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Saturday, March 23, 2019

The political party of Abraham Lincoln is in trouble, threatened with irrelevance, even extinction. Its weaknesses are legion.

Its congressional leaders are quite unpopular, polls show. So are the party’s positions. Its beliefs — animosity to same-sex marriage, hostility toward saner gun laws, rejection of higher taxes for the wealthy, suspicion of popular entitlement programs — are not shared by the majority of Americans.

It is bereft of ideas, committed to formulas that don’t work (cut taxes, no matter the economic conditions) and to a rejection of reasoned analysis (climate change is a hoax). It has alienated the nation’s voters of color, who represent growing blocs of influence.

As if those deficiencies were not enough, the party is falling into a civil war, its internal feuds increasingly loud and obstreperous. The only thing that still unites all parts of the Republican Party is an irrational hatred of President Barack Obama.

That’s not good for the country. To meet the challenges of the 21st century, the United States needs at least two competitive political parties dedicated to solving problems. Their solutions will differ, of course, but each should offer them. At the moment, the Republicans have no solutions — to anything.

It wasn’t so long ago, a couple of decades back, that the GOP prided itself on being the party of ideas. Its wealthy funders had created a network of research institutions to funnel their policies into Congress and state legislatures. There’s little doubt that those wealthy donors were looking to protect their own interests by emphasizing low taxes and less government regulation.

But it’s also true that GOP thinkers came up with some good ideas. The Affordable Care and Patient Protection Act, widely known as Obamacare, was one of them. The earned income tax credit, which reduces the federal income tax burden of lower-earning families to zero or less, was also born of conservative thinking. Unfortunately, the current GOP has either renounced or distanced itself from both of those programs.

Some of the party’s more practical members have begun to plead with their fellow partisans to change course. Jeb Bush, former governor of Florida, has openly fretted about the GOP’s future. Maine senator Susan Collins has expressed frustration with her party.

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72 responses to “The Grand Old Party Needs A Reboot”

  1. As Democrats we rejoice in the demise of the Grand Old Party, but as Americans we should be concerned about the probability of having a single dominant party and the consequences derived from it. Countries and society benefit from the ability to choose between differing ideologies, policy proposals, and values. A circumstance that would lead to something akin to plebiscites is not the way to go.
    The problems afflicting the GOP are not the result of conservative ideology, or the record of traditional conservative Presidents and members of Congress, but the effects of Tea Party extremism. Most Americans are centrists and most of us reject extremism from the right and left. That is the reason so many conservatives have opted to re-register as Independents. I think it is worthwhile pointing out that those who have left the party of Lincoln are likely to vote Republican if the GOP nominee is not an extremist or a loose cannon like some of the folks that dominate the news nowadays. Conservatism is not dead, extremism will soon become to choice of a tiny minority afflicted by insecurity, greed, intolerance, and hatred towards those who are successful, educated, and civil.

    • angelsinca says:

      “Conservatism is not dead, ”

      Thanks for pointing out there IS a difference between conservatism and extremism. A point lost on too many in the rush to proceed.

    • charleo1 says:

      I can see your point about having two Parties, as being beneficial.
      Both Parties decide on a common goal, then tackle the issue each
      from their own perspective. Hash it out, And come up with a Bill, or
      a law, that addresses the problem. Of course, that is not happening.
      And the reason it’s not, is the GOP feels no obligation, or duty to
      help govern the Country, unless one of their own is in the White
      House. They seem to be playing this carrot, and stick game.
      Vote us in, and sure, we’ll do everything under the sun, to get
      the economy up and running. Vote us out, and we’ll make damn
      sure you won’t find a job. And we’ll make sure the guy you voted
      for, instead of us, won’t be able to help you either. Your choice.
      Personally, I’m furious with them. And, I’ll never forgive them.
      Any moral Right to their current positions, as far as I’m concerned,
      they forfeited. When they traded in, working for the common good,
      to begin a campaign to intentionally drive the weakened economy
      into a depression. Now I’m sure there were almost certainly those
      in financial positions, bankers, the business community, economists,
      that cautioned them. That doing such a thing, at a time when world
      markets were near crisis. Some of them in crisis. That it would be
      almost impossible to calculate, given the uncertainty, and complexity
      of the global economy. That it would be easy to cause a collapse in
      Europe, where they are in much worse shape. That would eventually
      drag our economy here, into such a condition, it might take years to
      fully recover. To which the GOP leadership answered, well, that’s
      a risk we’re willing to take. And, if the whole thing does come down.
      They’ll blame Obama, and we’ll have a good case to make.
      The record will show, we opposed everything the Democrats were
      doing. That way, the bad economy will be all on them. People such
      as this, has no place my Country’s Government, at any level.

    • BigSky1970 says:

      The GOP is nothing more than a tepid, watered down version of the Democrat party. The GOP has helped to bail out the banks, the GOP has helped Obama ramp up the war, the GOP has helped Obama push through his agenda. If going back to the Constitutional principles of smaller and more streamlined form of government is “extremism”, I’ll gladly call myself an extremist.

    • Darius says:

      I agree but “centrists” are dead in this new decade in that party. Everything is either being a good Republican or a nasty liberal with these people. They won’t ever put up an actual GOP moderate that can win because the Tea Party powers that be won’t allow it. I think they should just make a new party, crush the Teapublicans, and bring some viable ideas to the table.

  2. Hal Slater says:

    I used to just disagree with most Republicans and their ideas. Since seeing their response to how they created the economic crisis by artificially inflating home prices until the banks went bust (like they did to the S&Ls under Ray-gun), their obstruction of Obama on every point and, worst of all, their attempt to suppress the voting rights of those who disagree with them, I now HATE all Republicans have vowed to block any effort they make for the rest of my life.

    • idamag says:

      I am not even a Democrat and I see the new Republican party as a party of liars, obstructionists, and deviates with whom winning is more important than values.

      • angelsinca says:

        You mean kind of like how the presidency was won? LOL. Let’s hear ALL about the ‘deviates’ of the GOP, sport.

    • rustacus21 says:

      … & as many American’s, we 4get the billions wasted on war, stolen from institutions & wasted in lost productivity thru industry loss & subsequent unemployment. This was no accident, just as the successes of the Clinton Administration were the results of SERIOUS, CALCULATED, MATURE POLICY DESIGN. & again, it was by no means perfect, but compare: 23 million jobs created during 1993-2001, to 16 million jobs lost between 2001-2009, to 4 million jobs created 2009-current. Who would U trust as the better domestic policy architect? Then include the trade exchanges created (between 1993-2001) & destroyed (between 2001-2009) & IGNORED (2009 to current) & I ask again, who would be considered having superior policy design capacities? Lets not fool ourselves. Every pacifist understands there’s a time when conflict is unavoidable. There comes a time when an assessment of cowardice must be considered. But by no means should we be worried about the scum in our collective ‘gutters’ until it backs up. As it has done in Congress since 2009. The best ‘policy’ is simply to KEEP IT CLEAN – no matter the costs…

      • angelsinca says:

        Half stats. When you use statistics to fuel your hate for the GOP, at least TRY to be honest by showing all the data, included the painful truth part that produces historic economic failings of the present economic non-policy. And, it is always highly amusing to see the doves turn hawk when it’s THEIR leadership taking us into war. Remarkably shallow.

        • rustacus21 says:

          … the facts are out there, so no one need point to anything. THE problem IS only Liberal/Progressives are paying attention to them, which is why, during the Clinton administration, no war, no (measurable) national debt, no (measurably growing) economic INEQUALITY, no absent regulators, no rampant criminality, no war MONGERING & sabre-rattling (leading to war), but WAY MORE IMPORTANTLY, we were counting up allies INSTEAD OF ENEMIES. All these factors – had U checked the FACTS 1st – REVERSED during the 2001-2009 administrative term. & YES – Prez Obama’s historic failings are he didn’t emulate the policy record of the Clinton admin, instead of leaving in place the legacy of losers, incompetents & Democracy-haters. If his choices reflect badly on the GOP, that’s not my fault & no reason to be hateful (I’m not – more like I pity him & them) over. He & we’d all be so far ahead of the game had my suggestion been applied, as he emmulated success – not failure & thus, himself, become a successful Prez (more so, that is)…

          • angelsinca says:

            OK, so you are a Bill Clinton fan, maybe the only one. Most people recall a legacy of disgrace framed by a near-impeachment. Too bad. He did some good. The blue dress is now worth more than his word.

          • rustacus21 says:

            … “most people” of that age are the victims of his successor – to the tune of the 15 million jobless, as of 2008!!! If they feel disgrace, its only b/c of who they voted for in 2000. Disgrace, shame, humiliation, all from knowing a sucker stares back at them in the mirror, as appreciation for the 2000, 2002, 2004 & 2006 votes, that culminated in the 2nd Great Depression in 2008. None of that going on at any point during the 1993-2001 era. Fooling around on Mrs Clinton? I’m not xcusing infidelity to the wife one iota, but “infidelity” to one’s nation spells – again – treason. Sedition. Betrayal. This is the guilt being carried by U & others still voting as above, that is at the root of U’r feelings of “disgrace”… Leading to the PTSD-behaviors that prevent U from embracing the fact that President Obama is “fixing” America for the betterment of YOU your ideological ‘tribe’, as well as for us Liberal/Progressives. That’s a damn good deal, by any measure, I’d say & I’m not even smart enuff to figure out this kinda stuff!!!

          • angelsinca says:

            “Sedition. Betrayal. This is the guilt being carried by U & others still voting as above”

            Hardly. You are either a complete moron or just stoned. Maybe both. Come back with a little more lucidity and a little less ridiculous. You missed the point of the blue dress comment. It has NOTHING to do with infidelity and everything to do with honor. Perhaps you haven’t made the acquaintance.

    • angelsinca says:

      You may want to look at the actual voter fraud exercised by YOUR people with uncounted military votes, paid multiple voter blocks, illegal alien voting, dead people voting. And they ALL just happened to cast votes for democrats. How about that.

  3. Eleanore Whitaker says:

    The GOP isn’t following the tenets of Abraham Lincoln at all. They are follow the tenets of another far more dangerously misguided narrow minded man: John C. Calhoun. This is the man who fought to keep slavery, refused to admit that the Founding Fathers intended to federal government to have equity with states rights and who managed by some peculiar underhanded cronyism to rise to the position of 7th US VP. Read Calhoun’s bio if you want to see who the GOP is really patterning itself after. Calhoun believed the south had more rights than the north even though the north was the seat of the foundation of US government and our Constitution. Calhoun is how and why the Confederacy never ended.

    • The GOP is not even following the priorities set by Ronald Reagan, insofar as the safety net is concerned. In all fairness they do have ideas including: privating Social Security, dismantling MEDICARE and replacing with a voucher program, defunding MEDICAID, cutting unemployment benefits, and denying certain segments of our population the right to vote. Oh, and don’t forget, they want to take us back to the good ole days, when everybody knew their place in society, when we shopped at the company store, when we knew who should occupy the back seat of the bus, and when workers were not afflicted by evil ideas such as overtime pay, paid vacation, sick leave, etc.

      • plc97477 says:

        They also want us to go back to a time when our daughters were bleeding to death in alleys.

        • BDC_57 says:

          And the women stayed home and have babies

        • neeceoooo says:

          Actually, I think they would be very happy to go back to when women did not voice an opinion, political or otherwise and heaven forbid that we get the right to vote.

          • plc97477 says:

            You are right. They blame women for the fact that they can’t win elections anymore. Could be the truth but that is not the whole story.

          • neeceoooo says:

            Little do they know that it could be the women vote who could make or break the election

          • angelsinca says:

            Dumb. Please do keep believing this. And then you can’t stand around for another few years wondering how you lost more seats in congress.

          • angelsinca says:

            “they (the GOP) would be very happy to go back to when women did not voice an opinion”

            Ridiculous, from the party that admits they voted for Obama because of his race and intend on supporting Hillary for president because she is a woman. You don’t understand the concept of being blind to racism and sexism, do you?

      • angelsinca says:

        You know Dominic, you sound perfectly reaonable until you return to painting conservatives and the GOP with ridiculous 50 year old notions of racism and intentional harm to seniors, the sick and women. WTF? You know this isn’t true. You can preface the BS PROPAGANDA with obligations to be ‘fair’, but you remain fully biased and bigoted. If I didn’t know any better. I’d say you were LYING to make your own party’s faults seem a bit more digestable.

  4. Archie's Boy says:

    Tucker says, “Until [the Republican Party] makes peace with reality, it cannot recreate itself as a winning party.” Well then, as deep in delusion as it is, it won’t. It will take these lunatics being voted wholesale out of office by an electorate that’s had enough of them. Don’t hold your breath.

    • Mark Forsyth says:

      I won’t hold my breath,but know that the gop is bleeding supporters everyday.How many thinking people who have voted republican in the past will tolerate having the rug pulled from underneath their parents or grandparents depending on Social Security and Medicare? How much support will the gop have from conservative blue collar workers whose employers have put them out of work and sent the jobs elsewhere? Maybe consider the coal miner in West Virginia whose union was busted by coal giant Massey Energy who poisoned the miners well with toxic mine waste killing his livestock and sickening his children.
      Unfortunately,I could go on much longer with the list of both humanitarian and ecological offenses.They won’t go down without a fight,but they are going down,sooner or later.They are now between a rock and a hard place and will lose face no matter which direction they go.I do so love to see them squeezed.Soon we shall hear them squeal.

      • Archie's Boy says:

        From your mouth to God’s ear!

        • Lynda Groom says:

          I hope she’s listening.

        • angelsinca says:

          “From your mouth to God’s ear!”

          Nope, Forsyth has already declared himself ‘above’ religion. Besides, God condemns willful misrepresentations (as in breeching any of the ten commandments).

          • Mark Forsyth says:

            What does he say about your willfull ignorance.God does not give a damn about your religion but cares everything about your Godliness,get to work.

          • angelsinca says:

            So you are now a spokesman for God. You have no clue what you are talking about. Your logic might work for your idiot friends, but please practice it on a 5 yr old before looking foolish here.

          • Mark Forsyth says:

            Quoath the demon spawn from hell.

          • angelsinca says:

            Quoath is not a word. If you are pretending to be biblical, you should use, ‘sayeth’. But, I am not from Hell nor a demon spawn. Evil exudes from those that see themselves above God.

          • Mark Forsyth says:

            You are no expert and certainly not a human being. Merely a drooling,slobbering,ignorant,stinking,knuckle dragging,fundamentalist gorilla.An abomination,a subversion,a perversion of all that is good and true.Lower than slime that has evolved from a single cell.OOPS,I forgot your kind denies evolution.Guess you will have to find another excuse for your existence.I am done here.Goodbye and Good luck on your journey to enlightenment and personhood.

          • angelsinca says:

            “You are no expert and certainly not a human being…I forgot your kind denies evolution.”

            Wrong again. Argument fail, again.

          • You’ll most likely never understand this, but ANYONE who goes off about what god says or what god wants looks foolish.
            And you started it.

          • angelsinca says:

            “And you started it.”

            Oh joy. We are back in Romper Room.

          • angelsinca says:

            “ANYONE who goes off about what god says or what god wants looks foolish.”

            Your pperceptions don’t matter. It does matter that God is spelled with an upper case ‘G”. Anything less displays ignorance for grammar, nevermind the blatant disrespect. NOTHING looks more foolish than a non-believer invoking God to support Godlessness.

  5. Mark Forsyth says:

    I don’t pretend to be an expert but here is my experience of the gop in a nutshell.The gop has an insatiable money addiction.They are like any person addicted to hard drugs.They believe their own lies to the extent that they no longer can see reality,especially that of others.This addiction fostered their alignment with the extreme, fundamentalist,ultra-conservative Christian right that rejects all mention of evolution.The gop is so heavily invested in its crooked and warped ideology that any notion of evolving stands as much chance as getting a cold drink in hell,but that should be expected when dealing with those who insist on living by a literal translation[can’t be had] of the Old Testament.
    As unlikely as any major shift in gop philosophy is,the idea of trying to repackage their message is little more than another hoodwink.At least at this time it seems likely that the goofy old poops will become politically insignificant.I really don’t think that this poses a threat of a one party government.Nature hates a void.When the gop fades,there will be another party to take its place.Some say that the Libertarians are well positioned for this opportunity.Personally,I would prefer the Independent Party to step forward.Time will tell.

    • neeceoooo says:

      I agree with your comment but I also think that greed and power are factors that play into their addition.

    • angelsinca says:

      Your obviously have no clue what the GOP is all about. None. Your imagined and contrived stereotypes of conservatives make you look more foolish everytime you repeat it. IF the DNC wasn’t so fixated on what they want the GOP to be, they would be able to locate the source of odor coming from that rotting carcass of corruption in its own backyard.

      • Mark Forsyth says:

        The DNC along with the rest of LOGICAL,REASONING,THINKING America requires nothing from the goofy old poops other than their demise which they are engineering quite nicely.Nothing contrived at all.Studies reveal that you backward,Give Me That Old Time Religion,fundamentalist crowd are some of the lowest and slowest knuckle draggers around.You can pound your bibles to smithereens and you still won’t make it past the Pearly Gates because you refuse all of Gods truth that is not on the page.

        • angelsinca says:

          Oh please with the intellectual higher ground crap. If you ever grow out of that cloak of self importance, you may be able to understand how a belief system is able to accomodate the BILLIONS that subscribe to one. Again, be honest and examine the failings of your OWN party and non-belief system before using all the mispent energy to tear down what you obviously don’t understand about the GOP or Christianity. You sound like a hateful Chris Matthews without the press credentials.

          • Mark Forsyth says:

            Curiously all of your comments carry the same putrescence as the troll who my friend Fern Calls Anal Draw.If you are not one and the same,the name sure fits.Stinky,just like the rest of the knuckle dragging gorilla fundamentalists.

          • angelsinca says:

            You actually have a friend named ‘Fern’. lol.

      • We ALL know what the Greedy Oil Party is all about & it ISN’T America or Americans, it’s only HOW they get richer while we get dead.
        They started all these unnecessary wars, trashed the Constitution, destroyed the economy & divided Americans over religion.
        We KNOW what they are, who they represent & we want them, starting with ex-President Bush to stand trial for war crime.
        Does that spell it out for you?

        • angelsinca says:

          “Does that spell it out for you?”

          No. What it does display is your blind embrace for the liberal talking points toward the GOP. It isn’t the GOP that seems to be assaulting the 2nd or the 1st amendments. It isn’t the GOP that turned the Middle East into anti-American bedlam and chaos, it isn’t the GOP that shuffled the Iraq war into Afghanistan. It isn’t the GOP that has made economic policy for 7 years and increased the debt by $7T. But, please do keep believing that the GOP is the boogeyman. It helps prop up the ratings of the ailing and visibly failing DNC to take the heat off the president this week.

          • Excuse me – “it isn’t the GOP that shuffled the Iraq war into Afghanistan.”
            The GOP started the Afghanistan war, because of 9/11. Americans all agreed that we should go after Al-Queda and Osama Bin Laden.
            It was also the GOP who lied about Saddam Hussein, WMDs, and Bin Laden and took American into a war in Iraq.
            It is the Democratic Party that is trying to clean up that disaster and get us completely out of Iraq safely.

  6. rustacus21 says:

    W/all the talk about what ails the GOP, I, for 1, say let them go to H*%L & we’ll be better for it as a nation. We still have plenty of minority parties & it’s time the 2 majors stop receiving the majority of our voter support, if all they do come up w/excuses why they can’t get this or that done. What’s the scandal this week? I don’t even remember, but what I’m facing is an increased debt load from being underemployed & still going to school!!! I & the rest of America don’t need excuses when the banks, corp heads & lobbyists are getting paid in the 100’s of millions yearly & the working class producing the products & services has to BEG for the RIGHT to health care & a viable pension (Social Security)! But the problem is that no pressure has been put on any of the 3 co-equal branches of government, to perform on behalf of the named beneficiaries, called out at the very beginning of the Constitution. That we don’t understand it & take it more seriously, as a problem-solving tool in the hands of – again – WE, THE PEOPLE, is our mistake. It’s sad Eisenhower – the last Liberal/Progressive Republican – is only remembered as the ‘highwayman’, when he was literally the very last Constitutional ‘ENFORCER’!!! Oh, U guys 4got that too? Not Bill Clinton, when taking his service as President & the influence he had on his party, into consideration. That’s where our attention should be & remain…

  7. howa4x says:

    Nixon’s southern strategy has finally come full circle. They have taken over the GOP and dragged it to the right. Now all the policies you see, the rabid anti abortion and gay bashing, unwillingness to compromise on gun laws,the preventing people of color from voting being anti immigration, and hostility to the federal government policies, are all staples of the southern culture. What is missing is out right segregation, though it is done under the umbrella of school choice and vouchers that have defunded public education. This is why the southern contingent left the libreral democratic party. While there are some democrats in the south the republicans dominate. It is the last bastion of white supremacy clocked in white Christianity. A practice held over from the civil war. It is no accident that the deep south lags the nation educationally. This is where ideas like creationism flourish, and Christian schools and academy’s are numerous. This is bed rock tea party land, and why anti science is the norm. This is why Nikki Halley passed a law that said you can’t mention sea level rise in any state document and no one protested. .How can you expect the republicans to throw off the place where the base of the party lives. This is where their strength lies, and to campaign there is to have to spout ideas that are out of sink with the rest of America. The new NRA chief from the south is talking about armed insurrection.
    It will be a long time till the republican party emerges to compete on a national level when it has to drag all this baggage along. The ones that will be in the most trouble are those used to be moderates in purple and blue states. As the republican leadership of the house and senate appear more and more intransient , and lurch ever more to the right, it will be harder for them to come back and face a more informed electorate and run as the party of NO with nothing to show for their tenure. That plays well in areas that never forgot they lost the civil war but not in the northeast or northwest where the districts are more fluid and independents outnumber republicans. There is more trouble ahead before change comes if ever.

    • plc97477 says:

      Maybe if they lose enough votes in the next election they will look around and finally figure out that it is them not theft or giving perks. We can hope that something makes them sit up and take notice.

      • angelsinca says:

        “Maybe if they lose enough votes in the next election they will look around”

        This is what the DNC should have done when it got its collective butt kicked in the ’10 mid terms. Instead, it continues to whine about those ‘GOP poo-poo heads’, instead of learning. Grow a pair and carry your own weight instead of blaming the opposition for your dysfunction.

      • howa4x says:

        The problem is with the base. It is rural, or southern, and they don’t want to change. The GOP has to run a gauntlet through them to the general election and after they spend time appeasing them they are unelectable because of the extreme position a candidate has to take to win the primary. So where are they going to look around? At who?

    • Mark Forsyth says:

      I know you meant to say that the last bastion of white supremacy is cloaked in white Christianity rather than clocked,but as long as you don’t mind I really would like to clock them and maybe ring their bell too.

      • plc97477 says:

        I would pay to see that.

      • angelsinca says:

        “the last bastion of white supremacy is cloaked in white Christianity ”

        Yes, you are a Godless idiot. The emerging bastion of discrimination within the DNC has sufficienciently assured that, no matter how sound, principled and successful you are, it will be taken away and given to someone else deemed more deserving. Especially if you are a white male Christian; then you simply don’t deserve it. So says you, the Godless idiot.

        • Mark Forsyth says:

          The God of my understanding assures me that assholes like you are full of shit!

        • howa4x says:

          True you support the gun culture, and that the south used Christianity to justify slavery. Show me where Jesus said anything about using a weapon or where he choose the lack of compassion you show in his name. You have no idea who Jesus was

  8. ThomasBonsell says:

    Cynthia writes that, “There is no way, for example, to cut the deficit without raising taxes” but she is wrong.

    The deficit of $1.55 trillion in the 2009 budget of George W. Bush has been lowered to an estimated deficit of less than $650 billion this year. And it was done with the creation of millions of new jobs, just as Bill Clinton ran four years of surpluses by creating more than 23 million private-sector jobs and lowering the poverty rate from Reagan-Bush level of15.1% to 11.3%.

    The book “Saving America: Using Democratic Capitalism To Rescue the Nation from Economic Folly” offers a program to improve on that without raising taxes; at least not raising the stated tax rates, and without heavy government spending. It should be digested by any Democrat who claims to care about the nation, especially those in political power, but that would require hem to actually listen to people who have solutions.

    • ralphkr says:

      I fear, Thomas, that Cynthia was probably thinking “National Debt” when she wrote “Deficit” since so many, including experts who should know better, seem to use the terms “Deficit” and “Debt” interchangeably. I firmly believe that there is no way that the US can continue the unsustainable tax cuts initiated by Reagan and, definitely, not the disastrous cuts by Bush. Well, the Reagan tax rate could be sustainable by cutting SS payments as well as veteran & federal employee retirement by 50%, rolling back Medicare, cancelling Medicaid, cancelling the Federal Employee Health Insurance & VA, cutting Federal contributions to welfare & unemployment funds, rolling the highway & airport trust funds into the general budget & never spending any Federal money for maintenance of same (Oh, wait, we all ready do this). With these cuts we can reduce taxes on big business & the top 10% income earners to what it should be, i.e., ZERO and still accomplish the Republican dream of raising our military budget so it is twice that of the combined budget of all of the rest of the world. Of course, as usual, that money shall go to companies to dream up new and wonderful weapons and not wasted on higher pay and better living conditions for the personnel. Gee, I think that I have just described the Right Wing’s wet dream.

      I certainly do not wish to see the taxes expanded to include taxing the impoverished and an over 90% rate at the top end (I remember having to pay Federal & State taxes on an annual income of less than $1,000) but I do remember that there were more than enough jobs to go around when the top rate was over 70% or even 90%. Of course, no one actually paid the top rates since there are so many loopholes for those who can afford experts to handle their taxes but there was not the current disparity of companies making billions in profits and either paying negative tax (major refunds), no tax, or 3% at the most. The US has the highest published corporate tax rate of any advanced country and the lowest ACTUAL tax collection rate.

  9. angelsinca says:

    At least the GOP can be salvaged with a reboot. The DNC is not as fortunate.

    • neeceoooo says:

      Sorry there is no saving the GOP.

      • angelsinca says:

        “Sorry there is no saving the GOP.”

        No need to apologize. The same can be said about the corrupt portion of the DNC (well, pretty much ALL of it). It seems that, if put to a vote, some people are ready to start with an all new brand of politics in the form of dictatorial rule. But, mostly for the ones that don’t know how to handle the normal conflict of politics. In the meantime, the GOP makes a good whipping post.

    • Mark Forsyth says:


  10. Lynda Groom says:

    Just the boot will be enough in my book.

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