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Saturday, March 23, 2019

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MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow explains how amazing it is that Virginia’s Republicans found candidates further to the right than Ken Cuccinelli, who in 2010 had the breast on the state’s seal covered up. Thursday night she did a devastating dissection of the dank corner of the Republican Party typified by the Virginia GOP’s candidate for lieutenant governor — E.W. Jackson, the man who was forced to hold a press conference this week to say, “I do not believe birth defects are caused by parents’ sin. And I do not believe yoga leads to Satanism.”

Maddow summarized:

“This is really what the Republican Party is like right now. Even after the 2012 elections, and the supposed nationwide tip-to-tail diagnosis that the party needed to rebrand, maybe take it a little easy on the fire and brimstone hot sauce, at least for the next few elections—even after all of that, this is who they are. They are more like this now than they were last year, and than they were the year before that. This is not the Beltway-narrative media about what’s going on in American politics right now, but it is exactly what is going on, if you watch how they behave and who they are and what they say in public.”

She concluded by saying, “Because this is how things are now. People keep saying this problem is in the past for the Republican Party. It’s not in the past, it’s worse than it’s ever been.”

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17 responses to “‘This Is Really What The Republican Party Is Like Right Now,’ Explains Rachel Maddow”

  1. charleo1 says:

    At least those off their nutty, Right Wing, rockers, are not shooting little girls in the
    head. Because they say they want to get an education, and become a doctor.
    So, for the time being anyway, they are still trailing the Taliban, in their war on
    women. But, I am far from being the first to point out their similarities in spirit,
    if not in deed. And it ought to concern every American. Be they Republican,
    Democrat, or Independent. Because regular people, of any political persuasion,
    don’t think, act, or, think of acting, in the way some of these goobers are trying
    to govern. First off, their economic policies stink to the high Heavens for most Americans. But, the Rich are fine now. So, it’s off they go, to pursue their real
    passion. The reason they probably got into politics in the first place. To remake American society into a carbon copy of themselves. Selfish, boorish, loud mouthed, authoritarians. Disrespectful as Hell, and proud of being so. Dispassionate toward
    the poor, of course, and disdainful, and oblivious to any of the fundamental beliefs,
    and ideals, that have served the Country so well, and contributed to it’s greatness
    in ways both large, and small. Not the least of which is their nihilistic rejection of the idea that our sum total, that is, by all of us working together, we are greater than
    the number of our individual parts.

    • sigrid28 says:

      Contemplating the number of state legislatures trending far right and enacting crazy laws, I’m in total agreement with what you say above and with Rachel Maddow, who did another great piece along the same lines about North Carolina’s Art Pope, architect of his state’s drastic right turn and now that state’s Budget Director. It is little consolation that some of these laws are sure to be struck down in the courts, unless new state laws pass to make judges’ elections dependent on private funding, destroying all fairness in the election of judges and therefore the courts, until you reach a federal level. Taken together all this craziness is a little hard for me to believe, unless I think of the Republican party as having given up altogether on the possibility of ever again winning the White House. The media is partly to blame for not exposing the fatalistic logic of this scorched earth policy earlier, because presidential politics make such good copy: Is it a slow news day? Time to talk about the 2016 election! By contrast, the National Memo seems ahead of the rest in bringing this surprise attack on civil rights state by state to the fore.

      • plc97477 says:

        Let’s talk about the 2014 first. If we can get rid of enough of the repugs then there is a hope (small though it may be) they will wake up and at least try to figure out where they have lost it.

      • idamag says:

        Just when you think they can’t get crazier, they do.

    • Jo Hargis says:

      You say the extreme right is trailing the Taliban in the war on women. I’m not so sure about that. I think the only thing stopping our extreme right from being exactly like them is that we have laws against the crap they’d *like* to do to women. I sincerely believe if laws didn’t prevent it, we’d be seeing some extremely nasty stuff from right wingers towards women, minorities and the LGBT folks.

  2. tranz2deep says:

    This guy’s a total fruit loop, but Rachel screwed up in one aspect, which was what the guy was objecting to; The Maharishi Yoga is a person. What Jackson was blathering in his book (and how stupid can a MINISTER be to overlook the cover misspelling “Commandments”, anyway? But I digress..) is that Zen Buddhism and all other meditation that seeks to still the mind leads to demonic possession. Still cloud cuckoolander material, but quite a different message!

    • TZToronto says:

      Since when did facts matter to these, uh, people. Many of them know nothing and are proud of it. They hear words and put their weird intuitive meanings to them. Then they accuse anyone they don’t like of promoting the ideas their twisted brains have concocted, based on their weird interpretations of the world. Yoga, Zen–it’s all the same to them, something they don’t care for.

  3. RobertCHastings says:

    Why haven’t we been seeing Jackson on the “Week in Crazy” segment. This guy sounds like he is certifiable, and his lunacy completely lays to rest any rumors about the revival of the Republican party in a saner and gentler form. Jackson’s professed belief that birth defects are brought on by the sins of the parents certainly reflects real views held by real people 50 – 100 years ago, and is certainly reminiscent of the views of Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell, and those who follow them. However, regardless of how folks may parse his comments about meditation leading to demonic possession, I feel a reasonable follow-up on his statement would be that he has apparently been doing a lot of meditating. Christ himself advocated stilling the mind, so I guess, in Jackson’s alternate universe, Christ must have been pushing Satan’s agenda.

    • plc97477 says:

      I think we are going to see a lot of jackson in the week in crazy from now on. glenn beck is going to have some competition. I don’t capitalize their names on purpose.

  4. JDavidS says:

    If, at least mentally, your knuckles don’t drag on the ground, you can’t possibly be a RepubliCON. And if you learned to walk upright any more than a week ago, you certainly aren’t Tea Clown material.

  5. Pat Brown says:

    If this is what they’re saying in public, in front of the people they want to vote for them, then what are they saying in their private engagements? If the people of Virginia vote these dangerous clowns in then they get no sympathy from me when they that their on line craziness was only a fraction of the reality.

    And Charleo1, while you’re right about the Taliban being worse, if the GOP far right got enough power across the country I wouldn’t put it past them to develop policies similar, maybe not against little girls who want to be doctors, but against gays and non-Christians. I guarantee you they’d LIKE to.

  6. howa4x says:

    The states are the Achilles Heel of the republican party. It doesn’t matter what the Washington GOP says, the states provide the action till the next national election. It is here where the party’s Neanderthal contingent comes out. Those knuckle dragging, anti immigrant, LGBT, woman hating sections of the party gets all the news. The states are where the Koch bros can hide, and spend billions on their quest to turn back the clock. They want the GOP at the state level under their thumb and do their dirty work of union busting, and environmental regulation rollback. This is the last bastion where older white men can flex their political muscle and beat back feminists and tree huggers. Their problem is of course that the media is watching and reporting all of it, so it negates anything the public relations people working for the national GOP can do. I guess at the state level they didn’t get the memo, and all of it is driving away young people, independents, minorities and women in droves. So much for a republican national strategy.

  7. Allan Richardson says:

    Covering up the breast on the state seal is more than sexual modesty. It also means that the state will not provide for her children. The female breast has been a symbol of nourishment and mothering far longer than it has been a symbol of seduction; one of the Old Testament names for God, El Shaddai, literally means “the breasted One,” or the One who supports us (similarly, the Ephesian representation of Artemis was as a woman with over a dozen breasts; far too many to be “sexy”). So these people, perhaps unconsciously since they do not seem culturally literate enough to know it, are saying the state will starve her children, for the benefit of … whom?

    • idamag says:

      They are the ones who are sex maniacs. They see sex in everything. If I see a woman in a bikini on a magazine cover, I think, “Nice body.” They see sex. If I see two people of the same sex in a loving relationship, I see love and companionship. Their minds immediately go to the crotches. So, who are the sex maniacs?

  8. 1bythebrooks2 says:

    Scary, dangerous idiots all!

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