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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Welcome to “This Week In Crazy,” The National Memo’s weekly update on the wildest attacks, conspiracy theories, and other loony behavior from the increasingly unhinged right wing. Starting with number five:

5: Judson Phillips

After Tea Party Nation founder and walking Godwin’s Law example Judson Phillips compared liberals to Nazis last week, the National Jewish Democratic Council called on Tea Party senator Rand Paul to denounce the attack.

In Phillips’ opinion, that could only mean one thing: The folks at the National Jewish Democratic Council are Nazis, too.

In a deranged email to supporters, Phillips explained that by denouncing him, the NJDC “actually proved my point. Liberals do not want to discuss or debate issues. They want to silence those who disagree with them.”

“So did the Nazis.”

“Like the book-burning Nazis of the 1930s, the left wants to suppress all dissenting opinion,” Phillips added. With this latest outburst, Phillips has now labeled both his gay and Jewish critics as National Socialists. If any communists have something to say about Tea Party Nation, now would be the time.

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  • The biggest organ in the body is your SKIN. True fact.

    • Unfortunately another organ controls the ability to understand. That is missing from most of the Tea Party members.

      • Dido with the liberals starting with Obama.

        • Mr Wiseguy

          Dido????? Republicans need to learn to express themselves better than 5 year olds – oh and learn to spell.

        • Did you actually mean DITTO? If you’re going to use a word, it’s probably best that you learn to spell it first, to avoid looking entirely uneducated…. but then again, that’s today’s Republicans for you.

        • Sand_Cat


      • thedudefromnc

        haha… good one… tell me more about how the “brainless” Tea Partiers and about how accepting “your side” is… you are no better then the very people you are making accusations against.

  • The best way to fight the radicals is to embrace the tactics they use to demonize Democrats. When are the Koch brothers going to be summoned to appear in Congress and interrogated about their business dealings in Libya and what they know about the attack against our consulate in Benghazi?

    • I have no problem that Koch testifies to congress as long as Obama releases the executive privilege on denying access to Fast and Furious with AG Holder plus testify on his administration’s failure in the Benghazi attacks.

      • Sand_Cat

        Grow up.

        And we’ll consider your concerns after the war crimes of Bush, Cheney and Company are investigated and prosecuted, and you’ll do that after Clinton is punished for lying about sex, and on and on and on.

        You haven’t yet figured out that “fast and furious” was a Bush administration program cancelled by Obama, that all the crap from McCain and Graham about Benghazi is just that, and that the Republicans voted to drastically cut embassy security for years before this latest unfortunate incident.

      • Oh get over yourself and Benghazi and Fast & Furious!! F &F was started by the Bush administration and look up some facts about how many Embassies and lives were lost under Bush!! Also, seriously, you don’t care that there is dirty money behind any election??? Amazing!!

    • plc97477

      I would also hope they are expected to show a long form birth certificate

  • sunmusing

    How do we really know that the photo is shopped? these guys do a lot of things in the closet…

    • Yeah,they have circle jerks in there,they smile just a bit too often.

  • stcroixcarp

    Karl looks sharp in that uniform!

    • Mr Wiseguy

      He wears it to S&M parties like Republican conventions. LOL

  • y DOES the media give a platform for idiots and crazies like this man? Who could ever back anything he says? Are you ALL crazy? Get over yourselves. Grow up. The people of this country are sick of your ranting. The “left” that this jerk talk about is always willing to talk, but when the right and tea party lay down lines in the sand, and refuse to talk, what is there to do? Watch Boehner destroy our country. Won’t you just rush to vote for him and McConnell?


    Where else can we get as much humor as late night TV, presented by people who actually believe this blather?

    Without political parties, life in these United States would be so DULL!

  • rpg1408

    The level of political discourse by the GOP and their paranoid, pro gun, anti-choice, racist acolytes can’t get any lower. Or can it ? Tune in next week.

    • thedudefromnc

      Pro-gun as in they are for giving me the choice as to purchase a firearm or not. I like having choices, including choosing to own a firearm, or choosing to have an abortion (if i had the plumbing for it :p) or not. I am a grown man and I am fully capable of paying taxes, just not capable of making my own choices? I still have a hard time buying into the racist thing though. But you keep telling yourself how tolerant you are while hurling that word around.

  • thedudefromnc

    First, I will say that I do not consider myself a Tea Party memeber, a Democrat, or a Republican. I am an individual, with my own thoughts and opinions and find the act of someone wanting to label me or group me in with other insulting. I will admit though, that my political views do tend to be more conservative, especially when it comes to the government spending money. I do tend to be more liberal on social issues, as I believe individuals should be allowed to decide most everything for themselves. I don’t see anywhere were gays, Jews, Obama or Karl Rove of being a Nazi. The quote I read said that their tactic of trying to silence dissenting opinions was also used by the Nazis. There is a difference between comparing one’s actions to another and accusing someone of being something they aren’t. Should we count the number of times liberals have compared or even called the Tea Party Nazis? Name calling will get us no where and only serves to distract us from having a logical discussion about important issues. Both sides will never see eye to eye, but calling each other names rather than trying to have meaningful debate will not result in any positive changes.

    • Good to see how you parse words, and ignore their meaning.

      • thedudefromnc

        Quite the opposite. I put a lot of emphasis on words. Maybe you can educate me and show me which words I ignored? Or do you have to wait for your politician of choice to give you your opinion?

        • If you “put a lot of emphasis on words,” you might try learning to spell some of them.

          • thedudefromnc

            Really? Out of several hundred words I typed I misspelled something? I must be a complete idiot then, huh? Let’s not talk about the issues, let’s focus on the fact that something was spelled incorrectly. To you, I say…. bite me.

      • thedudefromnc is absolutely correct. Phillips was stating that the tactics used by the liberals is similar to those used by the Nazi in that anyone who disagrees with their view needs to be shut down. Don’t believe? Check how many liberals have stated that Fox news and conservative commentator shows be removed from the air ways. What about the liberal agenda of redefining names to hide the real meaning. A war on terror is now called an overseas contingency operation. How about the left use a words such as racist toward conservatives whenever they cannot debate the issues. If Obama states something that conservatives disagree with many of the left will shout racist. What about the left accusing conservatives of promoting violence when an attacker shoots someone or more. The left accused S. Palin of being responsible for the shooting of G. Gifford by her target of certain counties in NM that needed to be the focus of republicans for gaining government seats. Was Obama’s statement that republicans can join him on issues but that the republicans had to sit in the back of the bus? Should I go on?

        • Sand_Cat

          Keep projecting. How many conservatives have suggested liberals be KILLED or imprisoned?

          Comparing opposition to the lies and BS you and your other “conservative” friends spout to the murder, intimidation, and imprisonment practiced by the Nazis shows how far from reality you have strayed. Calling Obama and other moderate conservatives the “far left” and “socialists” shows it still more. Practically no conservative in American history, including Barry Goldwater, would likely pass muster in today’s venomous cult that calls itself the GOP. Too many of them had those worst of all “liberal” vices: they actually cared about the country and their fellow citizens, and many of them were even (gasp!) honest.

        • thedudefromnc

          Glad to see I’m not the only person with a little sense around maybe. Republicans aren’t much better sometimes though. If you scroll through the comments here, you will find close to the same number of name-calling/all-around douchebaggery here that you will find on a Republican-leaning sight. I just find it ironic that the left/Democrats try to “market” themselves as being tolerant and accepting; that is until you disagree with them. Some people make an effort to look at things from all angles, others prefer for someone to tell them what their opinion should be.

    • Mr Wiseguy

      There are way more similarities between the Nazis and Republicans than with democrats if you want to talk about comparisons.

      – Nazism was a rule of Germany’s largest corporations and ultra right-wing conservatives.

      – Nazis hated anyone who didn’t like them, and many who did look like them

      – They loved to start wars with other nations to distract the German people from pressing domestic problems

      – They were experts at propaganda who cared more about image than substance

      – They hated the poor, inform and the elderly (note Republican attacks on poverty programs, social security, medicare, anti-healthcare for all)

      – The Nazis were all about the right to own guns.

      There is nothing wrong with conservatism other than the Republicans and the Tea Party in particular no longer conservative. They have become largely religious nuts, who knowingly became agents and proxies for large business interests in government while tapping into general frustration in some quarters who want to blame “liberals” for everything.

      BTW Almost every republican on my street voted for Obama or didn’t vote. Why? Because most of them agree the Democrats are largely where the Republicans were, and should be. Most of them would have like to vote for Huntsman or other Republican who also is a decent human being. An increasingly endangered species.

      • thedudefromnc

        And there it is. The double standard. You are guilty of exactly what this article claims the the Tea Party did. Not sure where you got your facts on Nazism or right-wing conservatives, but it is inaccurate.

        – Nazism was a rule of Germany’s largest corporations and ultra right-wing conservatives.

        I’ll start with this one. Nazism is a form of socialism featuring racism and expansionism and obedience to a strong leader. Socialism is what Democrats seem to be pushing currently, every conservative I know wants government to leave businesses alone. Democrats created Obamacare which is a take over of the healthcare industry. The federal government has expanded under our current president, just look at the number of federal workers compared to 6 years ago if you don’t believe me. The last part about obedience to a strong leader is apparent in the Democratic party simply by the fact that whenever anyone dares criticize our President, they are called, a racist, a religious nut or some other demeaning name rather than have their differing opinion respected.

        – Nazis hated anyone who didn’t like them, and many who did look like them

        Now this one. I will assume you meant Nazis hated anyone that didn’t look like them and many who did look like them. The Civil Rights act of 1964 2 strongest opponets were Strom Thurmond and Robert Byrd, both Democrats. Actually, the bill got 80% of the Republican vote while it only got 60% of the Democrat vote.

        – They loved to start wars with other nations to distract the German people from pressing domestic problems

        Again, both sides are guilty of this. I would guess you are referring to Bush getting us in Iraq and Afghanistan. JFK and LBJ had the VietNam war. Both Democrats again. Our current leader has had the reins for 4 years and yet we are still involved in Afghanistan plus additional skirmishes throughout the Middle East and North Africa.

        – They were experts at propaganda who cared more about image than substance

        I would again say that both sides are guilty of this, but most recently it would be the Democrats that have mastered this. Who won the election again despite the fact that our economy is in the crapper? Obama has created a rockstar image for himself, but to date, his policies have not done much to get us back on the right track. That sounds like a lotta flash but no substance to me.

        – They hated the poor, inform and the elderly (note Republican attacks on poverty programs, social security, medicare, anti-healthcare for all)

        Again, I will assume you meant they hate the poor, uninformed and the elderly. I hope you do not really believe this, but the leftist propaganda seems to have worked well on you. Obamacare cuts 716 billion dollars from medicare. I think maybe you misunderstand what conservatives want. We we say we want to cut welfare, it is because there is rampant fraud and waste in programs such as these. The left would have you believe that Republicans and conservatives are all rich, straight ,white guys that apparently don’t care about their parents or grandparents while at the same time painting them as some kind of religious zealots. Most “religious” people I know spend time volunteering to help the elderly and poor.

        – The Nazis were all about the right to own guns.

        I have no idea where you pulled this from. Hitler didn’t want anyone other than his people to have guns. Here is a quote from a Hitler speech : “The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to permit the conquered Eastern peoples to have arms. History teaches that all conquerors who have allowed their subject races to carry arms have prepared their own downfall by doing so.” Sounds to me like he didn’t want guns in the hands of anyone that might disagree with him. Maybe it is because I am American, but a “right to own guns” would be universal; meaning ANY law-abiding citizen would be able to obtain one. Hitler obviously didn’t want his opposition to own any.

        Anyhow, those are my views. You don’t have to like them or agree with them, but I doubt you will be able to change them. My advice would be to educate yourself and get engaged in the political process rather than just regurgitating the propaganda that either side is putting out . I would assume that you consider yourself liberal, but I have my doubts as liberals paint themselves as being very tolerant people and you seem to be very intolerant of people with differing opinions.

        • Total lies and pig-vomit. Nazis are DEFINED as right-wing in every single textbook, history book and every legitimate source that can be found. Hitler and Mussolini and their respective parties DEFINED right-wing Fascism.

          The reason that Hitler wanted to crush Russia was specifically because the Russians were communists (left-wing) and the antithesis of the Nazis (among other reasons).

          Here’s a couple of ACTUAL, CORRECT definitions of Nazism and Fascism.

          “The most important new fascist regime was Nazi Germany, under the leadership of Adolf Hitler. With the rise of Hitler and the Nazis to power in 1933, liberal democracy was dissolved in Germany, and the Nazis mobilized the country for war, with expansionist territorial aims against several countries. In the 1930s the Nazis implemented racial laws that deliberately discriminated against, disenfranchised, and persecuted Jews and other racial and minority groups.”

          See above where it says “LIBERAL DEMOCRACY WAS DISSOLVED”??? The complete OPPOSITE of what you pretend it says… Also note the racial component; very today’s Republican/Right-wing.

          Here’s another definition for you from Merriam Webster.

          Nazi, a member of a German FASCIST party controlling Germany from 1933 to 1945 under Adolf Hitler defined by CORPORATIVE organization of the economy that suppresses trade union liberty, broadens the sphere of state intervention, and seeks to achieve, by principles of technocracy and solidarity, the collaboration of the ‘productive sectors’ under control of the regime, to achieve its goals of power, yet preserving private property and class divisions;”

          EXACTLY what the Republicans are engaged in, to the letter.

          Your argument is specious, fallacious, and complete B>S and you know it; classic right-wing propaganda tactic; lie about something repeatedly until people believe that black is white. Try getting your information from legitimate sources, rather than whatever fairy-tale, make-believe source you seem to be.

          • thedudefromnc

            And even more name-calling. You have that right, as do I. I just choose to try and have a logical debate rather than resort to immature behavior. I am sure whatever quote you so brilliantly copy and pasted has to be truthful because you found it somewhere on the internet. It doesn’t seem to be a definition of anything but more of a history or the Nazi climb to power. Again, regurgitation of the liberal propaganda that you are fed. As a conservative, I want the government to leave business alone. How is that anything like socialism or communism? Allowing government to essentially buy our banks, car manufacturers and, coming soon, our healthcare industry sounds an awful lot like socialism to me though.

          • Again, pure and utter tripe! Seriously? The Government giving money to businesses that has been TAKEN FROM THE PEOPLE is not socialism, it’s Capitalism… You have your definitions exactly 180 degrees from truth and reality.

            Buy a Merriam Webster Dictionary, or Encyclopedia Britannica and look up Nazism and Fascism; they define it as a right-wing ideology, where the means of control is given to Corporations and taken from small businesses and individuals. As part of the Industrial/Government complex, one of the first steps is to ban trade unions and collective bargaining. REPUBLICAN policy theses days. That along with rampant and excessive nationalism and xenophobia, together with the demonization of racial minorities and gays (ring a bell Republicans?).

            You can define your own Lala-land and fairy-tales all you want, but the rest of the sane World will look to history books and definitive sources, such as Britannica and Merriam’s for the ACTUAL truth.

            The funny thing is that I voted for Ronald Reagan and I look at the pitiful, sub-educated shambles today’s party has become and it’s plain pathetic; the Republican party has been hi-jacked by religious loons, demagogues like Limbaugh and Coulter and raving imbeciles like Rand Paul.

            The massive loss of intellect within the party is dooming it to obsolescence and irrelevance; it TRULY is the party of stupid these days and the fact that people like you either believe the garbage you spout, or to be more cynical use it to try to manipulate the truth and convince the under-educated masses of your point of view is an indication of how much trouble the party is in.

            Have fun lying to yourself and believing your self-produced delusion and reality; the same self-delusion that lead to Republicans being convinced that Romney was going to win the election in a landslide. How did that work out for you?

          • thedudefromnc

            Facism as defined by Mirriam Webster: a political philosophy, movement, or regime (as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition.
            I must have missed the part where they mentioned right-wing. Maybe you could help me discover it with your vastly superior liberal intellect?

            Explain to me how forcing me, the individual to have to pay more in taxes to support deadbeats for the “greater good” isn’t exactly what our Democrats are doing. Centralized autocratic government? Again, conservatives want less government. Suppression of opposition? Again, Democrats are the ones trying to scare people into silence by labeling them racists and bigots.

            How exactly are Republicans demonizing minorities? Marco Rubio, a man with Hispanic origins, gave the state of the union reply. Herman Cain, Clarence Thomas, Collin Powel, Allen West are all very prominent black republicans. Democrats are the ones trying to demonize people that disagree with them.

            And for the record, I knew Romney wouldn’t win. I also knew McCain wasn’t going to win. Neither of them are conservatives although they would like for people to believe they are. There voting records show differently though. As I said earlier, I do not affiliate myself with either party as they are both full of it. As an outsider though, I can tell you that liberals, Democrats, left-wingers, whatever you wish to call them, in my experiences, are much less open to a discussion and are much more likely to resort to name-calling. I’m just an average joe like I assume you are. Just giving my opinions here.

          • WhutHeSaid

            Wow – you are so full of bullshit that I don’t know where to begin!

            First, National Socialists (Nazis) were ultra right-wing zealots who above all else believed in racial superiority. Second only to race, they also believed in the right of the German State — as the physical manifestation of their racial superiority — to take whatever it needed by physical force or any other mechanism necessary to further the goals of the ‘master race’. This is about as ‘right-wing’ as you can get on the political spectrum.

            Your argument that conservatives want less government is pure bullshit. What conservatives really want is less government ONLY when that part of government seeks to make socially responsible decisions. Who could possibly argue that enforcing their moral beliefs upon every single American woman’s reproductive rights is ‘less government’? Only liars, of course, and this above all else is the time-honored hallmark of ‘conservatism’ in the US. You don’t get ‘less’ government by spending more money than the next 10 largest countries in the world combined on defense either — but that doesn’t stop them from spouting this lie while feeding the American public whoppers to justify the full-scale invasion of another country like Iraq.

            Another mark of American ‘conservatism’ is the prodigal snorting of public benefits by said ‘conservatives’ while loudly sniveling and whining about paying their share. This phenomenon can be observed by listening to the obnoxious complaints of so-called ‘conservatives’ in the ‘red’ states who use up the vast majority of federal benefits provided by ‘blue’ states, pausing from their public-benefit-grubbing only long enough to loudly complain of ‘deadbeats’ and ‘liberals’ whose tax dollars they snuffle up like so many demon-possessed aardvarks on steroids.

            You don’t have to listen to Democrats to know that the GOP has a very serious problem with minorities. Republicans themselves know it full well, and the more courageous ones publicly admit it. Colin Powell endorsed Barack Obama. Herman Cain is a joke, and just because he and Clarence Thomas are black doesn’t mean that Republican policies aren’t driving minorities away from the GOP in droves. Allen West is a special case: A hyperventilating, mentally unstable nut-bag who is merely an opportunist who considers himself above all other people — no matter their color.

            Democrats are famous for their differences in opinion, hand-wringing, and political division, so the fact that they are seen as a pretty much cohesive group during the last few years only underscores how wildly out-of-touch, bizarre, and discordant the Republican Party has become. Don’t believe me? Just look at the results of the 2012 election — that’s all that you need.

          • thedudefromnc

            I stopped reading after the part where you tell me what it is that I want.

          • WhutHeSaid

            Good, because you’ve been oblivious to reality for so long that it would be a shame for you to wake up now.

          • thedudefromnc

            I’ll try to stay awake from now on so I can be paying attention when you or some other liberal is trying to give me my opinion. YOU are the reason why people like me despise the left. You are a complete hypocrite, preaching tolerance and acceptance of minorities, gays, women; claiming everyone should be treated equal. But when someone doesn’t see things the way you want them to, rather than respect that, you want to verbally assault them, call them names, treat them as a fool. Democrats should should go ahead and change their party name to Hypocrites.

          • WhutHeSaid

            My goodness, I should have realized that only people who come out here insulting Democrats and liberals should have their words taken at face value.

            In reality, you don’t even know what party I belong to, or if I belong to any party at all. Your half-assed assumption just validates my original opinion when I started reading your posts: You obviously take yourself far more seriously than anyone else does.

            What you appear to miss completely is that posters out here are no strangers to right-wing nut-cakes spewing lies. That’s an alternative explanation for my ‘telling you what you want’ — as you call it. Aside from the fact that your posts are chock-full of factual errors, you seem to believe that everyone here just fell off the turnip wagon and is willing to take your assertions as gospel. Sorry to call you back to reality.

            You aren’t the first person who ever came out here whining and whimpering about the government ‘stealing’ from you despite the fact that a) taxes are the lowest they’ve been in over 60 years, and b) you didn’t seem to have any complaints about receiving the public benefits that you enjoy courtesy of other hard-working Americans who probably pay more and most assuredly whine less.

            Let me guess: You work harder than everyone else. You pay more taxes than anyone else in history, never had any help from anyone or anything, never told a lie, and you walk to your horribly strenuous job in your bare feet, through rain, snow, and hurricanes — uphill (both ways). Everyone else around you is a slacker who mooches off your heroic industry. Fox News tells you everything you need to know about the world, and you’ve never heard anyone from the political right say anything even remotely insulting or racist — bless their kind and gentle little hearts.

            And then you woke up. I don’t know what drug allows you to actually believe the nonsense that you’ve been spewing — perhaps you’re just pulling everyone’s leg. Claiming that you’ve never heard a Republican or Tea Bigot compare Obama or Democrats to Hitler or Nazis caused my trusty bullshit-meter to spin wildly out of control. The only legitimate excuse you could possibly have for that claim is that you are 100% deaf, 100% blind, and your seeing-eye dog does your blogging for you. If such is not the case then it’s just plain old-fashioned bullshit.

          • thedudefromnc

            In none of you insulting rambling rants did you ever address any of the facts I presented. Mostly you are attacking me and anyone with my way of thinking. You sound an awfully lot like the old monarchy we split from over 200 years ago to me. “All I want is your money, not your opinion.”

          • WhutHeSaid

            Actually, I did dispute your contention that no Republicans compared Obama (or Democrats) to Hitler — you just weren’t paying attention. I disputed that the government ‘steals’ from you. I disputed your denial that the Nazis were on the far right of the political spectrum. I contested your claim that conservatives want less government. I challenged your assertion that I was a Democrat (you had no real reason to assume such a thing). I wasn’t attacking ‘anyone with [your] way of thinking’ — just you.

            So, you may notice that now I’m disputing your latest assertion that I never addressed any of your ‘facts’. You really need to pay more attention if you don’t want to appear foolish. I’m not sure what sort of twisted logic leads you to believe that open and free debate on a public Internet forum resembles an 18th century monarchy, but perhaps you may explain that argument at some point. Good luck with that.

          • Sand_Cat

            More ignorance. You’re spouting off about the “left-wingers” in a country that has virtually no left at all other than a few thoroughly marginalized individuals and small groups. In any other civilized country in the world, the US Democratic party would be considered center-right at best (or worst, from your point of view). They only look like “leftists” because you and your friends have defined “conservative” out in the Fascist-Nazi spectrum. In all the stuff you’ve written here, there are probably two or three things that are not gross distortions, word-for-word parroting of Republican talking points, willful misinterpretations and misunderstandings (a-la the “Democrats” who oppose Civil Rights), and the name-calling you claim to hate. You accuse us of “falling for” liberal “propaganda,” but it is you who persist in repeating right-wing lies and distortions and using the same code words devised by Frank Luntz, NEWT GINGRICH, and other right-wing partisans for deceptive propaganda purposes.

            You project admirably, as the Republicans have for years, recently even as a strategy (courtesy of Carl Rove). If you don’t like being called names, then don’t insult us and our intelligence and the beliefs we hold in as much good faith as you probably do your own. Otherwise, the names are just a shorthand for the tongue-(pen-?) lashing you deserve.

          • plc97477

            part of our communication problem is I don’t think they understand big words

        • Sand_Cat

          I believe you’re right about the gun part: everything else? You seem to have the same rectal-cranial inversion and compulsive projection as the other Republicans.

          • thedudefromnc

            not a republican.. i can assure you… they have their issues too….. i can appreciate the fact that we agreed on something…. just an average joe like you…. i wanna work and be able to provide a decent life for my family… i just think the way for me to do that is for the government to get the h3ll outta the way and stop stealing so much of the money i worked for…. the fact that you read my responses proves to me that there are good folks on both sides….. i just find it sad that democrats have to resort to name-calling and fear mongering to demonize their opposition, but I am appreciative that you at least gave me an ear so to speak

          • Sand_Cat

            If you’re not a Republican, you do one of the best impersonations I’ve read. Your talking points are straight out of the lies and distortions created by Fox and the Republicans. You bought the $716 billion Medicare lie hook, line, and sinker.

      • thedudefromnc

        Oh, I forgot to mention the fact that Obama authorized a drone attack on a US citizen essentially assassinating one of our own without the luxury of a trial. That doesn’t sound like the Nazi’s at all though.

    • Perhaps you didn’t see all those “Obama is a Nazi” signs the tea partiers were parading around with? I sure did.

    • Sand_Cat

      What rock have you been under? When have the Republicans stopped calling Obama, Hitler, Nazi, etc.? Obviously your vision is highly selective, and involves the same sort of projection your Republican friends are so fond of.

      • thedudefromnc

        If you can find me an example, I am more than willing to take a look at it. I don’t mean some fool standing outside at a rally holding a sign. I am talking about the leadership. Would you like me to point out instances of the Democratic leaders resorting to name-calling and fear-mongering? I can point to Senator Dick Durbin calling american troops Nazis. Or maybe the more recent comments of Vice President Joe Biden telling black constituents that Romney wants to put them back in chains. I’m not foolish enough to think I can change your mind on anything. I find it amazing that minorities align themselves with the Democratic party, as democrats were the ones that fought against the Civil Rights Act of 1964. 80% of congressional Republicans voted to pass it, but only 60% of Democrats. The 2 biggest opponents were Democrats, Strom Thurmond and Robert Byrd. Democrats have controlled the Presidency AND at least 50% of Congress or more for the past 4 years; they had both house of Congress Obama’s first 2 years. Republicans have held 50% of congress, so half of a third for the past 2 years? I do not understand why there are people like you who still insist that our problems are because of them. Maybe if we just go ahead and make Obama king, we can blame him when we are still in the mess 50 years from now? I don’t care Democrat or Republican, I just want someone with a no BS attitude that will take responsibility and stop diverting the blame elsewhere.

        • WhutHeSaid

          Are you experimenting with psychotropic drugs or something? If so, perhaps you were in the middle of an extended ‘trip’ when Rick Santorum compared Obama to Hitler, Michele Bachmann used pictures of the Holocaust as a backdrop against the PPACA, or Maine governor LePage called the IRS ‘the new Gestapo’ because of it’s responsibility to enforce the health insurance mandate (a Heritage Foundation idea to begin with). Never to be outdone in the hot gas shit-spewing department, Rush Limbaugh has compared President Obama to Hitler and made just about every other insult that you could possibly imagine and then some. This is just the beginning — must I go on to bring you back to reality?

          It would be easier to enumerate the Republicans who DIDN’T at one time or another compare Obama to a Nazi. It is no secret to anyone how Tea Party members — the most sordid collection of vile and despicable bigots ever to form a political group — ran around America carrying signs depicting Obama with a Hitler-like mustache, and Tea Bigots to this very day post all manner of Hitler comparisons in these very forums. There is no despicable tactic that these bigoted nut-bags haven’t tried because of their racist hate for America’s first black President. Apparently you are the only person on planet Earth that doesn’t already know this.

          At least Dick Durbin had some sort of valid point to make regarding the mistreatment of prisoners — even if the remarks were over the top. And Joe Biden’s comments were hardly an example of the kind of hard-core insults that drooling bigots hurl at Obama on a daily basis.

          Sure, southern Democrats opposed civil rights in the 50’s and 60’s, but that was before all of the racists left the Democratic Party and found a new home in the GOP. Everybody knows this — except perhaps those living under rocks or on some super-extended LSD trip for the last 50 years. Why do you think that the Democratic Party carried better than 70% of the vote in 2012 for all minority groups in the country? Let me give you a hint: It wasn’t because the GOP warmly welcomes African Americans, Latinos or even women.

          If you can’t figure out what party it was that pissed away the Clinton surplus, started over a trillion dollars worth of unfunded wars and nearly wrecked the global economy all I can say is: Far out, man — take another toke and pull that rock back over your head so that you can remain blissfully ignorant of reality for the NEXT 50 years.

          • plc97477

            Thank you for the good laugh

          • Sand_Cat

            You said it so much better than I did. Thanks!

        • Sand_Cat

          Speaking of BS, your little diatribe about the Democrats opposing Civil Rights legislation neglects to mention that those “Democrats” who did so quickly became Republicans, and their successor-bigots have stuck passionately to that choice.

          I suspect your Dick Durbin example is another overblown out-of-context distortion (it has the smell of a Carl Rove lie), and Biden was speaking metaphorically, and – in my opinion – accurately. Romney would have us all in chains (that’s another one of those pesky “symbolic” expressions) to serve the wealthy classes and their corporate friends.

          And – like all Republicans (are you sure you aren’t one of those “Democrats” who fought Civil Rights?) – you’re again talking about how Obama is a dictator (excuse me, “king”) and how we all slavishly follow his every move with adoration. If you actually read the comments here – please do us the courtesy – you’d know the only people saying that are the Republican trolls. And if we did decide to break out of our “worship” of Obama, to whom would you suggest we turn? The lunatic right, and all those “Democrats” who opposed civil rights? There is such a thing as being grateful we only have to deal with the moderate conservative Obama rather than the arrogant Romney or far, far worse without losing our heads in undying affection.

    • Please bestow upon us poor unfortunates the results of your keen observations as to the reasons how and why the extreme and intolerant far right radicals that inhabit the t party and offering thier faux nationalism and putrid excuse for patriotism fail to meet the discription of Nazi/Fascists when they have every qualification.I don’t give a fiddlers fart in the wind about civility with criminals or those that support them. I don’t bargain with them.I don’t negotiate with them.I condemn all efforts at bi-partisanship with them. I will show them no respect.I will call them what they are.They are shit.They represent all the evil that my father’s generation fought to rid the world of in World War Two. Damn them to hell for thier attempts to destroy our government and harm our countries people for a monied few.If you have come to these pages expecting tolerance for evil shit,then you are in the wrong place. Have a care for where you tread!

      • thedudefromnc

        I spelled out my arguments against this earlier. I suppose you advocate violence against these people that oppose your views as well. Yes, your ideas make TONS of sense. Don’t bother with civility and such for criminals. I love this!!! Let’s go ahead and execute every one in prison right now. Are you sure you aren’t a right-winger?Or perhaps, you sir, are to Democrats what the Westboro Baptist Church is to Republicans.

  • The room is empty. By that I mean the space above Leara’s nose. I knock and nobody is there.

  • JDavidS

    I always look forward to this piece. You always get a great laugh and, as they say… you just can’t make this shit up!

  • DisQusItoo

    Stick and Stones is not an opinion worth any merit. Don’t give it an traction by trying to understand it. Ignore it.

  • Incredible! Those things that rub shoulders with and consistently promote nothing less than fascist policies,have the absolute blind gaul to accuse others of being Nazi? It is the same old stinking pile of shit that has been handed out for how long now? Accuse the other guy for the crimes that you commit.That shit won’t play round here, mother fuckers.Take the weapons of your choice,shove the barrels up your collective ass,and pull the trigger.

  • jstsyn

    In reply to Elisabeth Gordon, top commenter above: Maybe that is why Ronnie RayGun closed the institutions. He didn’t want republicans institutionalized.

    • plc97477

      That explains it. I always wondered why he would do something so stupid

    • Allan Richardson

      Republicans getting mental health treatment might start voting Democratic!

  • RepubliCons and Tea Party members have such fat deposits in their brains that they will eventually all self-immolate. Let’s hear it for the spontaneous combustion that will save our republic.

  • ococoob

    Again, WTF! How these people got voted into office is astounding!

  • ococoob

    Nothing is worse than a female republican twit!

  • They’re right to call Rove a Nazi, I know Nazis & he’s a big fat one.

  • Allan Richardson

    Trying to justify anti-abortion legislation on the SIZE of the fetus could backfire. That idea (crazy as it is; people routinely, thou fortunately rarely, lose entire LEGS) plays right into the Roe v Wade decision. And if you define a fertilized egg as a “person”, then a tubal (ectopic) pregnancy is an example of one “person” threatening the life of another person, so shouldn’t self-defense apply here?

    The craziest thing I have heard lately is that “if unborn babies had guns they would not be aborted.” Seems to me that, if there WERE any way to give a fetus a gun, it would ALWAYS abort itself and kill its mother also, if it actually fired the gun.