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Sunday, February 17, 2019

The Party That ‘Cries Wolf’: Jon Stewart Explains Why No One Is Buying Fox News’ Never-Ending Benghazi Outrage

For months, Fox News has been promising to blow open the Benghazi cover-up that they’re sure is worse than Watergate, Iran-Contra and the Titanic, multiplied by the Hindenburg to the Teapot Dome Scandal power. And again and again, the same essential facts have emerged. As protests raged at U.S. embassies across the region, the U.S. military tried and failed to protect the diplomatic mission in Benghazi.

On Wednesday’s Daily Show, Jon Stewart explained how Republicans and Fox News are outraged at a supposed cover-up that they can’t prove or explain, and are equally outraged that no one else is outraged.

The right suggests the lack of outrage in Benghazi is part of the left’s continued control of the media. But the media loves a good scandal, and would jump right in if one existed.

The fact is, most Americans are skeptical of the GOP not because of media bias, but because we have a memory. We all know the the GOP has a tendency, as Hypervocal‘s Slade Sohmer points out, to “cry wolf.”

We remember the ridiculous impeachment of President Clinton. We remember the fixed intelligence that led to the Iraq War. We remember birtherism, Solyndra, Fast and Furious — all examples of the GOP trying to conjure scandals that in no way resonated with the American public.

And some of us even remember Mitt Romney politicizing the attacks in Libya within hours of the deaths of Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans, attacking embassy officials in a bizarre manner that continued his obsession of accusing President Obama of “apologizing for America.” Romney humiliated himself that night, and again in the second presidential debate when he accused the president of refusing to call the attacks “terror” when Obama had in fact used that exact word the day after the attack.

Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 9.14.40 AM

As our Joe Conason points out, President Obama has been trying to commit what the GOP considers the greatest high crime and misdemeanor: Being a Democratic president who finishes his second term. So you can’t expect them to ever give up on trying to turn Benghazi into Watergate, unless they find some bright, shiny new scandal that actually makes sense.

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34 responses to “The Party That ‘Cries Wolf’: Jon Stewart Explains Why No One Is Buying Fox News’ Never-Ending Benghazi Outrage”

  1. John Pigg says:

    Fox news remains a viselike grip on their small and shrinking demographic but they are increasingly becoming more irrelevant. Conservative voters, who are not conservative Republicans have long since given up on this network as a responsible news source.

    Although, it is still incredibly amusing when Stewart destroys their sensationalist talking points.

    • dave pitts says:

      Keep telling yourself how small we are? If push comes to shove – there will be more of us than you think. Are you proud that people are “growing” who are on the take and cannot think for themselves in a drunken stupor half the day? I am not too worried about people like the ones who camped out on Wall Street.

      • John Pigg says:

        I am conservative, I was once very Republican and am still very conservative. But I have long since given up on getting my news from Fox. Conservative youths who are educated are leaving the Party in drones because it has offered them nothing.

        Fox continues to show itself to be disinterested with any semblance of fairness.

        This is why I read….

    • I don’t watch FNC but if you think they have a small demographic then you have NEVER seen ratings for cable news shows. FNC has about the same audience as CNN, MSNBC, and CNBC put together. Rachel Maddow is so far down in the cellar I’m surprised she’s still on the air.

  2. With charges now ranging from omissions made by the State Department spokesperson (I would not be surprised if she did not mention Hillary’s restroom breaks or how many cups of coffee she had the day of the Benghzi attacks), to Hillary’s alleged reaction when she was notified of the attack at 3 am, the truth is that Mr. Issa and company have turned an unfortunate tragedy into a 3-ring circus, ostensibly designed to discredit a 2016 foe.
    Perhaps we should emulate the GOP and conduct in-depth investgations into all the terrorist attacks that took place in the Bush era, from 9/11 to all the attcks against our embassies and consulates. While we are at it, we should also investigate the Koch brothers financial interests in Lybia, with special focus on Benghazi.

    • dave pitts says:

      Sorry but as a military officer it is unacceptable to excuse poor performance and negligence that got people killed with “I didn’t know anything about it” The fact that you think that is an acceptable response tells me a lot about you.
      Also, the 9/11 attacks occurred less than a year after Bush was in office. Bin Laden actually declared war on the USA, ordered terrorists to target Americans, and bombed embassies in Africa on Clinton’s watch and what did he do? Nothing. But who cares, the liberals had money in their pockets!!!

      • Howard Ryan says:

        Actually the comment about Clinton is not entirely accurate. He advised George W Bush that Bin Laden was a threat to be watched as he left office and W Bush began his term. It is unfair to suggest this was a failing of liberal or conservative government. Both parties had the opportunity to pre-emptively “take care” of Bin Laden. Neither did.

  3. KT says:

    Wow, you people will say anything to rescue this president from his errors. Just listen to youselves. Try looking objectively at the facts. Watch the hearings and reach your own conclusions. Defending the indefencible is unbecoming. By the way you are really missing out if you get your news from a comedian.

    • alpha omega says:

      Wow you certainly have not watched the hearings because if you had, everything said by these people is factual.

      The Republican Party has morphed into nothing more than a bunch of scumbags who associate with each other because no decent person will associate with them.

      • dave pitts says:

        If I pay my own bills and take care of my family and give to charity and that makes me a scumbag – What does that make a progressive on the take???

        • If you look over the credit history of Republican members of congress you would see that paying your own bills is hardly a requirement to be a Republican. Reality is a little more grey than your fantasy world of black and white conservatives and liberals.

    • alpha omega says:

      Did you know that those who watch the Daily Show are found to be FOUR TIMES more informed with factual information and well over TEN TIMES less bigoted than the FOX viewer?
      The only conclusion that I can draw from your statement is that you are a FOX viewer and therefore fall into this data set.

      • KT says:

        As a matter of fact I watch many news channels and go to many websites on the internet, read the paper and draw my own conclusions based on the facts.
        To each his own. You don’t have to get so defensive.

        Bigot and scumbag huh? Might want to get out a thesauras and use some of your big boy words.
        In case John Stewart did not inform you of what a thesauras is: it is a book that you can look up small words and replace them with bigger words to so you can write like adult

        • norman lum says:

          Wow, dude! If you’re going to use big words to criticize how people write, you might want to spell them correctly. It’s thesaurus, not thesauras. It’s obviously not a typo, since you misspelled it twice in your post.

      • scumby says:

        which only proves Daily Show viewers will believe any bullshit

      • dave pitts says:

        Yeah – those people camping out on Wall Street were a bunch of geniuses.

    • If I watched Fox news (which I never would) That would be comedy enough for me!!

      • Darron says:

        Hey ding dongs ABC is reporting now that Benghzi is a story. That the white house changed the talking points. Why would they change the talking points? I’m a democrat and I can’t understand why they would change the talking points unless it was politicall motivated before the election.

        • what I want to know is what took ABC so long to look into it? Glen Beck was on top of it for a week or more trying to get somebody to investigte it. finally fox and Oreilly picked it up. then came ABC. CBS owner is a brother to Obamas script writer so no way did they want to touch this story. there is a huge coverup going on here and the three brave men who spoke wednesday verify that. not only did Hillary lie and cover up the truth, she left those four men to die.the gop did not have anything to do with this story coming out. america needs to put a stop to our government lying to us. does it not bother any of you? have we lost our morals and values along with them? there are 6 muslims in high secuirty positions in the whitehouse. do you think we should be concerned about it? I do. this administration is not working in the best interests of the american people. Why is that? look at the immigration policy, the obamacare policy, and many more, none are good for this country, the whitehouse does this all the time..why???

  4. alpha omega says:

    Was at the MSNBC site and they are infested with Trolls, and I think many of them are PAID to Troll.
    One in particular going by the name “soprecious” pop up in April and had over 1000 posts for that month at that site alone.
    He sounded exactly like two others who dropped off the postings charts in March. Then in May he disappeared and know we have three who sound identical. The agenda seams to be to discredit and shut down sites by nasty and vile posting, and to basterdize truthful information to make it seem something else.
    Does this site have the same Troll problem?
    I have started to track these trolls to see how prevalent they are, I am coming to the conclusion that we are having a systematic problem all over the net with trolls trying to cover up or denigrate truth and shut down informative sites. Worse yet this seems orchestrated and when I mentioned “paid” this also seems very probable.

    • Velska says:

      There are trolls everywhere in the web. But your speculation up there is just plain speculation. Just because somebody sounds like somebody else, doesn’t mean they’re one and the same person.

      Also, you could learn some English, so we’d know what you’re saying.

      • dave pitts says:

        If it were true Obama would just hide the facts or intimidate the people in the know. Then say “I don’t know anything about it” For someone who has approximately 10 intelligence services at his disposal with enough skill to find Bin laden – He sure is poorly informed.

    • I know for certain China pays for forum trolls. They attack any story or post that makes China look bad. It wouldn’t be too far fetched for PACs to be engaging in this sort of behavior.

  5. More Likely

    Hopefully the old, old, out of date and dying GOP will hasten their departure so that useful and meaningful accomplishments will take the place of their constant bitching and backbiting. Is there anything the GOP “leadership” won’t complain about? Both McCain and his buddy Boehner should retire and be replaced by persons who can think and act at the same time.

    • Darron says:

      Like Peolosi

    • dave pitts says:

      Only to be replaced by the Tea Party I hope. I am so tired of Liberals knocking the forefathers and true American values when you are living the life you have because of those people Trust me. I am in the military and I am currently living in Europe. Don’t buy all hype. Europe ain’t that great.

  6. Velska says:

    “If that’s the case”….

    IF, IF, IF… that’s what all of the “outrage” fomented by the Faux “News”. I mean, who cares to watch these bumbling morons, who cares what they think? IF indeed it is the case, that they’re able to have thoughts in their pea-sized brain?

    Watergate times ten? Are they so freakin’ desperate to get their revenge? And isn’t it the fact that first of all, GOP is a sore, sore loser indeed! Second, the only thing wrong with the situation really is for them, is that when they realised during Obama’s first inauguration, that there’s really going to be a black man in the White House! These guys are clearly racists. Look at gomer, whom the Faux “News” group trot out so often, Lindsey Graham, et.c. they’re just racists.

    • dave pitts says:

      You will be saying sore loser soon. In American history only one party has been re-elected after having power for 8 years and it was the Republican Party. Thank God.

      • disqus_C2kQ6zBTCy says:

        FDR won the election 4 times. He died after 12 years and Truman took over for the remainder of his 4th term. Truman won the election after that making it 5 consecutive terms for Democrats. Thats 20 years. Know your history before making false statements.

    • dave pitts says:

      Synonym for racist – Statistician

  7. Mike says:

    Agreed, saddest part is that Fox is most watched. Eh, a purge is needed.

  8. antiobamanation says:

    except, jon,.turns out they AREN”T crying wolfe,..the obama administration really is corrupt and decayed

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