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Monday, October 24, 2016

Former WWE CEO Linda McMahon crushed former Rep. Christopher Shays in Connecticut’s Republican primary for Senate.

Tommy Thompson also won his Senate primary, setting up an intriguing match-up with Democratic Rep. Tammy Baldwin.

President Obama joked about Seamus the dog during a campaign event yesterday.

Jeffrey Toobin explains how big business is buying judges across the country.

Once again, Congress’ approval rating has sunk to a new low.

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  • 13observer

    Is this really the issue to define Romney? His dog? This will turn America against Romney….REALLY?

    • I think it is a metaphor for America and Americans should R & R be elected….I don’t know about you but, personally, I do not want to be strapped to the roof of Mitt’s car for the next four years…..

    • iowasteve

      I think it is more of an issue than a little boy with his parents eating some kind of meat that he was given and didn’t know what it was at the time – AND – that was the standard to eat in that country anyway. But, for some reason Mitt thought that was equal to his illegal cruel treatment of his PET! It definitely turned me even more against him – I happen to love my pets and would never treat them like that. Of course, he does intent on treating all poor americans like that – remember what he said boldly and proudly – “I’m not concerned about the poor”.

  • 13observer

    I don’t want Romney to win…..however, I don’t want an Obama second term to become a “no holds barred” attempt to create a welfare state while allowing illegal immigration to flurish thus further putting a burden on American taxpayers. It is not fair to demand from the rich, more taxes to pay for welfare for illegals. I don’t want Obama to persecute “law abbiding” gun owners like myself and the millions represented by our lobbyist group the NRA. Deal with the criminals not us!

    • johninPCFL

      In what way, on what planet, has Obama even hinted, much less suggested that gun owners are even the smallest part of the least twinkle of the glimmer of the last thought of his day? Other than blowhards like Rush and Hannity yelping and shouting about it, there has been NO hint from the Whitehouse.

      And yes, deferring deportment of aliens that have completed college and are working (no sunsidies required there) or are in the military (already subsidized to the tune of $2000 per resident per year)is an issue. So, would you rather deport the criminal aliens or the otherwise law-abiding aliens? Since this president has already deported more ilegals then GWB did in his entire eight years, how many additional border patrol agents do you want to pay taxes to pay for?

  • If Romney and Ryan win this election we should all move to either Canada or the UK. As a senior citizen, Ryan wants to give out vouchers for medical doctor appointments. I did not know he was also a Doctor working in a triage in the emergency room to determine who needs treatment or not. Romney will no longer support abortion clinics so women no longer have a choice. I wonder what Mitt would do if his wife, mother or daughter were raped and got pregnant. How is Romney going to put 80,000 jobs back in the USA he says he has a plan but has not produced one now his income taxes, banking accounts and off shore banking. How can we afford the middle and poor class Americans have a 20% tax across the board. I think President Obama’s plan is much safer and is thinking more of the American people. Romney has nothing to loose either way the vote goes he will still have a nice income and the same with his new puppet Ryan hanging on to Romney’s coat tail. Remember Ryan is from the Tea Party and was a big backer for Michell Bachmann who wanted to also cut social security. They have no conception of what it is like to be a hard working American paying taxes while they are thinking what they can take away have nothing to loose except put more money in oversea accounts and for get about the jobs that will be affected on State level government and local Government and some Federal government jobs to cut because they want to cut programs we will have a much more higher unemployment rate and no services here to the American people. They will send OUR MONEY TO OTHER COUNTRIES BEFORE LOOKING AT US. Charity begins at home first. Even if Romney stops welfare and makes woman who have to care for their child go and get an education to get into the work force when there are no jobs right now to work in. It does not take a rocket scientist to see the problems coming up if Romney wins. Those of us 65 and over with no savings as the cost of living has rose up and the only support we have is our social security, that Ryan and Romney want to fix, what is it there that needs fixing, if the wheel isn’t broken then there is nothing to fix.

  • I really appreciated Barry Blum comments, as he gave precise,details about romney.
    As Americans, we need to listen, and know the facts about Obama and Romney, and disregard the lies and distortion put out by the Romney camp. I like many other’s have worked hard for all that I have, and so have my parents and grand parents. I dont’ want to have to bail out my grand parents, or family members because they lost their Social Security, their Health Care or their job. Now, another issue to consider, Romney and Ryan they have no foreign policy experience what so ever. Not to mention that brief trip abroad. that Romney made, ” Hell” , ” I felt embarrsed”. I hope the American people will see through
    lies and deception. As, I feel we need another four more years with Obama, as he still has work to do, to get things Done. Also, if the election is lost or hijacked, I might need to vist the UK. In fact I was thinking about it, and I never thought about going to Canada for an
    extended visit. Thanks Barrie. Last, Mr. Obama works to support We The People, meaning all of us here in America, regardless if they are poor, needy or not popular.

    • johninPCFL

      But they DO have foreign policy experience. They’ve hired all the GWB retreads to prepare the groundwork for the wars with Syria and Iran.

  • 13observer

    You put pets before people……that’s why you’re poor!