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Thursday, January 17, 2019

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Why can’t Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) get his members to pass a plan that would save tax breaks for all incomes under $1 million? Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-KS) explained exactly why on MSNBC’s Morning Joe.

As a “conservative,” he refuses to consider any plan that has ANY tax increases. Instead he repeats the “We don’t have a revenue problem; we have a spending problem” mantra over and over, and claims that raising taxes on millionaires would hurt small businesses.

This is like an obese man saying “I have an eating problem, not an exercising problem. Thus I will NEVER exercise.”

This is why if there’s going to be any deal to avoid the so-called “fiscal cliff,” it depends on Speaker Boehner being willing to pass a bill that attracts dozens of Democrats.

Right now the fate of our economy depends on two questions:

  1. Does Speaker Boehner want a deal?
  2. Is he willing to risk his job to do it?

And if you don’t think elections matter, keep in mind that Huelskamp was elected in 2010 and ran unopposed in 2012.


Next time, Mr. Boehner, wait until after you avoid economic calamity before you start grinding axes.

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6 responses to “This Is Why Speaker Boehner Has Lost Control”

  1. docb says:

    I saw this and was astounded by the divorced from reality talking points and lies that spewed from his horrid mouth! Goes to show what havoc the repubs visited on the Nation by embracing these ignorant newbie un-trainable un-patriotic wastrels for votes and seats in the House!

    Boneher can not take all the blame..the party must be called to account along with the low IQ lied to voter that elected these vermin! You can not control the insane!

    As to pulling this idiot out of leadership..It was the correct move do not promote vile incompetence and anti American intractability in governance only in business!

  2. nobsartist says:

    It is easy to see why republiCONs are going to continue to lose opportunities to lead.

    They cant.

  3. elw says:

    I am not surpised by this, it is exactly the same behavior that helped them lose the 2012 election. They still think they won. They still think the majority of American believe they are right. Like all radicals they bend reality to fit what they want to believe. It is why they are losing ground, have destroyed the credibility of the Republican Party and are helping Democrats win elections. Boneher would do himself a big favor to get as many of those people out of leadership positions as possible.

  4. William Quigley says:

    Recent studies have indicated raising taxes on millionaries would have little impact on the economy. Lowering tax does have an impact of money flowing into foreign tax havens. A recent study estimates there is currently 22.8 trillion (that’s trillion with a T) invested in these foreign tax havens. 2 trillion of that is invested in Mitt Romneys favorite tax haven, The Cayman Islands. Let’s keep the money at home where it will do some good, raise taxes on the top 1% to where they were under Ronald Reagan (39.6%)!

  5. The GOP has collapsed, the head’s just too numb to know it yet.

  6. gjdodger says:

    Boehner has lost control of his rank-and-file, but it’s erroneous to suggest he can’t get a deal through the House. If he and the POTUS strike a deal, all the Dems will vote for it and Boehner’s leadership team and committee heads will as well, or they will become ex-leaders and committee heads. The other Republicans will hate him. Big deal. They hate him now.

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