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Saturday, October 21, 2017

2: Louie Gohmert

This Week In Crazy regular Louie Gohmert offered a typically unhinged reaction to the IRS controversy on the House floor Friday, insisting “if this Homeland Security had been around to ‘be helpful,’ so called, to our founders,” it would have resulted in the IRS murdering the participants of the 1773 Boston Tea Party.

The strange history lesson came as part of Gohmert’s response to an article in the conspiracy-filled Daily Calller, which claimed that the Department of Homeland Security was protecting the free speech of Islamic extremists. After a little unsubstantiated rambling about how Homeland Security persecutes evangelical Christians, Gohmert unleashed his inner crazy.

“You know, thank goodness that the IRS was not around to have helped the founders when they founded the country or otherwise they would have probably shot the Boston Tea Party participants, they would have killed off over half of the signers of the Declaration of the Independence,” Gohmert sadly declared.

Video of his rant is below, via The Raw Story:

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