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Sunday, October 23, 2016

The Big Lie: President Obama threw Israel under the bus.

The Truth: President Obama’s popularity in Israel has never been higher, with an approval rating  at 54 percent — and Israeli Minister of Defense Ehud Barak said the president has done “more than anything that I can remember in the past” for the Jewish state.

Toward the end of his speech accepting the Republican presidential nomination on Thursday night, Mitt Romney tossed out an oddly placed colloquialism to condemn President Obama. “He threw Israel under the bus,” Romney said, as if he were a human being who regularly uses such “marvelous” street language.

You can go to the Urban Dictionary to get a definition of this idiom: “to sacrifice some other person, usually one who is undeserving or at least vulnerable, to make personal gain.” If it were true that the president threw Israel under a figurative bus, it would be news to the 54 percent of Israelis who told pollsters they approved of President Obama last December — and  for that matter the American Jewish voters who support the president over Romney by a two-to-one margin. Compare that to the 60 percent disapproval rating of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel, according to recent polls.

The president’s commitment to Israel’s defense is consistent with American policy for decades. In his own colloquial way, the president frequently says we’ve “got Israel’s back.” He’s been unwavering in asserting that Iran will never be allowed to have nuclear weapons.

The president’s support takes concrete form in the Iron Dome missile defense system, which he has funded with millions of dollars. The system is designed to thwart steady rocket fire from the Gaza Strip. Israeli Minister of Defense Ehud Barak recent said, “the defense relations between Israel and the United States are extremely stable and good.”

Romney’s strange lie was yet another argument made at the Republican convention that only made sense and could only be believed by a devout viewer of Fox News. To the neo-conservatives on Fox who favored the Iraq War, what Israel’s right wing political bloc wants is synonymous with what Israel wants. Absolute loyalty to Ariel Sharon or Netanyahu is an article of faith. This gives Israel’s combative prime minister the virtual ability to dictate foreign policy – a position that is incredibly dangerous when an Israeli prime minister decides that he can unilaterally launch an attack that could trigger  war throughout the region.

To Romney, Netanyahu is Israel. And Netanyahu is eager to elect Romney and empower the reckless hawks on Romney’s foreign policy team, nearly all veterans of the Bush Administration.

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  • dtgraham

    I’ve now been kicked out of the internet twice trying to post this and am not going to re-post much. I read an unbelievable interview with Mitt Romney, who completely trashed Paul Ryan and threw him under the proverbial bus for his abortion views, (post convention) using language towards Ryan that you won’t believe. Ryan does the same to Todd Akin and Akin claims his co-sponsored abortion legislation with Ryan was from Mars (not makin’ this up) and he doesn’t know anything about it. The whole story is beyond bizarre and reads like it came from the onion.

    It was written by Michael Kinsley of Bloomberg News and can be found at the Winnipeg Free Press August 31st on line edition. Just click “opinion” at the top and the story will be found under “view from the west”, on the next screen, titled “Romney on Ryan: just some congressman.”


      Whenever the Left uses the term “Free Press” I know it’s a Marxist (Communist) press!

      • dtgraham

        I’m guessin’ you don’t even know where Winnipeg is my friend.

      • Joseph Hemphill

        I respect your service and I am sorry you were so damaged by it, please seek some help so that you may live a better life.


      dtgraham……….I can understand why you at times have been kicked? The Left wing site’s normally kick Conservatives but if you’re a liberal and you say too much negative crap about the left, well then even Liberals who get out of line may have their voice silenced. Get used to it!! The Left have their ways of silencing opposition. Just look around, from TV to Schools, Business’s (Chic-Fo Lay) etc. We on the right know all about Left Wing Censorship! Why Look at China, North Korea, Commie Vietnam and how can we forget that monster of Left Wing Hierarchy…The late Soviet Union…All Left Wing Governments!!!

  • Being aware of the actual facts of the relationship between our two countries I almost fell out of my chair when Mitt lied and said Obama tossed Isreal under the bus. Not surprised by the lie, but that he would actually say such a nonsense for all the world to hear. I know that the campaign is not held back by fact-cheeking, but this is just stupid in its nature. The international community knows the facts and far too many Americans know better. Saying twaddle just to gin up the base that is already voting for you is inanity brought to a new level. What a clown show and I can’t wait to see what comes next from the mouth that roared.


    When Progressive Liberals lie they only fool the naive and ignorant! So when Netanyahu arrived in Washington. DC he was met with respect by the President. And I have land for sell on Martha’s Vineyard!! Proof is in the details with Progressives supporting the never existing Palestinian People. (They’re Jordanian)!! You on the left have always sided with these poor souls who are being used by their own leaders. No one in Israel believes that Obama supports their cause! Obama is the Father of Liars!!

  • ryueire

    The neocons, elitists, opportunistic corporate business raiders, the top 1 percenters, all know how profitable wars have been historically. What’s a few hundred thousand or even million casualties? They’re just collateral damage that is necessary to get America(them)back to strength and wealth again.
    Romney/Ryan and their super wealthy backers believe it to be their God given right to determine the way America is run. To them the US population is little more than cattle, which may be a cynical reason why abortion is no go zone with them. Only they can decide when the herd needs thinning out, as they need soldiers to fight and die, workers to be their beasts of burden, lab rats to be their test tubes for new drugs or bio weapons, and unwitting masses to be consumers of the goods they shove down our throats,
    When they screw up financially, they don’t suffer, they just jump into government elections and try to buy the presidency to enact or rebuke laws to ensure the cattle pay the fees for their stupidity.
    Maybe it’s time we “cattle” grow some balls and horns. Stick it up the holes of the

    • I like your analogy but unfortunately, I think most of the public seems more like sheep. They blindly follow the leaders chosen for them, bleat the mindless propaganda over and over again, give up their wool with no thought about what it is used to weave, and happily watch their lambs led to the slaughter, naively accepting the lie that this guarantees their freedom to return to greener pastures.
      I love this blog site because reading sensible opinions allows me to wade back into the flock, hoping I can divert a few from their stampede over the cliff on the right.

    • onedonewong

      Yep since barak took over we have had record causalities in Iraq and Afghanistan due to his rules of engagement that places more value on moooslim lives than our troops

      • ryueire

        Wars that were started by Bush/Cheney that were based on false premises, and catastrophically run. There was no “profit” margin for continued persistence in running down OBL in afghanistan, and Iraq had at that time the estimated third largest oil reserves in Middle East. That’s why Halliburton was the company that was given the reins to go in for “support services” to the occupation in Iraq. Of which Cheney was an executive with until he became VP to Bush. The corruption and piss poor organisation due to greed and mismanagement of the disbanding of Iraqi armed forces contributed to the insurgents regaining a foothold into the country. Cheney’s pals that were in charge of the “reconstruction of Iraq” managed to alienate Iraqi citizens that might have once welcomed the US involvement. But through the stupidity of greed and neglect of forethought, Iraq turned into the quagmire that cost so many lives. Pres. Obama had to find the best alternative he could to end the war and the drain on US manpower, morale, and let’s not forget the COST( both in money and lives).
        Osama Bin Laden, DEAD…. On Obama’s watch.
        This President, for better or worse, has been trying to clean up the shit that the last GOP admin has left for us through greed, ineptitude, and lack of forethought in planning…. Anything.
        And you are f#+king moron, that has nothing of factual or insightful discourse to say, but what you say you expect everyone to take as fact. Just like the current incarnation of what the GOPhers , stick your heads into the ground and tunnel blindly, pop up and see where you are, then ravage the garden before disappearing down said hole.


    dtgraham………Evidently you don’t otherwise you wouldn’t be asking a stupid question? As a Vietnam Vet and retired Army Aviation Officer with the 57th AHC Kontum RVN. 1968/71 I’ve been around the world many times boy!! And I also remember who SPIT on the Vietnam Vets when we came home! It was you Democratic Marxist Liberals. And for your info boy……..

    The FOUNDING PRINCIPLES that this country was founded on! Free Market and Little Government! We fought a Revolution to rid the people of an Oppressive Government and you asso’s are trying to re-install another Dictatorial Government! Wake up you fool before the government one day knocks on your door at 3:00 am because you said something negative about the STATE! Idiots all of you!! “Those who forget the past are bound to repeat it”

    • RR3

      Dear Sir no one questions your loyalty to the United States of America….everyone should thank you and honor you for your service…..we don’t know how it must felt to go through the horrors of war….I was not even born….I am very sad to see how wrong you are about current events….you wish for a Republican President to send more young people….like myself….to the horrors of war??….I’ve lost two friends in Iraq thanks to a lie of a Republican Presiden who only wanted to control oil for his company Valero….congratulations….we now have a 21st century type of President…yes he’s black….is that the real problem for you??….who’s leading the world and the US to avoid boots on the ground military interventions….when force needs to be used….technology comes into play….Mr RURIGHT…please do not continue being part of a divided country…..the country you defended so well and with such honor….I salute you Sir….and pray that you come to your senses….leave emotions and hate behind…we’re all together as one…
      God bless you and your family ….. who suffered enough along with you..

    • THE FOUNDING PRINCIPLES, was taking the Indian land and the in slaving of my fore parent part of the free market or big government? I’am just asking.

    • BDD1951

      My brother is a Viet Nam Vet. He was neither spit on nor chastized for being in Viet Nam. Don’t judge every democrat for the few scum that would do such a thing. Do you draw a veterans pension? If you do, kinow now that it was the Democrats that saved it for you. Republicans try to take credit for it but, it would be gone if it had been left up to them.

    • dtgraham

      I’m sorry that you got spit on by some thoughtless knucklehead. I’m sure I’m no bigger on war than the people who spit on returning Vietnam troops, but it’s not the soldiers’s fault. They were just very brave guys doing their job, many of whom were drafted against their will. The spit needed to go further up into the political world.

  • neeceoooo

    Well the theme for the republicans is “we can change that” and that is what they are doing. They change the reality to fit their agenda.

  • excavatoreddie

    I have yet to hear any politician tell the truth. It boils down to whomever is the best liar wins.

    • Define your version as to what a lie is. If I tell you I will do this or that for you, and knowing of course I have to get approval of others to make it happen did I lie. You would probably say “yes”. Knowing I did as I advise, although there are those who will try to hold me back from doing what I said I would and did do. America grow up and stop acting like babies cause everything don’t go the way you want it to. Please people, wake up and stop it. Help those who are trying to help you, and you will see if there are lies or mere reality of somethings just wont happen due to the evil ways of others.

  • joujou228

    No one can tell me they know what a Mitt Romney presidency could look like. Not conservaties, he was pro-choice now pro-life, on the left of Ted Kennedy re gay issue, now marriage is bet a man and a woman, etc I could go on, but you get the point.

    • montanabill

      Yes, but we know for sure what another term of the Obama Presidency will look like. Millions more added to the 23 million out of work or underemployed, another doubling of food stamp dependent families, trillions more added to the debt while the debt service percentage of our budget squeezes out money needed for infrastructure, defense, and welfare services, the extremely high probability that the economy will totally collapse, and Michelle will take more nice vacations on the taxpayer’s dollar.

      • Joseph Hemphill

        typical bagger defense and nonsense, without con obstructionism, we would be much further along with the recovery, the republicans have willfully sabotaged the economy to further their stated agenda of making president Obama a one term president at the expense of the middle class, big business is doing just fine posting record profits, all without additional hiring, scaring the average worker with dismissal if they don’t pick up the slack. Seditious behavior for sure.

        • montanabill

          If you are referring to the last proposed ‘jobs bill’ or the ridiculous budgets that even his own party wouldn’t support, take a course in economics. (But not at Harvard).
          Do you even begin to understand that the middle class is created by business, large and small. The multinationals can shift emphasis where the environment is friendly. The medium to small businesses which will be needed to create the lion’s share of jobs are pretty sure Obama is not on their side. How’s your business doing?

          • BDD1951

            Oh, but George Bush went to Harvard. He even graduated 5th from the bottom of his class. Wasn’t that wonderful? I wonder where Mitt Romney graduated. And it’s a matter of record that President Obama graduated Magna Cum Laude. Our president is a brilliant man. Sorry I can’t say the same of Mitt the Twit.

          • montanabill

            It is hard to make any case when you don’t have any knowledge. But name calling always suffices.

          • BDD1951

            That’s all you’ve got? It’s alright for you right wingers to call our presiden terrible names, but God forbid call any rep. a name.

          • montanabill

            I suppose you can come up with a name I’ve called him?

          • DurdyDawg

            You seem to think that any variation of Obama isn’t name calling.. Go’way

          • montanabill

            Point one out.

          • onedonewong

            W’s GPA was HIGHER than Kerry’s and Gore. No barak graduated magnum cum as a QUOTA admission. The requirements for the degree are far far different than those admitted on merit

          • BDD1951

            Highly unlikely. W spent his time in a bar. His grades were probably bought.

          • joyscarbo

            Don’t forget that W.Bush’s military records show he was AWOL from May 1972 to May 1973. Some patriot he was!

          • Bush 2’s college records were outed, not released. They showed he received a gentlemens C on many of his grades.

            College records can not be released due to privacy laws. Assuming that you actually know something about the grades of those men shows a lack of understanding of law and class. Put up or shut up is good advice.

          • Do you ever begin to understand that business is created by the middle class? Their economic well-being drives demand, their labor allows capital to produce goods and services, their taxes take the place of the 1%ers who have successfully lobbied government for tax breaks and tax shelters. To deprive the middle class of needed support in this time when powerful business and government elite groups under Bush willingly and foolishly drove the economy over a cliff, is withholding the fuel needed to get the motor running again.
            Ask General Motors if Obama has helped business and ask the workers if he has helped their employment.
            Ask Mitt if he’s sent jobs and capital overseas and if he’s dismantled businesses raiding their pension funds for profit. If he tells the truth (not likely) it would be YES. Also ask to see his tax records for the last ten years as Obama has shown, and be prepared to see more evidence of the reckless abandon of the American middle class by Mitt the Hypocrite.

          • montanabill

            No, I do not understand that. Business is created by people who want an opportunity to be more than just be an 8 hour worker. The middle class is created by business, not vise versa. The middle class is people who have created a small business or people who work for businesses. Government workers are pretty much middle class, but they add little to the economy since money must be taken from the economy to pay them.
            Bush did not drive the economy ‘over a cliff’. Barney Frank, almost single handedly did that by coercing banks to make loans to people who could never pay them back, creating the housing bubble with financial institutions frantically creating bad paper to try to cover that ridiculous situation. Even the left’s cry of ‘unfunded wars’ is miniscule compared to the Affordable Housing disaster.
            General Motors? Yes, they would have lost workers and had to pare their operation down to fit their income under bankruptcy, but they would not have gone under. Instead, Obama scared investment by putting unions over the people who loaned money to GM via bonds. In no way, is GM a profitable business. It is still on the edge, worth less than the money government put into it and business is still afraid of a President who will subvert the law.
            Why don’t you be fair and look at the sum total of the businesses touched during Romney’s year at Bain Capital? Were there losers? Of course, that’s nature of investment. Were there winners? Yes, far more than losers.
            If Obama is so open, why hasn’t he produced his educational record. Romney has released the same number of tax returns as most previous candidates, but he has extremely complicated returns compared to Obama, and he has been demonized by the Obama team over off-shore accounts that 90% of the population has no clue about and won’t take the time to learn why such accounts exist. They sound bad, therefore, they must be bad. Admit it. You are one of the people that hopes something untoward might show up, whether it is illegal or not.

          • onedonewong

            AsK GM??? 7 out of 10 GM vehicles are made outside of the US. GM is building 10 new planst only 2 are in the US…yep that’s a success story

          • Obviously you know nothing about the workings of capitalism and the world market. Auto companies sell and make products where the sales are taking place. Areyou really against big business–I thought that was suppose to be Obama problem? LOL my friend.

          • onedonewong

            The why are the dems and barak whining about Bain capitol??? And why is barak providing japan a $7500 tax credit to ship their cars to the US

          • Oh you called the Tricke down effect. Big business would not help small business to grow unless they can make a profit on them, like Romney did to the business he created with government money and then put the profit in off shore accounts.

          • montanabill

            That is called capitalism. It is what this country has done to create the greatest economy in history. Except for that statement about Romney using government money? He used private investor money. If he had failed, his investors would have lost and his company would have failed. Additionally, as Obama’s team has counted on, you are clueless about off-shore accounts.

          • DurdyDawg

            Don’t listen to this Hoodoo, he’s a neocon troll trying to win votes for his ilk by degrading everything YOU believe in..

      • I rather have Obama than Romney on foreign policy. If he get in, there will be war between Israel and Iran and to many casualties will occur, on Iran, Israel and US. I don’t know about you but I do not want to send our troops over to Iran, Israel, to get kill. So Obama might not be the best President but he won’t go to war unless all avenues has been cover.

        • montanabill

          All pure conjecture on your part. If Iran is really not producing nuclear weapons, they will not be attacked. If they are, most certainly Israel will protect itself. When it does, are you the one who will say, ‘not our problem’? If that happens, do you think Obama will do the same? You need to grow up.

      • karinursula

        By your mail I have to assume, that President Obama is the only president since Abraham Lincoln who has gone on vacation? Get real montanabill

        • montanabill

          Nice try at distorting what I really said.

      • If indeed another doubling of food stamps takes place will you wonder why that is happening? Take a look at the numbers provided by the USDA on the history of the program.

        Nixon 12.9 million added
        Ford 5.7 milion added
        Carter 2.5 million added
        Reagan -2.4 million
        Bush 1 6.8 million added
        Clinton – 8.2 million
        Bush 2 11.0 million added
        Obama 18.1 million added
        Total 46.7 million

        Added under GOP 34.3 million Added under Demo’s 12.4 million

        Who owes it my friend? Of course these number are meaningless unless you take into effect the reason for the ups and downs.

        BTW, are you aware that all Presidents and their wives take vacations at taxpayer expense? Do you expect them to keep their noses to the grind-stone 24/7 for 4 years? If so what did you think of Bush II and his vacations? Keep it real.

        • montanabill

          As regards to vacations, it is completely reasonable to take vacations. However, when the country is suffering, overdoing extremely lavish and costly vacations in not the best decision. Mostly, Bush vacationed at his home in Texas. Compare it to Pelosi, who is extremely rich, requiring two large government jets to get her and her entourage back and forth and John Boehner who flies on commercial airliners.

          At this point, the number of people requesting food stamps will be directly proportional to the ability of the President to convince business he is not their enemy. So far, not so good.

          • joyscarbo

            W was well-known for never being in Washington, DC while the HIS war was raging in Iraq and the country was falling apart. Toward the end of his presidency he did NOTHING.

            During 2 terms as President, Bush spent all or of part of 487 days at Camp David, on retreats and made 77 trips to his Crawford Ranch, in Texas, where he spent all or part of 490 days, on his Ranch.
            The total number of days of vacation or retreat President Bush took, while in office over a period of 8 years was 977 days, or 32% of his total time in office, was spent on vacations or retreats.

          • montanabill

            Where he was also just as well known for working during those times. Nice try at half the story.

          • joyscarbo

            You know, I don’t have to defend Obama against the likes of W. You can’t compare the two!! W will go down in history as the single WORST president in history–not because I said so, but because IT IS SO!!!
            Republicans are going to lose again this November, and it will be for the same reasons they lost in 2008. They are out of touch with the majority of Americans.
            BRING ON THE DEBATES!! Romney and Ryan don’t stand a chance. Ryan will be skewered for his RNC speech that even Fox Newssaid set an all time high for LIES!!! Romney will continue have to answer to his questionable stances on the issues. He’s not laid out any defined plan except to give wealthy, rich people a big old tax break. I’ll admit, the elections will be closer than in 2008, but Obama will get 4 more years.

          • montanabill

            If he does, the American people will get 4 more years of even higher unemployment and their kids will face the music for the spending and bankruptcy of SS and Medicare.

  • RR3

    The Republican Tea Party has to lie….they have no choice…in fact is their only option….they have no substance…cannot backtrack Ryan’s Medicare overhaul…to kill it as we know it….cannot backtrack Adkin legitimate rape to oppose abortion and woman rights all together….so what they do?…..they lie through their teeth to their base….no one else matters to them at this point…..they’re hopingthat with billions from Oil companies and billionaires and their base hate for the President should be enough to buy this election…..hey!…they even elected a MORMON as their candidate….figure that!!!!….talking about having no other choice….regarding Israel I have a friend who’s an engineer studying in Israel….and told me that the Prime Minister is not very popular ’cause he’s too radical for most of them…..especially the young people….they like Obama’s leadership in the world and would like to see him continue as the President of the USA… would 99% of the American electorate…..Amen!

    • RR3, I agree with what you are saying. America’s stump hole is between greed and racism. Most can’t stand to see a man of a different look to help fix the problems of America unless he’s gardening or in construction. 42 years of living and I have never had the opportunity to see what someone else can do. And if it’s true, America has given up on President Obama within 4 out of my 42 years would mean: I have had to deal with 38 years of the greed from what is called the elite, is that a fair way of handling Liberty and Justice for all. Or was it truly written in the closed rooms with laughter as “Liberty and Justice for US – Brothers only = THE ELITE”. Come on people stop lying about who and what you are. This country has been in 1 and only 1 direction far too long. Remember all of this is being recorded and I am not talking in reference to BIG BROTHER. Read my people, read from the true FOUNDING FATHER, and ye will understand. Follow his instructions and build your house upon a solid rock and when the storms, winds and floods come, your house will stand. Or, continue to be foolish and keep building as you have done since what YOU call the existence of America, and reap as your house will crash when the same storms, winds and floods come every-time. NAS said it best. It was written…. Matthew7: 24-25

      • It has nothing to do with racism. Only Greed! We the people must take back America from the big businesses & those who in the White House who are the puppets who are dangling and moving the way the puppeteers are wanting them to move. They are destroying our way of life and taking away our freedoms. We the people own America, not big businesses! God has made a promise to destroy the oppressers and mark my word, He will do as He has promised!!!

    • Don


      • It’s Just An Excuse To Rape America For What She’s Worth And Rid The Country Of The Middle Class And Poor Working People By Loading Them Down With No Means Of Lifting Themselves Up While They Destroy Education, EPA FEMA And All The Other Programs Design To Help People Advance In Life!!! While They Go Back To More Bush Polices Which Cause The Problem This Country To Go Into A Recession When ROMNEYHOOD AND HIS MERRY THUGS GET THRU There Will Be Hell To Pay Getting This Country Back Yo Just This Stage Of The Game!!

        • onedonewong

          EPA FEMA etc to help people advance in life…WHATTTTTT…another quota educated nit wit

          • You Just Don’t Get It But I Found Out The National Memo Has A Way To Get Rid Of Tea Bagging Bitches Like You !! All Everybody Has To Do Is Run Along The Grey Strip Where The Name Is Then Push The Minus Sign And POOF Bitches Like You Are GONE ONE GONE WRONG POOF!! LOL

          • dorthey9427

            I agree with you Fern. Undoubtedly, this onedonewong person is either a nit wit herself or just plain unenlightened as to what’s really happening in this real world right now. She needs to stop watching those racist fox newcasters and watch MSNBC for instance and keep up with what the truth 1s behind Mitt , the cartoon character and his running mate “Lyan Ryan”. lol If you watched them closely during the convention, anyone with an ounce of insight could see that they are Fake, Scripted and could care less about anyone except the rich. They use the excuse of The Private Sector can create jobs if they continue getting the Bush tax cuts. This is BULL HOCKIE if you know what I mean.
            Don’t mention his wife, she corrulates the republican party caring about women with solely being wives, daughters, mothers, sisters,etc. What does that have to do with empowering women, period, to have the right of choice over what they do with their bodies.

            If you noticed when Mitt Romney said he wanted to help poor people, there wasn’t a reponse whatsoever. You could hear a pin drop. Need I say more? It was all a performance and anyone who can’t see through that is really foolish!
            I could go on but it makes me angry to see that some people are still so ignorant to the republican’s “in your face” tactics. Look at how they are trying to suppress voter rights for instance in the states where you have the republican governors. Why is that necessary if they are about doing the right thing? I don’t think they know the meaning of right. And they are suppose to be christian people and always spewing out what they do for the church and soliciting people to say what good men they are. You shouldn’t have to tell someone what to say about you or PAY them to make positive statements about you. Your true character speaks for itself and you don’t have to say a word if you are for real.

          • You Know It It Was Just A Lie Fest Lie After Lie After Lies It Lost 13 Million Viewers Cause They Got Tried Of Watch Them Out Lie Each Other LOL!!

          • onedonewong

            That’s what will happen to barak in Nov poof he’s back to being a shoe shine boy

      • onedonewong

        and barak is a mooooslim who hates this country

        • one ass opps my bad onedongwong .Is the reason you call yourself that name is because you want one .

    • I find you response failed, superficial, uninformed and reactionary, as well as biased. You fail well and often. First, Obama is heading this country in a failed direction of borrow and spend. Borrowing money never worked, nor will it ever. The economy can only recover through natural means, where jobs are created via innovation of companies that provide services and products that Americans want, not merely by feeding borrowed money into the economy that creates more debt into a nation that is failing to recover. Why was Clinton so successful? because he understood basic economics, unlike our current president. And what’s wrong with a Mormon? Do you know the first thing about them? By their very nature, doctrine they are hard working, accountable, honest, sacrificing, trustworthy, giving, and loving. Serving in leading roles in the church he has volunteered his time to come to the emotional, financial, material, and spiritual need of members and non-members alike who are on their last leg. You know not of what you speak.

      • progressiveandproud

        So I assume you slept during the entire Bush presidency?

        Put the blame for the debt on bush where it belongs. Tax cuts, wars (kept off of the books) unfunded education and prescription drug mandates. Yep, ole Bushey dug us a deep hole that no President could possibly work us out of in 4 years.

        • With a Congress that refuses to start working for all the American People instead of just the Tea party and their leader Grover Norquist,it is no wonder there is such a slow recovery.The President can’t do everything.It is time for our Congress to work with the President on his jobs bill and extend the tax breaks before we go into another recession.

          • progressiveandproud

            You are correct, of course. After dimwit Bush, an amoral republican party, and a democratic leadership afraid of its own shadow, we are fortunate to be moving ahead at all.

          • onedonewong

            When a congress decides to fix our problems on the backs of the unborn that is nothing short of criminal

        • onedonewong

          HUH??? the typical debt load under W was less than $150B a year due to his inheriting a recession from Clinton. The $10 Trillion in new debt was caused by the dems starting in 2007

          • progressiveandproud

            Another delusional conservative.

          • I believe their are meds to take care of that illness.

          • onedonewong

            Yea in your Bizzaro world facts don’t matter

      • BDD1951

        I don’t care about anyone’s religion. What I care about is that’s person’s personal caring for the people he represents. Mitt the Twit only cares about the 1%. God help us if he is elected. He brags that he is such a great businessman when in fact he only a corporate raider. He only cites as example of his experience Staples. has anyone heard him speak of any other company that he has saved?

        • onedonewong

          Obviously you missed the convention and the great things that Mitt did when no one was watching…its called Character something barak and his fellow Dems would know nothing about

          • joyscarbo

            The RNC was a JOKE!! Didn’t you hear Fox New proclaim the load of lies that Ryan told in his speech?
            Sally Kohn said,
            “..anyone paying the slightest bit of attention to facts, Ryan’s speech was an apparent attempt to set the world record for the greatest number of blatant lies and misrepresentations slipped into a single political speech.”
            You mean you FELL for that line of crap?!! AGAIN?!! You really need to listen to what you’re hearing. But don’t let a non-partisan fact checkers affect your ability to know the truth from a pile of crap!!

        • If you want to get more info on the Staples story google pay at Staples. It’s a nice place to work while you are looking for more lucrative employment. The one in our town pays a little more than working at BK or other fast food, but just barely. Take a look at the staff and see how many middle aged or 40 somethings to find on the floor. If Mitt wants to use something of his as a success story he had better keep looking.

      • obforus

        Yes, mormons are had workers and I should know I was raised a Mormon! Romney is a disgrace to this religion…he lies about his income and refuses to show any more of his tax returns. That tells me he has something to hide!!! He has a lot of his so called hard earned money in several off shore accounts!!! These are facts that he has not disputed! He is not only a poor representative of The Mormon Church but he is a poor patriot of the USA!! He is in it for the power…after all he himself admitted he likes to fire people! Is that aman who wants to have more jobs for people? I believe not!!

        • onedonewong

          Mitt has offered to release his tax records as soon as barak releases his college records

      • You are kidding right??? It is true about borrow however, you need to account for the starting point that cause the need to do so. Please re-open the matter of over 700 Million lost on a pallet during the beginnings of the Iraqi War…OOPS!! you for got right and please re-open the reason we are their and what happened to the oil money that was supposed to pay for it… Great articulations of crap though.

      • MBM

        Good Lord! You speak of Mormons as though they are one robotic race, incapable of individuality-reverse discrimination. While the fact that Romney is a Mormon has no bearing on my decision to vote for him or not, your ludicrous statement… “by their very nature…” (as if they were a species) concludes that Romney’s religion need be his only qualification! What a load of twaddle!

      • anyasnote

        Crawl back to your cave, you must have been in coma. U R the one misinformed, and biased. Shame on you. Trickle down economy NEVER worked and NEVER will. As a owner of import business (30 yrs now) i travel the world and let me tell you, pack some luggage and off you go, see the world and LISTEN. Israel have more respect for Obama and his way of handling the foreign/touchy situations than lalalala land R/R put together.
        In China ( I was there 2 mo ago) they actually laughing at us how R/R portrayed as China is the big bad wolf but all the big US Corp. coming in droves to China and open businesses there and ship it to US and charge us a 20 times more than it cost them to make it in China. Romney have businesses in China. They don’t get any breaks from the Gov. NONE. They are communist country with the better educational system,almost free healthcare and VERY SMART people – young ones -older folks sort of stuck in the old days of last Dynasty i guess. I have to find a ONE honest Mormon, or any Church member/priest/Pastor /Bishop. That would be a day. Hard working or hardly working??? There is a difference. Some people go to work to collect paycheck, some go to work to earn a paycheck. Entire Congress, Congressman’s (of all parties) are collecting their paychecks. It’s a time to vote on people who have the country at heart not their powerful donors and their agenda at out expense. Ann was saying something about her having miscarrige and did you see the look on Robme face – disbelief, like he have heard it for the first time??? Hello?? She said that she cries when she gives to the church and Robme said he cries for other reason, it was plain simple even deaf person could lip reading. Robme and Ryan as honest as Casey
        Anthony from Florida was a good mother.
        Research, listen and put on a thinking cap instead of hood.

      • joyscarbo

        I do know a little about Mormonism.
        Joseph Smith was 14 years old when he discovered the mysterious and wonderous gold plates that had a secret code that only he could translate. Joseph Smith was also a convicted conman. Hmmm…do you see a connection there?
        This horny 14 year old preached that God commanded that the more women a man could accumulate and inpregnate, the more honor he earns. The more kids, the more mormons and the more honor from God. Convenient that it’s so pro-man, isn’t it? Women are obedient and pregnant. A lot of mormons don’t do this anymore, but there are sects of mormon fundamentalists who do.
        They believe God lives on a planet called “Kolob.”
        Jesus visited North America and left these gold plates, right?
        The highest leader of the mormon church talks directly to God and tells mormons what to do.
        Mormons have holy underwear. I found out about this when I was providing nursing care to a mormon back in 2001. We often offered to launder patient’s clothing while a patient participated in rehabilitation. I was told the holy underwear was not to be touched by “unmormon” hands. I thought they were joking me!!! It’s really a serious thing. I don’t get it…and it’s really unattractive underwear, by the way.
        Mormons are bright, shiney and happy-go-lucky people! They don’t ever seem to be mad, frustrated or anything. (Except for the ultra conservative one that I worked with in a rural ER. He didn’t believe we should be caring for poor people. He thought that only people that could afford heathcare should get it. He also really had a problem with gay people.) I also knew a gay mormon who was excommunicated from the mormon church but said he’d go back to the church if they’d let him.
        I don’t subscribe to mormon doctrine.

    • Romney Whole Campaign Is Ran On Lies That’s The Only Way He Can Win!! Lies , Cheat And Steal That’s The GOP/Tea Party American Taliban Way!!!

    • The RNC Will Go Down In History As The Largest Group Of LIARS Together On One Stage!!

      • onedonewong

        Wait until Charolette its will eclipse the republican convention

    • Romney Edited Clint Eastwood Part Out Of The RNC!!! That’s Just What He’s Going To Do To The American Voters Once He Get Your Votes he Will Dump You Too Unless You Are The 1% Wealthy!!LOL

    • Are you saying that 99% of Americans want Obama to be reelected?

      “would like to see him continue as the President of the USA… would 99% of the American electorate”

  • Seems to me that Stalin invested very wisely when he bailed out Fred Koch back in the 30’s. This ideology over fact, not allowing dissent in the ranks, the obstructionism that worked so well for the Bolsheviks to pave the way for their overthrow of the Mensheviks all seem to be reflected perfectly in the Republican behavior today.

  • nomaster

    Willard the Rat man knows no other way but to stretch the truth and make blatant lies. Ater all his God came from the Planet Kolob and he was born to save the mankind. Reality is his definition and he chooses to change it whenever convenient.

  • Don


    • edwardw69

      Why would you want to do such a nasty thing to a bus?

    • onedonewong

      I say put barak and michelle in the back of the bus where they belong

      • At last the truth about you is revealed. Well done fool.

  • President Obama has made his commitment to support Israel perfectly clear since he became President. The reason Benjamin Netanyahu has criticized him in the past is because of President Obama’s call to stop the construction of new settlements and his endorsement of a two-state solution to end the carnage and injustices that have taken place since the State of Israel was created and a large influx of European Ashkenazi Jews settled in that area during the exodus that followed the end of WWII. Another reason for Netanyahu’s impatience is President Obama’s reluctance to destroy the Iranian nuclear facilities, an act that would start a major war with serious repercusions to global stability, not to mention significant human and monetary cost.
    Romney is desperately trying to establish some credibility in foreign policy, and get votes and support from the influential Jewish-American community, and towards that end he does not hesitate to undermine our ability to solve the root cause of most of the problems we are having in the Middle Eat and Persian Gulf region, or his own ability to govern and deal with this issue if he becomes President.

  • Since the DemocRats cannot run on Odumbo’s record, they have to resort to ANYTHING and EVERYTHING in order to stop the Nov/6 AVALANCHE of votes for Romney/Ryan….

    • Joseph Hemphill

      what a tool and bagger bootlicker you are.

      • Joseph: Let me repeat, and please address my statement with something more “intelligent” than “tool and bagger bootlicker”,
        Since the DemocRats cannot run on Odumbo’s record, they have to resort to ANYTHING and EVERYTHING in order to stop the Nov/6 AVALANCHE of votes for Romney/Ryan….

        • karinursula

          So your name calling is intelligent?

        • Today’s Reuters/Ipos poll shows both at 45%. Last week it was Obama at 46% and Romney at 42%. Considering the GOP had the stage nearly all week that is some avalance you’ve got there. Keep it real if possible.

  • Melvin Chatman

    Do Mormons Lie for a living – I don’t think so, but since they haven’t said nothing, Mittens doesn’t see why he should stop, nor does Ryan!
    This is a very contagious condition when financed by Billionaires who will demand a huge return on their Investments – and they don’t take lies as a means of payback.

  • howa4x

    He threw Sheldon Adleson under the bus and the Israeli right wing with him

  • progressiveandproud

    Tell me the truth. Did any of you people expect the truth from Mittens and/or junior partner? These people lie for a living and that will never change.

    • onedonewong

      If it was easier to tell the truth Barak and Biteeme would still lie

  • When will the Christian Right realize their many English Translations of the HOLY BIBLE are translations of ancient Jewish Holy Books but NOT ALL OF THEM? How dare they take another religions ancient writings and *pretend* they are direct instructions from *their* GOD!!

  • mhr21mhr

    Romney and Ryan profess to have religion -how can they lie like they do. Also when it suites their purpose they like to align themselves with Ronald Reagan -Pres. Reagan’s son said a couple of days ago – “Today’s Republican party is NOT the same as my father’s Republican party.” Madelyn Read-Rochester, NY

  • My biggest fear, is another war, where American kids are killed, or crippled, that will make no difference once we leave. Bush got us into the last one, and Mitt and Ryan will get us into another.

  • onedonewong

    Barak is a moooslim as he has said in his books and will stand with moooslims against all others. For the Israeli to say barak has done more for them could he point out 1 single achievement in the mideast

    • karinursula

      you are very very tiresome, I read you before, you must be either a teabagger or a redneck.

      • onedonewong

        No a REAL AMERICAN who is part of the 53% who pays taxes, something you and your ilk never have

    • What an idiotic thing to say. Obama is not a Muslim and besides so what if he was?

      • onedonewong

        all I can say is 9/11

        • And do you actually have a point besides proving ignorance and prejudice?

  • ★══════════★ ஜ۩☆ ☆۩ஜ ★══════════★
    ★══════════★ ஜ۩☆ ☆۩ஜ ★══════════★
    +++++#++++­­++++++ +++­+­+#++++++­##­+#
    ++++++++++­­+++# ++###­#­#######+­+#­###♫ ♪ Sweet sound of Victory ♪

  • People need to stop complaining that he hasn’t done enough. Obama was elected President. He wasn’t elected Jesus !!

  • bigspender7

    Americans are so gullible. Romney can’t lie straight in bed but many of us blindly choose to ignore this simple fact. Its sad really.

  • Bob Williams

    I wish that people would recognize Obama’s accomplishments. First there was the $900 million Stimulus. Sure, it was like throwing money down a rat hole, but not every investment is a winner.

    Then there was the investment in Solyndra, Ener 1, Beacon Power, Abound Solar, Amonox Solar, Spectra Watt and Eastern Energy. Oh, sure, they all went bankrupt and cost the taxpayers billions, but it did give Obama a chance to reward his Campaign contributors.

    Isn’t that what being president is all about?

    Meanwhile, that no-good Romney invested in companies like AMC Entertainment, Burger King, Burlington Coat Factory, Clear Channel Communications, Domino’s Pizza, Guitar Center, The Sports Authority, Staples, Toys “R” Us and Warner Music Group. In the process of doing this, he made himself hundreds of millions and even more for his investors. And this didn’t cost the taxpayers a cent.

    Folks with absolutely no compassion have said that re-electing Obama would be like if the Captain of the Titanic hit the iceberg and then backed up and ran into it again.

    That’s unfair. After all, when you have never run a business, being a Community Organizer doesn’t really help you all that much. Obama should have started out with something easier, like being the starting quarterback for the Chicago Bears. I’ll bet that after a few snaps, he would have the game mastered.

    Let’s give Hope And Change a chance, folks.

  • joyscarbo

    I find it troubling to see the republican party decompose into the lying bunch of money whores they have become. They are imploding- eating their own like Jon Huntsman, Michael Steele and Ron Paul. They are so clearly no long the party of such great men like Lincoln or Eisenhower. They’ve become something more dark and repugnant.
    If the republican party doesn’t come to terms with itself soon and quit lying, they will destroy their legitimacy as a viable party at all. It is VERY dangerous to pander to a person’s worst tendancies through fear mongering to gain votes. They continue to support the birther ideas of our president, which brings out the ugliest citizens who tout racism and divisionism. There is nothing about this party that brings both sides of the aisle together.
    In my opinion, the Republican National Convention was a joke- they ignored some of the members of the party that could have actually attracked those in the middle. They couldn’t even attract the visual support of the most influential of their party. The last sitting president and his cabinet were absent, save Condy Rice who is proposing we need to fix education to prevent inner city children (black kids) from being left behind educationally and economically. So she kinda gave her support…but in a back-handed way. She tried feebly to pose that her administration somehow had something to do with dealing with Osama Bin Laden- a little late for that and I can’t believe she even said it. They left out many of the republican candidates…weird and stupid.
    The theme of the RNC was that Obama failed despite his efforts and hope. That’s completely wrong when it’s well known that the republican party gathered on election day in 2008 and had a single purpose: To NEVER support Obama no matter what was at stake. Republicans did just that and kept the economy in stagnation and literally threw the American people under their bus. They diminished the US’s credit rating. The republican congress earned ther reputation as the most hated and despised congress in history!! Republicans also are trying to rewrite the definition of rape…apparently “no” doens’t necessarily mean “no” to the republicans. Forcing women into carrying babies in cases of rape, incest and threats to lives is INSANITY of the highest order.
    The great hope of the party- Golden Boy, Paul Ryan- is a joke. The right leaning network of republicans everywhere, Fox News said, “…to anyone paying the slightest bit of attention to facts, Ryan’s speech was an apparent attempt to set the world record for the greatest number of blatant lies and misrepresentations slipped into a single political speech.” Really?! So they lie and people who are loyal to the republican party still want to support them?!! Wow…good luck with that righties! There’s little hope for you now.

  • rewineteenager

    The big lie , and this is a man that goes to church.Oh well we all sin, some more, some less then others. What pray tell does the preacher preach there. Or is it that Romney isn’t listening, but thinking about his next speech. I don’t think Romney knows much about anything outside the United States.
    Oh yes and on another point, as a Canadian in love of her country, I too am an american, born and live ( Canada) in north america. I often wonder when people in the states talk about their country, the United States, they say how much they just love their america. So what I want to know Which one, north, south, central or just what part.

  • rewineteenager

    Oh yes and didn’t Romney and pick up a few bucks from Las Vagus casino town Isn’t gambling a sin?

  • FCS1

    Here’s the BIG LIE — that Pres. Obama gives a rat’s-a** about the economy and creating jobs. How could any President be so stupid as to cancel a key pipeline deal with our good friends to the north, driving them into the hands of CHINA!!! It shows what a total amateur he really is:

    HSBC Global Connections:
    10 February 2012
    The snub heard around the world

    Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is quietly adopting an aggressive new trade strategy designed to be a “counterweight” to what it sees as steps by its largest trading partner — the United States — to control regional free trade.

    While on an official visit to China this week, Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao negotiated a ream of trade agreements. These included everything from sharing pandas to selling Saskatoon’s uranium yellowcake to China for its nuclear energy program. As well, Canada and China signed a foreign investment and protection agreement designed to protect investments in each other’s country.

    … Canada is also looking for alternatives for its vast oil sands reserves after the refusal by President Barack Obama to approve the 1,600-mile Keystone XL pipeline between Alberta and refineries in the U.S. Gulf Coast. The pipeline, which would run through Montana, South Dakota and Nebraska, would cost about $13 billion.

    In the meantime, Canada is moving ahead with another pipeline from Alberta’s oil sands to its West Coast. Called the Northern Gateway pipeline, it would move about 525,000 barrels a day to Kitimat, British Columbia, to be shipped onto major Asian markets such as China.

    “China needs our resources,” said a Canadian trade official, noting that China has already made capital investments in Alberta’s oil sands.


    • dtgraham

      That Enbridge Gateway pipeline is very controversial and hasn’t been given the go ahead by the British Columbia Provincial government. That company has had a series of burst pipes resulting in environmental catastrophes on both sides of the border. Right now BC doesn’t want it. If it gets built, there will be a substantial delay trying to figure the best possible route to the the Pacific, resulting in the least damage were something to happen again. I believe that was Obama’s thinking as well on the Texas bound Enbridge pipeline. I’ve heard that the Nebraska State government doesn’t want this pipeline going through the State, as that company has had a horrible environmental record of late and gross neglect of pipeline maintenance.

  • The real Mitt Romney is an absolute elitist, war monger, even though, he himself never served his country and neither of his sons came close to serving their country. He’s like a lot of these 1% and 2% ers. Let the poor and less educated serve in the military. Romney and his ilk are too important to this country to put their lives on the line. Should he be elected, I suggest that as Commander in Chief he HIMSELF should lead the troops together with his sons on the battle field in any and all wars he wants to start.

  • I guess the Romney was correct when he said that the fact checkers were not going to run his campaign.

  • notchknows

    I think the HBO show Newsroom gave the best description for the Tea Party. The American Taliban.

  • notchknows

    The HBO show, ‘The Newsroom’ called the Tea Party, the American Taliban. I agree!

  • one ass opps my bad. is the reason you call that because you don,t have one. i mean onedongwong realy and that that shoe shine comment what do you do oh we know you blow on mitt ,s and ryan horn and i am not talking about A horn hey im just saying

  • witchana

    If you want to double down with this republican( Romney) all i can say is good luck.

  • Sand_Cat

    How can someone who has no grip on something throw it under the bus?