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Saturday, June 24, 2017

‘They’re Going To Kill You’: Why Norman Lear Founded People For the American Way

This week marks the 30th anniversary of the founding of People for the American Way by Norman Lear, the legendary “All in the Family” producer, who still bristles when anyone insists on “progressive” instead of liberal. In a conversation with The National Memo, Lear recalled how he became increasingly furious watching TV evangelists like Pat Robertson and the late Jerry Falwell. What could he do?

“I started to write a film, titled ‘Religion,’ a satire, like Paddy Chayefsky’s ‘Network.’ But then I heard Jimmy Swaggart one morning, calling on his listeners to pray for the ‘removal’ of a Supreme Court Justice — and it scared the shit out of me.” He wanted to do something more, and fast.

“I’ve got to find my replacement,” Lear soon told associates at his production company, because he intended to focus all his creative energy on the threat to freedom represented by the religious right. “I’m going to do some commercials.” Somebody warned him, “Norman, you’re a Jew from Hollywood. They’re going to kill you if you go after the religious right.” Perhaps that spurred him to go ahead and make the original TV spot featuring “a middle-aged guy,” a forklift operator who is troubled because “here come these ministers telling him he’s a good Christian and his wife is a bad Christian, based on political criteria…and he says, ‘That’s not the American way.'” The commercial ran only on a local Washington, D.C. station, but as Lear anticipated, it was swiftly featured on all of the network evening news programs, and CBS ran the entire spot.

For all the achievements of People For, as his group has come to be known, including the defeat of Supreme Court nominee Robert Bork and the defense of Sonia Sotomayor, Lear understands that the nation faces an even more implacable brand of conservatism than when Reagan was president. “The chief contender for the Republican nomination is Mitt Romney,” he says, “and there is Romney on a stage with Bryan Fischer,” currently a powerful figure on the religious right, who has said, among other outrageous remarks, that gays were “responsible for the Holocaust…he’s a lunatic!” And of course the Romney campaign has brought Bork on board, to benefit from his dubious wisdom on the judiciary.

Back in those days, Lear believes, decency was more likely to prevail between political opponents. He was quite friendly with the Reagans, despite political clashes during his presidency, and flew up to the recent debate at the Reagan Library with the late president’s widow Nancy. “The fact is, I had some very positive dealings with him,” said Lear, something he can scarcely imagine with today’s aggressive Republican leaders.

Now working on a personal memoir and other projects, Lear is no longer at the helm of People For, which is led by president Michael Keegan and a board that includes Alec Baldwin, Kathleen Turner, and “Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane. But the exceptionally vital 89 year-old seems proud, if mildly astonished, that the group he founded in fear and frustration has grown into a preeminent liberal presence, spanning three decades. “I would never wake up any morning in my life thinking that this is what I would be doing,” he said. Today Americans who cherish liberty can be thankful he did.

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5 Responses to ‘They’re Going To Kill You’: Why Norman Lear Founded People For the American Way

  1. Norman has done a great deal to promote patriotism in this country. As a resident of rural Texas, American Family Radio is a clear station in the sticks and I am consistently bewildered at the hateful programming by the above mentioned Bryan Fischer and others. It is always couched in a cloak of “the love of our Lord Jesus Christ who is our Savior” but always bottom lines in a thinly veiled message of hate against Gays, Muslims, Liberals, Obama and any others who they are not in agreement with. I am always reminded this is a free country where anyone is free to say anything. Although hateful and lying, it sounds reasonable and picks up speculations and repeats them as facts, teaching and expanding a learned ignorance we experience today in statements that Obama is not legitimate because he is a Muslim born elsewhere. People like Frank Graham, the incompetent son of Billy Graham, and others who are blathering incompetents become their gospel. Very sad that our public airways are vectors of deceit.

  2. A huge bus with no driver is rolling town a busy street, Distination” A religous Government for the United States of America” with a banner on the bus “Vote in 2012 for a GOP driver.

  3. Thank you very much for the work that you are doing. This country needs more liberals
    with an inclination to do something rather than just complain about it.

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