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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Darrell Issa is trying to rename all coastal water within three to 200 miles of American shores after Ronald Reagan — for the third time.

Rick Perry — who hunts at a ranch called “Niggerhead” — is accusing Attorney General Eric Holder of inciting racial tension.

Antonin Scalia is downplaying talk of rancor within the Supreme Court.

The wealthy have a dirty secret: they’re still voting for President Obama.

Bill Nye the Science Guy is endorsing Barack Obama.

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  • ChristoD

    Issa, the Republican puppet, has it made in the shade. For carrying on his incessant charade of one ridiculous attack after another on the President and his cabinet as chairman of the House Oversight Committee, he will be well taken care of after he leaves office. It is called being a ‘bad cop’ or ‘mercenary’. The SOB will be paid well is some absurdly titled job in a Think Tank, a misnomer if there ever was one….try Propaganda Hub. He is a firstn class ass—-.

  • Strato47

    Instead of just the ocean, lets rename the whole freaking plant, Planet Reagan! Issa is a bufoon!

  • This man needs to get medical attention.

    Since we have had a do nothing Congress and they are wasting time on this and voting to repeal Obama Care 31 times and pass regulations on Women’s Reproductive choices, perhaps they should be paid hourly. Better yet pay them by each bi-partisian bill they pass and if they exceed a reasonable amount of fillibusters than doc their pay for each fillibuster after that.

    • DurdyDawg

      Uh, 33 times plus they recently blocked Funding For Life-Saving Coal Mining Regulation probably while everybody was mourning the Colorado killings.. These people (people?) have no sympathy nor interest for anyone but (1) themselves and (2) their ilk (in that order).

  • nomaster

    Issa is another of them shameless politicians that preach their inane self serviant BS while professing to be something special. Raegan was Raegan an actor pretending to be a president for all his crony capitalist friends. Issa is nothing more than a scam artist that moved from a small time thug to try to be the big cheese and rattle his own chain.

    • DurdyDawg

      Didn’t Herman Georing have that same M.O..?

  • This is what taxpayers are getting for their money? Time to rid ourselves of politicians like Issa.

  • Rename this list
    Reagan increased spedning 80% and debt 189%. His job grow per month was 25% less than Carters. He was #1 Scandal President–want details google clarence swinney + reagan scandals.. awesome record. Nice. Smooth talker. Yes! Fair. Yes. I voted twice for him
    His tax cut of 60% for Top began redistribution of wealth upwards.
    He allowed destruction of middle class S&L. He got us into 5 foreign engagements.

    Nice. Yes. Successful NO NO NO

    • geno4red

      You are the only one I have seen lately that is giving any real truth about Reagan. He drove California into debt with his policies and the damn fools loved him so much they elected him president. I just couldn’t believe it. He must have been a hell of a guy in person. He gave a good speach and told a good story, but he was an “actor”. However, he was just the tool of big corporations and so many seemed to love him for it. I have a whole file on the man. He was not a good govenor and a worse president. However, “W” made him look like a piker.

    • DurdyDawg

      He was nothing but a windbag stuck in his old “Death Valley Days” trying to play the old pioneer that he just couldn’t quite master.. Remember, this guy was an actor.. He lived his life being other people. His old lady (and her psychic) ran the Nation for this future alzheimer bonehead.

  • why cannot we pay our way like intelligent people?
    Budget 3800 income 14,000/ Piece of cake.
    We are suckered.

    • DurdyDawg

      It’s all that damned interest the fed reserve is milking us with. We give them 100%, they deduct 2/3’rds of it for interest then throw the rest up in the air (and it never trickles down).

  • Obama inherited great hell on earth. Bush got Heaven on earth.
    Recall 240 surplus that would be 10,000 in 2010?

    Blame O is politics only. Largest Debt increase of any. Bull.
    Bush last budget ended on 9-30-09 with 11,900 Debt.
    Clinton last ended with 5800 Debt. 6100 Difference
    Today 15,580. Increase of 3900. CBO credits O wiht 1300 from “new” programs and rest Bush “new” programs. O number is very low.

  • Gammaanya

    Obviously people in his state like him, they voted for him and bought his Bull. Hard to get rid off now, when bull is useless farmer usually turn him into hamburger, Issa is not worth even pasture to retire with benefits. He needs to be relieved of his duty and made go to work look for a job like all the unemployed. While at it, maybe we should put him in charge of the fight against Mexican cartels – we will see how quickly he will change sites and join them against his own. Corrupted, bigotted good for nothing human being, wasting a oxygen and space. Did Newtty collected enough moolah to start building his Moon Colony?? Maybe Issa can be his Major Building Contractor. Ooops his IQ is -10, but his fans/voters give him a hand??????????????
    As for Reagan, his legacy is NO child left behind, today they are in Congress, know nothing, doing nothing and hold degrees in nothing. No wonder the country is in deep doodoo. Same, know nothing, and do nothing and will do nothing will be staying in because the know nothing, see nothing, comprehend nothing and pay nothing and scared of everything will VOTE them in.

  • Ray

    Let us call it ;

  • I have named my toilet after reagan about 31 years ago.

    • DurdyDawg

      And wouldn’t it be nice to name what you go to that toilet to do after this bug eyed villain? We could all say we have to take an Issa (from our assa).

  • let’s re-name Three Mile Island after him?

  • joyscarbo

    I really don’t care who is going to like what I’m going to say…BUT…

    Reagan is celebrated as if he actually DID something and he really did nothing. He was the talking pie hole of his extensive administration- a mere figure head. He was 69 years old when elected- don’t kid yourselves- he already had Alzheimers dementia when he entered office. Reagan was an actor who could recite speeches. He was not a great leader. The Cold War would have came to an end with or without him. He created the homeless population and co-signed trading arms for hostages. He was no hero. It’s my opinion.

  • I think the definition of asshole in the dictionary should also have a picture of Darrell Issa