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Saturday, February 24, 2018

The Big Lie: The GOP Reveals Debt Clock They Misplaced In 2001

The Big Lie: The GOP Reveals Debt Clock They Misplaced In 2001

The Big Lie: The Republican National Convention will feature a debt clock to hold the president accountable for the mounting debt.

The Truth: Republican policies and the economy they created are responsible for the vast majority of the debt and the Romney/Ryan plans would only increase the debt.


One of the most notable decorations at this year’s Republican National Convention is a debt clock that counts the amount of debt that will be racked up from the moment the event opened. It’s supposed to be a visual indictment of the president’s policies – the result of “wasteful government spending.”

But the GOP’s debt clock would be more honest if it were captioned by the RNC’s current slogan: “We Built It!”

Don’t expect any speakers from the podium to address the actual source of the debt. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie hopes everybody has forgotten, blustering in his typical style: “It doesn’t matter how we got here.”

Facts are now officially for the other guys. On Tuesday, Mitt Romney’s pollster Neil Newhouse finally said something that fact checkers will find accurate: “We’re not going to let our campaign be dictated by fact checkers.” The Romney campaign’s disregard for facts is warmly embraced by a right wing that has built up a vast alternative media to reinforce their own version of reality.

In this reality, the president’s 2009 budget was the first budget ever to hit a one trillion-dollar deficit, which was entirely the result of the president’s policies. The fact that the president passed a $787 billion stimulus early in his administration made this argument seem to have some validity. But what Republicans ignored was the mounting cost of Bush-era policies and failures.

The facts are undisputed. In 2000, the debt clock in New York City was shut down because it was ticking backwards. A few months later, George W. Bush came into office with a budget in surplus. Facing a mild recession, he promptly blew the surplus with a round of across-the-board tax breaks that was mostly enjoyed by the richest Americans.

Then 9/11 happened. In the midst of two wars, Bush and the Republican-dominated Congress passed another huge tax cut that greatly benefited the investor class and an unfunded expansion of Medicare that shortened the lifespan of the program. Along the way, Bush also exploded government spending on the military and homeland security. In 2008 the financial crisis hit, triggering hundreds of billions of dollars in mandatory spending increases for the millions of Americans who were suddenly out of work.

All this was entirely the result of right-wing policies approved by a right-wing president and a right-wing Congress. You can blame the financial crisis on Bush or simply note that it happened after seven years with him in the White House. But there’s no doubt; the policies were Republican.

As Ezra Klein explains: “ If there’d been no Bush tax cuts, no wars, no financial crisis and everything else had been the same? Debt would be between 20 and 30 percent of GDP today, rather than almost 100 percent.”

Since President Obama took office, he signed the stimulus into law and extended the Bush tax breaks because the GOP held the breaks for the middle class hostage. Along with the extension he was able to get the GOP to agree to a temporary payroll tax reduction twice and an extension of unemployment benefits. Besides, he has reduced the deficit with ObamaCare, as well as a $4 trillion debt deal forged during the debt limit crisis that the GOP now refuses to honor. Altogether, President Obama has grown government at a slower rate than any president in generations.

The President has proposed a plan that would cut the debt to about 70 percent of GDP mostly by ending the Bush tax breaks on the rich and slowing the growth of the military and withdrawing from Afghanistan.

Romney and Ryan’s plans to deal with the debt will actually do little to reduce  deficits and the debt. Both propose massive tax breaks for the richest that are supposed to be paid for by eliminating deductions. But once the Tax Policy Center revealed this would require a $2,000 tax increase for the middle class, Romney backed away from a promise to make the cuts deficit-neutral and is simply promising a 20 percent across-the-board tax cut. For the middle class, this would be about enough money to fix a dent in a small car. For the richest, their cuts will be enough to buy a small car factory. Romney and Ryan both want to increase the growth of the military and cut government everywhere else, eventually passing on huge health care costs to seniors.

None of that would do much to slow the debt clock. And if they were elected, you can bet they wouldn’t be so quick to implement their cuts, knowing a recession would be inevitable.

It’s nice that the GOP finally found the clock they misplaced in 2001. It would be better if they remembered who got it ticking again.

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73 Responses to The Big Lie: The GOP Reveals Debt Clock They Misplaced In 2001

  1. Basic math has never been a requirement for the GOP. Funny how quickly they forgot the former VP’s comment that Reagan proved deficits don’t matter. They do matter, but only when they add up during a Democratic presidents term. Troglodytes.

  2. The Rewriting (of history) Party projects all their deeds’ unintended consequences onto the other side, and it’s gotten to the point that they want to deny people the ability to notice or deduce the actual chain of events.

    Ban critical thinking? I think it’s time and past time the American public flip the new Whigs before we all flip our wigs…

  3. Using accounting schemes to hide expenditures and give the illusion that previous budget deficits were under control only satisfies the naive. With one brief exception we have been running deficits and accumulating debt for decades. Moreover, with the exception of the Recovery Act (stimulus) President Obama inherited the rest from his predecessor, including dramatic drops in revenues from the Great Recession; the rest was all programmatic and unless Americans are in favor to shut down SS, MEDICARE, MEDICAID, replace our armed forces with boy scouts, and default on the debt, the only way to get out of this mess is pay for what we need and benefit from. What the GOP does not understand – or cynically distorts – is the fact that when they advocate lower tax rates for the super rich, more subsidies, more loopholes, and less regulation they are, in effect, increasing our budget deficits and accumulating more debt, while at the same time putting forth a recipe to transform the USA into a Third World country.

    • Dominick, You’ve stated it magnificently! It doesn’t take rocket science or a crystal ball to arrive at these conclusions. All it takes is a study of history and very elementary common sense to see that the Republican agenda has consequences, and another 4 years of their policies could very well be catastrophic to our nation.

      • When Clinton Got Rid Of The Trickle Down Bullshit We Had A Balance Budget And The American Taliban Fought Him Tooth And Nails!! When He Left Office We Were In A Surplus !! Then Along Come Another Terrorist Bush Put Them Back And The Debt Has Been Growing Ever Since!! Romney Wants Even More Tax Break OMG That Will Totally Destroy This Country!! We Will Be Just Another Third World Country!! WELCOME TO THE NEW WORLD ORDER!!!

        • Even God said we would have trouble, with earthquakes, terrible storms, hurricanes, dry land, extreme heat and the church becoming a thing of the past, and then it will get worse and the archangel, the Devil will come in as a real person and control everything. You won’t have a leg to stand on. We will be back in the dark ages, a 10th rate country whom God does not like because of abortion and same gendered people living together, and no new babies in our land. All gone

          • You’re right of course, Bigspender, but it’s useless to try to talk sensibly to Don and his ilk. They take small sections of the Bible out of context while ignoring the parts that don’t fit their agenda — like the parts about not judging others, not lying, taking care of the poor, etc. I do agree with the part about being back in the dark ages — but not for the reason he seems to indicate, but rather because of the corporate feudalism that Romney and company would impose on our country.

          • Don,
            Yes, we have tornadoes, earthquakes, record drought, fires, floods, and hurricanes which almost all scientists and climatologists agree are caused by man made global warming which the teathuglicans deny. The Kochs and other billionaires are funding the teathuglicans so they will deny there is global warming so they can continue to spew toxins into the atmosphere and our oceans and rivers. They want to do away with the EPA so they can do this without fear of reprisal. What kind of a future are we leaving for future generations if this is allowed to continue. I cant speak for God but maybe he would be more upset by what’s being allowed to happen to our country by teathuglicans than he is with same sex marriage or a woman’s right to choose what is best for her body.

          • Good people will do good things, evil people will do evil things, but for good people to do evil things – that takes religion. Amen.
            With EPA regulations gone under R/R we don’t have to worry about budgets and expenses for the next 10-15 yrs – we will not be here nor any living thing. We will be GONE. When we all gone who gives a hoot about GOP, Dem, Indep. Gay/straight and in between. WE ARE GONE. Do dead people worry???

        • You cannot rewrite history. The Republican Congress, led by Newt Gingrich, forced Clinton to lower taxes. This created a boon for the economy that resulted in a surplus by the time Clinton left office. Bush inherited a .com bubble/recession that was compounded by a DOW crash after 9-11. In spite of a bad first year in office, Bush presided over a strong economy…that is, until the Democrats took over Congress during Bush’s last two years. The housing bubble, the cause of the banking crisis, was a direct result of legislation by progressives like Barney Frank who forced banks to lend to people who were not credit worthy. History shows time and time again that the dems’ bad policies hurt America.

          • you sound like a brain dead baby boomer. you aren’t prone to original thoughts, you simply repeat what you have been told to parrot. that’s why you would say something so stupid like lowering taxes created a “boon” (read: massive bubble) for the economy. Do us all a favor and stop regurgitating the slogans, lies, and outright fabrications that your billionaire overlord media barons feed you.

          • Wow,
            Excellent job there m8.

            You have condensed rightwing delusions into one rich paragraph.

            All that Ayn Randy rhetoric needs is some rainbows and unicorns to adorn your lovely prose.

            Thank you

        • Fern doesnt understand History . Clinton Didn’t end trickle down and everything he did in regards to the economy is in direct opposition to what Obama is doing to destroy our economy . Clinton expanded on the idea and he had the great fortune to be President during the internet boom which fueled the economy . His economic principles didnt stray from what Reagan did because HE was smart enough to see it worked . Also Clinton wasn’t hell bent on destroying the American economy to transform our Nation into a welfare state dependent on Democrats and without any Hope for a better life …Just govt hand outs

          • drag your head out of your behind and actually check things out before you let your fingers do the walking and show you as a none thinking idiot.

          • All I said was check things out first. I am sitting here watching the RNC. When not doing this, if I hear something on tv I don’t take their word for it. Icheck it out as best as I can BEFORE I say anything. Like yesterday I read that romney got money from columbian drug lords to start bain. But I haven’y researched it enough yet to say anything publicly.

          • You Just Can’t Take No For An Answer Fuck You Michael And The Cave You Live In!! You Are Just Hell Bent On Telling Your Horrible Lies And Still Trying To Talk To Me?? Why I Don’t Want To Hear None Of Your Low Life Tea Bagging Bullshit BITCH Get The Clue!!

      • I have been a Democrat all my life, but I always respected the opinion of most Republicans because, with the exception of social issues, our differences were centered almost entirely on finding the most effective and fair way to achieve a common goal. That is no longer the case, Teddy Roosevelt’s focus on the environment, Eisenhower’s national highway system, and even Ronald Reagan’s focus on protecting the safety net (social programs) are now considered evil socialist practices and must be destroyed at all cost even if doing that weaken our economy and our standard of living.

        • Want to start speaking ENGLISH, Tom? —- So the rest of us can understand what you are trying to say. It’s just a bit difficult to figure how these incoherent words have anything to do with the issue of the GOP’s aversion to truth — that is SUPPOSED to be the subject of this discussion — remember?

    • Hi Dom!!! I read a lot of posts and am busy doing the same, to help OUR President get re-elected. You did state that perfectly, furthermore, it is clear that your statements are based upon the facts. If your not already with the OFA you should be. Love Gina in California

  4. No Senate budget for over three years and President Obama’s budget proposal wasn’t even supported by his own party. Enough said!!!

    • I am sorry. Is your comment is intended to mean something to people other than you? Is this some kind of cipher or code?

      No Senate Budget? What does that mean? The Senate has no obligation to propose or create a budget. A committee or a group or a party represented within the Senate may propose a budget? There is no requirement or obligation to do so.

      Enlighten me about why it matters that there is no Senate budget?

      The comment about the party not supporting the President’s proposed budget is inaccurate.

      So, I guess there is a great deal more to be said.

    • What a deplorably simplistic and ignorant statement, completely out of touch with the basic facts which are very clearly stated in the article. How in the world could anyone ignore the facts of the last 4 years — record filibusters of any legislation proposed by the democrats, and the PRIME and ONLY focus of the GOP to get our president out of office are the major factors which have slowed improvement in our economy. Any opposition from the President’s own party came from the fact that he HAD to face the realities of those two factors, and compromise with these very negative attitudes to avoid a complete collapse of our economy.

    • In case you haven’t read the Constitution of the United States lately–it states in Article I, Section 7, Clause 1 “All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives, but the Senate may propose or concur with Amendments as on other Bills.” This has been interpreted to also include the spending of money. The House of Representatives must begin the process. Since when has it become the the Senate’s responsibility to propose a budget? And, what party has controll of the House?

    • chisolm, You guys say……… “No Senate budget” ……. “Debt Clock at RNC”…….
      How do you say…….. Hypocrite, Charlatan, Hypocrite, Deception, Trickery, Scam, Con,
      Rip-off, Scheme, Plot, Cheating, and last, but not least; Dishonesty………………..

      By the, have a nice day………………..

  5. Why does this all smell like Nixon. Who claimed he was not crook. The Romney’s want to claim they have met their legal obligation on taxes. The point is missed by commentators and pundits. To run for office should mean you have nothing to hide. Examples of breaking the public trust are Enron, Mf Global and the excuse is ” I do not know or I do not recall “”.
    Tax audits are only as good as what is reported. Let us remember the greatest one time increase of the national debt came under Reagan by over 400%. If we had listened to Carter perhaps we not have the energy mess we have today. Cheyney claimed” Deficits do not matter ” so why do they matter now!

  6. No matter how the debt clock ticked away under Bush, the debt clock under Obama exploded at twice the rate. The Bush recession ended in 2009, and the income of Americans under Obama’s recovery is LESS than the income under the recession. Bush did have Katrina & the costs of 911, and the subprime loan fiasco created by complete Democrat control during Bush’s last 2 years.
    ENough of the Bush hate, Obama is leading this country into financial ruin for everyone.

    • PaulCindy……. After you have watched Faux Noise and filled yourself with all these FACTS, you really should bother to learn what does “subprime loan fiasco” and “Bush recession ended in 2009” really mean, do you have any idea what so ever?
      Please expand on these two Faux Noise talking points…………..

      By the way, have a nice day…………….

    • Stop watching Fox. It’s rotting your brain. The Bush recession did not end in 2009. Bush ended in 2009. His nightmare is still with us. And your other thought is equally false.

  7. One should really look back to Reagan to see how the GOP restructured the tax laws for the benefit of the wealthy. He even started taxation of retiree’s Social Security benefits so the wealthy could pay less. A succession of GOP administrations owned by oil companies have led to huge deficits as we wage war to control middle eastern oil. Oil companies reached record profits in 2010 at the expense of 98% of Americans.

    The questions is; Can this nation afford another GOP administration or rather will it continue to survive under another one ? I don;t believe it will, as we know it.

  8. I think we are getting into alot of trouble here by Willard Mitt Romney and friends. “Oh, you got trouble here, right in River City” as sung in the Music man. Mitt is going to give the rich more money and throw the rest of us in the poor house or living in box carts on the street. ” Oh, you got trouble, trouble, trouble”

  9. I’d like to see the Dems put up some clocks at their convention. Some possibilities:
    — Cost of tax cuts for the wealthy
    — The percentage of US wealth held by the 1%, to 10 decimal positions
    — Tax-avoiding offshored funds owned by USA corps and wealthies, in trillions
    — The number of overseas employees and contractors working for USA corps, in millions
    — The number of Americans whose total wealth is less than the top 600 (150 million and growing)
    — The number of Americans earning $10 per hour or less
    — Walmart sales of imported products
    — The wealth of the 6 owners of Walmart, in billions
    — The number of Walmart employees earning $10 per hour or less

    PS I disagree with the article author’s comment that Romney-Ryan would not be quick to implement cuts, for knowing the cuts would trigger recession. The whole idea is to further increase the wealth of the 1%, at the expense of people among the 99%.

    • Greg – Mr Sam Walton who founded Walmart would be rolling in his grave if he could see his company now! He started out saying he would only sell American made goods! I guess his predecessors thought better of that! Gee, greed again!

  10. One fact the republicans conveniently ignore is the fact that all of the accumulated debt keeps accumulating more debt because of the interest owed on the existing debt. On January 20, 2009, the day that President Obama was sworn into office, we had a dead-man at the controls, in the personage of George W. Bush. The economy, the U.S. reputation in the world, as well as our national security were all careening out of control down into the abyss. It was necessary to move the dead-body out from behind the controls, and then try to steer the economy toward safety, while applying the brakes… Retro-mega-thrusters… just to slow downward spiraling into the toilet. On that day, according to BARRON’S, the National Debt was $10.7 trillion. Add to that the budget for fiscal 2009 {Bush’s last} another $1.3 trillion in deficit spending… $10.7 trillion + $1.3 trillion = $12 trillion!!! Then there were another couple of trillion dollars hidden off the books. The budget deficit would be $1.3 trillion or so a year into the foreseeable future because TAX REVENUES were down, due to the 8.5 million jobs that were lost under the Bush economy. The $1 trillion dollars that President Obama used as the “brakes,” the retro-mega-thrusters to reverse the downward flush into the toilet, was a necessary and approriate measure to take in order to preserve our Country. The only reason for spending on that scale was to bolster the spending power of all those who lost their jobs under the Bush Trickle-down Tax Cuts which Governor Romney is determined to resume… if elected. This opinion comes from Real Job Creators like Bill Gates and Waren Buffet… industrialists who have far more credibility than Mitt Romney. Considering the fact that Mr. Bush left us with a current debt of $12 trillion, and based upon recurring deficits, a projected debt of at least $1 trillion/year through Mr. Obama’s first term, and the fact that the “Do Nothing Congress” did nothing but lie, hate, and obstruct since January 2009, the entirety of the $16 trillion national debt, + interest on it, can be attributed to these sore loser republicans coming out of the Bush Collapse. President Obama managed to cut spending greatly by bringing a halt to the Iraq War, an unnecessary and costly exercise to find non-existing Weapons of Mass Destruction! Also, the whittling down of the War in Afghanistan, which shouldn’t have ever been more than a speical forces operation in the first place. We knew who Osama Bin Laden and the Al Qaeda were… because we trained them!!! Yeah, they were our weapon for the war of hegemony in the region against the Soviet Union. Republicans tell so many lies they can’t remember which lies they relied upon when. President Obama has stabilized an economy destroyed by the republicans and their Wall Street hucksters. Doesn’t anyone remember Bear Sterns, Washington Mutual, Lehman Brothers, Enron, AIG, etc. What the hell is the matter with us??? Willful ignorance? Cowardice? Stupidity? And to hear those liars at the convention misrepresent where we are nad how we got here! Chris Christie has a lot of nerve! That fat, greasy, undisciplined, obese pig of a man can’t even manage what he puts in his mouth… yet he wants to disparage a man whoes shoes he is not fit to shine! Ann Romney is a nice lady… but she isn’t running for President… her husband is, and its high time he came out from hiding behind the skirt of his wife, and his Tax-dodging privileges, as well as his draft-dogging, and represent himself like a man. He is bought and paid for. The only thing he understand is money, and those who back him are his masters.


    In addition to his tax forms, this writer would like to hear the real story about how Mittens bailed out the SLC Winter Olympics. If you remember the SLC Olympic Committee was caught bribing the IOC to allow them to have the Games in the first place.

    According to a newspaper article in the Provo (UT) Daily Herald, the Mormons skimmed too much out of the kitty and needed RoMoney to bail them out, meaning possible legal problems. So it is more like he bailed his Mormon buddies out of jail instead of saving the Games themselves.

  12. What I propose to the Democrats is that at their Convention they also start the Debt Clock.
    It’s starting point should the Debt that had accummulated before the Republicans became the “keepeers” of the American Pocket book, 2010, and have it updated to reflect the Debt they have added since taking control! Having studied Civics in High School, I know that we have three branches to our Government: Executive, Legislative and Judicial, completely seperate from each other. By adding Chairman Ryan to the ticket they now have a record to run on/to defend, lead by Chairman and the House Republicans!
    Incidentally, don’t be fooled by the rhetoric of Romney’s and Ryan’s comments coming tonight. Gov Romney will run away from the Republican Platform, and P. Ryan’s Budget, as these policies are considered extreme by most Americans. I suspect that Mitt will say it’s his policies that will matter. Who for one second believes him? His comments and expressed policies are drafted to appear that he is a moderate!. But, in the real world they become irrelevant as he does not have the votes in the House. But P. Ryan does have the votes.

  13. There is a flaw in the math that dems use…subtracting the tax cut amount from federal revenue. This is a myth that they peddle to the ignorant gullible masses. Tax cuts actually contribute to a more robust economy resulting in more jobs, more income, and MORE tax revenue for the feds…a resulting net GAIN, not a loss.

    • If that’s the case how come my husbands boss is a millionare but my husband (who could run the place) is paid below poverty level?

      • The proper term for that is “Corporate Greed”! Or in a lesser company, “Rich person wanna’ be complex”. Self Prosperity over those that helped make you rich. Or, Ruin the economy, lower & stagnate the wages, raise the prices, keep the workers running scared & in the dark, so they will settle for less. That’s why Rs hate workers Unions. Which party fights the minimum wage hike? Workers can’t buy when they don’t get paid.

    • Yep, SA, and for your proof I recommend that you point out how our economy boomed after GW’s tax cuts. I also recommend that you run for cover immediately after taking credit for that economic “boom” (that should should be spelled “bomb”) that has caused millions of Americans to lose their jobs and to join the ranks of the homeless. Oh, that’s right, they don’t count because they are not multimillionaires. I must add that our current government debt problems can be traced back to the unwarranted tax cuts under Reagan.

  14. I read only two or three lines of your dribble. Chew on this…your beloved Obama promised to reduce the deficite by 50% during his first term. Instead he increased it by 50%. All of your hate filled insults cannot change this fact.

    • RayGun Doubled it! Clinton lowered it, Obama still pays for it & both bush’s contributions to it today! bush started with America’s Record Best Economy, Jobs, Pay, Peace & More, left by Clinton! Obama is Recovering from bushDumb + Interest to the Communists! R Congress filibusters, blocks, no votes, & walks out, on BO’s every attempt to rise up from the bush Death Spiral. republiKKKlans co$t us extra Billions from our Recovery, by driving us to Default! All to extend the Expired Co$tly Rich Tax Cuts! They even blocked Vets benefits! You know, the vets that went to fight bush’s Lied Up War? USA? USA? Rs did indeed promise to block Obama in every way. You Like? See History! Don’t bitch about what you asked for.

  15. This article asks where were the debt clocks before . Well It wasn’t this big of an issue then . Ok when you have a President that has spent more in 3 years then the previous 43 Presidents before him did COMBINED that is a problem …Let that sink in . Obama has spent more in 3 years then all the previous Presidents in history COMBINED . He is also borrowing between 38 and 40 cents per dollar spent . He is bankrupting all future generations of Americans . He seems hell bent on making us a second rate Nation . He see’s America as the oppressor of other Nations just like his Commuinist Daddy ( if that was his daddy ) He doesn’t see us as the greatest helper of other Nations which is what we always have been . He see others envious of our productive Country and agrees that it isn’t fair that we have so much and they don’t . Well that production and achievement was built on Private Sector achievement , a Free Market Economy and a Representative form of Government . It made America the greatest Nation on Earth and we shouldn’t be ashamed of that just because HE is . Obama wants to change that and make us a European Socialist model so we can suck just as bad as all the other Socialist Nations . It helped us help other Nations in times of need . Maybe if those other envious Countries were run as Representative Republics instead of Socialist or Communist regimes like Obama wants to transform us into …well maybe those Countries would be more succesful and self sufficient

  16. I dont know what happened to my post so Ill try it again . This article asks where the debt clocks were at previous conventions . I would suppose they weren’t there because they werent an issue . Now however , Obama has spent more in 3 years then all 43 Presidents have in the History of America COMBINED …Let that sink in ..To spend at this rate Obama is borrowing 38 to 40 cents for every dollar he spends . On top of that the spending is mostly going to reward his donors ( solyndra GE GM ) . So he is spending and borrowing our future away . That is why it is an issue today . Why Is he doing it . Well in typical DEM fashion he is paying back his friends and donors . He also seems hell bent on destroying the American economy . This is probably for a variety of reasons . Obama views America as an evil Country because his daddy( if that was his real daddy) the Communist , believed it was unfair for America to have so much while other Countries didn’t . Well Maybe if these Countries had a Free Market Economy , a Vibrant Private Sector , and a Representative form of Govt they would be more succesful , self sufficient , and less envious . Obama on the other hand doesn’t see that it is because we as a Country have achieved so much , that it is the reason we can help so many other Nations in their times of need . He views America as evil he doesn’t recognize that we have been the greatest force for good on this planet . Yes America has made mistakes but on balance we are the greatest force of good . Obama apologizes for us and is ashamed of American Exceptionalism . He views us as overbearing to our neighbors …Ask Haiti who helped them . Or all of Indonesia after the tsunami ? Obama seems hell bent on making us over into a Socialist Nation like all those failed examples in Europe . He believes if we are second rate other Nations will accept us better

    • Michael, I’m rolling on the floor laughing at your inane rant — with no facts whatsoever in anything you say. I hope there are no Muslims or Communists who read your rant about Obama’s daddy — both groups would be very insulted — except they would probably be laughing at you too. You are an embarrassment — go away and read something on your intellectual level —- like maybe first grade readers?

      • Michael Is An Asshole He Don’t Care Who He Insult And He’s Been Trying To Hit On Me On The Sly But If I Meet Michael I Would Slap The Tea Bagging Bullshit Out Of His Ass Then Maybe We Can Talk!! He Said He Don’t Like Chicago Why In The Hell Don’t He Leave!! What The Hell Is His Problem If I Didn’t Like Where I Lived I Would Get The Hell Out Of Dodge I Got Enough Skills To Make Myself Employable ANYWHERE!!!

    • Spending under Obama, adjusted for inflation has actually decreased. He hasn’t spent more than the budget Bush left him with, and it was the Bush administration that destroyed the surplus through wars and tax cuts, leaving Obama with a failing economy and a deficit. Let that sink in.

    • In all actuality, Clinton paid a record amount on the RayGun Record Deficit & Debt! He Eliminated the Deficit entirely! Put into place a plan to Eliminate the Debt as well! He left office with a Record Economy, Record Back to Back Surpluses, World Peace, Record Jobs, Pay, Infrastructure, Education, & More! Facts! See Economic Index & CBO #s before you bother to deny it. bush & Rs got installed (Fact) & pissed it All away! Then put us in Debt to the Communists, + Interest! President ELECT Obama X 2, has been paying off not only the RayGun Debt, but the Deficit/Debt + Interest left by bush as well! Fact! As America under Obama strives for a Recovery, the gerrymandered Rs in CONgress & Senate Obstruct his every move, including the Billions Lost during their unprecedented Govt. Shut Down over scheduled Budget increase. No Corporate Welfare issues were in harms way during this debacle, as Rs Extended the Co$tly bush Tax Cuts for the Filthy Rich! Facts! Prove otherwise! You ‘W’on’t! Go ahead, deny away, waiting!

      • Too funny ..First off Reagan inherited a mess and was creating record job levels when he left . And remember those were real jobs with real benefits and pay . Not o art time jobs with food stamps for supplements to help part timers who get no benefits . Thank you part time exemption of Obamacare for making that possible . Reagan had a 6 % GDP growth Obama and the Democrats are the only administration to ever not get past 2% . Clinton ? Who wrote those budgets he signed into law when he wasn’t raping someone or screwing ugly interns ? Oh look there goes Newt Gingrich. He wrote those budgets and left that surplus. Clinton just signed off on it and took credit. Oh and who left Clinton that booming economy and a business boom? Reagan and SDI did . You can trace a lot of the tech that was gained that made that possible directly to that . You know tangible stuff like isolinear chip tech …..

        Powered by Cricket Wireless.

        ——– Original message ——–

  17. People, including those in my family, were losing jobs at a very fast rate when President Obama came into office. Businesses began also to go out of business at a very fast rate at the same time and it was horrible that more and more people lost jobs. It was not expected to happen this way but it got worse and the President was trying to shore up the economy on one end with his ideas and the people and businesses were laid off and going out of business. How can you work with that very successfully without trying all avenues. THEN the Republicans decided not to honor any of the jobs bills or tax cuts. That was the only way any of our relatives who were laid off for long term could continue to survive – with long term unemployment help. This President helped some people long enough and now many are back to work. Romney and his team have nothing to offer but heartache. They cannot say what that he will present his income taxes, give the real story about Bain Capital and take his money out of offshore banks. Had it been President Obama, they would not let him rest until it was ALL done. Do we live in a country with double-standards?

    • Thanx to the GOP, unfortunately, YES! But, it works for them. Speaking of working for them, Polish illegal immigrants worked for Tramp, for starvation wages, 24/7, Tramp refused to pay them, & threatened to turn them over to Immigration’s should they complain. What would he & ilk do with presidential power? USA? USA?

  18. Seeing how the entire article is a lie, the photo is a lie, people should know what the left will do to seize power. For shame!

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