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Sunday, October 22, 2017

2: Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck makes his weekly appearance on this list for yet another outrageously incorrect history lesson, this time on the civil rights movement.

In the midst of a fairly typical rant about how the NAACP is “an affront” to the memories of Dr. Martin Luther King, Frederick Douglass, and other civil rights heroes, Beck for some reason pivoted to an assertion that “20 percent of the lynchings in the South, by the KKK, were of white people.”

“You know what?” Beck continued. “I contend that the white people that were lynched were exactly the kind of people that would be in the Tea Party today.”

Of course, back on planet Earth, it’s rather difficult to imagine people who gave their lives fighting for civil rights rallying to support a candidate who opposes the Civil Rights Act. It’s safe to add the civil rights movement to national security, public education, and the rest of the long list of topics on which Beck should not be trusted.

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