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Friday, October 28, 2016

Planned Parenthood is suing Arizona for blocking low income women’s access to health clinics.

A new poll suggests that Americans overwhelmingly hope to avoid a war with Iran.

How Tea Party favorite Allen West’s campaign is dodging taxes.

Meet Rajiv Shah, President Obama’s bombastic aid chief.

How badly did the New York Knicks blow it by cutting ties with international sensation Jeremy Lin?

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  • This guy – Mitt Romney is insincere and biggest liar in American presidential politics. Read newspapers about Romney outside the US. Romney outside the US may have been arrested for felonies and crooked unpatriotism since a long time. In India, a Detroit-owned firms outsourced by Romney connection are employing workers daily in Asia. People did not listen to Perry and Santorum about how fake Romney is during the primaries. Romney’s hideous secrets and insincerity is making Republicans begin to feel serious cold in a hot summer season. Sorry Mitt, you must show your taxes and records to be president.

    • onedonewong

      as compared to barak claiming he is a US citizen and that he graduated from harvard and wasn’t a quota admission

  • nomaster

    Planned parenthood is a practical concept that provides for women services they need and often time unavailable. The republicans dislike anything that is practical and productive.

    • If its practical and productive for the wealthy they will support it—like outsourcing. But anything that helps the poor or middle class, they’re against it.

  • I have written many letters to media about Planned Parenthood.. My mother
    had 11 children and no doctors. Imagine being pregnant for 99 months.. She
    died in her 60’s Women should have a choice or are they simply forced to live
    a life of hardship and pain. Both of my daughters choose to stop having babies.
    at the right time