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Saturday, March 23, 2019

For the past several weeks, former vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin has been hinting at a run for Senate in her former home state of Alaska. Now, thanks to a recent Federal Election Commission filing, we know why.

Palin’s political action committee, SarahPAC, raised just $460,536 in the first half of 2013. That number falls far short of SarahPAC’s totals for the first halves of 2011 and 2012, when the PAC raised roughly $1.2 million and $1.7 million, respectively.

In the first six months of 2013, SarahPAC spent $496,505.68, almost $36,000 more than it brought in. Although the PAC is not in debt (it reports having over $1 million in cash on hand), that represents a troubling trend for the one-time governor’s committee.

Furthermore, as Matt Berman points out at National Journal, the PAC’s spending pattern raises some serious questions. According to the FEC filing, the PAC donated just $5,000 to political candidates in 2013 — all of it going to Rep. Jason Smith (R-MO). The rest of the money went to expenses and consulting fees, including at least $11,500 a month to PAC spokesman/treasurer Timothy Crawford.

So the next time you hear Sarah Palin feigning interest in running for Alaska’s Senate seat in 2014, you won’t have to ask yourself why she would enter a race she’s almost certain to lose. Or why a self-declared “maverick” would want to join a body governed largely by seniority and a complicated system of unwritten rules. Or why a woman who knows very little about laws would want to write them. Or why an Arizona resident would run for Senate more than 3,500 miles from her home. Or why, after failing to complete four years as governor, Palin would seek a six-year term in Washington.

Simply remember that paying the consultants that she claims to hate so much, and flying around the country waving around a Big Gulp, isn’t cheap. And as Palin proved back in 2011, nothing jumpstarts fundraising efforts quite like a fake run for federal office.

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33 responses to “This Is Why Sarah Palin Wants You To Think That She’s Running For Senate”

  1. Lynda Groom says:

    Money talks, and this lady walks. Nothing new here folks.

  2. joe michael villa says:

    The Wicked witch of the North has no intention on running.
    She has to keep her fan base intact and hungry so she throws them crumbs every once in awhile. The witch is a con artist.

  3. michaelross says:

    In the town I live in, there are a couple of “charities” that give out little to no money but pay their executive staffers all in the six figure range. SarahPAC is the political equivalent of this; an action committee that spends as little money as possible on actual campaigns and instead spends most of its money on paying Sarah Palin’s salary.

    By the way, there are a couple now, but there used to be a dozen. Take a wild guess what happened to the rest of them, and what will inevitably happen to SarahPAC once her donors finally figure out the scam.

  4. FredAppell says:

    What a gross miscalculation on her part. She thought she was the main attraction when all along she was only the sideshow. She was never a big player but she does know how to garner media attention. Come to think of it, so does Honey Boo Boo.

  5. Teddy Jack Eddie says:


  6. gvette says:

    Funny, Palin did a lot, to get tea party people elected in 2010. For those of you that think she’s picking your pockets, look no farther then that piece of shit in the white house you people think so much of!!

    • Bill Thompson says:

      She is the main reason McCain lost too Obama so look no further to point blame. McCain proved through the picking of Sarah Palin as his running mate that his decision-making skills were greatly lacking.

      • BillP says:

        Trolls like gvette offer nothing but ridiculous comments and show their lack of intelligence with phrases like “piece of shit” to identify President Obama. The general lack of civility shown by these trolls is ironic especially when they claim to be religious people who are being persecuted by the gov’t.

      • idamag says:

        I had been planning on voting for McCain until he picked SP.

    • A_Schick says:

      “Funny, Palin did a lot” hahahaha

    • A_Real_Einstein says:

      And she got a lot of people unelected in 2012. I feel bad for the people that contribute to her PAC. What a waste of money. And they really believe that she will run for office again. Somewhere in a village in Alaska they are in search of their idiot. Talk about a falling star.

    • highpckts says:

      At the risk of sounding childish, it takes one to know one!!

  7. bckrd1 says:

    These Super Pacs are nothing more than the politicians having a “legal” vehicle for enriching themselves with these so called donations. They spend very little on what they say they are supposed to be supporting and they just spend it on themselves and other family member “employees” with bogus job descriptions and bogus expense invoices.

  8. Macthegent says:

    Sarah Palin is con artist and is only looking out for herself, who is willing to collect money for her own benefit and increasing her bank account. She is a dummy when it comes to politics, but, she makes fools out of all those stupid contributors who continue to support with their hard earned money. Name one thing Sarah Palin has ever done for anyone else except her family and herself. She is good at riling up a crowd with her hatred and bigotry of other races, and her dislike of our ‘PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA’. But after her rants and venom of prejudices and separation are brought out., What is it that she has to offer anyone? A big fat zero, nothing. The woman is a fraud, fake, and liar who only want to bring attention to herself…..

    • plc97477 says:

      The one thing palin ever did to help anyone other than herself is kept mccain from getting elected. Good job sarah.

      • Macthegent says:

        Yes sir, I concur with you one hundred per cent. That is one of the best things she had done in her show of none importance otherwise. Have a best day……………………………………………………….Mac

  9. doninsd says:

    Sarah baby is right up there with her sister in arms Michelle Bachmann. Michelle took in $300,000, and spent $400 on campaign donations. Great minds, and all that.

  10. dwig3d says:

    Once a grafter, always a grafter. Are people really that stupid to giver her money to do nothing?

  11. Donald Eyermann says:

    Like MANY conservatives she spouts BS like a trained parrot and denies facts and will NOT even read a dissenting article nor look at any of the reference facts!! Conservatives “know” they are right and everyone else is wrong and the FOX News team, Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, Coulter and the Voice of God in their head tells them what they want top hear so they remain comfortable in their “knowledge”….right up until some catastrophe happens and it is obvious they were always wrong….then they will say “Oh I knew that all along” and deny ever having said anything to the contrary.

  12. Patricia McCullough says:

    I do NOT feel sorry for the fools that buy into her crap!!

  13. bpai99 says:

    Sarah Who?

  14. dxmachina says:

    Remember, somewhere north of 40 million of your neighbors and friends thought this woman was as qualified, or more qualified, to serve as President than the present incumbent of the office.

  15. RobertCHastings says:

    Damn, she may not be as stupid as we all think she is – at least she has figured out how to raise money. Maybe she will learn when to hold them, and know when to fold ’em.

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