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Saturday, February 24, 2018

This week saw Trump’s very super Tuesday, the whole-hearted embrace of the GOP frontrunner by the white supremacist community, and perhaps the most unhinged, vulgar Twitter feed in Texas getting elected to the Republican party establishment. Welcome to “This Week In Crazy,” The National Memo’s weekly update on the loony, bigoted, and hateful behavior of the increasingly unhinged right wing. Starting with number five:

4. Trump’s Pummeling Fox News Into Submission

We’re in the “bargaining” phase now. While some establishment Republicans are belatedly scrambling to sabotage Trump’s path to the nomination, Fox News honchos have heard the fat lady and are hopping on the Trump train.

Tweeting the morning after Trump took seven states on Super Tuesday, Rupert Murdoch, who chairs Fox News’ parent company, wrote: “If he becomes inevitable party would be mad not to unify.”

Similarly, the network’s executive chairman Roger Ailes has pulled the plug on his previous support of Marco Rubio, disenchanted by the Florida senator’s flagging performance in the polls, at debates, and in the delegate count. According to New YorkAiles told a Fox host: “We’re finished with Rubio. We can’t do the Rubio thing anymore.” The report continues:

Already, there are on-air signs that Fox’s attitude toward Rubio has cooled. This morning, anchor Martha MacCallum grilled Rubio about his poor Super Tuesday performance. “Is that a viable excuse at this point?” she asked, when he tried spinning his second-place finish in Virginia.

[…] Ailes is now back to searching for a candidate the channel can rally behind. “He’s thinking, What do we do about the whole damn thing?” one of the news executive’s friends said.

What indeed? It’s almost as though stoking paranoid, xenophobic, hateful, extremist sentiment has… consequences?

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127 Responses to This Week In Crazy: Everyone Get On the Trump Train

  1. Only those whose brains have been changed by Dr. Carson, and who are convinced the Egyptian pyramids were granaries, are still having difficulty understanding what is behind Donald Trump’s popularity. In his favor, he has not tried to hide the centerpiece of his agenda. That is, the exploitation of ancient prejudices and fears to gain the support of a segment of our society which, although relatively small, is well organized, motivated, and vociferous.
    It really does not matter how outrageous or childish The Donald’s proposals are. In fact, the more outrageous they are, the more his supporters love him. What the GOP establishment, and many Democrats, don’t understand is that his followers see a reflection of themselves in his narcissism, immaturity, braggadocio, his childish expressions and, especially, in the prejudices and hatred that are the centerpiece of his discourse and political agenda. Expecting Trump to criticize or disavow white supremacists is like denying water to a man dying of thirst.
    White supremacists, the least educated among us, those consumed by fear bordering on paranoia, and those whose exposure to the outside world is limited to a 3-day cruise to the Bahamas, are Donald Trump’s base. It remains to be seen whether or not Democrats and Independent fall for the not so subtle political campaign being advanced by the GOP, ostensibly to defeat Democrats by dividing us, and suggesting that we should sit this one out if our preferred candidate is not nominated. They cannot defeat us if we are united and motivated. If we go to the polls, we will prevent the unthinkable. If we stay home, we will be responsible for a sequel to the political catastrophe that took place two years ago, and will have nobody to blame for it but ourselves.
    As for the GOP, make no mistake, they will all fall in line and will vote for Trump or whomever their nominee is. They always have, and that is not about to change just because their nominee is likely to be a narcissistic demagogue instead of a misunderestimated idiot.

    • Even you missed the point of his popularity, it is not Trump , but the ineffectiveness of politicians to represent the PEOPLE, The 4th Branch , equalizing branch , of Government is the Abused Tax payers, that is why Bernie and Donald are capturing the votes .
      The lying snakes as Congress get elected and start to line their pockets with our earnings and untraceable PAC monies for themselves and family members. Trump is an artful briber of politicians and knows he had to play the game for “fees for service” These rules are known to many and as individual and corporate businesses, we put up with it. This political Ruling class has lived well while the tax payer has paid for their comfort, paid through by the $ 7000 erosion of disposable income over the past 12 + years. The unaccounted monies , over the past 8 years of , 7 trillion dollars amounts to $52000 /couple , we need an accounting for these stolen funds from our families. Follow the money ….WHERE IS IT , CONGRESS????!!!!!

      • There are many reasons for Trump’s popularity. They range from a feeling of betrayal with the establishment shared by many Republicans who are not satisfied with the level of obstructionism we had during the last 7 years, and who would have preferred a slash and burn approach. Economic and tax policies that favor the wealthy, often at the expense of the middle class and the poor is another one. Policies that protect corporations and investors that move their businesses and invest abroad is another one. The list is long…

        • Right you are, , Trump tapped
          Into this lack of leadership to destroy the worthless Republicans. Trump also warned of his getting into the race several times over the years to change the downward spiral in ” traditional values “of this country. There has been a general feeling since Clinton that the ” values” that made America an enviable place to succeed , has been compromised by sloths . My stand parents came over on a banana boat and their reason was: not to take but to give back. They had to be vaccinated , free of disease , quarantined as required and ID processed they served and some died for the country. I hold all to the same values.

          • I agree to a point Leftout !

            50 years ago I was taught that you help your neighbor or even a stranger, if you seen them in a bind you gave them a hand, if they needed something, you helped them find work or a way to earn what they needed, even if you had to donate, some time or a little money of your own!

            Today no one wants to do jack for the next guy, in fact we RESENT if someone is givin a hand !

            That’s our TRUE problem, we have become a bunch of selfish Ashs that have this un-American attitude that you do everything and made everything all by your lonesome !

            The biggest Lie American’s have ever been told was this so called Rugged Individual, pull yourself up by your bootstraps, B.S. ! Our history shows us over, and over, and over again, this Country was built by Community ! If there is a Value we have lost it is just that, the reality that we ARE a COMMUNITY !!!

          • Agreed, but our earnings have been eroded and we have turned inward trying to survive , I believe that most that have been able to make it above the water line as well as others still offer a helping hand. Today we have to have our kids live at home till they get on their feet. Unemployment may be lower but jobs are paying much less than in previous years and many jobs are part timr and you need two jobs to make it. This
            Creates another subclass of people that have to be forced on Government hand outs ….. Seems like a plot to me.
            How is NAFTA working out for the “working”??? Classes

          • Obama likes to brag about his jobs report but it’s not really something worth bragging about if all the jobs created pay slave wages.

          • Absolutely the correct analysis . People on “welfare ” get 40k in freebees , so why work. The workers again have to carry the burden. This breaks up poorer white and Black families , because of they actually marry , the benefits are decreased so an unmarried man and a women w kids are better off financially, neither has to work.

          • Where in the Hell is anyone getting 40k in freebies, unless you getting Industry subsidy’s ?

          • A study indicated such, I can not produce but you can look it up: Housing subsidies, food stamps , child care , WIC , medical
            Care and thank God, Unplanned Parenthood services if you get over budget.

          • That still sounds a bit high ! I’ve known alot of people over the years that have gotten some kind of assistance !

            There are times people truly need help ! The biggest problem we have is that we make it very hard to get off assistance, if you try to work and make the smallest amounts you start losing benefits so fast that it is becomes seemingly irresponsibile for a person, esp. a family person to take a chance on a job, that may only be part time or seasonal ! If you can only find a job you get only 20 hours a week, or are limited with a partial disability, and then lose your Medical for yourself or your children, are you doing the right thing ?

            We need more ways to help people get back into the workforce, but we don’t 1 It become a either or choice ! People become trapped, in a damned if you do and a damned if you don’t !

          • Typical right wing BS. Provide a verifiable source for that nonsense or do not post it. i know people on welfare, and if they get more than a thousand a month for welfare, healthcare, food and housing it is through fraud.

          • Here, if your too lazy to find it ‘ unintended Consequnces,’ Tanner , Hughes , October 2014. Policy Anlysis /Cato, That is all you get . Ho hum.

          • Wow, a real credible source. Not!
            Subject: Re: Comment on This Week In Crazy: Everyone Get On the Trump Train

          • Oh , ok. I gave you a source there are others , but you should find one to the contrary , I did my research, Teach.

          • Why? You are the one claiming welfare people are making $40,000 a year. I know that no Southern state is paying that. Subject: Re: Comment on This Week In Crazy: Everyone Get On the Trump Train

          • That business model started over 3 decades ago ! It didn’t start under Obama, it just is more accutely seen because of the economic crash, but the model started in the 80s, when anti – trust was thrown out the window and we started allowing all the mega mergers and cross combining of industries, esp, in the Financial sector ! But you also seen it in almost every Industry !

            Hell, when I started as a non union Frame Carpenter in the late 70s in Mich. I could walk up almost anywhere and get 15 bucks a hour, today even with decades of exp. I lucky to get 17 or 18 in the same area !

          • “That business model started over 3 decades ago ! It didn’t start under Obama”

            Yes, I know. Republicans led the charge in destroying the middle class and Democrats have been complicit with them every step of the way.

          • I agree, Big Money has corrupted both sides ! And unfortunately I do see the Democrats complicity, but of the two, I hear more from the Dems about trying to change some things ! The Republican’s are blatant about it and actually support these policy’s in their Platform’s !

            In fact, Romney was the prototypical Vulture capitalist in the 80s !

          • Dems talk a good game but unfortunately, any change they give us is incremental and does very little to fix our overall problems.

          • Yet incremental positive changes are FAR better than the Huge chunks Republicans have added to our Debt with Reagan and W.s tax cuts plus starting 2 Wars ! Hell even H.W. had to increase Taxes along will Dems to even reduce our Deficits for a short time in the 90s !

            Reagan by far increased the Number of Gov. employee’s more than any President in history and W. was second !

            Under Reagan we increased the Debt limit the most times under any President, 18 times !

          • “incremental positive changes are FAR better”

            This is what I hear: Hey, we’re going to screw you… we’re just going to screw you a little less than those other guys.

          • Would you rather live in a 3rd world nation ?

            As I’m sure you know, Nothing is free, I myself have over 40 years of work under my belt !

            Say what you want but historically we as a Nation have done better economically under Dems than Republican’s !

            From 1945 to 1995 arguably the best 50 years of our history Dems Controlled the House 46 of those years, the Senate 40 of those years and the Presidency 22 years !

            As a working man Republican’s have NEVER done anything to help me !

          • What gave you the impression I am defending the Republicans? Look around you. Many parts of the country have already turned into a 3rd world nation. You defend Democratic leadership post 1945. Yeah, that’s what I want. Let’s bring back the New Deal Democrats. That would be much better than the corporate Democrats we have today. The only reason to vote corporate Dems is the lesser of two evils arguments. Yes, Republicans are evil right down to their rotten core. Let’s just not forget that in a lesser of two evils situation, the lesser evil is still, in fact, evil. Just because you’re not being screwed as bad by one group as you are by the other group doesn’t mean you’re not being screwed.

          • My apology for misreading your stance ! And I understand your distain for the corporate Dems, I also have this feeling ! And yes dealing with the lesser of two evils is still dealing with the Devil, but it is easier to effect the lesser evil into a positive change ! When it’s the only game in town, you have to try ! At least I have to, because I’m not going to just roll over for no one ! !

            Again sorry for the misread ! Were probably more alike than not !

          • It’s all good. Just because I attack corporate Dems for being evil doesn’t mean I have forgotten than Republicans are even more evil lol

          • I think Bernie is our only chance at a course correction. He’s not playing their game. He’s created a new game outside of their game. The only question is whether or not the people can defeat the money. Going against money is not the easiest thing in the world to do but it can be done if enough people have enough courage to fight for their principles. Otherwise, Hillary and the Republicans will continue to sell us down the river.

          • I agree, I just wish Bernie wouldn’t have used the Democratic Socialist tag to discribe himself so early ! Far too many Americans will write him off without truly investigating his policy stances just because of the name ! Sad really but I think true ! I wish I could believe that he could win the General !

          • The big scary socialist word doesn’t cause the same fear as it used to. You have to stop thinking by the old rules because the old rules do not apply anymore. There is nothing normal about this election. Otherwise, Bernie and Trump would have long since faded away and we would be looking at a Bush/Clinton election. Bernie can absolutely win the general election and he does much better with Independents than Hillary does. The real question here is if enough of the Democratic base can break away from their old ways to embrace the future. It’s a grave mistake to deny the younger voters what they want because they are the future of the party. The older voters will show up and vote no matter what. The younger voters won’t turn out for someone they despise.

          • I wish I had your optimization you have about definitions ! Yes I agree younger voters will have much more open minds and take the time to investigate the theory’s involved in Socialism ! But there are still far too many my age ( I’m 56 ) that won’t even give me the time of day when I try to explain things to them ! Just last week I tried to talk to my Father about Democratic Socialism and it’s difference with Communism. He completely shut me down, I thought he was going to have a stroke arguing with me ( he turns 80 in 2 weeks ) and he has actually voted Democrat more often than me ! ( I went thru about 10 years where I bought into the GOP B.S. until I wised up ! MyBad ! ) I just think we are still a decade out of seeing Americans as a whole give the Idea of Socialism a true chance ! Until then, it seems will will still have to try to push baby steps in that direction. Maybe my grandkids will finally see it given a chance in America !

            The crazy thing is if those that truly want Capitalism to survive, don’t wake up and agree to some restrictions like the Anti trust laws of Teddy Roosevelt it may well not survive the next Labor revolution !!!

          • It’s the label that scares the older crowd. If you just talk policy though, they are a lot more agreeable with it. Then when they find out it’s democratic socialism you’re talking about, they might be more receptive to it.

          • The only reason so many of today’s jobs pay slave labor rates is because they’re created in Republican governed states that have passed ‘right-to-pay-you-less’ legislation. Suggesting that somehow that’s Obama’s fault is totally disingenuous. The fact is, that despite 24/7 GOP opposition intended to primarily suppress our economy and job creation, Obama’s upbeat attitude and willingness to on occasion step in with some of his efforts, has resulted in there being 70 straight months of jobs growth which is almost 2 years longer than at any other time in history. Why are you being so disingenuous about your remarks???

          • The last time we had these levels of income inequality, we were on the brink of the Great Depression… and you’re bragging about low wage jobs. I hope you realize that. The banks are at their biggest sizes ever and they are playing dangerous games with our money. We’ve built an economic system that is unsustainable. Our middle class is disappearing. The whole thing is going to crash unless we correct course, so you’ll have to forgive me if I am not too impressed with all this low wage job growth that does nothing to fix our economic problems.

            I didn’t say it is Obama’s fault, BTW. All I did was accurately point out that he is putting a positive spin on what is a bad situation.

          • I have NEVER been for ANY FTA !
            But if I may point it out, look at the over 20 FTAs the U.S. currently has, nearly everyone was written by Republican House members and passed with republican majority’s !

            Just another Idea that came in the 80s, along with the business model of cutting benefits and keeping people under 32 hours !

            I keep hearing people like Hawaiian, blaming this on Obama when this practice started in the 80s, it slowed a little in the early 90s because of the dot com boom, but came stronger by the late 90s early 2000s, it is one reason healthcare was such a needed issue to be talked about ! Big Business has been wanting to get out of the supplying of health care since the 70s !

          • FTAs , I remember all of the president standing hand in had on a stage comforting each other on how much money they were all going to suck out of the American working class. It was Carter, Bush , Clinton
            And ? . I was shocked at the complicity, duplicity of this group. Part of the Global theory crowd . No good has come of it, the US economy was made to equalize to the lower status of lower nations as opposed to other nations aspiring to raise themselves to our higher economic level.

          • I agree with your assessment here ! I remember them telling us how we were going to ” Lift the world to us “, another LIE to the American worker ! Remember H.W. talking about ” The New World Order ” ?

            Another interesting little history tidbit. When was the last time we tried a World Economy ? …….. The League of Nations in the 1920s, which led us to the Great Depression !

          • Yes, that was the phrase I was looking for “‘New World Order” , seems like a surreal science fiction movie of an interplanetary council fighting the rebelling peons. My first reaction was ” being taken over by an ” evil force “. Not gonna happen as long as I have my dog and have musket loaded !?

            Who the hell do these people think we are . See… The thing is we started this country as a self reliant people running away from tyrrany , helping each other . The corporations have evolved into a power block to entrap us as well. Our politicians instead of representing have been corrupted and of course Now we have the “new corrupt world order .”

          • True, true ! We have another historical model that could possibly again work. If you look to the turn of the 19th Century we had a very simuliar situation, where Vulture Capitalism had taken over our regulated free market Capitalism, where Big Money was destroying us ( actually the world ) ( remember this was a time the world was also burning with what was happening in Europe and the far East giving rise to Communism because of worker revolt ) Teddy Roosevelt stepped in with Anti – Trust Laws !

            What we need is a Strong Leader that would step back in with a Anti – Trust mindset ! Not a just let the Rich run over the working American !

            Unfortunity I don’t see one in sight

          • There must be one person out there willing to take this responsibility that we can all support , but thyley think that they must pander, why do you not do it . I will run your PAC with oversight by one of my adversaries.

            I unfortunately have to get back to work to support the lesser able amonst us .
            Thanks for conversation.

          • LOL ! Thank You, I think ? Unless you are just being sarcastic ! My record in life is far to colorful for American’s of today to not just try to rip me apart, I’ve made my mistakes and paid the price and have the scars and record to prove it !

            Today few people will stand behind you when things get tough ! And few will take the time to really investigate someone’s views !

            Berry Sanders is the perfect example of this ! When he called himself a Democratic Socialist he lost his chance at the General Election !

            I’am Far Far from a Communist, but I have read much of Karl Marx’s work, and know WHY I disagree with many of his stances, ( and what I agree with ) most haven’t even taken the time to read something before they condemn it.

            There is a Huge difference between a Democratic socialist and a Communist, both socially and Fiscally !

            Good health to you and yours !

          • Not sarcastic , I liked communism when I was utopian silly college kid , then I stared making my own way and changed my life to be as self reliant as possible and still be charitable , I feel if you are trying and not whining I will try and help you over the humps. No repayment except try and make it , that is my reward , When I am able .

          • I agree with that, but I say we were much better off when we had strong anti trust Laws leveling the playing field where more people were able to make a decent living !

            Self reliance is great, buy honestly, without, Public roads, public utility’s * water, gas, electric ), communication infrastructure, Rail and Air, Market structures, Fuel infrastructure, and all the other R & D of nearly every industry in this country, that our forefathers invested and built, just how much of that self made money would you actually have ?

            I ask that as someone who started working 3 hours a night a full Sat. and a half day Sun during the school year and 7 days a week thru summer’s from the day I turned 12 ! ( I’m 56 ) I have worked in places I had to carry in power and materials over 8 miles over ground where we had to build board roads ! We are spoiled in America ! Far too many American’s don’t truly understand what we have been GIVEN by our forefathers !

            I have been one of the most self reliant people you have ever met, but there have been times I have been seriously hurt and needed some help ! I get so tired of people telling me they have done it all themselves, when the truth of the mater is they were blessed to be born in the Greatest Country on earth and refuse to see what they were given to begin with !

          • I traveled the same roads as you . Waxed
            Floors in high schools, cleaned bakery pans, learned to bake bread , shoveld out barns, drove a forklift- fun, consteuction trades as a helper and I loved every Minute , met a great diversified group of people and Valued their thoughts along the way. Went on to graduate school , and medical School all self paid , I majored in a useful under graduate program and was able to work at nights and weekends to get through it was very consuming. Got very little assistance from my family because they are already just making it and I appreciated their work did not want to burden them . So there be me. I encourage people to Make it if they apply themselves …it is not easy as you know, I lucked out and am able to help others once in awhile.

          • Good for you and I too help whenever I can ! Partly because people have helped me along the way also, kinda the pay forward thing !

            One thing you mentioned was a utopian thought when you talked about Communism . I never thought Communism was ever near a utopian dream, but I do believe we have always been more socialist than American’s want to admit ! We have always been stronger in community’s ! My Grandparents were Farmer’s and I grew up on a farm ! In their day other farmer’s would come from miles and miles away, during a time it might take all day to travel 40 to 50 miles, to help in the harvest, moving from farm to farm ! Many times having a Community thresher ! Family’s worked together with their neighbors for the betterment of all ! Or getting together for a House or Barn raising.

            There is much more of this in our Nations history than the Rugged individual lone ranger thing which is more myth than reality !

          • I see what you mean, I was raised on a farm also and community service is an in borne attribute and I neve separated it in dealing with others , thanks for jogging pleasant thoughts of an age I hope
            Will return and others can experience . Kept well, Charlie.

          • Welcome to the Reagan economy. I still remember his speech selling his tax increases, The middle class as a group make more money than any other group including the rich so they should pay the majority of the taxes.
            The American people need to face the fact that America is no longer a manufacturing country it is a service country where most of the new jobs created will be in the service sector. As in low paying entry level jobs with no room for advancement or any chance to make a living wage.
            This is the Republican plan for America wake up and vote these people out of power in your state before it is to late for our country. You want to Make America Great Again kick every Republican out of office roll back corporate greed. If a corporation can’t prove that they exist for the common good of America and not just a profit machine that doesn’t care about their employees or what happens to them they should lose the protections provided the individuals behind them.

          • Dead on Jeff, I remember the same speeches, about how we should become a ” Service Economy ” ! This is our Reagan Utopia !!!

            VooDoo Economics at its finest !

          • One word for today’s world….GREED!!! No one wants to help their fellow man in any way. Everyone is just out for themselves and to hell with the rest of the country! No one has any compassion for their fellow man or woman (hey, look at how many hit and runs are seen every day where the perpetrator, rather than stopping, runs away). It’s everyone for themselves! Pretty sad to think we’ve fallen this far into the hole!

          • I travel in better more humanistic circles wher we do help others in need , if you are trying and not whining .

            There have been a few hit and runs lately, due to desensitized level of the worth of human life and too many abortions and the like . I do approve of them however to Minimize riff raff being borne/ born to idiots that get themselves pregnant without male accountability and support. Am I wrong

        • But the problem is that the American public is angry….but they are angry at the wrong people. It’s not President Obama they should be angry with…’s the GOP-led Senate and House….it’s GWB and his tax cuts and unfunded war and pharmacy program….it’s Reagan and his “trickle down” theory and raising taxes 11 times….it isn’t this current administration…’s many of the past administrations (mostly Republican-led) that they need to be angry at. Why they would consider electing another Republican president is beyond me!!! But, the people that want to elect Trump are suffering from Stockholm Syndrome and have been brainwashed by the GOP who lies and use their scare tactics to keep them in line. Also, much of the rightwing media does the same thing……

      • Our real problem is people that think this all started 8 years ago, like the Great depression it was decades in the making !

        We came out of WWII building a strong middle class, but when we started having some trouble with inflation ( really it was only about a 5 or 6 year period ), instead a some small tweaks to control it, we let a Guy totally change our Tax structure ! Way, Way too much cuts for the rich with no ties to direct investment in the U.S. economy !

        Just check the National Debt to GDP ratio ! from 1946 to 1981 we paid down on it and grew the middle class, since 81 Debt has increased every year, Gov. employee’s increased more under Reagan and W. Bush than any other Presidents in history !

        Ya’ll wanna blame the current President, but it started 40 years ago !!!

      • “it is not Trump , but the ineffectiveness of politicians to represent the PEOPLE”

        This is correct. If people were happy with the status quo and thought Obama had done enough to take care of the people of this country, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. That’s why the WH keeps swinging back and forth. Dems take over, leave people mad, Reps take over, leave people mad, Dems take over, leave people mad, Reps take over, leave people mad… on an endless loop of insanity. No matter who wins, we lose.

        • How wrong you are….President Obama did everything he possibly could to help the American people…..but, the GOP-led Senate and House have done everything THEY can do to keep him from accomplishing goals that he set out to do when it was campaigning. They did this from Day One when they decided not to support him or allow him to have a second term…..what fools they were. But, I would be interested in knowing how much better off we’d be if they had done their jobs and worked TOGETHER with the Democratic party to do what their constituents wanted and NOT what the high-paid lobbyists told them to do. This country might be in a much better place than it is….thanks to their constant blocking everything good that was put forth by our president and his administration.

    • But, Dom, it’s interesting to hear some of the top Republicans saying that they would rather not vote at all than to vote for Trump. So, it should be eye-opening to say the least if they actually follow through on their comments. I think even a couple of them said they’d vote for Hillary before they’d vote for Trump…..that’s REALLY interesting and remains to be seen!

  2. The problem is that the other GOP candidates are such pathetic lightweights. They have no offering beyond sophomoric taunts to the big guy on campus. It’s silly. Donald Trump has nothing but his enormous confidence and a huge bag of braggadocio and his competitors are impotent in the face of his nonsense. Hillary Clinton will take him down and it will be amusing to see it done so deftly by a woman. 🙂

    • You may be half right , any attractive woman can probablely take him Down. But Hillary has a problem with that . Ask philandering Bill, he knows what was missing. Hillary is a mendacious truth teller, and that is he down side .

      • 1. Isn’t “mendacious truth teller” is an oxymoron?

        2. Hillary’s gonna phuck The Donald so hard, his great grandkids are gonna be born dizzy.

        • Of course, I am saying that Hillary is lying about the truth , Hillaries last good F seems to have been Webster. Or the dispondent, Vince Foster ..,, personal communications

          • Hate to mention ; the actual happening of the cover up of Benghazi was lied about by Hillary , she and the Admin concocted a CYA story , And lied to the family and the country about the Admin failure to fully support the operations and failed to answer the phone to help at 3:30 our people in the morning at Benghazi . Among other things.

          • AFRICOM, is in charge of Security for ALL U.S. interests in Africa ! It was NEVER the responsibility of the State Dept. !

            And it WAS a CIA Op !

          • No matter , in my opinion we are responsible for these covert ops. If they go amuck they are obviously going to blame us so how covert? is this. It is amusing that some state dept people say we have covert ops going on, this means every American in a foreign land is to be considered a spy and we are endangering them by Making these stupid statements .

            Covert ops people know they are volunteering for these assignments but it is our responsibility to support them to the max.

          • Of course we are ! The problem is were blaming the wrong people ! This was a failure at the Security and operations level !

            When in the past have we blamed a attack on a Embassy on the State Dept. or S.o S. ?

            This was Generals and Col.s in AFRICOM !

            Blaming this on the State Dept. is just ignoring the chain of command !

          • No. You LOVE to mention. Unfortunately, what you love to mention are wingnut talking points which, by and large, have no basis in reality.

          • No, I don’t think you make things up; I don’t think you have the mental capacity for creativity. I think other people make up the nonsense you spout, and that you’re happy to regurgitate it when it corroborates your twisted understanding of reality.

            Or, if you prefer the short answer: you’re a tool.

          • Nay, I am my own tool, all My comments / observations are derived are from real life experiences from living and working in very diverse environments and communities . I was fortunate in that way.

          • You are speaking of the 10,000 innocent Iraqis your Republican president killed? Or the 4300 killed on 9/11 because you asshats know it all and can’t pay attention to warnings? Or is it the 4,000 you killed in the US military you are referring too…How about shut the hell up about Benghazi..even Colin Powell a former Secy of Defense exxonerated Hillary. Do keep lying…you are beginning to believe all your own self-created lies.

          • I am writing about Bengazi, the other deaths were as needless , a result of complacency of many national officials.

          • Ahh, I see you have contracted a case of the Con sickness. More evidence of why the Con Party is the party of morons. Hillary ain’t perfect and I won’t stick her for honesty at all. But your moronic “Benghazi” mythology is ridiculous and lays bare that all Cons are morons by definition. If ignorant Cons weren’t such ignorant Cons then maybe we could actually deal with real problems in the real world.

          • I am not a Con so you definition is incorrect. You have said it well and see you agree then” Hillary ain’t perfect and I won’t stick her for honesty at all” . Benghazi was a Real battle and not a Mythical battle narrative between mythical Titans and Olympians.

          • It’s both fascinating and deeply disgusting to see how the Con mind operates or perhaps twists reality is a more appropriate phrase. Prior to their deaths, the people involved in Benghazi were worthless bureaucrats, the government, the “problem,” at least according to the ignorant Cons. Request for more security and greater funding was made, they were not worthy. But now in their death the Con sickness holds these people up as heroes that were the most important human beings in history, more important than the over 2,500 killed on 09/11, more important than the 287 marines killed in Lebanon, more important than the soldiers that have died in Iraq and Afghanistan, and of course way more important than the people living in poverty and hunger right here in the U.S. and certainly way more important than the people that the blue thugs murder every day without consequence, or the 30,000 a year dead due to firearms. Yep, the Con mind is a fascinating and disgusting look at what ignorant selfish simpleton human beings can become when left to broil in stupidity.

          • The problem is that we have been desensitized to be accountable and have been neglecting our heroes all over the globe that occupy dangerous positions. They should be supported to the max .

            The 30000 firearms figure is misleading , knives account for 5 x amount of deaths – homicides than guns . We should hold the NCA (National Cutlery Assoc) responsible or maybe the perpetrator …. God forbid.

          • “The 30000 firearms figure is misleading , knives account for 5 x amount of deaths – homicides than guns”

            Where do you get all these lies about more homicides are committed by knives than guns? More than 65% of homicides are committed by guns while only about 17% are committed using a knife or similar object!! And the 30,000 plus deaths resulting FROM FIREARMS include 12-14,000 homicides BY FIREARMS, and 19,000 plus suicides BY FIREARMS!!!

          • Suicides do not count so that leaves approx 11000 homocidws most are committed by exotic cutlery , some of it is Moslem origin – gov stats .

          • Sorry clueless; but Red said “30,000 a year dead by firearms.” People who commit suicide are just as dead as those who were murdered. And probably 50% of those 19,000 suicides would never have happened if those who committed suicide didn’t have such an easy access to a gun.

          • There’s a really good book…..”Conservatives without Conscience.” I can’t remember who wrote it, but you can look it up on Amazon. It’s a pretty interesting book and explains, if possible, how Conservatives think (again, if possible). Really good book!

          • I’ll try to find it. Although, saying Conservative without a Conscience is a bit repetitive, lack of a conscience or even perhaps a human soul is what makes them sick Cons.

          • Were you there? YOu liar….You can’t wipe your own butt without your McMommy’s help…so what the hell are YOU talking about?

          • Never been have you, ? At least I have a butt , and not have to empty a bag as you do . Do do.

          • I’m healthier than you are or will EVER be. First…do something about your mental illness…stop fretting because you have NO balls, No dick and only a head on your shoulders that looks like a bizarre case of elephantiasis. So, Elephant Man…the next time you move your blubber butt…Try not sitting on it for hours on end posting, posting, posting, posting, posting….not that anyone gives a donkey’s dung what you post. Sand fleas like you breed and then die off with the next season.

          • Repeating the great fairytale again. The administration repeated the story the CIA told them. And by accident it turned out to be true in part. Yes the video existed, was seen, and according to the now captured leader of the attack, was part of his motivation. Where do you get to be a liar by calling any of that a lie? Those are facts we know. We also know that the closest air support was 7 hours away. I guess they could have photographed the clean-up 7 hours later. Finally the CIA unit did go to their defense, after Stevens was taken to the hospital by his Arab friends, who actually did the rescue. And he felt safe in Benghazi because of those Arab friends. Like most fairy tales, your version falls apart except as a tale told too often.

          • Wow!! And the chit you spew is so absurd only a moron such as yourself would believe it!!!!!

      • Hillary is going to be president..and wow…aren’t men like you going to hate every minute of a woman being No. 1? So..enjoy drooling over Melania Trump…your kind have never left your teens mentally or physcially…so like The Donald…your “size” does matter. Men like you hate it that any woman can have any man they want with a crook of their pinky finger but men like you have to rape, attack and beat a woman to get within 100 miles of you. Go back to high school Teen Age King.

        • I love women , and they love me because I wear size 14 boots , wide boots. I place my feet up and I get swarmed , by women – No guys – and I am uglier than a Camel. Sorry Moslem friends . I never had a problem no less had to rape or attack or beat a woman. My boots spoke for themselves . I do have to cover my face ….. I m a 3 bagger, unlike you I am sure. So women still pass out as
          I am sure you would , I hope we can meet soon,

    • The worst part about the rest of the gotp offerings is that they all have decided to become as unpleasant as trump. None of them are brave enough to take a stand away from the racist and misogynist policies of trump. They are not giving the republicans anyone who can be considered sane.

      • I agree….their debates consist only of name calling, etc. They never seem to discuss their ideas for fixing things and plans for doing so….they’re too busy just trying to out-yell their opponents. No wonder Carson dropped out (thank God) and Kasich is fed up! If you watch a
        Democratic debate or one of the “Town Hall” meetings….it’s very informative…….very little name calling, and even when Clinton or Sanders try to downplay the other, it’s almost polite in nature! No temper tantrums, no misogynous BS, no off-the-wall comments, etc. They should make the Republican debates X-rated!!!

        • I agree he does try, but even he has a tendency of taking a little too much credit for things that were clearly a group effort !

  3. It can’t be that bad. A Trump Presidency is bound to have an upside or two. There’s gotta be something. Late last year, for example, Vladimir Putin singled out Donald Trump as someone he could get along with very well. That could work. I mean… Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini were pretty tight there for a while.

    Other Trump endorsements:

    1) ISIS
    2) Westboro Baptist Church
    3) Kim Jong Un
    4) Charles Manson
    5) Satan

      • First Mexicans, then Muslims…next? Catholics and Jews…count on it…The Donald has no love lost for Jewish people…he had it out with several in his earlier career…Ed Koch, Leona Helmsley and the Albany entrenched.

      • Rumour has it that a very big, hard, and firm Trump endorsement from Extenz male enhancement is on it’s way as I’m typing this. It’s going to be a handful.

          • Gee, I don’t know charleo.

            The Donald said that Melania put her flat hand up against the bottom of her throat horizontally, and told Donald that, “she had it up to here with that Extenz.”

            I’m just telling you what I heard.

  4. It was a marriage made in hell, these blue collar laborers, these Southern Dixiecrats, throwing in with the big business allied, GOP. Sacrificing their own financial, and economic best interests in the bargain as they did, for a promise from the Republican Party to change the Party of Lincoln, and fight with them, to continue the systematic inequality between the races. To uphold segregation, repeal Brown V. Board of Education, roll back Civil Rights, and keep in place the White power structure they had depended on the Democrats to protect since the loss of the Civil War, a hundred years earlier.
    But it was a joining of convenience, born of what they viewed as deep betrayal by their true love, the Democrats. And there were signs of trouble almost from the start. Frustrations that the Republicans were ignoring them, and going about their merry way, shilling for wealthy, undercutting their financial gains, while the now almost intolerable situation in their eyes, the elevated position of the, “Negro,” now backed by Federal Law, not only on their city buses, but more troubling, in the workplace, did not return to pre 1964 with the election of Nixon. But seemed on a definite course to be continuing on an upward trajectory toward equality all around them. The Blacks, minus the outlawed poll tax, and civic questions, meant to impose White rule. Were making their voices heard in the ballot box, and electing people of color to governments, and positions of importance far and wide. There were suddenly policemen of color, Black teachers, Black school administrators. And worse, the very thing these new ‘ad hock’ Republicans were the most in fear of, what they knew all along was going to happen, was the friendships that were flourishing between their own children, and those they vowed to forever keep separate. The thought of revolt was already in the air. But if the question was revolt, then when, and to what? Their strident cries of, “Wake up White People!” Were met with widespread condemnation, and silenced by a sense that a better, fairer, stronger, and more unified America was finally on the horizon.

    They now felt isolated, and ostracized for their beliefs. And their anger grew, and boiled, and then as the reality became apparent that they had indeed been played by these clever RW Pols. Those insider politicians in Washington, bought out corporate lapdogs, and liars, wolves in sheep’s clothing. Who have let so much of what they consider is rightfully theirs be stolen away, as they have wandered in what they view as a wilderness of liberalism, and equality. The whole time praying for their Champion, their Great White Hope! Well, now they think they’ve found him.

    • The BIGGEST LIE that I have ever heard was that Republicans are for the workingman, and a few years when I first started working in the 70s I was naive enough to believe them ! But when Reagan came along, I quickly found he cared very little for working folk !

      You talked about the Party of Lincoln, Hell today’s GOP have no Idea of the Principles of Lincoln, or Teddy Roosevelt and Eisenhower for that matter ! They have been against Labor since Goldwater ! And Reagan was the biggest backstabber, after making much of his money and reputation being the Leader of one of the most powerful Unions in the Country, then went and threw the Aircraft Controllers under the Bus !

      Whenever I hear a republican start telling be how they wanna make it better for the workingman, I want to smack them in the mouth !!!

      • Yes, not only did Ronnie Boy destroy the ATC union, he cut the max tax rate in America from 70% down to 28% so he and his rich buddies could keep more of their “hard earned money” in their own pockets while then raising taxes on the working class 11 times. He single-handedly started what we see today as the enormous income inequality in America.
        See this graph which shows that clearly:

        • Ronald Reagan was never president anymore than Bush ’43 was. Bush ’41 was head of the CIA and as such had access to Reagan’s medical records. The GOP would never again allow any of their male presidents to make their own decisions thanks to the burglary at WaterGate. So, from the minute Nixon resigned, the GOP resolved that no other GOP president would ever march to their own tune…And isn’t that excatly what happened? The back room presidency began the minute Nixon resigned. From that point forward, the back room made all the rules. That’s why they allowed Cheney only a shot at VP and not president as he tried in 1994. The back room boys knew Cheney was like Nixon if left to his own devices. So, they gave Cheney Bush ’43, a bumbling, lazy former alky unfit to be a dog catcher much less president.

        • Pretty shocking graph eh ?

          2 other things many people don’t realize was that Reagan Cut the number of rate levels, which cut revenue and the real kicker was he eliminated many of the deductions that were tied directly to investments in the U.S. economy, tying his tax cuts to nothing, which drasticly reduced investment in the U.S. as they took those moneies oversea’s ! Remember the B.S. line they used ” The Gov. shouldn’t be picking winners and losers ” ! Well Bull S. all the Gov. was picking was the U.S. economy ! So what happened was the oversea’s investments became the winner’s and us in American became the Loser’s !

          I vote we go back to picking the U.S. company’s to be the winner’s !

      • Reagan can also be blamed for the “monopolies” we now see in our country….it was his greatest plan to have the BIG corporations buy all the small corporations and leave us with little or no choices when it comes to things like telephone companies, cable companies, utilities, etc. A lot of people don’t realize that.

        • You are absolutely correct, ignoring anti – trust ( which allowed the monopoly’s ) and deregulation was designed to give the Rich more power ! Add the massive Tax cuts with no ties to the U.S. economy let them easily take those Dollars oversea’s !

          Wal-mart is the perfect example of what you spoke of, a one stop shop, that sold everything and could undercut local business because of the pure volume they could sell !

          Not much different from the Company store of the late 1800 ! The own the store and become the primary employer, soon they own everthing !

    • Well put, don’t forget the biggest insult of all—a black man in the Whitehouse. Mitch McConnell has reminded us of that for 7 years.

      • Yes, as Mitch represents the state in America that has 6 of the 10 most economically depressed counties in America. Demonstrating clearly how much GOP politicians care about their constituents.

        • I agree…Republicans don’t care what the citizens of this country want or need….they ONLY care for what their highly paid lobbyists tell them to care about! This is no longer a democracy for them….it’s a one-sided conservative movement! This is why we have so many Republican governors, the Supreme Court is full of conservatives, both the Senate and the House are ruled by conservatives, and now they want to seat a Republican president. If that happens, we can all plan on moving to Canada because our wants and needs won’t matter…..we’ll become a corpocracy (sp) and corporations DON’T CARE what we want as a nation. They only want to make their outrageous profits and pay their CEO’s billions of dollars for doing nothing when the REAL workers are the people they ignore. Pretty sad outlook to me.

  5. Along with a tiny brain makes for a great person to lead the world. Very convincing are his two main lines. It will be amazing and we will be great again. What is there not to like about that? If you disagree with him he says he is not being treated well. Yea, this will work.

    • Yeah, I can’t wait to see his temper tantrum when the Congress says they won’t pass one of his ridiculous bills! He’ll probably fall on the floor, kick his feet, and scream!!! Should be interesting to see it in the Oval Office where decorum is always required!

  6. It’s so great to read every Friday about the Republican party’s family and Christian values. It just worms, oops, warms the heart.

  7. What can any of us really expect from a Party that has been working so very hard to get to where they are today? Decades of work, mucking around in the gutter; gerrymandering the electoral process; purging their Party of competent statesmen/women, et al.

    When they identify as their “leaders”, capable of being President of the USA, Hollywood actors in senility, Paranoid Schizophrenic Alcoholics, Baseball Team Co-Owners, and a Hockey Mom from Alaska, why not a Trump and a Cruz?

    And we are expected to believe they are, any of them, capable of making life and death decisions on our behalf; deciding whether or not we deserve affordable healthcare access and how to get it; what is moral and what is not; when and with whom we should send OUR loved ones to war; which countries are worthy of our peaceful co-existence and which are not, forever and ever; and all the rest, TNTM.

    For all his seeming maturity and experience, even Kasich, who thinks he knows it all, has been there and done that and done it all perfectly before, will be nothing but a Tool of the Republican Congress…..I should say, the Conservative Congress. They no longer refer to themselves as Republicans; they are Conservatives. The country is no longer a representative Democracy; it is Conservative, or they think it should be.

    If there were no other reason(s) to reject them in entirety, and there are so very many reasons to do so just over the past 7 years, alone, the fact that their mission is to make us all Conservative by governing Conservative in every branch of government and across the states in this country, is reason enough to reject them. The Constitution, which they proclaim to revere and protect, does not provide for one ideology. It supports diversity, that is the cause of a Democracy.

  8. Frankly, I have always had pretty positive regard for penises, but, I must admit, a man who finds breastfeeding, menstruation, and female urination, so disgusting he has to express his disgust in a political campaign speech, who boast about his penis during a presidential debate, conjuring up that image, really disgusts me to the point of vomiting over the pathetic need to do so and why he might have that need to do so…….

  9. Donald Trump doesn’t faze me in the least. Why? Because I am not an impulsive buyer of sales pitches. Donald Trump has proved that Americans fall or his brand of “marketing,” using the sales pitch all savvy sales people know works best, “he is being “different” than his competitors..even if that means making outrageous statements.

    So while his outrageous antics have eveyone in a tizzy, The Donald is hiding the reason he is running for have it ALL. What else?

    There’s just one very huge problem for Trump and he knows it. Those 159 pending lawsuits. He is hoping being president will exempt him from his legal responsibility. Make sense when you consider that The Donald is not exactly a champion of responsibility.

    And what better ally to sidle up to than a former U.S. Attorney, Gov. Chris Christie. Should he make it to president, he has the best bully legal beagle to get him off. So he thinks. Christie wants to be president. If Trump chooses him for VP, how fast would he sink Trump to that end?

    Not to worry…there isn’t a single Republican politician willing to stick their neck out and endorse Trump. Get ready for the Republican October surprise. Will it be Romney? Isn’t that why the GOP ran GWB with Cheney so GHWB could get the second term he was cheated out of?

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