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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

If you’ve been watching TV news recently, you’ve probably heard someone try to compare President Obama to Richard Nixon.

“I find the comparison — that whoever is making the analysis is challenged in their understanding of history.”

Former Nixon White House Counsel John Dean

The truth is that every president since Nixon — except possibly Gerald Ford — has been compared to Nixon at some point, according to The New Republic‘s Eric Kingsbury:

Of course, most of these comparisons require a bit of historic amnesia. While Nixon used the IRS to intimidate and investigate his enemies, there’s no evidence that Obama had any clue about the agency’s wrongdoings. There also doesn’t seem to be any cover-up, since the story itself was uncovered by an Inspector General report that was slated to be made public this week. And it appears that the Justice Department broke its own binding regulations, but not necessarily the letter of the law, in secretly obtaining two months’ worth of Associated Press phone records. It’s troubling, just not quite Nixon territory.

Other recent presidents — notably George W. Bush — came much closer to Nixonland.

President Obama isn’t even in Iran-Contra territory, another Republican scandal the GOP often likes to invoke.

Notably, the only scandals those on the right can use as a reference point for a real administration-shaking crisis were all perpetrated by Republicans.


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55 responses to “The Media Have Decided Barack Obama Is Richard Nixon”

  1. sunmusing says:

    Hitler must have gotten tired of hearing his name used in vain…At least Nixon was a “real ‘Murican” crook…and what was the question?

    • cats33 says:

      No one was murdered during Watergate. Benghazi is much worse than Watergate

      • sunmusing says:

        there is no scandal with Benghazi, and Watergate was a criminal enterprise overseen by a republican President…the only criminal part of Benghazi is the lack of funding for their protection which was cut by republicans in congress…The scandal is the republicans knowingly and deliberately altered the emails…that is the scandal…The entire GOP is made up entirely of corporate meat puppets, crazy people, and crazy people…So Bush didn’t murder anyone? History is a bitch…

        • angelsinca says:

          “The scandal is the republicans knowingly and deliberately altered the emails”


          • sunmusing says:

            CNN and the rest of the news outfits…which means fox news is not a news channel, but a propaganda arm of the corporate wing of the GOP… to cats33 no he isn’t…he did nothing wrong, you bozos are about to have the hammer of truth strike you ‘tween the orbs…

          • angelsinca says:

            “CNN and the rest of the news outfits…which means fox news is not a news channel…”

            Sorry, I don’t follow the rumor mills for ‘news’ developments and I haven’t watched Fox for a few days to get caught up on what’s happening in terms of reality. The email story looks like just another new allegation. It smacks of democrat damage control by Axlerod. Five bucks says the allegation is tied to the other allegations that there are alleged misdeeds happening in DC. No way.

          • sunmusing says:

            I see “paraphrasing” the original emails by reporters is trying to get traction now…see where this one goes, huh?

          • angelsinca says:

            Yes, we will have to see.

          • Sand_Cat says:

            Where are the sources for all the horseshit you spout?

          • angelsinca says:

            “Where are the sources for all the horseshit you spout?”

            To repeat (from months ago), you don’t have much regard for opposing opinion or views, do you? In the midwest, we used to call that being a redneck.

          • Sand_Cat says:

            Pot calls the kettle black.

          • angelsinca says:

            Y’know kitty_cat, I lived in CO for 14 years. I know what a redneck is. It took a long time to become one. Most, if not all, of the blatantly intolerant views toward conservatives you and your liberal peers write here are excellent examples of the real deal that I will never aspire to. Thanks for the recognition though.

          • Sand_Cat says:

            Thanks for that respect.

            Go ahead and keep projecting right-wing intolerance on us. Few, if any people here (other than right-wing trolls)have suggested shooting those they disagree with, passing laws to keep them from voting, spying on them, interfering with their speech, religion, sex lives, etc., all of which is pretty much mainstream on your side, never mind on the blogs. In fact, I believe you’ve expressed support for some of them right here on this site of intolerance, but no one’s even tried to get you kicked off. Like most “conservatives,” you justify your own intolerance by accusing us of the same. It’s all equal, of course. Those damned intolerant Poles killed some of the Germans invading their country, so obviously they were just as bad.

            I guess we’re all supposed to just roll over and let you libel us and our cause at will without feeling any anger or responding in kind at all. Actually, maybe we should be flattered that you’re apparently shocked when we respond to lies, insults and contempt with contempt and insults in return.
            You have no need to “aspire” to the intolerance you decry: you’re already well beyond it.

          • angelsinca says:

            “Few, if any people here (other than right-wing trolls)have suggested shooting those they disagree with, passing laws to keep them from voting, spying on them, interfering with their speech, religion, sex lives, etc.,”

            Well, ALL of these actions you list are despicable by ANYONE. I have NEVER promoted any of them. I have to plead naivete since I really didn’t think people were sincere about these hates or spouted them publicly until I started visiting some of the sites that use Disgus. People can be thoughtless, cruel, uncivilized, unkind, rude and quite ugly, especially when anonymous and particularly when political.

            “I guess we’re all supposed to just roll over and let you libel us and our cause at will without feeling any anger or responding in kind at all. ”

            I support freedom. You can react any way want. It’s not my call. I don’t libel. I challenge and question and call out those things that are obviously void of fact or driven by balant partisan dislike. We see things differently, but that is not a license to behave badly.

            Now, you have seen enough of my comments to know that I only step in (98% of the time) to defend anti-conservative rhetoric. When I see a comment like, “Republicans are scum!”, I tend to step in to defend repulicans. But, I don’t recall playing the, “no, YOU are a poo-poo head too!” kiddy games with any frequency. I might have sunk to this low a couple times that I’m not proud about.

            I can’t control what insults you or triggers strong emotion. It appears though that you are insulted by anyone that criticizes things you do not agree with and tend to take this criticism personally. The passion is admirable but the blind defense of a person or policy or group doesn’t allow recognition of flaws or opportunity to improve.

            When I see Obama not being honest and ciomment on that, it isn’t an attack on you. And it isn’t an ad hoc attack of the president. It is criticism with the intent that truth will correct the flawed tendencies, eventually.

            I don’t pay much attention to how liberals are viewed by conservatives since everyone is different and I do not represent anyone but my self with my own views. To put everyone into one group and assign everyone in that group with the same attributes would be bigoted.

            Since it appears neither of us are going anywhere, and this is a primarily liberal site, I will, with respect, try harder to be mindful of the sensitivities of my liberal hosts that are kind enough to allow my participation here. If it is announced that conservatives are no longer allowed, you’ll have to carry me out since feel strongly the internet is NOT, and should never become, a series of exclusive cliques that stifle opposing views. I hate cliques. I hate controlled speech.

            I don’t hate liberals. But, I really dislike how conservatives are viewed by liberals, which is frequently based on flawed perceptions that aren’t entirely accurate or completely honest. Nothing personal, just an honest observation of perceptions that I hope to help correct, one comment at a time.

        • cats33 says:

          Your leader is in trouble : ))

      • darkagesbegin says:

        I remember your outrage over the 240 Marines in Lebanon…

        • Jim Myers says:

          I remember your outrage over the 240 Marines in Lebanon.. or the thousands of American lives lost in Iraq, along with the 10’s or even 100’s of thousands of Iraqi lives lost because of the lies spread by George the Second and his trusty sidekick, DICK.

          Not to mention, the TREASONOUS act of outing an undercover CIA operative as revenge for the TRUTHFUL report from Joe Wilson about the lack of yellowcake.

          Sorry darkesbegin, I just wanted to finish your sentence for you, and also add a comment.

          • Don’t forget 9/11. The worst terrorist attack in history, and one that happened on U.S. soil. 3,000 killed, the Twin Towers, an icon of American economic might destroyed. The Pentagon, the heart of our Armed Forces, damaged. And all this while a Republican President was in the White House and the GOP was in control of both chambers of Comgress. Well, more accurately, W was reading a primer to little kids in Florida and from there he and Cheney went into hiding at undisclosed locations while the American people remained exposed to more attacks.
            With a record like that, it is no wonder Republicans are desperate trying to find mud where there is only sunshine. As for Benghazi, that tragic event serves as a reminder that while a dozen U.S. embassies and consulates were attacked by terrorists in the Bush era, one one has been attacked since President Obama took office.

          • angelsinca says:

            Like the Republican leadership had ANYTHING to do with those domestic attacks. If that’s your logic, Dominic, then Obama did a swell job with the Boston bombings and the domestic mass murders and the Fort Hood massacre and the MULTIPLE friendly fire attacks in Afghanistan. BUT, we don’t need to stoop down to THAT egregious level of twisted partisan BS, do we?

          • FredAppell says:

            You’re missing his point, he simply means that during and after 9/11 there were a lot of mistakes made by President Bush but

            the criticism was primarily done by independent media and fringe groups. The main stream media left the conspiracies alone even when Bush was found to be lying again and again. I specifically

            recall calls for Bushes impeachment, again only by independent

            media. There was no investigations, no Congressional hearings

            and no organized witch hunt. It seems a little coincidental and disingenuous that the right wing has finally after all these years

            decided that they have had enough right about the time that Obama took office for the first time. I want you to think about this, isn’t it plausible that the true Benghazi conspiracy may be nothing more than an embarrassing misstep by our DOD and CIA that was covered up so it wouldn’t cost Obama an election.

            They told a story that America could except. It’s tragic that 4 American’s who believed in their country died but that happens all the time and presidents usually are not thrown on the firing line. If I’m right, then what Obama did is not an impeachable offense.

          • angelsinca says:

            “isn’t it plausible that the true Benghazi conspiracy may be nothing more than an embarrassing misstep by our DOD and CIA that was covered up so it wouldn’t cost Obama an election”

            I’m quite sure that is exactly what Benghazi is, by itself. Is it impoeachable? Likely not, but it doesn’t help the case to dismiss other concerns when this fits into a developing pattern of behavior that is causing the arousal of suspicions and mistrust. If he expects to gain political momentum for his agenda, he needs that trust. Especially since he already has difficulty selling his core plans.

          • FredAppell says:

            It seems clear to me that the deception is a part of politics, so what is your point? Presidents always make promises (their salesmen for crying out loud) that they know they can’t follow through 100% with. And don’t talk to me about President Obama
            having trouble selling his core plans, who is he having trouble convincing, you? You’re not representative of the entire country.
            The last time I looked, plenty of people are supporting his idea’s.
            Plenty of people are also against him but you don’t make up the majority of Americans. You have to face facts, the time of the Imperial President has arrived and it pretty much started the day we dropped 2 nuclear bombs on Japan. There is nothing that can ever change that unless we become a nation of isolationists
            and I will never support isolationism.

          • angelsinca says:

            “The last time I looked, plenty of people are supporting his idea’s.”

            So do I. I’ve been supporting alternative energy to severe foreign oil dependence & to manage the finite resource since I earned my degree in Solar Energy Engineering in 1979. I am extremely pleased to see a president finally take the effort seriously. Other good ideas too. But, unfortantely, the perception of political misdeeds is holding the audience’s attention.

          • FredAppell says:

            Why didn’t you just say that in the beginning? I completely understand what you’re saying and I concur with your insight.

            You should have gone with that before I attacked you. I am sorry

            for misjudging you, but you sound as if you’re joining the chorus of voices calling for his head. I support him but I am not blind to other things that are going on. when I feel like he deserves my scorn, I don’t hold back on the criticism. One big mistake that he made was the promise of transparency. He has kept some of that promise. The problem with making such a promise is that people will expect that transparency in all matters of governance. That simply isn’t practical on so many levels, least of which of them is National Security. There are things that aren’t meant for the plebs to know about and because of that I don’t condone what wikileaks has done.
            I refuse to support anyone who wants to expose our internal and international secrets. Unfortunately, this is the price we
            pay in the age of information. The citizens want answers that they may not be entitled to for reasons we can’t possibly comprehend. That doesn’t mean the government should be able to keep us in the dark regarding everything, what it does mean is that people need to be wise enough to know the difference.

          • angelsinca says:

            Well said, Fred. Agree on all points.

          • Sand_Cat says:

            Thank you for speaking up for me, but I really did kind of pick a fight with him this time.

          • FredAppell says:

            I know you did, if you check out the back and forth I had with
            him/her you’ll see that I actually got them to admit some things.
            It’s all in the presentation. You were just itching for a fight though weren’t you? I get like that too and your points were spot on by the way.

          • Sand_Cat says:

            You’re the ones saying the president is “linked to” various attacks. Once again, most of the bad you can attribute to “the left” is really just your own malice and dishonesty. Of course, when people accuse Obama or other Democrats of negligence or worse in attacks, we’re not allowed to answer that Bush or the Republicans have worse records. As always, you seem to think we should all just bow down to your superior knowledge and let you dictate the terms of the debate.

          • FredAppell says:

            That’s a good comment, thanks for articulating what I was trying to say. That’s what I have been thinking for 5 years now and it started to create doubt in my mind. The strategy of keeping the opposition on the defensive is a great tool and one that the Republicans have employed masterfully. And for some (me included), it causes us to second guess ourselves and everything else as well.

          • angelsinca says:

            “You’re the ones saying the president is “linked to” various attacks”

            You need to recalibrate your sights, cat_box. First, I am not ‘ones’. Second, the ‘links to various attacks’ are a stretch to any reasonable person, even the ones that believe politics are sanitary. You shouldn’t fixate on them. Third, it appears the media have finally woken from their Obama-spell and are looking at all aspects of this presidency, and not just the ones the help him to defeat his opposition. It’s about time we saw a hint of honest and complete reporting. But, they shouldn’t speculate so much from the fringe, or qualify the president by comparing everything Obama does to Bush….oh wait (again and again and again).

            “As always, you seem to think we should all just bow down to your superior knowledge and let you dictate the terms of the debate”

            Whatever. Please don’t bow to me or anyone. And don’t tell me what I think-I’m still sorting that out for myself. My knowledge is not superior. In fact, it sorely lacks the liberal insights that justify everything, right or wrong, with complex logic and irrelevant comparison. I am just a dumbass republican idiot that isn’t worthy of sharing company with people that refuse to look at the entire picture for fear of exposing their own bigotries. Please hate a conservative today. They can easily handle the attention while understanding that it makes you feel better about yourself. Enjoy.

          • Sand_Cat says:

            Thanks for that bit of patronizing. I really appreciate what you seem to see as “respectful” dialog.

            The opposition “justifies everything, right or wrong, by complex logic and irrelevant comparison.” But of course you never do that. Your little lecture about how “the Left” forced or convinced Obama to leave Iraq, where “we” were proving to the opposition “what they’re up against” is a case in point. I guess I’m just a leftist dumbass, but I think killing hundreds of thousands of people to show SOMEONE ELSE “what they’re up against” is pretty close to my definition of pure evil, yet somehow you managed to justify that. If looking at the whole picture is supposed to make that right, I have to agree with you that you are a dumbass idiot. Looking at “the whole picture,” I can see that not only did the previous administration – which you seem to admire- invade a country that had done nothing to the US and presented no threat to it, but they lied to the American people, the Congress, and the UN to suck everyone else into their little deception.

            I guess when criticizing Republicans or defending the current administration against false and malicious charges by those who have nothing to offer but more war and tax breaks for billionaires, your “logic” says we’re not permitted to compare what these same people said and did when it was one of their own doing far worse things of the same type. I guess we’re supposed to try to predict what they’ll do in the future and use that? If you’re so tired of the comparisons, why don’t you stop parroting the lies that trigger them?

            From some of what you’ve written, it does appear I’ve been unduly harsh, but I’ve spent the last 40 years or so listening to the same falsehoods and hypocrisies, and I am sufficiently sick of it that I am extremely aggressive in responding to it. And – even if you have more reasonable moments – you haven’t exactly been Mr. Nice Guy either. I don’t appreciate being treated with “vile disrespect” and contempt any more than you do; if you want respect, you might try giving it, and maybe looking at the whole picture yourself before patronizing us and implying we’re idiots because we don’t agree with your take on the current world situation. If I recall, our first clash was precipitated by your snide and contemptuous dismissal of someone who expressed the opinion that the actions taken by certain people who advertise themselves as “Christians” weren’t very Christian. Not a very Christian act on your part, either, though I guess since I don’t believe the resurrection and heaven part that makes me completely unqualified (just another idiot to you) to comment on the topic.

            Maybe if you actually read my posts, you might see that I am not at all a huge fan of Obama; he just looks downright saintly to me when compared to the likely alternatives.

          • angelsinca says:

            “I think killing hundreds of thousands of people to show SOMEONE ELSE “what they’re up against” is pretty close to my definition of pure evil”

            Not familar with this quote or its context, but I agree that it’s an evil position. It sounds like something Cheney would say in response to harassment over the Iraq invasion. Your suggestion that I ‘support’ the evil is not even remotely accurate.

            That Saddam gassed his own people, the Kurds in the Northern regions, and the reports of add’l similar WMD and the missing 1,000’s of warheads reported by the UN insepctors, was ample reason for me to justify the invasion. If the insurgents were indigent friendlies, they wouldn’t have been killing the Iraqi locals with as much determination as they were trying to kill the invading forces. That Bush jumped the gun and didn’t wait for full UN support by the Security Council is unfortunate. But the invasion was inevitable, sooner or later. And, that no legal action was assembled by the UN against the US casts further doubt that the invasion was a completely lawless action.

            A looming invasion of Libya has me deeply concerned. It smells like the ugly side of the Iraq invasion, Assad has always been a friend to the US and has been protecting his nation’s sovereignty from invasion by terrorists for over a year. I strongly feel that actions by the insurgents, from chemical weapons to civilian massacres to bombing across the border in Turkey, have been effectively propagandized by the terrorists as evil aggresssions by Assad. If Obama pursues military action against Assad, it is a HUGE mistake and a significant win for terrorism.

            “I’ve spent the last 40 years or so listening to the same falsehoods and hypocrisies, and I am sufficiently sick of it that I am extremely aggressive in responding to ”

            I can relate. I’ve been patiently weathering anti-Bush rantings since he was first elected. After 8 years of pure disrespect and constant antagonism of the president by the left and the press, I breathed a sigh of relief that perhaps the perpetual ‘I hate Bush’ complaining would finally subside. Well, it’s now been 13 years and the cries are the same, only louder. And now now, Bush has become the scapegoat for EVERYTHING Obama does. The Bush bashing has grown so old that no reasonable person can be expected to weather these same rants over and over and over again without some reaction toward the aggressors. Now, the rants have de-evolved into the justification for ad hominam attacks of all republicans and conservatives. This has me a little wary too, and conditioned to ignore a lot of the noise from over ‘there’, just as repetitions from the right have conditioned your reactions. thanks the insights.

            “I have to agree with you that you are a dumbass idiot.”

            The intellectual superiorty card seems above you but I’m having doubts (not that you should care). I have to write the comment off as defensive weaponry borne by frustration. I like to think people aren’t intentionally mean spirited. They just come across that way by accident or have been primed with ample conditioning. Or, they are simply evil. I am certain you or I are not. thanks again

          • Independent1 says:

            You really think they didn’t?? George and Dick only ignored 7 warnings in around 3 months that al Qaeda was planning an imminent attack – all the CIA wanted was approval to focus on trying to stop the attacks – but Georgie Boy and Dick said No! They insisted that the CIA continue to focus on trying to find some excuse for them to attack Iraq. And on top of all that, Georgie Boy had the nerve to take the longest vacation ever taken by a president: an entire 30 dayus off after getting those 7 warnings – he actually tied Nixon on that, and just returned to the oval office less than a week before what the CIA had been warning them about happened – 9/11!! If you don’t think that DELIBERATELY IGNORING 7 WARNINGS IS DERELICTION OF DUTY WHEN IT’S YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO PROTECT THE COUNTRY -THEN YOU ARE A PURE IDIOT!!!! And taking those 30 days off wasn’t even the last straw – despite getting 7 warnings, and having several members of the CIA team that were providing the background wanting transfers to other assignments because of the futility they were feeling, Georgie boy had given the order to make future CIA briefings as “Deputies Only” – meaning Georgie Boy and Tricky Dick didn’t even sit in on the briefing just before 9/11. Bush and Cheney’s actions were absolutely DERELICTION OF DUTY AND THE TWO OF THEM SHOULD BE IN JAIL!!!!

          • angelsinca says:

            It’s been 13 years. Perhaps charges would have been leveled by now if there was reasonable belief in the allegations. Why do you suppose Bush has never been charged?

        • cats33 says:

          Remember Sambo and his IRS stole the election

      • Jim Myers says:

        That’s a tired old “One Trick Dog” if there ever was one.

        Only the idiots on the extreme right still think this was in some way the fault of President Obama.

        • cats33 says:

          Sambo is a complete fraud. Even the media is turning on the dictator. Satans disquise has been ripped away

  2. docb says:

    The penchant for the ‘quick hit’ by those that populate the big corporate owned non-media of the 24/7 cycle has created a climate of no news where DOCTORED emails can be peddled and taken in by outlets that at one time were credible but no longer! The very fact that the beltway press were not all taken to be commended but just barely..They continued to push out the lies brought by ABC until the emails were released to the public from the WH! Select Congress members had had them for 2 months since the Brennan hearings.

    Question that needs to be asked is …WHO doctored/ edited those emails and when will they be fired along with the congress person that had the emails for 2 months and pushed these edits?

    Congress is malfunctioning daily The Hearings under issa the crook and arsonist have been one failed abomination after another ..2014 is looking to be 1998 for the repubs because of obsessive over-reach and sloth!

    • angelsinca says:

      How do progressives move ‘forward’ when they is so hung up on an ALLEGED past? Supply your own punch line.

      It’s been over 30 years since the supposed so-called arson or car thefts took place. The key word is “supposed”. It rhymes with ‘alleged’. As in, no proof outside a rogue NPR republican smear story. So, puleeeeze try to circle around truth and facts. It’s hard, I know, but if you try reeeaaaal hard…..

      • dtgraham says:

        Darrel Issa is one of the most shady figures that I’ve ever seen in the United States Congress. Issa was in the military and lied about his EOD unit defusing bombs for Richard Nixon, in stadium sweeps, prior to his supposed attendances of the 1971 World Series. Nixon never attended any of those games and never had any attention of attending. There were no extra precautions taken for a Presidential visit because none was planned and none ever occurred.

        A fellow soldier of Issa’s named Jay Bergey said that Issa stole his Dodge Charger in 1971, and that “I confronted Issa…I got in his face and threatened to kill him, and magically my car reappeared the next day, abandoned on the turnpike.” The car was undamaged and Bergey didn’t press charges. Issa had been arrested on car theft, earlier in life, but the charges were dropped because he was only the passenger and the theft couldn’t be directly tied to him. His brother has also been involved in car theft.

        He was later arrested twice in 1972. The first time he was indicted by a grand jury for a theft of a Maseroti, but prosecutors mysteriously dropped the charge. The second time he was arrested after a roadside stop. He was driving the wrong way down a one way street (no biggie) but he also had a gun that he had no permit to have as a concealed weapon. He was charged for that.

        His car alarm empire started with ‘Steal Stopper’ but it wasn’t always rosy. He had experienced financial difficulties, when on September 7th 1982, a fire broke out destroying the factory. Issa had obviously expected an enormous payout of insurance money because he had increased his insurance coverage and payout by 462% just 3 weeks prior to the fire. Remarkably, he also had the foresight to remove computer equipment holding accounting and customer information just prior to the fire. Although the fire investigation did highlight what they called “suspicious placements of flammable materials” throughout the factory, they still couldn’t prove it and tie it to Issa enough to indict him. However, the insurance company remained highly suspicious and eventually settled with Issa for one tenth of the insured amount.

        This is the man that Bullshit Mountain (Fox News) and the conservative media have anointed as their truth gatherer. I get the feeling that there’s not going to be a whole lot of truth coming out of whatever Darrell Issa is involved in.

        • angelsinca says:

          That’s interesting, but seems to have grown irrelevant from forty years of learned lessons. I only know and see the Issa of today. So he maight have made mistakes when young, who hasn’t? The charges are all still allegations unless you think he has immunity from prosecution due to some corrupt connections. That conspircay is still just speculation no matter how bad you might want this to take him down. There have been forty years of chances to do and it hasn’t happened.

  3. JDavidS says:

    No… there was only one “Tricky Dick”. Thank God.

  4. barneybolt12 says:

    Why would any one want to respond to cats33. She can not nor comprehend anything she reads or hears. IGNORE HER.

    • angelsinca says:

      “Why would any one want to respond to cats33.”
      uh, you just did. please wave to Lana and try to be pleasant.

      • dtgraham says:

        No he didn’t. He didn’t respond to cats33, or there would be the arrow with cats33 next to it. He just left a general message to other NM readers.

        • angelsinca says:

          ” He didn’t respond to cats33, or there would be the arrow with cats33 next to it”

          I know. The comment likely hit its intended target indirectly. The use of ‘Sambo’ is a put off and rightly labeled as racist. This is why I told Lana Ward to turn around and run toward the ‘other goal’. I’d rather see her play for the democrats than to watch her misrepresent republicans as trolling racists.

    • cats33 says:

      Your leader Sambo, has finally gotten caught in his lies. Even the media is seeing through him. : )) He is the lowest of the low. A pot smoking pile

  5. It REALLY requires a high degree of ignorance or ill will to compare Obama to Nixon. I remember Nixon; Obama’s no Nixon!

  6. Sand_Cat says:

    Careful now…this is the LIBERAL media you’re talking about!

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