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WATCH: Tina Fey Revives Her Sarah Palin Impression

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WATCH: Tina Fey Revives Her Sarah Palin Impression


Tina Fey briefly revived her impression of “half-governor” Sarah Palin during her appearance on Inside the Actors Studio with James Lipton. As always, it’s so good it’s almost worth hoping that Palin runs in 2016.

The former Fox News contributor made a triumphant return to CPAC last weekend, where she delivered a series of one-liners while holding a Super Big Gulp — including one where she told President Obama to step away from the teleprompter and “do his job.” An amazing critique coming from a woman reading a teleprompter, and who has no job.

Watch both and tell us who you think is funnier — on purpose.


  1. Kei Yuuki March 22, 2013

    What in the heck did she shoot up her nose or in her vein before showing up on stage?Tina Fey cant even act this idiotic!

  2. Dominick Vila March 22, 2013

    I am rooting for a Paul-Rubio or a Paul-Palin ticket in 2016.
    Clinton-Warren 2016

  3. frida March 22, 2013

    Good job Tina Fey. You are making us feel good. I know the sipping of that big Gulp soda is on the way coming. Keep up the marvelous job you are doing. We need it.

  4. Mark Forsyth March 22, 2013

    I couldn’t even watch the entire Palin clip.She has never had an adult conversation.She has spent so much time in her Alaskan outhouse,she is full of it.

  5. WhutHeSaid March 22, 2013

    A Paul/Palin ticket will never happen, of course, but how priceless to all of the comedians it would be! With Paul’s naturally wacky looks and even wackier policies mixed with Palin’s clueless dialogue — comics would have enough material for decades to come.

  6. Jane Rimmer March 22, 2013

    Sarah Palin is the “put on”, the “con”. For her, it’s all about the attention, not about the truth.

  7. JDavidS March 22, 2013

    I would love to see a Ryan/Palin ticket. The two biggest idiots in American politics together. Can you imagine the fun late night TV would have with that?

  8. Allan Richardson March 23, 2013

    I heard almost every right-wing misconception about liberals from the past 40 years. Liberals do not want power for the sake of having power, that is what right wing bosses want. Liberals do not want to take guns away from honest people, but they do want to make it harder for bad guys to get them by buying them off the books from “good” citizens who go through dozens of guns a year (buy, sell, repeat) to get them to bad guys.

    Conservative VOTERS are, for the most part, being sold a fantasy world view by so-called conservative bosses and opinion shapers. Ironically, the majority of conservative voters are NOT the people whom their policies benefit; they are voting AGAINST their own interests.

    A conservative economy would be a Biblical economy. Not the economy the Bible recommends, but the economy of most countries in Bible times. Rich ruling classes like Caiaphas (religious crooks stealing from people), Herod (local political bosses financed by wealthy merchants), and Pilate (international merchant and political bosses), and the rest of us hoping to survive to the age of 40 without getting the plague or getting killed by the police (occupying army).

    The only truthful statement that the REAL Palin made was the joke that her husband got the rifle and she got the rack, which is not the kind of disrespectful statement that any liberal would say about her. Any wonder they call her Caribou Barbie?

    Tina Fey has the look and the voice down pat, but she is too polite to be outrageous enough to be mistaken for the real Palin. You can’t out-parody someone who IS a parody. Likewise, Stephen Colbert acting like a clone of Bill O’Reilly, and Jon Stewart doing a Glenn Beck impression, actually make MORE sense than their targets, who are NOT trying to be funny.

    1. craig hill April 24, 2013

      I’m equally disgusted by both. Liberals are way too liberal with a party that votes today like conservatives voted 20 years ago. I hated conservatives then, and hate both now. The entirety of them have committed treason against the people and the Constitution. NEITHER should be extolled, or held up as superior to the other. Otherwise the rightwingization of liberals will never stop moving right.

  9. JDavidS March 23, 2013

    They say a good tip for public speakers is to try to imagine your audience nude. Co-incidentally enough, that’s the best way to view a Sarah Palin speech. Ignore the lunacy that trips out of her mouth and then try to picture Sarah nude. Otherwise, if you do listen, after about 30 seconds your eyes glaze over and you sink into a vegetative state. Sarah Palin… almost the perfect cliche… cute, airhead, all she needs is the blonde hair.

    1. jkarov April 28, 2013

      Paylin is anything but “cute”, as illustrated in what she looks like now, as in


  10. astroguy54 July 27, 2013

    Let’s not forget the slimy politician who thought Sarah Palin was qualified to be second-in-line to the Presidency: our dear, demented friend John McCain who keeps getting brought back to us decade after decade by the wackos in possibly our most demented state, Arizona. Three cheers!


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