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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

When John McCain picked Sarah Palin to run with him, we quickly learned that her teenage daughter was pregnant — and then more stories started piling up. What will America learn the day after Mitt Romney selects his vice-presidential nominee? What are the skeletons his vetting team is uncovering as they seek the best debate opponent for Joe Biden? To address those vital questions, we bring you The Day After Tomorrow, a series previewing the veep scandals everyone may soon be talking about.

While New Jersey Governor Chris Christie may not  top the list of potential Romney running mates, he remains a potential candidate. Blunt and unpredictable, he could compensate for the uncongenial, aloof Romney. In that sense, Romney-Christie might seem like a balanced ticket. Back in April, a PPP poll even showed that Christie would actually help Romney the most in closing the gap with Obama-Biden. Like all the other speculative Republican ticket mates, he doesn’t come without baggage.

Earlier this month, the New York Times published a series of articles on Community Education Centers, a company that, in 2011, received $71 million of the $105 million New Jersey had allocated for halfway houses despite only running six of the two dozen halfway houses in state’s privatized system. New Jersey was seen as a pioneer of the private halfway house system, which served as a solution for overcrowding prisons straining state budgets. Halfway houses are designed to help transition jailed inmates back into the community, but as the NY Times found: “Yet with little oversight, the state’s halfway houses have mutated into a shadow corrections network, where drugs, gang activity and violence, including sexual assaults, often go unchecked.”

Probably what’s most discomforting is the number of inmates who have escaped since 2005: 5,200, including at least 1,300 since Christie took office in January 2010.

“They have been arrested on charges of assaulting police officers, holding up a gas station and shooting strangers. They have been found selling drugs outside Newark schools and wielding a knife inside a Cape May bus station. Some have been caught as far away as Miami.”

Christie goes around proclaiming that he is proud of the halfway house system; in a 2010 speech given at one of the facilities, for instance, he called it a place that should be “celebrated.”

The Governor has several ties to Community Education Centers: his close friend, political adviser, and former law partner, William J. Palatucci, is the senior vice president who had major financial stakes in the company; in 2000 and 2001, Christie was a registered lobbyist for Community Education Centers; in 2010, he hired the son-in-law of Community Education’s CEO as an assistant.

Following the recent publicity surrounding horrific flaws in the halfway system, Christie finally ordered new state inspections to ensure the system was effective and safe.

Eventually Christie admitted that the system needed to be re-examined and repaired. But what about inventing your own facts about a vital project — and hoping nobody notices that it’s all completely wrong?

15 Responses to The Troubles That Will Keep Chris Christie Off The Romney Ticket

  1. NUMBER FOR THE DAY ——– 14

    The number of prominant DemocRAT politicians that are running from Obozo and the DemocRAT convention for his 2nd party incarnation ceremony. They are smart!!!

    Have a nice day!

      • Betta… grrrrrreaat post! Could not agree more. Sorry for late reply. Been on vacay. Good to see your common sense rationale in this sea of leftist insanity.

        Keep fighting the good fight!

        Have a nice day!

  2. all Christie is is a big fat bully that has no respect for a women . did ur mother teach you to talk like you did to that lady that asked you a simple question ? (a question you never anwsered ) about ur lil rug rat kids and there schooling . maybe ur mother did teach you to talk to a women like that ? shows just how much a motherfig . she was . explans how you are today . a bif fat bully that needs the brains slaped out of your head . shouldnt take long one can see in the big head there is more space then brains. put a sign up on ur hear empty space for rent never used space. if there isa one thing id enjoy it that you read this and get mad at me and come looking for me . (PLEASE PLEASE COME LOOKING FOR ME Christie ) you fall asleep of NJ sure and green peace will try to roll ur lard butt back in the water

  3. I live in NJ and the gov is caught all the time by politifact as telling half truths and some pants on fire statements. His bully personality is evident when he started name calling an OMB non partisan state empolyee in the paper becuase he disagreed with the revenue projections. He was just forced away from a plan to give a millionaries tax cut becuase he wanted to borrow the money form the transportation trust fund. He went on a rant at the democtatic legislature becuase they voted to push off the cut until revenues improved and we didn’t have to borrow the money. He tries to yell down his critics but I don’t thnk that will work on a national stage or in a debate. I think the biggest reason not to pick him is that Obama will probably carry NJ since it’s a blue state with both houses being democrat. He barley sqeeked by Corzine who was under a cloud of corruption, and was not a great or well liked governor. The major population centers are solidly blue and it would be a major embarasment if he is on the ticket and the prsident wins here.

    • Christie is bad mojo. He doesn’t know that we are a Constitutional Republic. He keeps referring to the US as a democracy. Democracy is mob rule and implodes within 200 years. A Republic is rule of law and that’s what this nation is, a republic.

      Since Christie doesn’t know the difference between the two, he will never get my vote nor will any political ticket with his name on it.

      Oh, and by the way, folks, we are in some deep, deep trouble with this Obamacare stuff. The ones who are for it have no idea what the catastrophic ramifications are. When you file your taxes in 2014 and you don’t have health care, you will pay a fine or go to jail if you don’t. Welcome to debtors prison. This is the individual mandate that is unconstitutional and why states sued all the way to the supreme court, who ultimately failed the people who overwhelmingly don’t want it. WE CAN’T AFFORD IT!

      You think there are no jobs now? Just wait, the worst is yet to come. NOBODY will be hiring now because of this. This bill is a job killer.

      Hold on to your arses folks, it’s gonna be rough. Hope all are prepared for what’s coming.

      • Lady read the health care law. There are no provision to enforce the mandate. The mandate is hollow and that is why the health care industry is against it.

      • I like your comments about Christie, think you are confused about the Affordable health care act. The individual mandate is a republican idea first thought up by the heritage foundation and presented by Bob Dole in the senate. It was presented as an answer to Hillary Clintons HC plan. It was 1st tried in Mass by a republican governor named Romney. It has insured 92% of the people there. The insurance exchanges that are part of the Act will help lower costs,and there will be financial help for those that can’t afford it. Medicaid will also be expaned to take in more people.
        I was for the public option like having medicare for all but the insurance industry threatened to scuttle the whole thing if that happened.So the senators that were in their pocket caved in and went against the public option. In the end this will actually lower taxes since the 50 million uninsured are using the emergancy room as their doctor and this is by far the most expensive way to treat them.($500. just to walk in the door) The taxpayer actually pays for this and it’s called uncompensated care
        In Mass. where the act is in full force their experience is like every other state in terms of developing work options , and they may be doing better than us in NJ
        The take away message is don’t get all your news for Fox and Friends

  4. Its hard to tell if Christi is a crook or just completely incompetent. Like many republicans, he’s not adverse to lying when things don’t look as good as he pretends. And when he has to haul ass (travel in a hurry), he needs to make two trips.

    • bigspender7 – both parties lie their faces off. Not just the republicans. Obama (a democrat) himself is widely known as a big liar. He’s been called out and caught many times in stupid lies that he is too ignorant to be embarrassed about and congress refuses to act upon.

      • Evidence? Never heard anyone call Obama a liar before. Are you sure weren’t speaking of the serial liar Mitt Romney? Otherwise your comment makes no sense at all.

  5. No question Biden is the man, why he even told school kids a a high school commencement that sustainable agriculture was just around the corner. It requires no soil or water….yep that’s a rocket scientist

  6. May be Romney should pick Christie as his running mate. Hopefully he will get hungry one day during the campaign and eats Romney as a snack. Then we would get rid of two birds with one stone or perhaps one bite.

  7. I was swayed by some of the “good” rhetoric re Christy for the longest time. Until he finally “came out” for ROMoNEY. And he actually applauded his BAIN capital antics. Even daring to say that Staples and Sport Authority – owned by BAIN, providing so many good middle class paying jobs that provide for families…….hah….what world is he living in? I go in and out of those stores all the time and there is such high turn around of the employees, it leads me to believe the pay sucks or the benefits….if any…suck or the working atmosphere sucks. My money is on “the pay sucks.”

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