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Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Seven Most Extreme Planks Of The GOP Platform

With the Republican convention well underway in Tampa, Florida, we bring you the seven of the most “severely conservative” positions in the GOP platform:


Ban Abortion In All Cases

Todd Akin caught plenty of flack for his “legitimate rape” comments, but all that Republican outrage did little to hide the fact that the GOP platform officially endorses banning abortions even in cases of rape and incest. A “human life amendment” — which is supported by Paul Ryan, among other prominent Republicans — would include unborn fetuses under the 14th amendment, which requires states to give all persons equal protection of the law.

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  • May I add a couple more? How about a tax plan that would eliminate the mortgage and college expenses deductions? How about dramatic reductions in Pell Grants because they are tantamount to stage III cancer? How about the end of MEDICARE when contributors younger than 55 are removed from the system and it no longer has the funding it needs to function? How about the repeal of Obamacare? How about deregulation, which would give the fox the keys to the chicken coop?

    • The possibility of eliminating the mortgage interest deduction is what scares me the most. Middle class people like my family depend on that deduction. Tax cuts for the rich are not going to include us, so we would definitely be hurting if something like that happens. How can any middle-class homeowner support these clowns, when it will mean losing that important deduction and a net increase in our taxes (not to mention all the other horrible ideas described above)?

  • SaneJane

    I am trying very hard to understand how any intelligent person could possible support the GOP. Here in Alabama I am surrounded by people, including family, who lap this up like it was homemade ice cream.

    • lkreu

      I live in PA and saw a sign yesterday “American against Obama”. I was like Wow! I bet its a senior who watches Faux news, but scary.

      • neece00

        I am from Tennessee and I hear this kind of stuff every day, so amazed that people buy this.

    • Taz202

      The same goes here in Georgia. Most of my friends are “blindly Republican”. I give them facts but they chose to believe viral emails and tired old Republican rhetoric.

    • Most Tea Party enthusiasts are anything but intelligent. There are, however, many Republicans who are, indeed, very intelligent and whose economic and fiscal ideas deserve consideration. Most solutions require considering the ideas of others, finding middle ground, adopting what works for others, rejecting wht does not, and reaching consensus. Unfortunately, we are all so consumed by the advancement or preservation of our respective ideologies, and the retention of all the things we feel comfortable with or depend upon that we tend to hear, but seldom listen, and never, ever, compromise.

      • You have described the Tea baggers. I don’t think there is a more ignorant group in the country. Well, maybe a certain senate candidate from PA or from the midwest. Then there is Mittens. And his stepford wife. what about Jaba the hut. The list goes on. I agree we need discussion and consiliation. The only problem is the repugnicans are so afraid of losing the grip on our throats Bush installed, they will do anything. I would expect an attempt on Obama’s life coming up. That is what they did to JFK.

    • Fear and distrust works very well on far too many of our fellow citizens. The GOP found out this dirty little secret during the reign of Reagan. Remember the fictional welfare queens and their large Cadies collecting multiple welfare checks. The gipper knew that was a crock of twaddle, but he kept at it anyway. Why?…it works on the rubes.

  • Gees, only a Platform my Great Grandmother could love. Quite a Step Backward! Weapons of Mass Destruction to be used on Women raped; Abortion, Gay Rights; Reasonable Gun Control; Medicare – – a blow to Seniors.

    Not a Word about the DEFICIT, which they contributed heavily: Their Invention of the Earmark; two Wars – – NO Funding; huge Tax cut for the Rich; Rx plan – – again, no money to pay for it.
    Least one forgets; $635 Billion Fraudulent Sub-Prime Loans written under Bush’s and, the Grand Daddy of them all: THE TARP BAILOUT! The Banks got Billions, while Main Street lost their jobs, homes, savings, college funds; and, their retirement. “To Big to Fail,” also carried with it, the new slogan of: “To Big to INDICT!

    • Lets not forget the highly touted Ryan budget that does not begin to address the deficit until 2040 or thereabouts. Yeah sure they believe in reducing the deficit.

  • rrexgov

    There is nothing sane in the GOP platform. Only an under educated, Christian/religious fanatic can support this party. Then again, guess that is about half of our population.

  • The Supreme Court has already decided this issue. As I recall, it was a State law which was struck down in Roe vs Wade. This is just an example of playing pickpocket’s decoy: distracting the public in front with non-issues or phony sensationalism while they’re quietly being robbed from behind.

  • 13observer

    I see in this article another assault on gun owners rights. When will those gun-grabbers learn that it’s not nice to fool with the NRA? Those opposed to our Constitution just piss all over the U.S. Veterans that fought for those very freedoms.

    • Justin Napolitano

      Oh please,130 tell that to yourself after a bullet goes through your body or one of your loved ones like what happens to a hundred people a day in the US.
      Suck on the end of that gun and see what it gets you.

    • mikecoatl

      The 2nd Amendment won’t really matter if we lose all our other rights to the fascist GOP.

  • Seems like the so-called most “extreme” positions of the GOP are what had been the norm for Americans for almost 300 years, before big, controlling Federal Government got involved in all of our lives. Don’t ask don’t tell was established under Clinton, and and the so-called war on women of the GOP, they are the ones that would keep women out of harms way.

    • Justin Napolitano

      Paul cindy, women don’t want to be out of harms way. Women are as capable as men in all ways except, perhaps, how much they might be able to lift. We have women fighter pilots and women working in dangerous places on aircraft carriers. Just because you want to go hide doesn’t mean most women want to.
      As for that war on women, the Republican want to own your womb. The minute a zygote occupies your womb it no longer belongs to you. Your role is to do nothing but make sure the zygote thrives even if it kills you. You are to eat, sleep, think and act as if nothing in the world is more important than the zygote. Not your existing children, husband or boyfriend is of any value
      A spontaneous miscarriage could be considered murder because you might have done something to abort. And you call that freedom?

    • grammyjill

      And to add to that, I have a daughter that was born with a heart problem. Pregnancy would mean death for her. The doctors around here won’t tie her tubes until she is 31. If these guys get in, my daughter could die before she turns 31, and even by then that surgery may be banned. She takes contriception now, but they want to outlaw that too. Her husband is not happy about these guys. They must not have read the constitution. It says there is to be a seperation of church and state.
      They need to leave their religion at home. There are many lives that depend on that, but they don’t care.

      • mikecoatl

        You sum up the GOP platform beautifully in three words: “they don’t care.”

  • howa4x

    I live in a blue state that sometimes like now elects a Republican governor but is not right wing. The republicans nationally will push all these decisions down to the states and not deal with them on a federal level. Even if they voucherize medicare the implementaion will be done at the state level, same with gay marriage. This way they will have an easier time since some southern states and those all red will do it and states that are blue won’t. The only way the Feds will do any of these actions is if they win a clear majority in the house and senate, then watch out everybody, because you will be ruled by the tyranny or the moral majority.
    To sum up their platform it is basically white men know what’s best

  • Ed

    What century did this platform come from?

  • The Republican Party platform is not that far removed from a fascist state’s policy agenda. Just think about how many individual rights are being attacked under that platform?
    In the name of giving personhood rights to fertilized eggs in a woman’s womb, there would be no abortion allowed under any circumstances, without exceptions. In addition, there would be no more Medicare as we know it. Instead, there would be a voucher system requiring everybody to be at risk to find their own health insurance, just like trying to find homeowners’ insurance coverage in states like Florida. Social security would be privatized, depriving millions of Americans from recouping the taxes that were withheld from their paychecks for as long as 40 or more years. There would be both physical and legal barriers to immigration into the USA from foreign lands, without a defined governmental program for attaining citizenship.

    • Yeah sure the Republican Party is in favor of a smaller government. If anyone believes that fairy tale I feel sorry for them. These guys are dead set to push themselves into each and every life in the country in the name of freedom. What a crock!

  • I have a problem in that the GOP states that they oppose legislation intended to restrict 2nd Amendment rights by limiting capacity of clip or otherwise restoring the assault rife ban passed by Clinton. Mitt Romney passed such a ban on assault weapons when he was Governor of Massachusetts. That ban is still in effect. Now he is saying he is against a ban on assault rifles. Sounds like he is two-faced and saying what you want to hear in order to get elected. Since I refuse to settle of the “lesser of two evil” I plan an changing my affiliation from Republican to Independent.

  • 13observer

    I’ll tell you what; if I got shot, I would be taking issue with the gunman, not our freedoms and liberties. Some people don’t know where to channel their anger so they misdirect their actions. I’ll bet most of the gunmen in these killings are acting out with rage against some legislation the democrats got passed into law.

    • progressiveandproud

      Wow! You really are a good little goose stepping repub. aren’t you?

  • alsoavietnamvet

    If the Republicans are successful in passing a “Human Rights Amendment”, will it make capital punishment unconstitutional?

  • SeriousG

    SaneJane and a few others started this post, and their question was how “any intelligent” person could possibly support the GOP. The answer is…intelligent people don’t.

    Intelligent people understand that the right to bear arms was written into the constitution by men who had not ever seen a machine gun or automatic weapons. Gun Control doesn’t mean taking taking away everyone’s Second Amendment rights to own a gun. Intelligent people understand that hunting is a part of America’s tradition. But assault weapons with their ammunition belong in the hands of law enforcement, the National Guard, and soldiers on the battlefield, period. If a person wants to own an extensive gun collection and gets their thrill by shooting machine guns, fine. Let them own it. Outlaw the sale of ammunition to anyone other than the shooting ranges and let them go shoot their guns there and leave with empty clips. Close down, fine, and/or jail any range owner for giving or selling additional assault weapon ammo. Everybody wins. The gun enthusiasts get to own and shoot their guns, and the rest of us get protected from nuts.

    Intelligent people know that BEFORE Obama became president, like every other president before him, an extensive FBI & Secret Service background check is conducted to make sure the candidate is qualified. Intelligent people also know that Hawaii is part of the USA, and that Donald Trump is a loud mouthed windbag who knows this.

    Intelligent people don’t care what color the President is, or that his name is not common, and that he can’t be a Muslim and a Communist at the same time.

    Intelligent people also know that if you want to prevent abortions you start by preventing pregnancies, and the realistic way to prevent pregnancy is through birth control.

    Intelligent people know that you don’t solve .00000003 % voter fraud with a law that prohibits millions of people from voting UNLESS the real intent is to suppress certain well-known voting blocks.

    Intelligent people know that 4 years was never going to be enough to rebound from the mess Bush left the country in. How? They read history books and know that it took us almost 12 years to recover from the Great Depression.

    Intelligent people understand that pregnancy, abortion, birth control, and health care are not separate from the economy. Those things are as important to a family’s economy as having a job and the size of their salary. Kids cost money, and so does health care.

    Intelligent people don’t get bogged down in the argument about how much credit the President gets for the killing of Bin Laden. Intelligent people don’t care how or why it happened…WE cheer the fact that it did and move on.

    Intelligent people know that the social safety net of welfare and food stamps is .07% of the budget, and that eliminating those programs won’t save any of us enough money to make such a big deal out of it.

    In summary, some of us have unintelligent people in our families, and the Republicans know it.

    • progressiveandproud

      Excellent comment!

    • bobbreinig

      love you comment i will us this in the future to answer some of the really rediculous ideas i hear here in kansas

  • nomaster

    It seems like the Republican Party along with the support of the Teabaggers have gone to extremes in an effort to play to the hard core right. Willard the Rat man will have a difficult time moving to the center, if he really wants to move to the center. It’s as if they are shooting themselves in the foot under fullest of belief that this will attract even one moderate or independent. If the Flip-Floppers win it will be a long four years. No one really knows what Willard the Rat man thinks other than he is says something for everyone every once in a while.

  • Sorry, I agree that there is no good reason for abortion. That child has done nothing to deserve death. The rapist deserves to die for their crimes, not a child who committed no wrong. There are thousands of great people waiting to adopt children. It takes courage to carry an unwanted (for any reason) child to term and commit them to a loving family. Simply disposing of a human life for the sake of convenience is the ultimate sign of cowardice.

    • mikecoatl

      Tell that to the tens of thousands of women who are knocked up by rapists every year.

  • 13observer

    Never a goose stepper, although recently an Independant coming from the ranks of the democratic party until I realized the party was only using LABOR as a rubber stamp for all it’s promotion of welfare without work. What sent me packing was two things; first our state gave prenatal care to “illegal alien” mothers expecting to drop an “anchor baby”….secondly was when Obama stopped enforcing our immigration laws and gave work visas to 1.3 million illegals when unemployment is so high and we are paying extended unemployment benefits out to two years.

  • 13observer

    There wouldn’t be the threat if dems would GET OFF THE GUNS! Also, defending illegal aliens is not where the majority of Americans want to be! If the party NEEDS to try to include another welfare group of people…. then the party is promoting welfare? Will they dtop at nothing to try to maintain power? The middle class is who pays for everything but there is such a burden to pay for all the poor that LABOR can’t get ahead! Unions need some relief, we don’t want our people divided by these issues guns and illegals…please get it straight….the anti-gun crowd don’t do sh*t for the party like labor does. There are many that are divided by this as many are gun-people! As for the illegals, most don’t want to be linked to cheats or law breakers.

  • jnine1001

    I agree with SameJane. How do “intelligent” people support the GOP? Are they just voting against Obama or do they really believe what is being said? If they believe what is being said then they haven’t done their homework. They need to dig deeper into objective, unbiased information that is supported by facts and science. But, I guess facts and science are something they don’t want to know about.