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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Rush Limbaugh says that President Obama “hates America,” and only appeals to people who live “meaningless lives” and “people who don’t count.”

Congressional Democrats are mocking their Republican counterparts for protecting their own healthcare in the latest repeal vote.

Take a look inside the Green Party convention.

Senate Republicans have filibustered the DISCLOSE Act — again.

Why has President Obama given up on helping the Congo?

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39 Responses to THE LIST: July 17 Edition

  1. Limbaugh is the scrapings from the bottom of the gutter, he can not tell the truth, like Romney he is a PATHALOGICAL LIAR.

    Limbaugh has no MORAL COMPASS, he is SATAN”s advocate, he is the snake that needs his head under our heel!

  2. Why is this guy taken seriously and paid so much to produce this hate filled, drug induced nonsencical gibberish. It is a sad indictment on the mental state of the people he influences. He is a pathological liar that is obviously mentally unbalanced and unstable. He needs professional help.

    • The reason he’s paid so much; look at his audience, red-necked, racist, and sometimes ignorant. He has an audience, and business will pay to advertise to those audiences, even if it results i doing business whith A$$HOLES.

    • He is also another Chicken Hawk as well, thank God he has never filled a political position where he can make a decision to send others off to war.

  3. Limbaugh is just the lead “bobblehead” for the radical right. All he did was take advantage of daddy’s money, stay out of serving inVietnam war (Like Cheney and Rumsfeld and Bush), and keep up the rhetoric for his corporate masters—if anyone is un-American its Limbaugh. He’s all about protecting and advancing the “countryclub set”.

    • UNAmerican enough to actually state “I hope Obama fails” before his inauguration. When the country needed to stand behind it’s President and say let’s fix this country the most since FDR….and Windbag says, “I hope HE Fails!!!

  4. Limbaugh is lower than whale sh*t. He should be taken off the airwaves. He should go live with Palin their two of a kind and bring in numb brain Trump

  5. Rush needs to shut up..every time he opens his mouth something really stupid comes out ..however..democrats hope he keeps making these comments because I’m sure donations go up every time he makes an idiot out of himself. Like any other shock jock his pundits will wear out for what they are ..publicity for his own financial gain. What a loser!

      • Obozo – haven’t seen your posts in a while….did you get tired of being cannon fodder here? Don’t tell me you are a Limblah blah blah blah fan?

        • Not tired at all, jar. Was on vacation for a couple of weeks. Now I’m back as one of the few liferafts of truth in this sea of leftist insanity. Just can’t seem to get enough of the foolishness and stupidity of you leftist nutjobs and useful idiots on this site. You are all very entertaining for knowing so much about so many things that are just not so. And some of you I actually do like. You may be dumb as a rock, but I still like you Gene. 🙂 You know that, right.

          I hope you have been well.

          Have a nice day!

          • As to me being a Limblah fan…in the words of John Wayne, “That’ll be the day.” As to your last comment I might be dumb…but I’m not stupid. I also like the banter in difference of opinion. This is where I enjoy our 1st Ammendment.

          • I like the banter, also, Gene. Most people in here are good people, just confused and wrong. Some are all 3, confused, wrong, and jerkoffs. You’re one of the good ones, Gene. By the way, how do you criticize Rush if you do not listen to him?

            Have a great night!

          • Obozo…..had to post this here. Good Point, I say the same thing to critics of the BIBLE, “You can’t be a true critic of it unless you’ve read it.” (FYI took me 3 years to read it cover to cover) RE Limblah…blah..blah. Some of my job requires some windshield time and I catch him on the radio some times (more often than I like). Also I was a registered Republican from age 18 to 48. I used to listen to Limbaugh and thought he knew some of what he was talking about but have found, over time, he is a draft-dodging, drug abusing, controversy seeking moron. And I heard his broadcast just before President Obama’s Inauguration. He should be ashamed of himself. Thanks for the respect btw.

  6. Everybody knows Limbaugh is drug-inducing, mentally ill; and, those he advocates for and appeals to are just like him–like “Show me your comrades and I shall read your character.” Look, he’s a Mitt Romney guy. They are liars! They can’t reveal any good thing in their past. When pushed into a corner, they’ll say and do anything to make their opponents look bad so that a fan of theirs can commit crimes against good citizens.

  7. Rush Limbaugh only says what will make controversy and that is why he makes money. People get mad at him and hate him and he loves it because it makes him money. Half the stuff he says is just fodder to make people with brains angry and to appeal to the ignorant s.o.b.’s of the world. He has found an audience and he loves it. All the people who fear everything that makes this country great are his audience and the people who have brains just feed him more material for him to use to piss them off. The best thing to do is to listen to him and realize that he is full of sh*t and he probably knows it. Laugh at the ridiculousness of it and understand that he does this on purpose. I think he is the ultimate loser who will sell his soul just to make a buck and will piss as many people off that he can because it works and for those who agree with him he can use them as material to further his cause to make more money. He is the ultimate example of a P.T. Barnum.

  8. Limbaugh is an asshole.
    People who listen to Limbaugh and shake their heads yes and agree with him are assholes.

    Sorry to use vile language, but that’as my opinion!

  9. Did Mitt Romney have to pay a higher insurance premium when they found out he straps his dog and cage to the top of his car?If” Joe the average bloak” did something stupid like that,he’d pay a higher premium for ten to fifteen years. The Republicans cannot muster a real issue against President Obama. He’s well on his way to digging us out of the mire GWB got us into. Are Americans blind enough and racist enough to let the country fall victim to the corporate slime again? They already proved it once when they “re-elected (selected) GWB. The world was shocked that we could be so dumb.The voting machines are set and waitingto do their magic. Romney is a clear ass hole. He clearly is not equiped to handle the presidency. Maybe he was the best of a very,very poor field. Rick Perry,Michele Bachman,Herman Cain,Rick Santorum,Newt Gingritch…..what a crock!!!Maybe Mitt wasn’t even the best of that sorry group. An even sorrier group is the people who would rather see our country sink to nothingness while the corporate icons get richer……meanwhile the most presidential candidate suffers because of his race…..only and solely because of his race. The sad part of this is that WE ALLOW ONLY DEMOCRATS AND REPUBLICANS TO PARTICIPATE IN THE DEBATES. Why is there not an outcry? Isn’t this a democracy? THE TRUTH IS IT IS NOT A DEMOCRACY. IT IS NOT A DEMOCRACY ANYMORE. AMERICANS ARE TOO DUMB AND TOO RACIST TO EVEN NOTICE.

  10. Limbaugh is a charter member of the egg-sucking, chicken stealing gutter trash club. This may get him the nomination for grand wizard he’s always coveted.

  11. The President is stronger than I could ever be with all those rude comments thrown at him and his family. Unbelievable.

  12. This is what happens when an abortion lives. Ask this piece of crap why you do not have JOBS !

    It was called the NAFTA Agreement and it was conceived on his watch as “speaker of the House

    of Representatives”. Polititions greatest ally, TIME !, nobody remembers, or cares.

  13. It sounds as though the synapses he damaged with illegal drug use led to a permanent loss of them.
    The college drop out needs to get back on drugs until he has no synapses left and the world will be a much better place.

  14. Hey, I am sorry for the mistake ! I referred to to the wrong piece of crap, I thought it was
    Newt “the beaut” that made that statement. Seeing how many republicans anus-orifices
    that are out there, it is hard to keep pace with their mis-comments. Again, my mistake.

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