that would be to defeat EVERY one of the tea party “loose canons” who is running for re-election.

  • shanabellin

    Have you seen the study that says bigots have lower I.Q’s than non bigots? These poor ignorant (through no fault of their own) sheep are easily led into believing liars and propagandists. After all, they’re only following Karl Rove’s and the Koch brothers’ orders.

  • All the more reason not to vote for Romney. I am so tired of seeing ads that he has had on
    Obama and what Obama has not done while being President. Obama is still trying to fix the
    mess that Bush left behind, when Bush was President.

  • M Policon

    I thought I was reading the Onion for a minute. I’ve never seen (this week) such a flimsy tissue of lies that is this article.

    You’re really going to say that Obamacare doesn’t add to the deficit? Let’s get one thing straight: A PROGRAM THAT SPENDS MONEY ADDS TO THE DEFICIT. And don’t say that this program saves money. IT DOES NOT. “It takes money from medicare” Yeah, only until congress says Medicare is in trouble and is running out of money, then they’ll add that money back.

    Repubs tried to de-fund Obamacare. Hmmm, so Obamacare spends money? I thought it saved money! Idiots.

    Yeah, he imposed sanctions on Iran – let’s set this record straight too: Obama OPPOSED those sanctions, and only allowed them to pass after massively watering them down and giving so many exemptions you could drive a supertanker through it.

    I’d rebut more, but I have to get to work to pay for your welfare, you democrat turds.

    Democrats feel. Non-democrats THINK.

    • johninPCFL

      Idiot. A program that raises the same amount in revenues that it spends doesn’t add to the deficit.

      The original CBO scoring said the ACA implementation saves $100B over 10 years (as in, spends less tan previously budgeted) by controlling costs. The new CBO estimates are $700B less in spending than was originally planned. No, it doesn’t cut $700B, it spends $700B less than originally planned.

      Congress passed the sanctions bill. The GOP controls the House and it has demonstrated repeatedly that the President in no way controls the House. Don’t like the sanctions bill, blame the TeaParty since they control the House.

  • M Policon

    400 years? That’s funny. Why don’t you wiki ‘slavery’.

    Are you also saying that African Americans built things, as in buildings and cities? Why don’t you google the tasks that those people did and get back to us.

  • M Policon

    I love how this site deletes my posts. Dissent is not tolerated by liberals, apparently. Someday we’ll have to self-immolate like the Tibetans.

  • Dave Andre

    Talk about deliberate deception, this article makes it sound like Obama’s presidency hasn’t been a failure.

    • johninPCFL

      GMs alive and Bin Laden’s dead. No failure I can see.

      • Dave Andre

        Those are both good points johninPCFL. However, I will consider Obama’s presidency a failure until our troops are home, our borders are secure (no illegal aliens thumbing their noses at us) , unemployment is under 5% and some wall street bankers are in prison.

        • johninPCFL

          Our troops are coming home, unlike the GWB policy of endless, unpaid, foreign war.

          Our borders are more secure than they have been in over a decade, judging by the number of illegals Obama has deported: more in the last three years than in the previous decade. BTW the new GOP platform plank calls for more “guest workers”.

          Wall street bankers broke no laws. The removal of Glass-Steagal during GWBs term eliminated the laws they would have been guilty of breaking.

          Unemployment was 7.8% at the beginning of his term, and we were shedding 750k jobs/mo. Employment is creeping up at 50k to 200k jobs/mo today.

          • SalMoanella

            There is a law against committing fraud. That is what Wall Street did by marketing subprime, toxic paper as AAA, “as safe as treasuries” investments and subsequently brought down the global economy with said fraud.

            As for jobs, at least a third of those claimed to be created were created by seasonal adjustments and the birth/death model. Unfortunately statistics have no home address, pay no taxes and spend zero money in the economy. But hey it made the Zero look good to the unsophisticated.

            Now what the Zero did create is millions of food stamp recipients. In fact, food stamp recipient growth negates all of Obama’s job creation, statistical or otherwise.

            When it comes to the unemployment rate, the majority of it’s decline is due to people falling out of the workforce. Not job creation.

            As for GM, the rule of law and more specifically, contract law was grossly violated to pay back the unions for their votes.

            While I’m at it, I do give the Zero credit for saying “oki doki” when it came time to take out bin laden.

            So there you have it. Obama the failure in the White House extraordinaire. There has been a bigger failure there in my 52 years of occupying this earth.

          • johninPCFL

            Sorry, no. What wall street did was to create a new financial product to sell and convince folks to buy it. The mortgage-backed securties didn’t become “toxic” until the underlying mortgages began to fail. The reason the mortgages could be easily bundled and sold was because the provisions of Glass-Stegal were gone. There was no fraud.

            So 1/3 of those created were seasonal across the last 28 months? Interesting. So that means that 1/3 of the 750k jobs per month lost were sasonal also? OK, so we’ve gone from losing 500k jobs/mo to gaining 34k jobs/mo. I’m still OK with that.

            Other than that, you seem to have a bad memory. GWB said “no way I’m risking that” when bin Laden was in Tora-Bora, and so let him escape. Bankruptcy allows all contracts to be tossed out (including labor contracts), which they were.

          • SalMoanella

            I was in the business and guess what? You don’t know what you’re talking about. Fraud is marketing garbage as pearls and that is what the too big to fails did.

            You’re ok with 34,000 jobs? Really? A fraction of what is needed to keep up with population growth? You ought to go into comedy.

            Bankruptcy laws require senior debt holders be paid first. Obama kicked senior debt holders to the curb in favor of his union cronies.

            I won’t even dignify your attempt at revising history, a common trait among liberals, with regard to bin laden.

          • johninPCFL

            Wrong. Fraud is selling a product knowing that it will fail while proclaiming it safe. Foolhardy, yes. Fraudulent, no.

            I’d like more job creation, yes. But I also recognize that the net change from -500k to +50k is in the right direction. Across GWB’s 96 months, 1mm jobs were created, or about 10k jobs/mo. Two months of -750k jobs/month erased 8 years of GWB “growth”.

            Bankruptcy laws don’t “require” anything. The bankruptcy judge has full latitude to authorize contract cancellation (as was done here), contract restructuring (as was done here), and payouts to select vendors required for the operation of the business (as was done here.) Shareholders were eliminated (as would happen in any C7), union contracts were terminated (as in any C7), management contracts were terminated, and pension obligations were transferred to fedgov. All these things also happened to GST Steel. Is Romney also a liberal?

            You are an ignorant troll who has no idea if I’m “liberal” or not.

          • SalMoanella

            Representing CCC as AAA is fraud. If you cannot comprehend that you have bigger problems than being the flaming liberal you are.

            We can stop the conversation right there. When one cannot grasp onto something as simple as fraud, then there is no intellectual basis for the same to attempt to discuss more complex issues.

          • johninPCFL

            Then it’s the RATINGS AGENCIES that should be brought to court, provided of course that it can be PROVEN that they knew that what they were doing would directly result in harm. The whole “would result in harm” thing separates criminal activity from stupidity.

            Speaking of stupidity, didn’t you know that the banks and raters are DIFFERENT COMPANIES? Are you conservative? Do all conservatives suffer from such mental slowness?

            Did you miss your meds this morning?

      • SalMoanella

        Then obviously, you don’t see at all.

        • johninPCFL

          I focus on success, you wallow in failure. It’s what makes you, you.

    • Dennis Mullins

      Patients is the word of the day. Wait about two decades and you will see that History will reflect on him well.

  • All the Republicans just make me sick. Anyone with a brain can see that they are making this up as they go along. They look like a bunch of kids on the TV, like the bullies in the school yard picking on the smallest kid. They will say and do anything to get the White House back under their control. That’s exactly why we are in this economic situation in the first place! Who had the White house for 8 years before handing over a failed everything to President Obama?? The Republicans! That’s who. They were the only one’s getting rich in the stock market and knew the bubble was about to burst just before handing it over to President Obama. I am so sick of hearing the Republicans lying mouths on TV. I could care less for any Republican in office right now. I want what President Obama wants, better economy, get out of a war that’s gone on since Jesus was alive, put money back into the poor peoples pockets, make the rich pay more than 13% (so ridiculus), save Medicare and Medicaid for the poor here in America, invest in America, stop playing with Social Security for their own gain, make health care more affordable for everyone so that the poor can get the same healthcare that the rich do, etc. Need I say more?! I know that the more I see the Republicans attack adds on President Obama the more sick I am of them. I will continue (no matter how poor) to give money to President Obama’s campaign! Because we (the American People) deserve a better America. I definitely don’t want to go back to the previous choke hold on American’s as when the Republicans had the White House! I am voting Obama all the way!!!!!

    Juliet Castille
    Mesa, AZ 85202

  • Republican politicians are the source of most of our problems. What makes it worse is that they lie constantly,and for whatever reason people find a way to believe.I don’t know how a thinking informed person can vote for one.They talk about freedom and impede voting.In 2010 they said were the only ones who create jobs, and then went after unions and Womens health.They are morally bankrupt.

  • Blown away, hey, Ferguson? Shall we take that literally or figuratively?

  • Newsweek: the bon-bon box of the nation. To hell with their puff pieces.

  • O.K. Here we go again, I guess everyone that are not Tea Party folks must be communist and unamerican.

  • When we stop producing the cotton in the USA and sending it to China to be manufactured and sold in America. No President can fix the economy until products are made in America. So goes manufacturing so goes the economy. Wake up America, China does not produce one COTTON BOLT!

  • Three Ring Circus=American Presidential/Congressional politics that consist of hate, extremists (of both stripes race and religion), Billionaire liars and yellow journalists that make up their own realities and sell them wholesale to the closed-minded populace that will believe anything about anyone that is not from their culture, country and look and speak a different language

  • peggywireman

    1. When Obama was sworn in we were losing 150,000 jobs a month as I recall. We have been adding jobs every month since his policies started to take effect.
    2. The reason the jobless rate is not lower is because Republican governors, like Walker in Wisconsin, fired public service workers including teachers and firemen, or cut budgets so local areas would have to let them go.
    3. The Republican Congress WANTS the economy to fail and have voted against many bills that would help create jobs. The top Republican Senator said early on that his chief job was to make Obama be a one term president and voted against things that would help the country in order to make Obama look bad.

    • SalMoanella

      You don’t really believe what you posted, do you?

  • When insanity creates its own reality, it sees things the rest of us don’t see. We see a tree with its leaves and branches swaying in the wind, insanity sees a gianty monsters intent on attacking it. this comes on the footsteps of the Akins “legitimate rape” controversy, making it appear that the closer we get to November, the Republicans and Tea Baggers are going bonkers! Is it the full moon affecting them, or is it the prerssure of knowing they will come up short in November? We have to understand that Republicans, Tea Baggers, Romney/Ryan, Ferguson/Akins are all REVISIONISTS. It’s their jobs. That’s what they do.

  • The true facts about obooboy are not a lie oin anyway. The dem socialists say and do everything they can to obfuscate the public. This adminestration has been a total desaster from the first moment this illegal alien set foot in our country. Everything this SOB has done is designed to push the liberal socialist agenda and we don’t need it. Drag this goon out of office.

    • You need writing lessons along with some serious thinking lessons. The right seems to be really good at name calling as a means of argument and not much else.

      • CAThinker

        Don’t forget the other things they’re good at… parroting what’s said in the media, lying (with conviction), spreading mis/dis-information… there is a list…

  • oldtack

    To Peteserb
    You Tea party wing nuts are just low end off shoots of the of the evangelical conservative sect of the Christian Religion. You and you ilk are the same slime ball “christians” that sought to kill off all those that dared question the perverted ideologies pertaining to what you interpret as worship of the Creator the Great I AM that you call God. Your Ilk are the same ones that systematically destroyed the Pequot Indians of Western Massachusetts and then proclaimed in your handwritten journals (still on file in London) “In the name of God and the King – on this date we killed 425 of the Godless Heathen. When Pizarro invaded Peru – he promptly decimated “the Godless Heathen”. Study the Spanish Inquisition. Study religion and religious freedom under King Charles I of England. All done by Idiots – all in the Name of God.

    You see pserb, this is exactly what you people do in your perverted interpretation of
    government . The ea Party has a perverted ideology of how ALL facets should conform. Your group requires signed pledges from their representatives in the two houses of Congress. These “dupes” are expected and required to walk lock-step with the party’s agenda or face expulsion in the next election. Blind obedience is required. Just like Hitler and the Reich. Read this history sometime (1920-1933) (1935-1945)

    Your Ilk did not build this Country. Neither was it built by any particular “religion”. This Country was built by people who joined together in a common cause. They came from all races creeds and colors – all contributed. When there were conflicting ideologies they meet together and ironed out the differences. They were WE THE PEOPLE.

    WE THE PEOPLE made this Country a Great Nation. WE THE PEOPLE built businesses or labored in the factories to produce the things that made this Great Nation.

    WE THE PEOPLE took the oath , donned the uniforms and fought battles on Foreign Soil to preserve Freedom and Liberty so that you can enjoy living in this Great Country built by – WE THE PEOPLE.

    Today less than 1% of our population is rising up to defend this Country as volunteers in our Armed Forces. They fight and are maimed and some die while others sit on their butts content to let some else defend our freedoms.

    I am a Veteran. Some of my family paid the Supreme Sacrifice in places such as North Africa, Salerno, Omaha Beach, St Lo, and Vietnam to preserve and protect the Freedoms you enjoy.

    In my opinion, any one able bodied person (male or female) that refused to answer the call to defend this Country and were instead content to let others put their lives on the line while you sat home in comfort and safety are not worth any modicum of respect.

    You are certainly not a part of WE THE PEOPLE. You are a Leech on society.

  • chelsi1

    Cancelled my subscription to Newsweek after this artical…..

    • CAThinker

      Good idea… how can they pass that magazine piece (I don’t even know what to call it…) is off as newsworthy or an op-ed piece for thoughtful consideration… Geez – the article reads like a compilation of all the moronic, right-wing blurbs sprinkled throughout this forum… Why pay for it?

  • how has he saved the auto industry? have you seen the stock prices, have you seen who bought the bulk of those stocks? and its a lie to say he had any hand in osamas death other than sitting in. and for that matter where is the proof osama was killed that convinced he was killed ten years back by seals,thats about when the videos stopped.

    • Dennis Mullins

      Mr. Tucker Quit spurting your hate, and give us some facts to go on. If any thing I dislike more is someone to get on here and write a bunch of Fox Network Garble up Goop they know little to nothing about. Look around , and come up with facts. Oh I get it, ten years back would put the O’sama death on GW Bush and Dick Shot Gun Cheney’s watch. Any thing to put the President down seems to be your policy.

  • Paragraph 3 has a phrase “factually accurae lashing of Mitt Romney” . I have come to notice that liberals find no “factualy accurate crisicism of Obama”. (Just because he is a friend of Bill Ayers does not mean he is a communist.) Just because his preacher said God Damn America does not mean Obama wants to take America down a notch. Just because Michelle is proud to be and American for the first time does not mean she is not the finest liberal first lady. Just because Obamas book says if the political winds blew in an ugly direction I would side with the Muslims does not mean he hates Israel. Just because he thinks that spending money is the best way to reduce the deficit does not mean he is an economic joke.

  • Republicans lie. I’ts what they do.It’s sad that people keep going for it.They hate a Black man being President so much they would destroy themselves and the country to change it. The world is laughing at our hipocracy.How can we lead the world to Democracy with voter suppression by the Republicans.If they win they will reverse all the progress we have made. In 2010 they said If elected they would create jobs, Instead they attacked unions and Womens health.