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Friday, July 20, 2018

This Week In Crazy: Craziness Runs In The Cruz Family, And The Rest Of The Worst Of The Right

Welcome to “This Week In Crazy,” The National Memo’s weekly update on the wildest attacks, conspiracy theories, and other loony behavior from the increasingly unhinged right wing. Starting with number five:

5. Randy Neugebauer

Lacking a good explanation for why they refuse to fund the federal government unless the White House gives in to their hostage demands, in the past few days congressional Republicans have latched on to the closing of the World War II Memorial as a way to turn the messaging war against Democrats. Multiple congressmembers have joined veterans at the monument, claiming that its closure represented government at its most callous.

Congressman Randy Neugebauer (R-TX) somewhat undermined that message on Wednesday, when he decided to shift blame for the closure away from Congress and the White House, and onto an innocent park ranger who was simply trying to do her job.

“The Park Service should be ashamed of themselves,” said Neugebauer, who — having repeatedly voted against funding the government — is actually responsible for the shutdown.

“I’m not ashamed,” the ranger replied.

“You should be,” Neugebauer responded icily.

If you’re wondering just how crazy a congressman would have to be for blaming a crisis that he voted to cause on a low-level Park Service employee, consider that Neugebauer is best known for shouting “baby killer!” at a Democratic colleague who was speaking on the House floor. Clearly shame (or lack thereof) is a subject in which the congressman is extremely well versed.

70 Responses to This Week In Crazy: Craziness Runs In The Cruz Family, And The Rest Of The Worst Of The Right

  1. No longer a reason to raise the debt ceiling, when the crazies are through the roof. I keep telling myself that I have seen all that crazy has to offer. Then, BAAAM! I find Glen Beck sleeping on my doorstep.

  2. The WW2 Veterans memorial is a big deal for the Teabaggers because in their minds they occupy the prime Greatest Generation pandering space in the scheme of things.

    The idea that they, the most effusive of flag waivers, would have done something to dishonor those vets throws them into such a rage of cognitive dissonance that they know instantly that must throw up some truly preposterous lies to get ahead of the story.

  3. Most Republican politicians and conservative reporters know that what resonates among their supporters are issues such as abortion, gay marriage, affirmative action, illegal immigration, equality, and big government. The easiest way to get political and financial support is to tell their supporters what they want to hear, and the sad truth is that there are many among us whose ideals and preferences involves destroying the institutions and social gains we have made during the last several decades.
    The cynicism of their strategy, and their willingness to compromise our national security, our social gains, and the fabric that holds our nation together, is driven by the conviction that the end justifies the means.
    Sadly, they have been so effective in convincing the most ignorant and prejudiced members of our society that we now find people voting and embracing issues that are counter productive for their well being and work against their best interests.
    Part of the problem also stems from the fact that the Democratic party has not done a good job at explaining our policies and goals in terms everyone can understand. We are not dealing with academia, we are dealing with a segment of our population that can’t find Japan on a map, who has no idea what the euro is, that believes a system run by for profit insurance companies is socialist, that is convinced they can educate their children at home because public education is evil, a crowd that believes the role of a woman is to procreate and bake cookies, people who hate anything foreign and anyone who looks or sounds different from the mainstream, and who claim religious values when they embrace tactics worthy o the anti-Christ.

    • Fortunately, these dinosaurs are all getting older, and one step closer to irrelevance. It seems that the younger generation, in general, does not get as worked up about GLBT issues, illegal immigration, abortion, racism and other similar things. They seem more willing to accept people as individuals, and put aside the stereotypical prejudices that characterize many of their seniors. They also seem less hung up on the old testament retributive hatred of fundamental evangelical religions. Let’s hope that this generation will put America back on a saner course.

      • I agree that young liberals feel that way, but there are young Republicans who spout the party line about birth control, abortion, GLBT issues, SNAP, and so on. Their young drink their Kool-Aid, too. I would like to think that young Republicans would be more enlightened, but it is often not so. That is why it will be so important to get every single Democrat out to vote, in the next, and all following elections.

  4. Actually, the GOP is hiding one serious reality at present: It’s party is split apart and they let it happen. OH sure…when the Tea Party nuts first came on board with their slicked back hair, perfect teeth, $500 CEO wannabee suits and the very words the old timer GOP bulls loved hearing: Greed is good, Wealth is an entitlement of the few and enslavement the fate of the many…These old times hopped right on board to go with the flow…Now? They are ruing the day they allowed these double talking hypocrites one inch of space in their party.

    Americans are not afraid to fight the Tea Party…as dirty as we have to if that’s what it takes to rid our government of their cancerous breed of lesions.

    • Frankly, I would love to see the Tea Party cause a split in the Republicans. If they think they could force a new vote for Speaker, Stenny Hoyer could easily become our next Speaker.

      • I agree…If the Tea Party splits the GOP, it will have to show its true source of major funding…I also think Hoyer might have a shot at being the next speaker. It’s already in the wind that Boehner will either have to resign or be impeached for trying to takeover the government with his demands to ignore the ACA law. When a GOP bull ignores laws, that’s unconstitutional and they know it. You don’t get to shop around for the laws you like in a democracy and then pick and choose for party benefit.

        • Agreed. However, it is the case that the Executive can refuse to enforce the laws Congress passes. Dubya did it all the time with his signing statements that said he’d enforce this part of the law but not that part of the law. When you think about it, it’s the equivalent of a line-item veto. I’m sure, though, that Dubya isn’t the only President to do this. When it comes to Congress, all those Congress-creatures can do is pass laws (or not pass them).

          • The problem with the GOP began when they hoped after the crash of ’29 to take control of American incomes that were intended by these slugs to flush billions upon billions to Wall Street. That didn’t happen as a matter of distrust of Wall Street speculators who ruined the US economy from 1929 until just before WWII. The next on the GOP hit list was Roe vs. Wade. They went on and on ad infiniteum, ad nauseum fighting to repeal it. That didn’t happen either. Now it’s the ACA. They are hoping of they can amass billions in campaign funding, they’ll put another talking head in the White House like Bush and repeal the ACA…Their greatest fear is that our president was right all along about the ACA. In their vain, pathetic attempts to try and politically assassinate this president who refuses to keep it “the way it has always been,” at the expense of millions of middle and lower income Americans, they will end up looking like the irrational clowns they are.

  5. The GOP thinks they’ll hide the true facts…They approve the spending for 8 years on a war we didn’t need and only Big Oil and the Texas Mafia did. Now, they want to defund all taxpayers work for in favor of handing over billions upon billions more to corporations who don’t need one dime more of our tax dollars.

    Americans are all for helping small businesses…But the GOP liars claim a corporation with thousands of workers are small? Double talk from two-faced GOP bulls is what that party is ALL about today. Eisenhower must be rolling in his grave.

  6. What I have to tell everyone is: just ignore all these crazy people; Glen Beck, Ted Cruz, Sean Hannity, Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter etc. etc. They are totally nothing. They can raise their voices until the sky which is the limit, still they can not achieve anything. By the way, these people were around in 2008 and 2012 elections, were they helpful? A BIG NO. They will continue making their mischiefs and GOP will never put their leg in the White House in terms of having a republican President.

    • Only one disagreement from me on your post FT66….they were extremely helpful !…their sheer presence and obvious stupiity was so glaringly evident that any sane person knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that Romney was NOT the man to be holding the highest office in the land….

  7. “As long as we’re on God’s side, who could stand against us?” Beck asked.”
    What God, the false god these “good Christians” worship? The hatred, intolerance, racism, bigotry, that they spew every chance they get is not the teachings of Christ. Their language, their disdain for people who are less fortunate than them or their contempt for people of a different color are not the teachings of God.

    • Yesterday, as my husband was passing through the living room when Michele Bachman happened to be on TV, stating her devotion as a Christian, I thought he was going to lose it. I think if he wasn’t able to use his “choice” words of description of her, he would surely have had a stroke. Hubby is not good at accepting hypocrisy . Or Banana Republicans .(his new phrase)

      • Oh my Gosh! I totally identify with your Husband! My Husband constantly reminds me that I am talking to the TV!!, but they just make you so angry that anyone could be that stupid and uncaring!

        • People like Bachmann, Beck et al. are the reason I left the church and will never, ever go back. They have destroyed anything that was ever good about christianity by their sick, warped, twisted and disgusting views. Hope they are proud of themselves. People are leaving christianity in droves thanks to them. Forget destroying government from the inside; they’re destroying an entire religion. I hope when they die if there is an afterlife, that they find out that instead of going to heaven, they are going to rot forever in the filthy pits of hell.

          • I respect the christianity exemplified by Jesus, but not the warped and twisted beliefs and practices of today’s extreme right wing evangelicals. Regarding them, one can only say sweet Jesus, save us from the “christians”!

  8. The reality is that if a GOP president managed by some miracle of God to be elected in 2016, they will do what they wish they could have done to SS under FDR…abolish it. Then, watch the cost of healthcare in corporate hands balloon. What the Tea Party doesn’t EVER admit is that it takes government regulation to put an end to padding insurance premiums for profit.

    • Which is why health insurance needs to be taken out of private, for-profit hands. The insurers can have it both ways. They are in a position to raise premiums while saying that they’re lowering them. How? All they have to do is say that they didn’t raise the premiums as much as they were going to. In their twisted little minds, that constitutes a lowering of premiums.

      • We got what we could get as long as there are crazies in Washington. It’s amazing we got anything at all. They are apoplectic about ACA, most of all the fear it’s going to work. They love the glitches and problems in rolling it out over the Internet but they never compare that to the fact Wall Street’s Internet crashed when they did the Facebook IPO. Anybody who knows anything about computers and the Internet knows the simple fact that you can’t handle 5,000,000 visitors in a couple of days without slowing and/or crashing at times. The number of people trying to sign up for health care on the Internet was more in a day than the airlines handle in a month and they are one of the highest user visited sites of all. It’s an indication of how much the citizens of this country want ACA. And they want to take it away. I’ll be happy when the voters take them away.

          • Ironic that so many naysayers are signing up. I had lunch with a Republican friend whose son she pays $900 a month for an insurance policy to cover only hospitalization — don’t ask me why that makes sense but whatever — and I said definitely you should sign him up for ACA and she said, well, it’s not going to work anyway. Yeah, right. I bet it’s 50/50 Rs and Ds trying to sign on and however many Independents which doesn’t particularly matter. The first R that is saved from bankruptcy by having this insurance may have to start telling the truth about it. When this thing works, and it will have its bobbles, after all, the IPO of Facebook crashed the Internet for that day which is a big no-no, so why is this disaster. It’s not. They will choke on their words and it will cause me to hesitate with the Heimlich hug, though I will give it. But I won’t let them move until they cheer ACA.

      • These HMOs are nothing but extortionist crooks. I prove it. NY, NJ, CT and MA have the highest premium rates in the US. When I listened this week to an interview on NPR with a HMO CEO’s excuse about why the rates are higher in the region of the country, it didn’t make a particle of sense…The reason was “medical care in the northeast costs more.” If that isn’t the biggest, fattest lie from HMOs yet, I can’t imagine what else they could add to their packs of lies.

    • God won’t have anything to do with the election of a gop president. That will happen through voter suppression, gerrymandering, etc.

      Don’t underestimate those people. They could easily take the White House if people don’t stand up and take our country back.

      • I think you shouldn’t worry too terribly much, really, not that we shouldn’t all worry if we’re not participating in the government that’s elected but they do so much to hurt people and we’re not all as stupid as they think or depended on us being.

        • We didn’t win the election by that much, remember that one scandal could tip things in the next election. Remember America is the center of the universe for the low information voter(example just look to the south)

          • It’s good to stay cautious. I’m in the South. I know about low information voters all too well. 🙂

  9. Glenn, just to help you along, I think there are 238 (or was it 572 or 197) Communists in the State Department. I heard it from Sen. McCarthy, and he oughta know, right?

  10. I think it’s time we just recognized the fact that Beck is simply bat-shit crazy and give him an honorary place on this list. Then just make it the “best” of the rest.
    It’s the least we can do for someone who is obviously trying so hard to convince us he’s a certifiable imbecile.

  11. It’s really too bad these folks haven’t been institutionalized. Beck and Cruz are obviously suffering from severe mental problems and the idiot Congressman who blamed the shutdown on a Park Ranger? Well, he’s just too stupid to be participating in running the government. It is truly frightening how very very stupid these folks are, at the very least.

    • Beck is probably brain-damaged from all the booze he drank and all the coke he snorted in his days as a FM radio “shock jock” in the 80s and 90s. Also I seem to vaguely recall reading or hearing somewhere that Beck has a long history of mental illness in his family…someday we are probably going to find out this guy is/was borderline or bipolar or something.

      As for Cruz, looks like he was doomed from birth, being raised by a father who is a wing-nut conspiracy kook. Kind of reminds me of Mel Gibson, who disavowed a lot of the things that his batshit-crazy dad said, then we found out (thanks to those phone recordings his ex made) that Mel is just as batshit as his old man. Sad really; “Bravehart” was once one of my favorite movies ever and now I can’t bring myself to watch it.

      Actually, Cruz might even be scarier than his old man, in that he he hasn’t disavowed his old man’s comments the way Gibson tried to do. Maybe will luck out though and someone will leak some incriminating fly-on-the wall stuff about Cruz so we can watch him go down in flames like Gibson did. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving creature.

      • I like everything you’ve said but I would go further. Obviously Cruz the son is more dangerous than the father because he actually has legislative powers, until these people pull the plug on his balloon and let him flutter awkwardly away before he lands who knows where, hopefully a briar patch somewhere. But Cruz the son is mesmerized by his crazed father, another one of those ministers totally lacking in Christian charity and values. The father has told the son all his life that the son is “chosen.” Let’s hope it’s chosen for discreditation.

  12. Neugebauer is just another rightwing nutcase that the Loon Star State incessantly sends off to the House and Senate there to burden and embarrass the country. The most notorious of the loons are Senator Joseph R, McCruz, the modern day’s demagogue, and the utterly disgusting Louie Gohmert who will say or do anything to serve the Plutocracy.

  13. When Neugebauer ranted at the park ranger saying she should be ashamed I wish she had said “you should be ashamed because you and your cronies are responsible for this shutdown. You’re still getting paid while we’re working without pay so get off your high horse and do what you were elected to do.”

  14. Let me say this to those who think that Obamacare is a joke, and a
    socialism..what are they belong to is a society, and any society has at
    least partial socialism to exists. But seriously the countries with
    socialist medicine are faring better than the USA, they rank higher than
    us in their medical care and the well-being of their citizens, while we
    occupy 31st ranking. It is a shame not to cover your citizen
    healthcare, while this congress is handing billions in subsidies to
    corporation careless about its workers health and well-being.
    real shame should be that a small country like Oman that rank 7th do
    offer its citizens free healthcare, while the GOP do not want to cover
    everybody here, it tried to repeal, defund and gut the ACA several times
    instead of offering a single positive approach to the health crises
    that we have. Look at it from the same angle as the car insurance when
    they shoved down our throats the “No Fault Insurance”, where everyone
    are obliged to purchase car insurance to be able to go to his job, and
    that your insurance increase every time you got involved in an accident,
    even if a hail that damaged your car, your rate will jump, and knowing
    that the car insurance premiums are much higher that of the healthcare
    premiums yet I did not find any of these howlers cry foul!Note also that now you the tax payer end up paying
    for the uninsured who jammed the ERs in the hospitals because they do
    not have insurance, and that this is the most expensive Dr visit you may
    encounter. If you do not believe, then ask those who landed in the ER?

    • I think their biggest fear is that the people will like it once it is in place. The richest country in the world is Norway. They have the lowest unemployment rate and no poverty. They are the most Socialistic.

  15. I would like to take a baseball bat & use Randy Neugebauer’s (R-TX) head as the ball.
    He is a worthless, piece of Texas trash!!!! How dare he attack that poor park ranger when the current condition is because of jerks like him. Asshole!!!!

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  17. Understanding the ignorance of each of us is vital to understanding the development and benefits of morality, liberty, & civilization.

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