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Friday, October 21, 2016

This Heartbreaking Video From An Ex-Scout Shows Why The Boy Scouts Need To End The Ban On Gay Kids… And Gay Adults

The Boy Scouts of America made news last week when they announced that they intended to defy the Rick Perrys and Rick Santorums of the world by admitting openly gay Scouts.

But the group does not intend to end its policy of prohibiting gay adults to serve as troop leaders.

Filmmaker and Eagle Scout Todd Bieber, of The Onion and Upright Citizens Brigade, hopes to convince the organization he loves to reconsider this decision when it votes on policy later in May. So he made this video to help end the discrimination.

You can contact the Boy Scouts of America here.

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  • kelly dauma

    Thank you this is what I want my son to learn, it is not who you want to spend your life with but how you show yourself.

  • JohnRNC

    Excellent work Todd!

  • Michael Stoker

    I was denied my eagle scout because of my gay status.. I was denied order of the aarow because of my gay status.. but I will never forget the acceptance I got from the troop, its leaders, and its scouts…. I learned so much I was never taught hate untel I was denied…