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Friday, October 28, 2016

by Michael Cohen, @speechboy71

FellowThe Century Foundation, @tcfdotorg

The thriving metropolis of Boston was turned into a ghost town on an otherwise lovely Friday afternoon. Nearly a million Bostonians were asked to stay in their homes – and willingly complied. Schools were closed; business shuttered; trains, subways and roads were empty; usually busy streets eerily resembled a post-apocalyptic movie set; even baseball games and cultural events were cancelled – all in response to a 19-year-old fugitive, who was on foot and clearly identified by the news media. While Boston officials appeared to be acting out of an abundance of caution — and it’s appropriate for residents to be asked to take precautions or keep their eyes open — by letting one fugitive terrorist shut down a major American city, Boston not only bowed to outsize and irrational fears, but sent a dangerous message to every would-be terrorist. If you want to wreak havoc in the United States, intimidate its population and disrupt public order, here’s your instruction booklet.

In April, I wrote a piece for the Guardian arguing that the reaction to the Marathon bombing was dramatically at odds with American inertia over arms control. The infographic below illustrates some of my main points.

The Terror of Gun Control


If only Americans reacted the same way to the actual threats that exist in their country. Last year 17 Americans died in terrorist attacks; more than 30,000 died at the hands of guns. In fact, the same day of the Marathon bombing in Boston, 11 Americans were murdered by guns — a small percentage of the more than 3,500 Americans who have died in gun violence since the Newtown massacre in December. Yet, the same week as the Boston manhunt, the Senate blocked consideration of a gun control bill that would have strengthened background checks for potential buyers. Even though this reform is supported by more than 90% of Americans, and even though 56 out of 100 senators voted in favor of it, the Republican minority prevented even a vote being held on the bill because it would have allegedly violated the Second Amendment rights of “law-abiding Americans.”

So for those of you keeping score at home – locking down an American city: a proper reaction to the threat from one terrorist. A background check to prevent criminals or those with mental illness from purchasing guns: a dastardly attack on civil liberties.

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  • Keep in mind that statistics and basic arithmetic are beyond the capacity of most hard core Tea Party supporters to assimilate. It is also important to be fair and recognize that they don’t support criminals, they only oppose laws that restrict their ability to buy the weapons they need to carry out massacres.

    • ceasey0xoogurl

      Wow….ignorance at its best.

  • Obiejuan

    The reason the NRA and their supporters are more concerned about so called terrorist attacks and not about the thousands killed by guns, is because in their eyes, terrorist attacks are attacks on America and Liberty. People on the other hand are friends until they disagree then who cares if they are killed by guns or any other means. Besides, in their minds, those killed are likely minorities and we all know how the NRA and the ‘Right’ feel about minorities.

    • ceasey0xoogurl

      Are you saying that the majority of gun deaths are occurring in minority areas and NOT by the “Right” and “NRA members”? Are you touching on the true problem here?

      • Obiejuan

        So which one are you, NRA member or the ‘Right’? Both?

        • ceasey0xoogurl

          Actually, neither. You’re pretty narrow minded if you think my statement means I’m an NRA member or “the Right.” It was a simple and logical question that I think you’re afraid to contemplate and answer…

          • Obiejuan

            Definitely not afraid to answer if I knew the question. I don’t believe you have to either be an NRA member or Right Wing cultist to own a gun, much less pull the trigger. Just someone who is obviously mentally ill. If killing is your first response to someone who disagrees with you, then I can only pray that someone else gets to you first.

            But if you’re trying to imply that only certain people commit crimes using guns, you haven’t been paying much attention to events in other parts of the world, like Ireland for instance. Though you don’t hear much about violence in that country now, relations are far from perfect. And let’s not forget about south Africa, or Chechnya or Kosovo or Serbia. How about abuses by the Chinese government or North Korea?

            Are you aware that the NRA stopped explosives manufacturers from addingTagents to their products? Tagents would have helped track down the Unibomber or Timothy McVeigh or the Tsarnaev brothers. What was the reason the NRA blocked this legislation? I can tell you it had nothing to do with 2nd Amendment Rights!

            The point I am trying to get across is not the choice of gun, bomb, or chemical weapon, it’s preventing those who would use any type of weapon from using them on innocent civilians. The background check bill would be a good, common sense start. No one is saying it’s going to stop gun deaths but it will help. Would you argue with me if only one person was saved by this bill – if you were that one person?

  • angelsinca

    The first two comments manage to stereotype gun owners as intellectually incompetetent, racist, lawless supporters of murder. Gun phobia makes people stupid.

    • Obiejuan

      Proud to be part of the 90% + stupid Americans who don’t need a gun under my pillow to feel like a man.

      • DEFENDER88

        What an arrogant, sanctimonious, ignorant thing to say.
        Your asses were handed to you on Background Checks because you tried to attached bans and confiscations. Good luck with that s*it.
        You remind me of Tea Party people before the election sticking out their chest and declaring “We the people are coming”. Bravado bull sh*t.

        • Obiejuan

          You really do need to stop listening to Limbaugh, Beck, and Hannity and all the rest of the All Talk and No Sense radio. You might also want to brush up on your grammar while you’re at it.
          Once again, lying about what was in the Bill and what it tried to accomplish does not make it bad, it just makes you a liar. I do agree about the Tea Party folks though, so I guess that only makes you half a liar.

          • DEFENDER88

            Problem is I dont follow the Right Wing nor the NRA retoric.
            I do my own research and thinking.
            Pawn your partison billsh*t lies off on someone else who has not followed this. Even Salon (Hardly a Right Wing Rag) reported the Biden comission has an agenda of future confiscation. They wanted it NOW but knew we would not stand for it. And even with the bkgd cks proposal the plan was to attach the Feinstein proposal later which includes bans and confiscations.
            I, like most, am for enhanced checks but not with bans and all the other BS you people want to attached. Bunch of dam deceivers ,liars.
            Get bkgd checks right and it will pass, keep trying to sneak in bans and confiscations and you will continue to have a fight on your hands. How has it worked for you so far?
            F*kg liars.
            As for – YOU – cant tell if you are intentionally lying or just ignorant. You ARE full of the dogma talking points though.
            Take that sh*t somewhere else, dont work on me.
            Protect the schools NOW and do something about the mental health and young men on drugs problem – ie 100% of the school killers and we will make some real progress.

          • OMG!!! You’re so stupid it’s making my nose bleed!

      • Who says we keep it under the pillow?

        • WebAntOnYouTube

          How else do so many guns get stolen from homes? Many sure as hell aren’t kept in gun safes.

          • jefnvk

            Mine are kept in a big locked safe called my home. I’m a single guy, no one else has a key to the place. If you are in there, you have already committed many acts of breaking the law, I don’t think a safe is going to do much to stop you from backing up your truck to my sliding door, dollying the whole thing over, and dropping it in.

      • ceasey0xoogurl

        Just so you know, Obama and the media who told you 90% of Americans wanted background checks…they were talking about a poll that consisted of 1,100 people. Nobody ever mentions that for some reason….

        • Obiejuan

          As heard on Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, Rand Paul, or the Ted Cruiz comedy hour! All paragons of truth and virtue!

          • ceasey0xoogurl

            Actually, no. I haven’t even heard them say it, but then again, I don’t watch them or listen to them speak. I hope they said it, because it’s facts. You could do what I did, simply look for the poll online and read the fine print where it says how many people were polled. It is from January, 2013, and only 1,100 people nationwide were polled. When I heard Obama said 90% of the American public believed in background checks, I knew it was bull, because I know how polls work.

    • Obiejuan

      Interesting. You claim that some of the comments are stereotyping gun owners but then at the end of your comment, you stereotype those who do not agree with you. There are many types of courage, but it seems that there is one type of courage that some people just cannot summon…empathy. This is probably the most difficult for people who just can’t put aside their pride.

      Read the comments of the gun supporters. What do they all have in common?

      All of the comments contain lies about what is in the background check bill or lies about why gun supporters can’t agree to it.

      Is it possible for you and the rest to be honest to yourselves?
      Is it possible for you to think for yourself instead of just blindly following those you agree with?

      Is it possible for you to look at ALL of the evidence before you have that knee-jerk reaction to opposing views?
      Is it possible for you to stop for just one minute and think about how you would feel if your 6 year old had his or her head blown off by some sick individual with a gun?
      Is it possible for you to stop and think how you would feel if you had a leg blown off by a gang-banger with a gun?
      Is it possible?

      • angelsinca

        LOL…you pretend to understand conservatives. You do not. Having reviewed your other comments, you embrace prejudices you don’t even know you have. Save the pinheaded talking points for someone else.

        • Obiejuan

          I don’t pretend to understand conservatives because there is no understanding on your side. You are wrong about the prejudice thing though, I openly disdain people who talk about “outreach” and “changing our brand” and “get government out of my life” while leeching off Uncle Sam, while trying to quiet anyone who disagrees, while trying to suppress voting, while passing legislation that regulates what a woman can do with her own body, while pretending to care about the unborn and have NO COURAGE to protect innocent children from slaughter. Yeah, you’re right, I DON’T UNDERSTAND CONSERVATIVES.

          • angelsinca

            This reply sounds more like a conservative mocking a liberal. The differences between the two camps seem to grow vague when the same old talking points are repeated over and over.

      • ceasey0xoogurl

        Look who’s talking about “knee-jerk reactions.” I asked you a simple question and you assumed I was an NRA member and a Republican…I think you’re filled with too much hate for “the other side” to even contemplate an idea that opposes your beliefs…living in ignorance is never a good idea.

        • Obiejuan

          So you are saying you are not a Conservative? Just someone with conservative ‘values’. Are you telling me that you don’t believe the nonsense from the Right? With remarks suggesting that only minorities are killing people with guns, you can’t be anything but.
          A rose by any other name.

          • ceasey0xoogurl

            Minority sections of this nation having the highest levels of crime (by gun) is not “nonsense from the right” or a conservative belief…it’s simply statistical facts.

  • Eric

    30,000 deaths by guns you say? Well yes that is true however of those 30,000 only about 11,000 are homicides (source: and about 19,000 are suicides (source: To the author: Please stop distorting facts and to the readers, please do your own research.

    • Obiejuan

      You want to talk about distorting facts? How about the NRA distorting the fact… No change that, lying about the background check bill creating a registry of gun owners.
      FACT: (BTW do your own research if you don’t believe this truth) The law as it stands, outlaws creating a registry of gun owners. The bill that was filibustered by the ‘Truth Tellers’ actually affirms the prohibition of creating a registry! Go ahead and check that fact, I triple dog dare you!

      • I would bet the NRA is the one who has a sort of gun registry. Or don’t they know who their paying members are?

        • Obiejuan

          You have a good point but don’t expect the NRA to mention that to its members not that it would make any difference because… “that doesn’t count, we’re on the same side”

          Can’t have any of the ‘Collective’ thinking for themselves or else they would all be goose stepping in different directions.

      • Eric

        I love that like a good dog you assume because I call out a distorted statistic you instantly assume I’m a pro-NRA gun nut. It’s rather cute you froth at the mouth over this issue. Fact: I do not own any firearms. So before you assume you know me read my statement. The only issue I’m bringing up is that this article misrepresented that statistic for the purpose of pushing an agenda (something I am completely against the use of by any side). All I want is the truth for the people to decide. Now be a good dog and sit down.

        • Obiejuan

          Well I’m sorry I misunderstood your comment. But you made it sound like the point was about how many were killed by someone else’s hand and how many were killed by their own hand. Personally, I prefer that they all be suicides. That way, there wouldn’t be any Adam Lanzas to worry about. Well at least fewer of them. Dog

    • WebAntOnYouTube

      You left out how many were accidental shootings and how many were due to acts of self defense. The point is we should regard 11,000 homicides more than a few Americans being killed by terrorists and do more to prevent those deaths. Tending to weaknesses in fed gun laws and closing gun law loopholes will help.

  • Yeah, just watch how much violent crime the statistics will tell when you disarm good citizens. Guns in homes are deterrents to criminals, and that is why even the bad guys are smart enough to target places like Chicago, where the gun control is strictest. The criminals will still get their guns, regardless of gun laws.

    • Barbara Morgan

      The NRA and other gun organizastions have became 2nd cousins to terriorists. The organizations are tearing this Country a part, while making money for weapon and ammo makers richer thus making their gun organizations richer and the the people in charge of them richer, by their lies. THE GOVERNMENT DOES NOT WANT THE GUNS YOU OWN NOW. It wants to keep guns our the hands of the mentally, criminals, and people who abuse others and limit the size of ammo holders. If you have to shoot a deer 30 times to kill, you won’t be able to eat it and if it takes 30 shots to hit a target, time to get your eyes examined.
      This is a note of caution for would be gun buyers, There was an article in Huntington post I think it was 2 weeks ago, that most guns and ammo that were being made in Europe are now being made in China. China the country that makes threats against the US regularly. So would be gun buyers remember if you are buying guns and ammo made in China, be wary, that gun could explode after so many uses and the ammo could have the wrong type on the box accidently on purpose. Also anything sold in the US that was made in China supports the The Chinese army as they are half owners in any plant in the Country especially ones moved there from other countries.

      • DEFENDER88


        • Yes! The Commie Pink-OHs are out to get US.

          • Obiejuan

            Said the ghost of Joe McCarthy

    • Obiejuan

      Like Eric before you, you embrace the distortions and lies while refusing to admit that lives might be saved if we can keep guns out of the hands of mentally unstable or violent individuals. While it is true that criminals will find ways to obtain weapons, the point is not to prevent every possible violent act, which would be impossible, but to prevent or minimize their occurrence.

  • tdm3624

    “More than 30,000 died by the hands of guns”. First, guns don’t have hands- they don’t pull the trigger, a person does.

    Second, it isn’t quite right to lump all gun deaths together. There is a big difference between a police officer shooting a criminal, a mentally ill person committing suicide, and a gang member shooting a rival. When these different types of deaths are grouped together it oversimplifies and distorts what is truly going on.


    Your premise is that guns are the problem.

    Then explain to me how:

    1)I have owned and kept several guns in my home for some 50yrs now and noone has ever been shot with one.

    2)I compete with some 100 others every month with shotgun, pistol and Assault Rifles. Each fires about 100rds. For the last 10 years. Extend that and you have 1.2 million rounds fired around a bunch of people with guns everywhere – and noone has ever been shot.

    How is that even remotely possible if guns are the problem?
    By your logic we should also ban cars and pressure cookers.

    • Obiejuan

      What does this nonsense prove?

      Open your mind, if at all possible, to what the vast majority of AMERICANS are saying about background checks unless the truth is just to hard to swallow: We are saying that by keeping weapons out of the hands of people who are deemed to be mentally unstable or violent, some killings can be prevented, not all, just some.

      NOW TRY TO UNDERSTAND THIS: This bill does not advocate confiscation or creating a registry or any of the other crap that Lamebrain, Hannutty, Blockhead, or any of the other talk radio twits are saying. They say this crap because IT MAKES THEM MONEY!

      Wake the F==k UP!

      • DEFENDER88

        Look – I contributed to and worked for Hillary then Obama. *Before the election – but not since) I would watch Hannity(the liar/deceiver) and others on the Right to see what the *enemy* was up to. Have not followed them since the election. So you can get off that kick.
        And if you can be wrong about that, you need to consider what else you might be wrong about.
        Just consider the problem with school killings – 100% of them have been done by young white men(age 16-27) on these new-age antidepressants(Prozac, Luvox, Effederen, etc) look it up on Wikepedia.
        Secure all schools against an active shooter and fix this drug problem and we will make progress – it is the fastest, most sure way to stop the killing.
        I just think we should focus on real solutions that will actually stop the killing. enhanced bkgd checks – sure(but not with attachments) – I have been thru many.

        • Obiejuan

          Who are you trying to convince with your “I used to work for the good guys and kept track of the bad guys” routine.

          You lost all credibility when you quoted what someone said about what someone said about what might have been in the background check bill if Biden had gotten his way in case Feinstein didn’t’. Huh? What?

          Is this what you call ‘research’? You read one article and that’s all you need to form an opinion? That’s no different than the talk radio crowd who blindly follow what ‘Der Fuhrer’ tells them to think!

          And what’s up with the Wiki reference? Are you seriously using Wikipedia as source of FACT? Maybe you forgot about the time when Sarah Palin supporters changed history on Wikipedia so that it would support her extreme STUPIDITY! So for a short period of time, anyone who wanted to ‘KNOW’ about Paul Revere would have ‘LEARNED’ that Paul Revere was trying to warn the British against invading!!!!!!!

          Maybe you HEARD what Pat Toomey said WAS the reason why some Republicans didn’t vote for it In case you didn’t, let me quote it for you: “…some on my side didn’t want to give Obama a win” (remember, we only needed six more for a filibuster proof vote). So, in other words, it didn’t fail to pass
          because of what was in the bill, it failed to pass because it never even came up for a vote. So as far as having my “ass handed to me” because of some fictitious crap that was never in the bill, it was because of political cowardice that the Senate, didn’t even vote on it!

          This is what STUPID sounds like!

          You seem so proud that you fired a million rounds without ever hurting or killing someone. Why do you need to practice killing with the hope of never having to? The fact that you never had a tragic event while at the range is great news but others have not been so lucky. Maybe you remember when an Iraq war veteran shot
          and killed former Navy Seal, Chris Kyle and his friend at a gun range in Stephenville, Texas.

          Based on your comments, you were at some point using an assault rifle since you mentioned 100 round magazines, correct? Well here is where I can admit I could be wrong; the main difference between a single shot rifle and an assault rifle other than the number of rounds it can fire is what? Admittedly, I didn’t spend
          hours researching this but what I found is this: Assault Rifles or Modern Sporting Rifles’ greatest benefit or improvement over single shot models according to proponents, is – WAIT FOR IT – the number of rounds it can fire. So if you have a clip that holds 30 rounds, you can fire up to 30 rounds in 30 seconds. A 100 round clip can fire 100 rounds in about a minute and a half.

          All for what purpose? Target practice? If you need 100 rounds to hit a paper target or if you need more than 5 or 10 to hunt a single deer, maybe you should find another hobby! Or maybe, as one genius stated, “If I want to tenderize my meat as I kill it, that’s my business”. Wow, who can argue with that logic?
          It doesn’t take skill or precision to fire an assault rifle and kill someone standing 10 feet away, the sheer number of rounds guarantees you will hit your target!

          I have fired guns. I didn’t hurt myself or anyone else either. I have been licensed to drive since High School and I have never hurt or killed anyone with a car. I do home improvements using some fairly dangerous tools. Though I did injure myself a few times, I never hurt or killed anyone else. BTW, I still have all my fingers and toes. I have used medications for pain or illness but have never abused them or sold them to anyone else. I used to go fishing and other than the one time I accidently hooked my wife with a fish hook, I have never hurt or killed anyone with a fishing rod. I have owned several houses, worked several jobs, and started several businesses without hurting or killing someone or doing anything illegal. “What’s my point?” you ask. Except for the first one, all of these require a license, a permit, a background check or some kind of regulation. Why are guns the only thing that should be exempt from this?

          The one thing in this list that is designed to kill, THAT’S THE ONE WE CAN’T REGULATE!

          stupid doesn’t it? Yep, that’s what I thought!

          • DEFENDER88

            Well you are right about 1 thing, you are wrong about Assault Rifles in general and what I said about them in particular.

            I imagine now you are going to tell me I dont know anything about guns.

            Since you seem to think you know more about what I have done in the past then I do(ie my support of Hillary and Obama), I see no further point in trying to discuss anything with you.

            You think you *know* everything and are, categorically, right about everything to the point that noone else can possibly be right if they disagree or have a different view – Always wondered what it was like to feel Omnipotent(You act like the Dem version of the Tea Party – they *know* they are right so noone else can have a different view)(Same tactics – if you cant present good argument to support your position, attack the other personally or shout them down).

            and ps1 They are not *Clips* they are *Magazines*
            And I dont know anyone who has a 100 RD Magazine.
            They are too heavy for accurate shooting and jam too often.
            The SWAT people, I sometimes shoot with, dont even use them.
            ps2 I Researched *SEVERAL* sources not just Wikepedia. Sources including Salon(Hardly a Right wing source)

          • DEFENDER…another moron who is so stupid he made my nose bleed. Happy now, asshole?

          • DEFENDER88

            You asked for it, here it is:
            You have a much bigger problem than me.
            I propose protecting all schools against an active shooter and solving the young men(the killers) on drugs problem and you call Me? a stupid, moron, asshole?
            And you offer no solutions or proposals to address the issues.

            Not sure why I try to help people like you but I will try below.

            Name calling(like you did me) is what violent/volatile ignorant people do when they cannot present good argument to refute/debate what others say about an issue.

            You need to get with Obijuan and try to get Some Anger Management counseling for your problems.

            An even bigger problem is neither of you realize it.
            Although others, in here, have picked up on it.
            You people are worrisome.

            For damn sure you 2 *dont* need to be gun owners not even around one.
            Too much propensity to anger too quickly.

            You are the type that get responsible/level headed people killed.

            Get control of your emotions.

            Has your head exploded yet? Get some help.

            Believe it.

            BTW FU for the name calling.

    • danglyparts

      At least cars require registration and insurance.

    • It sounds like you are a responsible gun owner, but you know, Adam Lanza’s mother could have said similar things before her son did his thing. There’s no way of knowing who’s going to go off the deep end and do horrible things, so that’s why most other lethal items, like bombs, tanks and Saran gas are banned, or at least kept track of.

      • DEFENDER88

        I am fully permitted with finger print FBI check, etc even have gun Liability insurance, and competitive shooter(sometimes shoot with LEO’s)
        Been shot *at* but have never shot anyone and dont ever want to have to.
        I say – analyze the elements of the problem ie the root causes then develop solutions.
        Just consider the problem with school killings – 100% of them have been done by young white men(age 16-27) on these new-age antidepressants(Prozac, Luvox, Effederen, etc) look it up on Wikepedia.
        Secure all schools against an active shooter and fix this drug problem and we will make progress – it is the fastest, most sure way to stop the killing.

        • Inthenameofliberty

          Brilliantly said. Yet no one is going after the drug companies pushing the doctors to use these drugs. And no one is asking the Med schools why they are teaching their student doctors to prescribe these drugs.

          I wish people would go after the drug companies the way they want to panic and go after the guns.

          • Obiejuan

            Is it that you can’t see or don’t want to see the difference between an individual harming or killing himself with some drug and an individual killing dozens of other people with a weapon?
            Yes, you could argue that an individual can kill dozens with drugs, but then my response would be: “They are not innocent people like children in a school.” We have all kinds of laws against someone using ‘illegal’ drugs and have jailed thousands for using marijuana but for some reason, we can’t prevent crazies from buying guns!

          • Inthenameofliberty

            Let me apologize now for my foul mood.

            If one adult at that school had a CCpermit, so many of those children would not have died.

            Humans are an evil species at times, and you can not stop the sick ones from getting guns.

            You can, however, permit sane ones to protect what they love.

            How sad is it – marijuana does not cause a person to go out a start shooting people – yet it is outlawed. Why, exactly, is it outlawed? Why are mentally sick people that rape women, sodomize children, and kill people let out of jail for good behavior….when nice people who choose to use recreational marijuana are sent to jail? What a waste of time and moneys, jailing people that are using something that is the same as alcohol as far as I am concerned.

            But I digress. You can’t stop sickoos from getting guns. Gun control is useless.

            Go watch the virtual president on youtube. That man discusses it in a very interesting fashion. Yet, I somehow doubt you’ll take the time to watch it.

            Anyone that believes taking guns away from people who wish to defend their own is a coward. Yes, coward. Because they are going after the wrong enemy. Which means you are a coward and afraid to fight the corporations that give people legal drugs that cause suicidal tendencies and afraid to go after a government that stopped helping mentally ill people a long time ago.

            Want to do something positive – read up on the psycotropic drugs that have been prescribed to many of the individuals that perpetrate these atrocities. I dare you – go stand up against the drug companies. you will be silenced. That is what will happen. These drugs are a companies’ bread and butter, and for humans it is all about PROFIT.

            You must have mistaken me – you wrote “Is it that you can’t see or don’t want to see the difference between an individual harming or killing himself with some drug”.

            My bad – I was NEVER implying the use of drugs other than PRESCRIPTION DRUGS that DOCTORS are instructing people to use [to treat certain conditions] that heighten or CAUSE suicidal tendencies.

            You can not honestly tell me that you don’t know about the side effects of some of the overly prescribed medications out there?


  • You can have my gun when you pry it from the cold dead fingers of my six year old.

    • Obiejuan

      Now we know why you are against any type of gun control. You are EXACTLY the type of bat-shit-crazy we are trying to stop!

  • Ron Ringler

    There is a real problem with the statement that people “died by the hands of guns.” They died by the actions of other people. The reason there is significant pushback anytime a piece of legislation comes up to restrict gun ownership is because history had repeatedly demonstrated that restricting citizens’ right to purchase lethal weapons is an important step to create any opportunity for a military coup. To the person in the comments who boldly claims: “I don’t need a gun under my pillow to feel like a man.” Good for you, bro. Not everyone lives in suburbia; I live by Inglewood and Compton and there are places where families live that cops try to stay out of. Some people feel they need a weapon to protect their families and yes, a more stringent background check could very easily prevent them from being able to do this. If you want to stop mentally unstable people from committing mass murder, urge your state representatives to propose legislation to bring back federal mental treatment facilities. If you really want to curb gun violence, recognize that most of it occurs from domestic disputes and gang clashes and urge your local government to increase support for community centers and neighborhood watch programs.

    Propose solutions based on facts, not on emotion and we will make progress when it comes to reducing gun violence.

  • Jim Strathmeyer

    hint: isn’t not the guns committing the carnage, media giants who relish and profit from it don’t help

  • Oliver Yu

    I don’t understand why guns are the root cause of death when an evil person kills with a gun, while the 19-yo man is the cause of death when clearly it was the pressure cooker + fireworks + schrapnel that killed those people.

  • Ole Miss

    I doubt that Criminals or the Mentally ill are too concerned with purchasing their weapons legally. Not to mention the fact that if you have ever purchased a weapon “legally” you would know you already have to complete a background check.

  • mc1964

    I hope Americans enjoy their right to bear arms because it may soon be the
    only right they have left.