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Saturday, January 19, 2019

What is it with pizza guys and conservative politics? “Papa” John Schnatter is now saying that Obamacare will make him raise prices — even though his business is booming.

Bill O’Reilly is attacking “Romney Girl,” which means she’s probably here to stay.

Why President Obama, not Harry Reid, should be taking on Mitt Romney’s tax record.

Is John Huntsman, Sr. Senator Reid’s source?

Goldman Sachs will not face criminal charges over its actions during the financial crisis.

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5 responses to “THE LIST: August 10 Edition”

  1. I have been fighting the pizza industry for 5 years. I created a veggie pizza topping
    70% less fat and salt.. I sold at Farmers Market for 6 mo not a single TV or Newspaper would
    acknowledge this healthy new way to enjoy pizza. I guess you know who controls the
    airwaves in America. Eventually I ran out of money and America gets fatter.

  2. onedonewong says:

    PaPa John’s business is booming but he didn’t build it Obama did!!!!
    Reids source for his comments about Romney’s taxes was that little voice he always hears in his head. The fact that he won’t release his tax return and refuses to count Native American casino donations that pay for his 5 star hotel in DC as income

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